In collusion...the key to the door

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it is not easy to face...evil
to look at it, and realize...
what we, as warriors were
are, and will be will not be

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scandal), Israel (Mossad, Aman, Shin Bet, Lakam), Japan (Naicho, PSIA, commercial trade intelligence), and China (ILD, UFWD, MSS, MID, New China News Agency). PLUS A LIST OF Organized Crime / Personalities, MAFIA TYPES - Abrams Hyman, Accardo Anthony, Adonis Joe, Agranat Shimon, Ahearn Daniel Francis, Alex Gus, Ali Angelo, Alo Vincent (Jimmy Blue Eyes), Aloni Yaakov, Alroy Yoram, Amato Joseph, Anastasia Albert, Andretta Thomas (Mafia), Annenberg Moses, Anslinger Harry, Armstrong Jerris, Arvey Jake, Bach Gabriel, Banister Guy, Bank Miami Beach, Bank World Commerce, Barbara Joseph, Barrett John (Mafia), Barron Charles (Babe), Batista Fulgencio, Battaglia Sam (Teets), Baum Joseph, Bautzer Greg, Beckley Gilbert Lee, Bedami Joe, Belli Melvin, Bennett Harry, Berkovitch Leo, Berman Chickie, Berman Dave, Berns Hendrik, Binion Benny, Bioff Willie, Blackburn Ed, Blakey G Robert, Blanche Bobby, Blatt Gerson, Bloom Sam, Bonanno Joseph, Bork Robert, Boudin Leonard, Brennan Owen Bert, Briguglio Gabriel, Briguglio Salvatore (Sally Bugs), Bronfman Samuel, Brook Harry (Mafia), Brown Ossie, Brudner Charles, Bruno Vincent, Buchalter Louis (Lepke), Bufalino William, Burg Yosef, Burke James (Jimmy The Gent), Cabell Charles Pearre, Caifano Leonard, Caifano Marshall, Cain Richard, Campagna Louis, Cann Kid, Canova Frank, Capone Al, Carfano Anthony (Little Augie), Castro Fidel, Castro Raul (Brother Of Fidel), Catena Gerardo, Cellini Dino, Cellini Eddie, Chesler Lou Arthur, Chotiner Murray, Citron Moses, Civello Joseph Francis, Clark Tom, Clark Wilbur, Cohen Ben (Mafia), Cohen Mickey, Cohen Sam (Mafia), Cohn Harry, Colombo Joseph, Colson Charles Wendell, Conrad Harold, Coppola Anthony, Coppola Mike, Cornfeld Bernie, Costello Frank, Courtney Max, Crosswell Edgar, Dalitz Moe, Dan Uri, Davis Dixie, Davis Harding, Davis Sammy Jr, De Mohrenschildt George, Defeo Michael, Delfine Joseph, Dempsey Bernard, Dermer Jay, Devine Ida, Devine Irving (Nig), Dewey Thomas, Diamond Legs, Dickinson Angie, Dockweiler John, Dodge William, Donn James, Dorfman Allen, Dorfman Paul, Douglas William, Dragna Jack, Dranow Benjamin, Dulles Allen Welsh, Dunn Johnny (Cockeye), Duvalier Francois (Papa Doc), Dwyer William (Big Bill), Edelstein Benjamin, Eder Max, Eisen Ben, Entratter Jack, Epstein Joe (Mafia), Erbe Carl, Erickson Frank, Esposito Diamond Joe, Exchange Investment Bank, Exner Judith Campbell, Feldman Irving, Ferdmann Sylvain, Ferrie David William, Fischetti Joe, Fitzsimmons Frank Edward, Fitzsimmons Richard, Foley Roger, Frates William, Gaines Ben, Gambino Carlo, Garcia Evaristo, Garfield Sam, Garrison Jim (New Orleans), Genovese Vito, Gentile Nicola, Giacalone Anthony (Tony Jack), Giancana Chuck, Giancana Sam, Gibbons Harold, Gigante Vincent (The Chin), Gioe Charles (Cherry Nose), Glimco Joseph, Gonzalez Raul, Gordon Waxey, Green David (Sgt), Greenbaum Gus (Augustus Bertrand), Greenberg Harry (Big Greenie), Greenwald Richard, Groves Wallace (Meyer Lansky Associate), Gurfein Murray Irwin, Guzik Jake (Greasy Thumb), Haffenden Charles Radcliffe (Red), Haggerty James, Haim Irving, Hale David (Fbi), Hall Wendell, Halley Rudolph, Hartford Huntington, Hartnet Ed, Hentel Nat, Herlands William, Hicks Marion, Hill Henry (Mafia), Hill Ralph (Fbi), Hill Virginia, Hoffa Jimmy (James Riddle), Hogan Frank, Hoover J Edgar, Hughes Howard, Humphreys Murray (The Camel), Hunt Sam Golfbag, International Credit Bank, Investors Overseas Services, Jaffe Richard, James William (Justice Dept), Johnson David (Teamsters), Johnson Lyndon Baines, Jones Clifford, Jones Paul Roland, Joseph Raymond, Kastel Phil (Dandy), Katzenberg Jacob (Yasha), Kaufman Julian (Potatoes), Kefauver Estes (D-Tn), Kennedy John Fitzgerald, Kennedy Joseph Patrick, Kennedy Robert Francis, Kennelly Thomas, King Gerard, Kirk Claude Roy Jr, Kleinman Morris, Knohl Larry, Kovolick Phil (The Stick), La Guardia Fiorello, Lansburgh Morris, Lansky Jake (Jack), Lansky Meyer, Lansky Paul, Lanza Joseph (Socks), Lascari Mike, Lawford Peter, Lazia John, Letendre John F (Big Jack), Levine Red (Sam), Levinson Edward, Lewis Charles L (Atlanta), Linsey Joseph, Long Huey, Longo Jimmie, Lower Henry, Lucchese Tommy (Three-Finger Brown), Luciano Lucky (Charles), Ludwig Daniel Keith, Madden Owney, Maher Daniel, Maheu Robert Aime, Malnik Alvin, Mangano Vincent, Maranzano Salvatore, Marcello Carlos, March Kevin, Marden Ben, Mary Carter Paint Company, Masseria Giuseppe (Joe The Boss), Mcclellan John L (D-Ar), Mcguire Phyllis, Mclaney Michael, Mcmillan Dougald, Mcwillie Lewis, Meir Golda, Messick Hank, Milano Frank, Monroe Marilyn, Morgenthau Robert Morris, Napolitano Dominick (Sonny Black), Neal James, Nicoletti Charles, Nitti Frank, Nixon Richard Milhous, Novack Ben, Obrien Charles (Chuckie), Orovitz Max, Osborne Z Tommy, Oswald Lee Harvey, Partin Edward Grady, Parvin Albert, Patrick Lenny, Peloquin Robert Dolan, Pendergast Tom, Perrone Joe (Trafficante Aide), Peters Dan (Dusty), Pistone Joseph, Polakoff Moses, Poller Lou, Prio Socarras Carlos, Profaci Joseph, Provenzano Anthony (Tony Pro), Pullman John, Raft George, Ragano Frank, Rebozo Charles G (Bebe), Reles Abe (Kid Twist), Resorts International, Ricca Paul (The Waiter), Rivers Joe, Rizzo Salvatore (Sam), Roosevelt Franklin Delano, Rosen E David, Rosenbaum Tibor, Rosenstiel Lewis Solon, Rosselli John, Rothkopf Louis, Rothman Norman, Rothstein Arnold (The Brain), Ruby Jack, Sadlo George, Sands Stafford, Sann Paul, Sapiro Aaron, Schiffer Jacques (Jack), Schultz Dutch, Scotti Alfred, Sedway Moe, Shapiro Gurrah (Jake), Sheftel Yoram, Sheiner Joseph (Yoskeh), Sheridan Walter, Shevin Robert, Siegel Benjamin (Bugsy), Sigelbaum Benjamin, Sinatra Frank, Smathers George, Smith Dana, Smith Sandy (Reporter), Spindel Bernard, Stacher Joseph (Doc), Stark Herman, Strate Zachary A (Red), Stromberg Harry, Sturgis Frank, Syms Bill, Tannenbaum Albert (Allie), Teamsters Union, Teresa Vincent (Fat Vinnie), Tisci Anthony, Tobey Charles W (R-Nh), Torrio Johnnie, Trafficante Santo Jr, Truman Harry, Tucker Samuel, Tweel Nicholas, Valachi Joseph, Varon Joseph, Walker Jimmy (New York Mayor), Wall Charlie, Wassell Meyer (Mike), Wasserman Jack, Webb Del, Wertheimer Mert, Whitaker Pat, Wilkerson Billy (Hollywood Reporter), Williams Edward Bennett, Winchell Walter, Wolf George, Wolfson Louis, Yaras David, Zwillman Abner (Longy)

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  • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

    Fri, September 17, 2010 - 4:34 PM
    • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

      Fri, September 17, 2010 - 5:00 PM
      dont' worry
      nobody bothers with your worthless
      at least some...bother with
      • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

        Fri, September 17, 2010 - 5:10 PM

        WOW, I'm Impressed with such a list of questionable merits !

        Here's another -

        Graduating Class of A Mid-Ohio High School:

        (Most of which are probably deceased)

        Abele, Harriet
        Adamson, Robert
        Ahner, Richard
        Alton, John
        Angus, Fred
        Aydelotte, Joyce
        Baaske, Ruth
        Baum, John
        Baum, Paul
        Bayer, Joseph
        Belding, Marianne
        Bennett, Harold
        Bickley, Dolores
        Bing, Gretchen
        Blancke, Clay
        Blumensaadt, Ernest,
        Bolcen, Robert
        Boos, Charles
        Boos, Dorothy
        Bork, Kenneth
        Borsick, Ellen
        Bowie, Elizabeth
        Brohl, Edward
        Brooks, Lowell
        Brown, Paul
        Burmeister, Imelda
        Burns, Margaret
        Butler, Mary
        Carman, Ruby
        Cassidy, John
        Christofel, Donald
        Clayton, Dave
        Coffman, Claron
        Conley, Irvin
        Courchaine, Ruth
        Dahnke, Edward
        David, Lauretta
        Dellasantina, Tony
        Denison, Ruth
        Dent, Madeleine
        Diamond, Martha
        Draht, Irene
        Drouillard, Warren
        Duden, Walter
        Dunkel, Elmer
        Dunlap, Bette
        Eakin, Charles
        Ebert, Betty
        Ebert, Jack
        Egleston, Lois
        Erdman, Betty
        Eschenauer, Anna Marie
        Fischer, Heyman
        Fleming, Mary
        Fletcher, James
        Foltz, Lillian
        Friedman, Arthur
        Fry, Alma
        Gagen, Philip
        Galloway, Ashley
        Geisert, Earl
        George, Phyllis
        Gerber, Michael
        Gerber, Phillip
        Gerold, Eugene
        Gingo, Jennie
        Giusti, Marie
        Gosser, Virginia
        Grathwol, Jeanette
        Graver, Helen
        Graves, Donald
        Grimani, Fred
        Hammond, Anna
        Hanley, Beth
        Harmon, Doris
        Hastings, Margorie
        Haynes, Gladys
        Hendricksen, James
        Higgins, Mary Ann
        Hildebrand, Enid
        Hire, Robert
        Hoelzer, Austin
        Holzhauser, John
        Hook, Dorothy
        Horn, Betty
        Houk, Janet
        Hudson, Alvin
        Hummel, Thurman
        Hurst, Corbett
        Jaycox, Robert
        Jensen, Hulda
        Joss, Mildred
        Kautz, Robert
        Kenne, Gordon
        Kennedy, June
        Kerns, Ruth
        Ketterer, Harriet
        King, Jane
        King, Lucille
        Kirner, Monica
        Kleinfelder, Kenneth
        Klepper, Rose Marie
        Knauer, Wilson
        Koch, Esther
        Kochendorfer, Arthur
        Kramer, Peter
        Krawetzki, Elsie
        Kromer, Dorothy
        Lalond, Jack
        Lentz, Norbert
        Leuman, Leonard
        Lill, James
        Link, Maurice
        Linz, Dolores
        Luberger, Norbert
        Lucille King
        Luteman, Alice
        Lutz, Marie
        Maeder, Mary Louise
        Maley, June
        Margard, Glenn
        Marquart Mary Jane
        Marquart, Edward
        Martin, Volney
        Maschari, Robert
        Maus, John
        Maus, Mary Lou
        McCartney, Mabel
        McCormick, Evelyn
        McCrystal, James
        McElroy, Richard
        McMahon, Kathryn
        McRitchie, Robert
        Mehling, Evelyn
        Mehling, Phyllis
        Metz, Alice Mae
        Metzger, Richard
        Meyer, Bernardine
        Miller, Betty
        Miller, Carl
        Miller, James
        Miller, Marilyn
        Miller, Paul
        Miller, Robert
        Mitchell, Ellen
        Morrow, Doris Irene
        Mutz, Glenn
        Nagel, Douglas
        Newcomb, Frank
        Newcomer, Merlin
        Newman, William
        Noftz, Betty
        O'Hara, Robert
        O'Reilly, Patricia
        Osgood, Dolores
        Oswald, Paul
        Otermat, Kathtryn
        Papenfuse, Doris
        Papke, Catherine
        Peckham, Paul
        Perry, Edythe
        Piper, Ralph
        Pluckhorn, Helen
        Poole, Charles
        Ramsey, Jean
        Ransom, Eleanor
        Reis, Marjorie
        Reiter, Violet
        Reuman, John
        Rhonehouse, Rith
        Riedy, Dorothy
        Riester, Alex
        Rittman, Marian
        Robinson, Charles
        Rodgers, Elvert
        Rotsinger, Annabelle
        Ruff, Mary Lou
        Russell, Robert
        Sabiers, Marion
        Samko, Pete
        Savord, John Edmond
        Schaefer, Marian
        Scheid, Adeline
        Scheufler, Fred
        Schillig, Robert
        Schirg, Carl
        Schmid, Paul
        Schmidt, John
        Schoepfle, Ruth
        Schweinfurth, Gerald
        Schweinfurth, Katheryn
        Seavers, Norman
        Sedgwick, Vivian
        Sengstock, Elsie
        Senne, Audrey
        Shutzie, Kathryn
        Smith Patricia
        Smith, Margaret
        Smith, William
        Sonnischsen, Walter
        Spencer, Evelyn
        Sprow, Barbara
        Stahl, Dorothy
        Staley, Demaris
        Steinemann, Cable
        Stevens, Carl St. John, James
        Stoll, Orma
        Storch, Dorothy
        Stout, Loyal
        Strickfaden, Irene
        Stroud, Betty
        Stuewe, Esther
        Stutz, James
        Taubert, Lewis
        Thompson, Evelyn
        Tracy, Geraldine
        Tremper, Robert
        Turinsky, Mercedes
        Uther, Florence
        Vickery, Wilbert
        Wadsworth, James
        Wagner, Laurence
        Wagner, Margaret
        Wahl, Luther
        Walther, Helen
        Watkins, Patricia
        Watts, Izetta
        Weltlin, Marjorie
        Werner, Betty
        Westcott, Betty
        White, Derrill
        Wieber, Charlotte
        Wiedeman, Arthur
        Wild, Ruth
        Will, Marjorie
        Williams, Robert
        Winslow, Betty
        Wolverton, Richard
        Ziemke, Lucille
        Zimmerman, Paul

        One became well known - and got much fame

        but changed his name . . . . .

      • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

        Fri, September 17, 2010 - 5:19 PM
        so klantard... hahaha

        you're full of bogus pifflings...

        maybe you want to post your sites webstats for the last few months...?

        Unique Number of Pages Hits Bandwidth
        visitors visits
        Apr 2010 27332 30176 181862 183722 38.60 GB
        May 2010 72082 84600 505328 509261 105.92 GB
        Jun 2010 29582 36666 255039 257247 47.98 GB
        Jul 2010 30281 36479 312524 318738 44.32 GB
        Aug 2010 38842 48209 349511 354176 51.50 GB
        Sep 2010 19975 24444 187113 189089 29.98 GB
        • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

          Sat, September 18, 2010 - 4:34 AM
          the finest thread
          so far on this planet...
          wish i could take credit for it
          • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

            Sat, September 18, 2010 - 4:36 AM
            the collective compilation of...
            • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

              Sat, September 18, 2010 - 7:09 AM
              what a moron... hahaha
              • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

                Sat, September 18, 2010 - 8:31 PM
                isn't there anything esle to say
                how about go to the lobby
                and show some initiative
                Like ask rescue missions if you can volunteer or
                maybe get a room there.
                • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

                  Sun, September 19, 2010 - 12:25 AM
                  what a moron... hahaha
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                    Re: In collusion...the key to the door

                    Sun, September 19, 2010 - 4:39 AM
                    see what i have tried to tell others here
                    do not try to rationalize
                    with a proven idiot troll
                    especially a dwarf with no brain
                    • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

                      Mon, September 20, 2010 - 9:47 AM
                      RE: see what i have tried to tell others here
                      do not try to rationalize
                      with a proven idiot troll
                      especially a dwarf with no brain
                      just a subtopic here and a few thoughts being throw into the replies which some may
                      find such to be a hinderence in actually having an actual conversation.
                      There hasn't been any rationalizing with an idiot here.
                      Comments are such without any challanege and trolls mostly saying lewd and
                      belittling things.
                      unless something good and or related can comes out of such its mostly just trolls .
                      perhaps best to avoid indulging trolls because its just the same old weirdness with
                      belittleing slang names being thrown around this cannot possibly be thought of as being something additonal .
                      It isn't necessarily just about the math and works .
                      Where the hell did dwarfs with no brains and klans come into this conversation .
                      Should something be done about spamming threads and this topic begin again without the encouraging trolling?
                      • Unsu...

                        Re: In collusion...the key to the door

                        Mon, September 20, 2010 - 8:42 PM
                        "Comments are such without any challanege and trolls mostly saying lewd and
                        belittling things."

                        Makes you wonder if they would even agree to help or protect one another in a tight spot.
                        • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

                          Mon, September 20, 2010 - 9:39 PM
                          it's difficult to actually say though if trolls or gesting .
                          thought lewd was the same as rude but must say meant questionable but he can say such ya know.
                          Sorry orphy and et al about the mix up in defition .
                          certainly they might would agree to help protect one another in a tight spot .
  • Unsu...

    Re: In collusion...the key to the door

    Sat, September 18, 2010 - 7:39 AM
    Might be simpler to ask ...

    who not on the list?
    or connected to it somehow ...
    • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

      Mon, September 20, 2010 - 6:05 PM

      Well, Sarah Palin isn't there. . .

      And some of these folk are . . . . dead.

      Like, for a long time.
      • Unsu...

        Re: In collusion...the key to the door

        Mon, September 20, 2010 - 7:20 PM
        well true - Sarah Palin isn't there ... didn't see my name there either ... but I bet we both fall under one of either


        and then there are all the folks that fall under items such as "guatemala" and so forth ...
        • Unsu...

          Re: In collusion...the key to the door

          Mon, September 20, 2010 - 8:44 PM
          I like erin's list.

          So, where do religions come from?

          Are they usually began for reasons of social control?

          Do religions hamper thinking? If people feel satisfied, does thought on subjects then cease?
          • Unsu...

            Re: In collusion...the key to the door

            Fri, September 24, 2010 - 3:27 AM
            I religions come from several sources:
            *A desire to answer intellectual questions about the meaning of life
            *An extension of the relational dimension of human beings
            *A form of implementing social structures

            I think that these can get twisted, however into things that weren't necessarily intended
            *A desire to control intellectual inquiry
            *Lack of acceptance/denial of certain relational dimensions of human beings that make some people uncomfortable
            *mixing the social structures of a religion with politics in order to control society
            • Re: In collusion...the key to the door

              Fri, September 24, 2010 - 4:06 AM
              not to mention a tendency to suck on bottles whilst fiddling with pussies and watching face on mars tard channels on the tv whilst dreaming of getting a neato uniform and joining a lynch mob in the name of a higher moron etc... amen
            • Unsu...

              Re: In collusion...the key to the door

              Fri, September 24, 2010 - 7:50 AM
              erin, I get you. But, strikingly, this place is tremendously influenced by the fact that history is strange, and we are so inclined to prefer this form we exist in than any other. I think that in itself gets in the way of much of what you advise. I much prefer some very slow uprising life perhaps on a planet tucked close to a small red dwarf star that won't die or change significantly for 10's of billions of years, far longer than the expiration date for ours. So, what if death included say a short trip up or through this physical plane, and you met other newly dead life forms that were totally alien, and none of you meant the other any harm? So then you get escorted to some low heaven, where you meet other dead humans, but each city is for a race, and you rent a car or hovercraft and go over to meet some squid creatures that have a new sport from their planet to show you, or maybe some carapaced insectoid that developed intelligence wants to invite you over to have you teach them some card games, shit like that. Wouldn't that be fun? And so for maybe for a century your time you relax, then you get a letter saying you have to go down to live another life in the universe, and you can either go standard for yourself and join humanity again, or hybridize with some aliens, and once you enter the new developing body, you are an infant of one type or another again, and you learn everything over again, but this time, as a jelly creature developing on a frozen moon around a super Saturn-like planet on the other side of this galaxy, or anywhere. Time could be in different intervals, and you might live 40 or 400 years in the new form, and then die, and go to a standard heaven, or do it on your own, and somehwere down the line, find out you had been this squishy human thing before, and vomit.
              • Unsu...

                Re: In collusion...the key to the door

                Fri, September 24, 2010 - 10:59 AM
                ZIONIST -

                That last line made me chuckle ...
                Interesting - the thought that various alien life forms would have somewhat interchangeable spiritual forms ...
                that is a question I don't think I've ever considered ...
                I guess it isn't too surprising of a concept considering the concept of reincarnation between planetary life forms ...

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