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Tis the Season to offer one's best forms of encouragement: May everyone have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Special Kwanzaa and moments of genuine peace through the observing of those celebrations that raise the human condition to higher spiritual levels!

One type of joy:
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  • Unsu...
    Death will rain down from above at 20,000 feet, blanketing your cities with burning radioactive molten slag and ash.

    None of you will escape. Not from your cities.

    You WILL die, and die you shall.
    • "Nother favorite song of understanding:

      Notice the misspellings of "strange,"your" (wrong usage); and "remember"
      Not being cute, but you have to be careful
      or folks will notice the problems
      and miss the meaning

      there was a time when this song could have been my musical mantra
      SO GLAD for stable or almost stable (!), creative friends and a Stable, Creative, Loving God
      all of whom provided the type of encouragement needed
      when needed

      Tribe at its best does this
      • The world shall be rid of scum like you.
        • death does not scare me
          but the puke and scum does
          and a few still remain
          on this great tribe
          maybe the idiots were right on
          year 2012

          but they never had
          humor hour
          • Oh, c'mon now
            who currently is the scum
            of the day
            I get Thursdays
            • Belated Merry Christmas Church .

              Of course the old 12 days of Christmas are still ongoing .
              • Is the last day of this year's Hanukkah,
                • I checked: Hanukkah is from December 20-28.
                  So today is the last day of the celebration

                  I always liked the stories of the Maccabees
                  Talk about taking on the powerful
                  while being outnumbered
                  Yea, Mattathias and his sons,
                  chief of whom was Judah!

                  And a belated Merry Christmas to you, too, tree!
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                    And you're right
                    I like the 12 days of Christmas festivities
                    that go on to January 6th - the Epiphany
                    when we celebrate the three magi
                    coming to worship
                    the Lord

                    Of course, we don't know
                    how many wise men there were

                    but we do know that it took them about two years
                    to make the trip to worship Jesus
                    who, by that time, was living in a house
                    with His parents

                    What did you give the cat for Christmas, Roger?
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                    Thank you ,Church !
                    • Rog: Aren't you just the most romantic thing ever...wheatgrass
                      However, when the tummy needs help, forget the diamond rings
                      Yea, wheatgrass!

                      I checked: Today's Kwanzaa principle is ujamaa (oo-JAH-ma)
                      Meaning: cooperative economics
                      Action: supporting businesses that care about the community

                      Read more: Kwanzaa: History, Food, Colors, Candles, Symbols, Activites, Crafts, 7 Principles —

                      Thank you, Dot for the input. That's another reason I like this Tribe. Makes me double-check information.
                      The Kwanzaa celebrations are growing in my area. The principles are so practical

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