Scorpio Craziness

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Sup all! I was born on feb 22nd (so i'm a aquarius/pisces cusp) and i have my Moon, Saturn, Mars and Pluto in Scorpio. My asc is sag, sun pisces, merc and venus in aquarius and jupiter/neptune in capricorn. I have noticed my moon scorpio since i was a young child. Sometimes i feel like i'm a scorpio and some times i think toooo much like an aquarius and on other days it's like i'm a pisces. What exactly does a stellium do? oh and this is my first post too! so hey!!!!!
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    Wed, February 22, 2006 - 3:16 PM
    A stellium doesnt "do" anything, its just a term assigned to a large amount of planets in one sign or under one house. Essentially, it just indicates a very hightened presence of the characteristics of this sign in the individual in question.
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      Wed, February 22, 2006 - 3:39 PM
      So in other words, i might display more charactersitics of a scorpio than any other sign in my chart?
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        Wed, February 22, 2006 - 4:14 PM
        Well - depending on the chart. Stellium is just a way of referring to an increased influence due to a large concentration in one specific sign or house - thats it.
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    Re: Scorpio Craziness

    Wed, February 22, 2006 - 4:34 PM
    Hi Yubba,

    I have my moon and my IC in Scorpio and they're both in the 4th house. I've been feeling a little bitey today and quick to lash out at people but that's true of Scorpio moon. Quick to anger and quick to react. I've done some homework on this since I've joined the board and posted. I have a friend who's Scorpio Sun/Pisces moon and her brother is Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon and he's a bit like I am. I see a patern with most Scorpio moons that are very much the same. My sun is Aries and what the sun is about is ego. I sometimes exhibit a little impatience from my Sun sign. The moon is the real you. The way you react to situations and how you react to people too as well as moods and what not. Whatever element your sun sign is has it's effect on how your moon personality comes out. Fire signs make a Scorpio moon more passionate, water signs make our moon more emotional and so forth. Like the other poster had said, if you have other planets in Scorpio under the same houses, that's gonna strengthen Scorpionic traits in your personality. Anyhow....that's what I've read. Not sure if this helps but it's a start.

    Having Scorpio in your Sun or Moon can make you feel out of control at times, Lord knows I felt that way today! LOL!
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      Re: Scorpio Craziness

      Fri, February 24, 2006 - 6:09 PM
      Yeah, i know exactly what u mean by quick to react and anger. 1 time my sis didn't give me the remote and i was already mad, I was so loud when i yelled at her that everyone in the house stopped and looked at me. I didn't know i was capable of gettin that angry, scares me sometimes. I also think with Aquarius in mercury and venus i tend to do alot of thinking and with scorpio moon i do alot of emotional probing. I would also like to know if anyone else knows people with scorpio moon and aquarius in the same placement. And is it me or am i the only one that is too much fixated on food and sex? This Tribe thing is too cool!
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        Re: Scorpio Craziness

        Fri, February 24, 2006 - 6:37 PM

        Yeah! We reserve that anger for a while inside us and then all it takes is one thing to happen after the other incident and we errupt like a volcano. If we don't errupt then? We do later. Especially if it's the same person doing the same thing to us repeatedly. Our feelings are sort of bottled up and we explode eventually and it's not a pretty thing to be on the recieving end of our anger! LOL!
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          Sun, August 6, 2006 - 2:04 PM
          i think you have it right.
          scorpio doesn't like to show emotion, but we have it, boy, do we have it!
          i have sun, moon, jupiter, mercury and mars, as well as the midhaven in scorpio.
          but i have the capricorn asc which might make me even slower to blow
          (capricorn doesn't like scenes)
          but once it blows...bad news.
          an especially bad thing about scorpios anger is that they can truly enjoy thinking o of ways to achieve poetic (or not so poetic) justice. YOU DID IT TO ME ONCE, UNPROVOKED SO
          luckily for me (and the world) i have JUPITER 2 degrees from MIDHEAVEN
          it makes for a lot of jupiter/sagittarius influence
          i decided to forego 'GETTING EVEN' as a child.
          all i have to do is WAIT....and something JUST HAPPENS.
          if you run into an evil Scorpio....KEEP RUNNING...(away)
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        Re: Scorpio Craziness

        Fri, February 24, 2006 - 6:39 PM

        My anger scares me sometimes too when I step back and take a deep breath and survey the situation. I think to myself "Why did I just tell this person to frog off?" or whatever! I realize why and I'm like "DAMN ME!" LOL!
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          Re: Scorpio Craziness

          Mon, April 17, 2006 - 8:15 AM
          actually a stellium (for example I will use scorpio stellium)

          increases the sorpio energy not just in the house but also the planets it touches

          the person who started this thread would find their moon, mars, saturn and pluto exceptionaly scorpio as verses if they only had lets say their moon in scorpio.

          BUT being that 2 of the planets mentioned are NOT personal planest it is a marginal thing

          my current beloved is scorpio sun, scorpio mercury, scorpio mars, scorpio uranus, and scorpio north node and with a pisces ascendant his scorpio is in the 8th house. The House of scorpio

          The scorp energy is so concentrated and focused on his sun, merc, and mars it is cool crazy.

          Super scorpio!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

          thank goodness i am a pisces sun with vertex in scorpio (vertex is like a 2nd descendant and makes for a fated destiny connection where it touches the other...a fated destiny need in me for a scorpio), and well they don't say "scorpio and pisces call to each other across time and space" ..................."scorpio and pisces are the best match"....."scorpio and pisces love will outlast even the stars themselves"........for nothing.LOL natural trine baby and I love it!!!!! LOL

          anyway; stelliums are interesting....but the person who started this thread only has 2 personal planets in scorpio the other 2 are outer planets which deal more with how we interact with an entire generation

          so there would be some concentration of the scorp energy, enough to be noticed from time to time, but not a regular thing

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