A symbol of gratitude for St. Martha, St. Lazarus and St. Michael

topic posted Sun, April 24, 2011 - 2:55 AM by  Brian
Hi, first of I will like to thank you all beforehand for taking your time to read this and answering my question.

I'm 19 years old and one year ago, through a santeria ceremony, I was told that St. Martha was my saint of protection. I jumped the gun too quick as they say and started my own little alter as best as I could and prayed to her every week. After a while I kind of stopped praying until ultimately I threw away her pictures and kept the rosaries and beads which I kept in her name. It was not until recently that I discovered why St. Martha was my saint, it was not in terms of needing to dominate women (because this failed miserably when I tried) but rather protect me from some of them. This hit me like a brick, as it is the same relationship I have with my mother where she would stress and warn me about all the type of women that can ruin my future career. I am currently in a community college in NYC but will be attending a 4 year university in September to study biochemistry in hopes of becoming a doctor. I was a disobedient,hoodlum gang member before all this; I am forever in debt with St. Martha for helping accomplish all this. An aunt of mines read me some tarot cards last year (sorry if I didn't use the correct term,I am dominican and english is my second language). In these cards she saw that I was being protected by St. Martha, St. Lazarus and St. Michael, she said they were using me as an example of how great their powers were and still are; looking back 2 years ago when I was a high school drop out definitely counts for more than enough proof. She also said that during this college venture I will meet this special girl, one whom I will have great feelings for but not have a relationship with due to circumstances and her past life. Well, she was right and one year later I met a girl 4 years older than me that explained to me how horrible her past life was. Her story consisted of being neglected by parents,foster home, running away, being taken outside the state without her consent,raped and beaten; all by a gay, drug junkie. I feel so guilty in a way and wish to be the best friend she could ever have.

Long story short, this has lead me to look upon these 3 saints once again, in hopes that they will continue to protect me and make of me an example of how great they are. I am heading off to my other college in 4 months and I feel the need to carry these 3 symbols of majestic power in my body. The only issue I am having as of now is choosing which version of St. Martha to get tattooed. St. Martha the dominator(colored lady with the snakes), as the name suggests, is more suited for dominating another person. These are not my intentions, I just wish for her to keep on protecting me and hold her dear to me. Now, If I get the middle eastern,olive color version of St. Martha, it would fit more adequately with the images of St. Michael and St. Lazarus.

I ask of you guys to please share some of your wisdom, I have been warned of how powerful St. Martha,specially against men and I wouldn't want to get on her bad side. Thank You for your time, God bless.
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  • Hi Brian -

    After reading your post a couple of times, I have some comments/questions.

    1) Santeria does not deal with St. Martha. Only the 21 Divisions practice of the Dominican Republic and some Voodoo houses work with St. Martha/Filomena Lubana.

    2) You most definitely should not get a tattoo of St. Martha. If you wish to honor her and carry her (as well as the other saints), you can get the small plastic devotional prayer cards and carry them in your wallet. I am not a fan of having tattoo's of spirits for various reasons. If you have someone who is guiding you, you can always ask their opinion in this.

    3) If you are going away to college, and you will have a private area, you can always keep a small altar to them on your dresser or desk. You don't have to make anything fancy, like I said, a small prayer card and a glass of water with a small candle is enough to appease them and any positive spirit.


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