Papa Candelo

topic posted Fri, April 25, 2008 - 11:24 AM by  William
I have real attraction to this Lwa. Can someone give me some information or background, ways to respect...ect.
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  • OK, There i go, PAPA CANDELO, who´s name is PAPA CANDELO CEDIFE, is a lwa that is represented by the catholic saint San Carlos Borromeo (Saint Charles Borrommeo), is the loa of fire, he can handle fire, he is a doctor, he cures diseases, the same as for the body as for the spirit, it means, he cures spiritual illness. He is the Chief or Boss of a family of loas named "Los Candelos", each one of them, are related with fire, the color red, smokes cigar, drink white rum or klerèn (that´s a kind of rum very popular in Haiti), he also likes roosters, specially if the are red feathered, (gallo colorao) alive or cooked. He is a father figure, but a stricted father, who gives advices to his childs, many times i have seen him and he has the same phrase for me and other persons "Fire purifies". I hope this could help you.
    • Thank you so much, I guess my questions tend toward pragmatisms. Such as, what do I feed him? When do I feed him? Are there prayers specific to him? I want to be properly respectful in my worship, so all that info is important, (I don't have to tell you that, these are all things you're very aware of.)

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