co- in -(S) piracy

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co- in -(S) piracy
it could also be coin ~$~ piracy
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    <<these are excerpts from William Henrys book the Cloak of the Illumnati>>

    The word Meru appears in many forms. As Mero, it means “Waters” and “Mother Love” in Egyptian. Nashville was originally called the Mero District. Referring to the Nashville Pillar ( at the bi-centinal capital mall) as Mero or Meru “axis of love”. Like the Buddist pillar, Nashville’s Meru is composed of two elements...a ring (bulls eye pattern) the most basic female symbol, and a cone, the universal symbol for Meru. Which happens to be the Egyptian Hero for Manna (bread of Life) The Meru pillar is topped with a triangle which is the symbol for a door. Two Rays or horns are also seen which are suggestive of a vortex.

    In 1934 FDR sent Russian Nicholas Roerch, ,in search for the Holly Grail, to Mongolia (land of Min goddess of Love). He was looking for Mt. Meru and Shamballa. Shamala is dirrived from Sabala whose elements Sa...Ba...and La..mean soul blood and light. Dirrivatives of the word include Cabala (cable). In hebrew Quabala means something passed down and Saba means ‘host’ another term for manna.
    What did Roerich find? and why did FDR at the requst of Wallece and Roerich, have the illuminati –Templar-Mason symbols stamped on the back of the doller bill in 1935.
    The eye is the Sol-oeil or Sun Eye( the spirtual sun). The Building of Washington D.C. itself represents the re-buliding of the Temple of Sol-Om-On. The Masonic Lodges of that time visualised Washigton as the founding stone of the new golden age. The second comming of the secrets of MT.Moriah(MT, Mero-iah)
    The wise men(Magi) or Great Skilled Ones and Lords of the elements, climbed the World Axis or Mt’ Meru every year to look for the sign of the comming redeemer.
    A star appered in Bethlehem (house of Bread or Mana) As they enter the cave (womb..Navel) They see a divine light( ray of enlightenment) Shekiniah, descend on the child from the star of Magi...filling the cave with light brighter than the sun.
    At work here is the pillared crescent, a symbol for the sceptor of God. It represents Jacob as he scalled the ladder and anointed the eye of God with oil. Christ means anointed. To annoint is to bath ones self in oil or the Holy Spirit (manna). In Egypt this annointing was depected as in the babtism of living waters or Keys(tones) of life..Christos is therefore a tone, frequency, vibration, or ray the emanates from the cental healing Sun. This explains why ATON(attonement) ,the Egyptian name for for healing rays, is also the root for ADON or Lord.. a title given to Christ..
    Phaorah AmenhotepIV introduced a mystery religion based on ATON the healing sun or simply the disk.He is depicted as reciving the keys of life from ATON.
    INRI, posted above Jesus at the crusifixion, according to the bible means Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews, but in Gnostic tradition it mean Igne Natura Renovaltura Integra..meaqning by fire nature is made whole..pointing to Jesus’s role as a deliverer of higher knowledge.
    IRRI we may conclude is another name for Manna. The illuminati altered the meaning to IGNE NITURUN RORIS INVENITURE or babtism cleansing dew is only discovered by fire. In REV. the INRI covers the earth like dew and triggars a thousand years of peace. The Mayan oracles say this will begain in 2012.
    The dew is also the same as duv(dove) the alchemaial secrets of the divine( Duv-ine) (S)tone. and the healing tones of aton or adon, christ.
    In a legend retrived by Marco Polo from Iran. Fire or Light is connected to the magic stone, given to the three Magi after presenting Jesus with There gifts. On there way home they cast the stone into a well and fire descended from heaven into the well then lit up the heavens. Meru reaches 350;000 miles into space according to the Indian epic of Mahabarata.
    In a letter Wallece told Roerich” We await this precious stone” “ We await this divine child. the true holy grail the secret metamophosing axis\pillar stone of the christ light.”
    All seeing eye(ALA seeing eye...God seeing eye)
    a triangle with a circle in top of it is the symbol for the cosmic mount Meru and it is the same as the all seeing eye. The dot in the center of the circle is equal to the point at the top of the ring or ringing tone. Meru is considered the Golden World.
    Meru was the name for the central mountain of Atlantis. The people of atlantis called MEROdes or children of the sun were descendants of MEROo or MEROd. The MEROpes of Homer(o-MEER(U)) are the lords of Mount Meru.
    The divine dotted circle is the symbol for the eye, for gold, and is the top down view of of the Meru pillar. It is also the symbol for the galley with the dot represinting the Sun or gallactic core, called TULA.
    Atalantis was also known as Ultima Thule(think Thule Society) or TULA. Beth(Tula)hem. is litterally the House of the stone. The ancints considered Tula the souce ofn our soul and Manna. The zero point is also a potential source of an immense and virile(vril)power.
    Tula is Sanskrit for balence zero point. The zodiac Libra sign resimbles the milky way. the alchemist alernated between this symbol and a very simual symbol signifing the essence(Essene-ce)of substance or the spirt. It is MaMa(Mana).It’s emantaitons are M’Ana(Mana) the light of heaven(Ana).
    The Healing Sun also known as the Black Sun(dot) has been veiled. To pull back this cloak is to reveil its secrets of creations and the secrets of the illuminati. You will see the conscept in the symbol of two orbats around a dot...and also the all seeing eye.
    The axis of love is the cable(Cabala)\channel\link between what earth mystics called the tree of Teli, an axis or pole connecting the underworld with earth and the heavens. (also note the Mayan concept of underworld).
    Teli is from Talah or Tula (TLA) Hebrew for hang..suspened...Tula is a Web..(think about the spider web on the doller bill)
    Tuli is also TLI. T=300 L=50 I=10..TLI is 360...a complete circle. and is also a zero. In Egypt NUN was the name given to the cosmic oceans of life. The object of earth was to cross these waters.
    The Mayan word for stone is TUN( tone or NUN). Tun also means maize or corn.
    It was the Adon Jesus, the fish, whoresceved the secrets of the word on the sabath in a field of corn. Where Jesus defended himself for picking the grain by teliing the pharasees that David himself did eat the showbred which was not lawful for him to eat.
    Showbread is another term for Manna. From this we can asssume Jesus was teaching his disciples the secrets of the manna while in the cornfild. To him that overcometh will I give to eat the secret manna and I will give him a white stone and a new name written which no man knowth but him that recive it. Rev.217.
    The illuminati garden in Nashvile(capitol mall) is a blueprint for the Meru Axis of Love. When you walk in this garden you are sybolicly absorbing the ring energy of heaven putting on the cloak of the illuminati.
    Nashville is the Meru center of the New Atlantis. Henry Wallece said the New country is going forth the Seven Stars under the three stars. The first three stars sre the belt of Orian. In Mongolian Myth they are associated with Meru. Roerich records an Aborigional name for Mount Belukha another Meru location, “Orian. Dwelling of the gods.”
    Tennessee is the only state whose flag has three stars. Tennesse’s logo is the rissing Eastern Shrinner Sun.
    The Pleiades, also called the Hathors, and the constellation Ursalla Major the great bear(Arktos) known as the dipper or Meru. Both have impotant Tennesse conections.
    In East Tennesse an oral Cherokee tradition tells how the first cherokee came from the Pleiades(which the Egyptians called the Khem the the Greeks called the Atlantides) The first spark of individual mind came from there as well. From the void came the creator being who appeared as a universal tone and also a light. The first beings to emegre from this light were called TLA(Tula) thought being. Star wemon fell to earth. Star beings appered.
    There were twelve tribes in all. Each coalescingt twelve vortices or holes in earth. These origional twelve tribe were called the Tsalagi Nation. Each nation handled a particular vortex. These twelve votexes are simular to Plato’s descreption of the true earth as a twealve angled pyromid with each angle representing a votex. The Egyptians claimed a wrom-like creature named Chnoubis was the guadian of this 12 angled pyramid. Cherokee mythology tells of a great snake called Uk-Tena with horns on his head and a diamond on his forehead and scales of fire. This dismod was spirtually transparet and could work Meri(Meru)cles. and Cherekke religions appers to be centered around their knowledge of quarts crystals. Modern computres are based on quarts crystal and its ability to augment. store and amplify, and transmit info. The Matix(grid) of earth is compsed of crystal.
    East Tennesse home of the Cherokee and the worlds first nuclear reactor.
    The Arabs association for the word Nash is a coffin. Ussa Major Na’ash the great coffin. Bear(Arkos)(Arcon gnostis angels) and Beir or coffin( the root of birth). Another name for the seven stars is Meru.
    Nashville is a giant Indian graveyard. The city has been build over a giant Indian Burial Mound. Nashvile is a pearl on the necklace that includes:
    The Giza Pyramids
    Renee –Le Chatue..home of the Cathars
    The four corners areas of the Southwest US where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet
    Oak Island, Nova Scotia home to the sunken shaft or pillar vault of the Templars
    The Southeasten quatrant of America includeing Kentucky and Tennesse

    These sites are called cities of light(docking ports) were heaven and earth connect.(KA-nect(or))
    Nashville has a histoty of giant Titans buriad in the mounds. There is a 20 ft. tall monolith on Jefferson St.which a picture of the Meru love axis on it.
    The Tennesse capitol mall is the sister to the conplex at the national mall Washinton D.C.(district of columbia or DUV..Dove) that’s long axis ends with a 555ft. tall monolith toper by a triangle dedicated to George Washington ,father of ancient A-MERU-ka. Nomatter where one stands in in Washigton D.C. subliminal one will see the pyramid floating in the sky and it was disigned that way puposly by the illuminati. Such shafts are called ON or AN in egyptian a tribute to Anu, the sumerian(Su-Meru-ians) god of light.the hyroglyph for Anu is a puramid with a floating candle-like spade above it, the all seeing eye. The word Mall is a play on the word Male. The garden blue print axis of love meru is a phalic or MenTULA(also note the word Mental..menTULA). They’re poles or PALLMALLS(note the cigarette brand). I the ancient world they are known as Ashera symbols of the goddesses who where known as the Mediatrix.
    Washington is connected to Virgo constilation who suckles the child Christ. In Egypt the virgin was Isis Hathor . the mediatrix pecemaker and purveyor of the secrets of alchemy. She was the provider of the bread of life(manna). In Christianity she is Mary whose son Jesus provided the bread of the host.
    An Anciant secretlt accessed crypt located beneeth the holy of hollies in the temple of the Egyptian Mediatrix,Isi-Hathor, at Denderah, Egypt is a wall relief of an enoumous mystery, A giant human holds a bulb shaped object and the snake end in a TET pillar from which a cable leads to a small box, on top of which the air or wind god, Heh, is kneeeling. A frog headed goddess with 2 sharp knives stands nearby.
    The cult of Hathor was very powerful several thousand years ago. The Hathor temple was not built until 54 B.C ruffly around the time of Jesus. Likely it was built on top of the former temple.
    The Hathor Temple was the earthly home of the genetrix ,queen, or great mother, Isis-Hathor. Peace maker...mediator...Mediatrix..
    A mediatrix is an intorseccor. Peace does not mean no war. It means peace beween heaven and earth.
    Hermitic text discribe Egypt as a docking station.
    The intepratations of the Denderah murals include: electicity and cathode ray tubes, the forunners for todays computer screens.
    There is connection between A-Mero-Ka and the femanine mediatrix, Sofia(Templar secret goddess). In 1854 Jesuit inspired Pope Pius IX issued a papel bull intitled Ineffabils Deus(God Indiscribable)decraring the imaculate conseption of Mary. This inspired congress to Mediatrix inspired legistlation. A statue of the goddess Persephone\Kore placed on the cupola of the capitols dome durring Abe Lincolns reign. Another one of her names is Libera(Liberty..Tula..Columbia). Thomas Crawford re-maned her freeDOME. The United States is a Mary nation and a copy of her rod is also built there. On the inside of the Dome is the Apothoesis of Washington. It shows the nations first prez, being tranformed into a god-man and his ascent into heaven. Thomas Crawford was a manson like Washington.
    Tennesee State Capitol building was designed by Wliiam Strickland an illuminist associate of Thomas Jefferson, author of the occultist Masonic book written in the masonry of monticello. He was attempting to build the greek revival temple ,just prior to the cival war, as a symbol of the golden age for the states acropolis(Ak-ropolis)(The Sun Stone).
    A catholic church was torn down to make way for the new temple which resembles Teotihuacan Temple in Mexico city as well as Glastonbery Tor in England.
    The hill used to have so many cedar trees that it was first called Cedar Knob ( serpant Sun Bud)(knob to open a door).
    In the 12th century the Welsh prince Madoc(or MORA-doch or Murduk) came to this location in search for blue-eyed white skinned indians called Mandans(Mana-dans).The men of Dan meaning wisdom or An(light).Suggesting they were one in the same as the Mandan followers of John the babtist. Mayan scolars say that the Mandans sought safty in Iran after the roman persecution at Masada, Called Jesus Nabu(Knob meaning serpant). Kanopi or Kanobi(knobby)is another name of the Essenes, the preisthood of Jesus(also see the priestly order of Melschedek connection to masons)Essenes(people of the pillar). The old testiment city of Nob was called city of the priests. Mt. Nebo is where the ark of the covanat was hidden.
    The thought of primative tribe of essene christians ariving to America before Cloumbus is ridiculus unless you consider the Mormons. Josef Smith is said to have discovered a set of golden tablets after the angel Moroni (Mero-ni)revealed to him there location. The angel MEROni was said to have been a prophet in the great central American cities that are said to have been founded by refugees from Nimroms Tower of Babel(Gate of god and confusion) ,which was fashioned after Meru. These tablets were housed in Nashville at one time.
    The Great seal of Nashville-Davidson county is a great mystery to most. It depicts an indian holding a rod or spear and a skull he is holding in his hand faceing himself ala Fancis Beacon’s William Shakesperes Hamlet( Mayan crystall skulls, John the Babtists Head, Skull N Bones, Geronamo’s head at skull n bones frat, Dead Head masonic symbology. Baphomets floating head as appered to Templars when telling them how to set up the worlds first banking system and informing them to expand toward a new land in the West America sending Columbus or Dove..DUV..this is why there is always a floating head depicted on American currancy). This seal was created in 1963. Knowone seemed to know what the seal meant. Judges declared it most likely meant Oconostota, a Cherokee war leader who battled John Sevrver over a cerimonial center called the Old Stone Fort. Sever asked Oconostota who built the mound(an astonnomical obsevatory that resembled stone henge)Oconastota told him the story of the Welsh Prince Madoc and the White indians. In the seal he stands between an eagle and a tobacco stalk, symbols of enlightenment and peace. He holds a bundle of arrows(called a Fasces a Fashiost symbol)under his right arm. The Flour De Lis is on the top of the seal.
    The Templar Johanites who traced their origions to the Mandans claimed a dirrect line of transmission to John the Babtist, who they said was the true Christ. They also claimed Mary Magdaline would be the mediatrix of the new age. They revealled a secret skull called the Dead Head( Think Gretful Dead band dead head followers cult and Futurama Cartoon). This Symbol is a circle around three black dots like a skull or a bolling ball. This skull is a symbol for a skill traced to Kanobi( KA-KNOB-i...think Star Wars Obey-One –KANOBI) who called it Christos.
    Reorich knew that symbols are often stolen and reused. Churchills V-for Victory(see also Star Traks Vulchan Peace sign)It was first the goddess symbol for the grail vessel. The Druids(wise men of Ru)adopted it. Reorich adopted the dead head symbol in his Roerich peace pact banner.. Just as the Red templar cross is now used for humanitarian puposes hince the Red Cross(RosyCruscerian...Freemasons)the red cross has been flown at war zones as a sign of nuetrality and has been endoresed by such figures as Eignstien and H.G. Wells.
    The Hopi indian symbol for their Massau(Messiah)is the same as the caput mortum or dead head of the alchamests and the secret skull of the Johanite Templars and also the three jewels of Buddism, who say everyone can achive enlightenment from these three jewels and the 8 fold path.
    At the capitol mall in Nashville, a Red White and blue granite replica of the flag of the state of Tennesse feature three stars in the dead head pattern.
    The Tricepts , Trifoil or tristar symbol is an ancient symbol of the female trinity(seen trinity in the matrix movie)an aryian design of three earth diamonds drawn by a continuos line of three vesicas or fish(like 3 Jesus fishconnected together at the tails)swimming away from each other. It is also a symbol of Hathor, the lady of the mill.Often depected with lotis blosind in art depicting unfoling awareness. the fish gather at the cental point TULA in the circle.
    The early Christians refured to themselves as sons of the great fish
    the Jesus fish would be panted on walls to show The Way(symbolic of the Torah this group was called the Paul himself was persecuting those who where of The Way)to secret cell groups. The Jesus fish was first used in Egypt and was inverted verticaly and meant secret. Many artist have deperpted saints comming out of a Jesus fish like door, Symbolising they are comming from a secret place, another deminsion or wormhole.
    Tennesse (land of the rissing sun)spelled backward ESSEN(E)-NET
    The Dead Head symbol in India means happyness and appears on stone age amulets. In China it is found at the Temple of Heaven. It appears on the breast of Christ in Memlings’ The Adoration of Christ and it shields the Knights Templars. The Three sphere configuration is the symbol for the fifth essence(ESSENE-CE) or quentessence aslo called wood or the word. Jesus is called the word made flesh. The 3 sphere clusters were very important to the Kathars and Mandas
    Illuminuat Thomas Jefferson was very interested in the Mandans. He vistited the Languedoc mounds in France, the home of the Cathars in seach of the secret system of Kanoabi they say they learned from Jesus a secret illuminati language. Jeffersons manuscripts have been found encoded in strange ways ressembling these ruins. Jefferson was a Rosycrucian. They believe they are resurrecting Egyptian and Atlantian teachings.
    Cathar watermarks show a serpant hanging on a cross(also symbolising Satan climbing the tree of life or the tree of knowledge). In Egyptian the OX(AX or OC light in the Langudoc)was known as APIS the bull (OPIS all seeing eye. The Languadoc region is on the illuminati pearl necklace list of sacred sites. Also this symbol is seen as a rod comming virtically out of the top of the head of the skull of a bull with a snake crawling up the rod. This is almost exactly the same as the blurpint for the axis on Meru at the Capitol mall in Nashvile. It wouls be easy to speculate that the Montecello recived the meru blueprint from the cathars of languadoc in 1787 and gave it to Strickland who design the capitol mall garden as a sort of time capsule waiting to be opened.
    According to the ancent mystics when one tapes in to the manna produced by the Meru supper antena he\she instantly know the universal language of the birds or angel language. They become phychic. They can tune into the thoughts of anyone in the world...Remote view. They become healers. They become angelic.
    Manna in the bible is called the food of the angels Psalm 78:24.
    In egypt the symbol for manna is a semicicle over a horrizontal line, like a dome or a rissing eastern sun(which is a common Illuminati symbol today on most corporate logo’s). It was used to fill the light body(KA). Only the alchemists with the secrets of the skill(Skull)(DeadHead)knew the secrets of it’s manufactor(MANA-factor). Nearly all languagues have a cognate of this word: MA-gic, MAgnetic, MA-Ma or queen of heaven or Mo(A)ther, Muslem, Mystic, and MAson.
    The Eatser Island natives thought it was the manna of thier king that moved huge statue’s.
    Gnostics said Manna is the divine spirt of MAn. This latter appears as the white stone of manna in Rev. This new name (word or Vibration)is written on Jesus thigh(Mero in greek). The mana stone is = to the body of Christ at communion. It is one half of the Holy grail Equation with the cup of wine symbolized by a spiral like equalateral black and white cross inside a circle. This can transom one into purity and heal disease.
    The Gnostcs and Cathars believe the soul is suffering in the prission of the body. This would end once they passed on to a higher form of existance. The white stone brought about thier KATHARsis or purification and enlightenment.
    Ancent Summerians and Egyptians made use of short Birdlike sylibles(which is the basis for most word we use even today) and symbols that often symbolize other symbols. Wordplays, Puns, and puzzels. Words have mutiple levels of meanings. Both are like round smoke rings(hince the circle) that knowone can seem to touch. The Meru pilar is not looked upon as an idol so much as it is a banner for an ideal(IDOL), which is simular to the serpant rod of Moses or the Christian Cross.
    Ohmmmmmmm(AMMMMMMM) is a common universal meditation chant
    The Meru pillar at the Nashville capitol mall garden is a MANdallA or blueprint whose symbols point to the functions of the actual thing. MANdellA’s are read or visuallised durring M-editaion in order to transome one into the the Meru pillar. Most commonly seen in two diminsional form they are in fact a blueprint of the three diminsional palece of the diety. They alwo the student to enter the vibration in which the diety lives. Prayer and Meditation. They manna can be drawn, painter, or made into particles by constructive Meditation or prayer. MANdellaA’s are made out of solid mattereals such as Wood, Stone, Metals, or plantes. Such is the Nashville Garden a MANdellA.
    MT. MERU has seven levels. The seven stars of the big dipper(the plough) are called Meru. Jesus was the son of MAri(MARU). She holds seven stars in REV. In the East the seven stars are found in the human body known as Chakras as the seven level of the mystical physiologogy along the spine. They can be descibed as genorators of ethric matter( AVAS or AVIS meaning birds indicationg wings). Which the KA(soul) uses to achive enlightenment. Gates that open. Wheels that are spinning or lotuses that bloom. In Christiantiy the sven Chakras are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit to the church(the sacraments): doctrine, office,polity, prayer, and powers to lossen(fission)and to bind(Fusion). The KAduceus is overlaid on the human body as seven steps of the ladder that reaches into heaven. Art shows a man standin on Etherc water. The Royal Road(Arterery or Art). Extending from the solar plexus to the crown Chakra. It is a golden tube( nerves are shown as yellow vessels in all modern text books on Neurology). They move the breath of the soul. The Tricepts symbol is at the crown Chakra. The chakra of the etheric body open into a verticle almond(eye)shapped RUS(like a verticle jesus fish) above the head.
    In Tantric alchemy of India. The seven gates are located along the spine. Winding around them are the two serpants or the KAduceus rod of MERU-cury, the Roman name for the holy spirit. The endocrine gland is one that sucreats hormones(substnces). These can be tunes to certain fraquancies(tunning forks). Secrete(Secret) means to separate. Blood, Seamen, Sap, ETC. Hormons are currents(star waves).
    The artisians of anciant science now called geoMANcy collected the MAgnetic currents of the earth, nailing them to the cross with points of light called needles at specific places creating sanctuaries of spirtual power and was symbolised by a triangle. Their source was TULA( the gallectic center)symbolised by a circle with a dot inside its center). The retreival of this tranmission was called OPUS. Gnostc OPIS means serpant. Sophos(Sophia) is greek for wisdom( the virgin of light)(the light of Ophis). Druid scolars say Souph (wisdom) meant wool. Moses. Michal, and Jesus hair become white as wool(Whole). The golden fleece sought by Jason and the Argonoughts (ARKonnaughts). The word SUFI.
    The SUFI’s (Mystical Muslems) of Bagdad(Ancint Babylon) built the city into a culteral center. The Zeneth of thier past.
    The golden fleece was the forrunner of the quest for the holy grail called the stone of God by the knights of the round(stone) table. The grail was in fact the axis of Meru that produced the Eucharist: The body of Christ( the lamb) Symbolised by wafer and wine(Blood).
    Sufi Poet Jalaluddin(Aladin) Rumi founded the Mevlevi Order known as the Whirling Dervishes. The word Dervish comes from Derew(Druid). Rumi was an esotericist. Teaching that the KOR-AN held seven allegorical meanings. He was very much simular to Gnostic. here is a peom by him:
    Cross and Christian from end to end I surveyed
    He was not on the cross. I went to the idol temple
    To the Pagoda. He was no in the temple
    I beant the reins of search to the KAaba
    He was not with the old and young
    I gased into my heart. There I saw him
    In the Whirl of its transport my spirit was tossed
    Till each atOM of separate being I lost(Secretion)
    The Whirling spirual path through these seven pillars of wisdom corresponds to the seven branched MAN(A)ora, the seven planets, the seven sacred caves of Cibola(Sabala)of the Maya, the 7 lights of the Zohar, 7 days of creation, seven heavens.
    The KA-duces symbolizes the path of these serpants as does the whirlwind.
    Heaven(the heaved –up place among us)
    The seventh chakra is the crown chakra. Ancints belived we are born with this open door(arch or tube)The egyptian RUS sybolized by a verticle Jesus fish looking portal above the head. Through which we communiacate with the spirit.
    In Snsckit this is called the Door of Brahm. The opening through which the spirt comes and goes. It is also the Chimney(CHI-mney) of Santa Clause(KA-LA-use). The vertibase is called the stick of Brahm or the Shushusmna (shu-shu- MANNA). The Hebrew term for Manna was SHEW-bread.
    The Egyptian SMA or Samataui(SHU- SHU-SMNA) means to slay or cut up(Secrete or separate). In Hidu Vedas SOMA refers to the blood of life that brings divine power and understanding. The bread of life(Manna) In Egyptian the SOMA is milked(Milky WAY) from the mediatrix a churning rod or upright pillar or drill called the SMA is employed. Horus and Set opperate it. Hous pillar is another form of axis of MERU, Tree of life, or axis of MUndi, a pole passeing thought the center of heaven. The core of the gallexy(TULA). Each places his foot on a hiroglyph which means to unite and respesents a lung or windpipe.Horus became the architype for Satan and Jesus. The royal name placed here at the top of the wind(ing)pipe can be uttered. At either side of the cartouche at the top of the drill we find The bread of life symbol(A triangle with a semi verticle line inside at the bottom) and the key of life symbol(A cross with a Jesus fish like verticle loop at the top of it)
    From the churning mill(mall) emerges the milk of peace from the MUL(Summerian word for stars). Hidus call this the nectar of immortality SOMA. It is depicted by a bull, bird, giant, or embryo.
    The7 Rishes(stars)of Meru, the sons of Brahm knew all the powers including the true SOMA which is to make a new human(New illuminati initiate...reborn christian). they begain to live through the light body. Children of the light. These 7 Rishes are represented by the 7 stars of Ursa Major and thier wives by the Pleides.
    Underneath the brains door(door of Brahm)is the triangular shaped body named in the physiology the Island of Reil(Real). This body is the central lobe of the cerebrum(cere-Brahm). This is the north pole of the body. It is the door to the Buddest pure land of love. The Druid island of TULA( TURA, TARA, or TERROR)which is beyond the north wind(pole)at the center of the milkyway.
    When Santa KAluse SHIMmies down the CHImney he brangs Sercretions(Secrets)gifts, the essence(ESSENE-ce)of life, the coat of many colors, the cloak to the illuminati. (Coat of arms pentagram). Santa Clause is derrived from Claustrum whch means barrier(briars or thorns think uncle remusces tale of the bare and rabbit” please don’t throw me in the briar patch”), bar, covered place, seclusion, or someplace in cloister. a NUNary or Monastery(MANA-stery(stairs)(Stary))
    The suture of the skull whree the bones meet is called the Claustrun. It is a thin sheet of grey matter also known as the mantle. In addition to being a cloak the word\symbol in geology iterpretation is the soil covering the earth. In anatomy the mantle is the cortex, the thin but main part of the brain which is divided into 2 hemisphers.
    John the Babtist is made to be the incarnate of the Prophet Elijah they both are 1 and the same and both wore a hairy garment(mantle). Elijah took off his mantole at the Jordan wrapped it together and smote the waters and they divided. Like the 2 hemisphers of the brain(Brahm). This is the cloak of the illuminati. Made from Manna in the soil at a spacific site. Giving the power of MANAfestation that alowed him to control the molecules of the water(Secretion, Secret)(Chakra or Secrete)
    The seven gates of the Nashville mall are the 7 chakras. Earth gate, water gate, solar gate, heart gates, thraot gate, gate of three stars, and the halo gate.
    The zero point in Tibetan symbolism is a clockwise spiral(soul crossin the cosmic ocean).The Egyptian waters of NUN are symbolized by a 0(None).The soul and the gift that it brings winds down and its vibration becomes a fish out of water when it incarnates into the human body.From this Matrix each soul rises like a phoenix. The moment our mothers water breaks we become ARGO(Soul Ark)(in angel mythology especialy of the mandians and the gnostics an ARCON is a state or area principality) and we become under the MANUfactered law.Waiting for the cARGO in the delivery room (THE DOCK)is a state licenced DOC(k)tor. Then we get a Soc. Sec.#(One might recall that SS was NAZI CODE). The #’s on the back of the cards are written in red(blood...Communism). The Gnostic Belief (which is a key stone illuminati religion) belives that the soul is trapped in this body and that the soul is dead until the body finds a dock to release it’s cargo.
    At the Nashvilee garden the root chakra is marked by the crescent shaped black stone water gate( think also the black stone of Mecca). A moon connection. In Mithras this gate is the door to life. The souls begainig ascent of the ladder with 7 gates. It is capable of shooting bursts of powers throuigh its axis. These burst lay coiled(DOOR-MA-nt) like a serpent(again the counter clock wise spiral)waiting for the moment to shoot fire.
    The Mayan and the Egyptian Symbol for water is identical. It is three wavy horrizontal lines. The Mayas named the Sea CANAH( CANAAN..the great powerful serpant). The Mayan Symbol meant water terminnated with the head of the snake.
    S is used by alchemist to denote the ESSENcE of the spirt.
    The Serpent and the waves are a keystone in understanding healing wisdom.(vibrations frequency).
    CANA(KAn means serpant) or KA_NA means a dividing place. CANAAN is a land flowing with milk and honey. Jesus changed water into wine at CANA Galilie(circle). The Circulatory system of the body(wine...Blood). The miricle takes place when the in the embreyo the soul splits the waters of the blood(The Red Sea) and begins to create a warm blooded human.The parting of the loaves in the gospel of John was a symbolic recreation of the parting of the Red Sea an the new exodus(hince the fish). CAIN(smith) was the first born of Adam and Eve.(whose mysterious mark was said to have meant blood for bloods sake). His slaying of ABEL was symbolic of the slaying of bABEL. Theultament act of consciousness is called CANONization(When one becomes a S-aint)S-eparating one from the rest of humanity. CANON is Greek for measuring rod or Rule or a hollow tube that shoots fire(KA-NUN)(KANE reed). TULA was called the place of reeds.
    Cheese(milk product)(CHI-se)
    The apostolized were CANONized when a flame of invisible light appered overe thier head( The light of enlightenment...or the spot light..or the comical lightbulb). This also happened to the Buddhist bodhisattvas. The falme then seemed to illuminati there heads like an halo or entity( hince most artwork impressions of the saints)CANd(o)or or Candre(to shine)(Serpent door) CANdle. In early Christianity those who recieved babtism were called Illuminati and were given a little taper as a symbol of thier enlightenment.
    At the first Covenant, perfomred in the PORTable(floating) Tabernacle there was a CAndlestick and show-bread(MANA). Green silk on the table(The grail castle...KAstle)represents the green earth. Golden threads sown(ARCH-MARDI...ark of MARI or MERU) represents the rays of the healing sun(TULA) which regenerates the earth and produces manna. The candlestick is the MERU pillar. The CAndle is a flower of light. Flowers are natures candles (Flower of life Masonic). When you give a loved one a flower it produces a radiant effect (blood ....bloom). (flower....FLOW). Blood came for the middle english word blowan ( to flourish or bloom)(blow...wind). Christ is symbolized by a rose( Rosy Cruscians...Red Cross)(The blood of life)ROS(wisdom...light...Serpant) and is called the daystar or Days Eye(Daisy) the golden eye bloom( see James Bond Golden eye)Jesus is also called the MArguerite(The MARI(U)-Gold). One of the hidden cababilities of the human biological tranformational apparatus is the abbilty to flow gold(illuminati hole place rich in gold in very high reGUARD...the annunaki are sadi to have come here to mine the earth of gold in order to suspend it in their outer atmoshpre to shied against harmful rays...airplanes use a thin layer of gold on there windows for this purpose also...Gold is also the world best know CO(A)Nductor)(spirt dock door..KA-doc-door)Gold is also represented by the masonic circle with a dot inside it(TULA). The Egyptian hiroglyphic for force field is a man with a circle with a dot in it just over his head. A circle is a cloak( surROUNDing the MAgic inside)(MAGIc...was taken from the MAGI...MAGI-KA spirit of the earth manna)
    The theory of Alchecmy is that something must be SECRETed(separated) from some thing else( you can’t get something from nothing)( the pholosephers stone was supposed to transform MAtter into Gold)(GOLD...old GOD...ancient of days or old Earth)(Golden years)One can make himself into GO(L)D.(Illuminati often make code with M’s and LL’s especially double LL’s and capitol M”S)(L...EL...God)I-LL-uminati)
    In The Twinkling of an eye we shall all be changed at the last TRUMP and the dEAd(Summeriatain god) shall be raised incorruptable.(blossoming)(Think HAARP in alaska)TRUMP in Greek means a wave tone or vibration.
    A-MERU-KA(America)(The spirit of the water)(the beast of REV. comes forth from the water)(Mystery BABY-LION the great)(america is an off shoot of Brittan...The Lion is her national symbol often seen as griffens or cheribiun like over the ark)(aslo be-aware that the scean potrayed on most euro’s is the rape of Europa ...where Zues rapes Europa)
    Abraxos and Sofia are the Gnostic gods adopted by the Templars( A MAGI_KAl word). Gnostisim comes from KAbbalah, ZOROartianism, and Egyptian religions. The only way to escape(KApe...claok) the human prison of the body is through Gnosis(DiaGNOSE...bring to the daylight). They belive in two types of supernatual beings Eons(Ionisphere) and Arcons. Pistis Sophia is the goddess of wisdom. DemiuRAGE(angry Demon)Ialadaboath is the evil god. The prenciple EON was ABraxos(Father)( latter demonised by the church and said to have a rooster head and snake legs to confine him to earth). Eventually the remaining Gnostic joined the MANdeans from Persia( also remmember the MANDANS from the Nashville legend). Illuminati very much believe in a one world religion and have incorporated Gnostisism into their system from the days of the Templars. Knossis was said to have been Atlantis.
    The sexual chakra is symbolized by the square. The four elements of earth. This is marked bY a square patch of graSS at the NASHviLLe MA_LL. The square is also the symbol of the goddess. Byzantine writters reGUARDed the worship of Aphrodite ar Mekka or ME-KA. The idol of the goddess was the white stone and that of her son was the black cube now in the holy KA-BA. Masons call this square the Stone Ashlar(FREESTONE)(Firestone..Phoenix Stone)as it caomes out of the cosmic waters it is on its way to becoming the white stone(pure stone...Christ stone)(Manna)(Keystone)once squared it can be fitted into its place in the temple(Jesus is said to be the stone the builders diregaurded and was latter found in the rouble corresponding to the assasination of Harim Abif the masonic Master from Tyre who build solomons temple...they latter foun a thrown away stone with his master mark that solved the keystone for the temple problem). The holy of hollies was in the form of a cube. This room housed the ark of the Covenant (Pandora’s box). The aim of squaring a circle is to overcome lifes obsticles. The stone is then returned to its purest from.
    The black stone is housed in the KAaBA(MeeKA). According to metorologists it’s a meteorite. Islam belives it was given to Ismeal(ABrahams first and bannished son of Hagar the handmaid of Sarah)by Gabriel(Jibril).
    Gahangas Kahn(GI Angus KA..the spirit of the bull)
    Colon or KOl-On means alter of the sun
    The semi-circle or rising eastern sun symbolizes the opening of heaven
    The subconsious fills in the rest of the sun. The deciples are commonly symbolized by a semicircle, which shows thier unity and together they make a circle. . The semicircle is also an ark.or Arch. Much ancient art shows Jesus blasting though a bulls eye or circle.(Wormhole) Also the halo’s above the heads of saints seems almost to be a ufo(beam me up scotty). Therefore a bulls eye in symbology is a holy gate(wormhole).
    “I AM POWER” is an affermation that healers use to activate chakra(He- man cartoon at castle grey SKULL...I have the power”. The solar Plexes(Braids) combines our power and our will to open our potential. New medical research validates that this is our second brain. Prayer meetings are held at the solar plexus at the Nashville garden. People of all faiths gather together to radiate(bulls eye)prayers into the world(one world religion). Those who misuse solar plexus to MANIpulate others(mind control) are called sociopaths.
    Compassion is called TARA.
    The ark was a golden box that held Manna. Medianite smiths build pandoras box for Moses with Yahweh’s instuctions. This box overflowed with blessings but also stife.(Solar Plexus). Also a radioactive claod that loomed overhead. Yaweh(the storm God). The ark was uesed to communiacate with God. It was an Oracle. The ark was a portable MT. Sinai(MERU).The day of atTONEmeant God appeared between the wings of the Cheribium. Covenant(To eat bread with)(Manna). There was a pillar(antenna)attached to the ark. This pillar was also depicted in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The Hieroglyph of Osiris in the santuary. The pillars extended vetically from the rooftops of the temple. Pillars are also called DJED or JED..(.JEDI of star wars).The pillar on top of the ark it toped by a symbol that looks like 2 tablets(the 10 commandments) or 2 tombstones and snake is also shown crawling horozontaly accros it,.This symbol is also seen in Egypt as a snake comming out of the third eye of pharohs. This symbol is called a SHEM(like the carpenters tool...Masons are carpenters or stone workers)( chimney...SHEMney)( SHEM was Noahs son...Noahs ARK). A tombstone is like a stone tablet, it arches upward into a simicircle and is the divice for which the soul accends. The divice is also called the casket of Osiris Egyptians say it was stored at a place called MORAE(MERU) where the spirt of the iLLahat(gods) are burried. It is the Egyptian tree of life ande was called SU-MERU(SU-MAR(u)ians) and is called MERU by the Buddhists. It is said to drill holes into space. The origional ark design was the boat of God in Abydos( Egyptian underword Abbadon Hell) Egypt and is identical to the ark of the covenant. The greenish KApper needle(pillar antenna was placed on a golden box(the Mercy seat). Enlightenment tablets are called Shutti. The two tablets are alo symbolic of the 2 hemespheres of the brain. This serpant is called the Ureaus serpant at the third eye level( the all seeing eye or eye of horus). the ark sits on a black stone block called the black stone of MAAT. All of these elements are present at the Nashville garden mall. The Osirus pillar was lined with gold( a Golden flower...Sun flower).
    The oscillation of life is symbolised by 1 horizontal squiggly line.( a worm...Wormhole) Worms are symbolic of the serpents soul. NAGGAR is the serpents soul of wisdom.
    David played a HARP(HAARP..Tone) He was determined to build a house for the ark(The Temple).
    Inside the ark were the rod of Aaron and the two tablets of the 10 commandments.
    A 2 tablet SHEM is the symbol for the Torah.
    The ark surrmounted by a cross is called the Quadriga of AMINadab(AMEN). The cheriot that the evengelists of the song of songs must carry to the ends of the earth.
    The MEROvengian bloodline is called the Red Serpent or Red Dragon(REV ..Thomas Henry book...William Blake) They assosicated Christ with a Serpent . They had long Red hair. Founded by King MEROvee who is said to have been the spawn of Quinotaur(king of terror)(A giant fish NUN or sea monster Ameroka). The Summerian god EA was half fish. also think about the african legend of the Dagon(Dagoon was an asserian god idol)DAG means fish. According to nostradomous TERROR is the same as TYRE(the grand achetect of Masonry was Harim Abif of TYRE). The king of TARA(Terror) is Jesus. The stone placed in the sanctuary of Solomons temple is supposed to be the stone pillar that Jacob(Jacobs ladder) set up after entering the TERRIBLE gate of God. The Islmic people of ME-KA believe that their temple is built over the same stone.
    2 pillars stood at the gate of Solomons temple called TET pillars(The pillars of Hurcules)AnT(ET)enas).TET pillars are also dipicted in the Pillars of Osirus Hiroglyphs.
    TETs were considerd to be a powerful weapon of MAGIc to aid the transformation of the human into the spirit land of the dead. TETs are often seen in the company of 2 other symbols: UAS(Tree branch)called the key of the nile and the ANKA(The key of life)(a cross with a virtical Jesus fish loop on top of it)These symbols are seen together on doors and in basketts called” The All” ALLAH means Path or The Way. ALL is a pup for oil. OIL is CHRISTos. (CHRIST-OSIRIS). PAN was a mate of the goddess. PAN(bread) PAEIN(plain..or all). Man does not live by bread AL(L)one. MARI Magdalene was reGuarded as the woman who knew ALL. She was the HEAD sister of the ORDER of DAN. She has been considered Jesus’s MAin apostle called BEN PANTHER(PAN)(PANTHEOS...ALL the GODS...PANTHIESM).
    The Hebrew word for soul is NESHamah(NASHville). NESHASH(blood of Asher) means blood. NASH or NASHT is the Aribic name for MERU. NJAD or nJED(Horn). Mount Nissa or NASHa is the Egyptian story of Moses and Osirus. The Brazen Serpent (precurser to the crusifix) lifted by Moses was his NIS or NASH. The NASHville garden contains the hidden code : to lift the Serpent or the DJED(The Muslem ANTI-Christ). It Teaches use to lift up the DEAD(DJED)HEAD of the Christos(OIL). The DJED is thought to be an anti-christ figure with one EYE(the ALL seeing EYE). NASHvilles BELL(BEL and the Dragon was an appocryphal book of Daniel) SOUTH Building towwers above the grand ole opry and stands as a sentry behind the capitol mall is a pair of Egyptian TET pillars(pillars of Hurcules)(Sanctuary). It is the ark of BAAL(the lord of the flies).BAAL is SUT or SET(BAAL SET). A STONE there represents SET. The TRICEPT is inscipted in it’s ARCH(ARK). SET is the DARK and equal side of Horus. Thoth(thought) mediated their opposition. The name SET is determined STONE. SET is a sTONE or Frequncy. He was the god of the South.
    Serpent in a jar( to take a leap of faith)(to see enlightened blood and souls)
    Tubes holding Serpents at Denderah represent a soul holder or blood holder. The secret for altering the blood through light. The light of this Temple gives of the energies of a BeTULAham(house of bread).
    There is a Black Gobe( the NAZI Order of the Black Sun Symblozised by a black dot TULA)(an ORDER means that they were created by the request of a superior) at the NASHvilee garden. Also comparable to The Black stone of MekKA and that Christ in the acts of John called himself a mirror or a door and a way(DOORWAY). The Shaman of the Yuchatan say that according to Mayan teaching the Black Mirror is a mirror of humanity for which we must decide whether to serve LOVE(Horus, Christ) or DARKNESS(DarkNESH)(SET...SATan). 1 COR 13:12” For now we see through a glass Darkly, but then face to face.” The Sancrit name for this chaKRA is Vissuda(pure). It is a source of protection against the darkness. The is synchronicity between the Manhatten (MANAhatten) project and the holy grail and the black stone. The first nukular reactor was thousands of pure assembled black blocks(sTONES). The first a-bomb explosion was at the TRInity test site at the BASE called JONADE DEL MUERTO(the death jouney). IT exploded just below LA LAZ(the light) in new MEXICO(NEW PLACE of the gods of WAR). 200 hudred miles from the LOS ALAMOS(code name SHANGRILA)(GRAIL) laboratories(Shangra DE Christo...blood of Christ). Due East of LOS CRUSES(The cross) 200 hundred miles west of Rosewell(Fountain of wisdom).
    The black stone represents the transfer of secrets from God to Man(symbolized by two ovular orbits in an X around a black sun or dot TULA)
    The word PALA(pala-ough..or plough) mean garment of life. In Inia PALA means the opener of the way. The highest degree of the mystery school recieves the pallium or sacred cloak. The plough is an alternate name for Meru. BAAL or Murduk was called the plough of the lord( aMURRU or Hoe). It is repressented by a long pillar standimg on a dragon. According to summerian myth MARI(Inanna) rescuded this tree of life from the flood and planted it in her garden as an axis of love. Her husband YAMA(serpant)lived in this pillar.
    MR is the keystone of this mystery. It is the egyptiam determininative for pyramid Door (tor or mound) composed of the elements MA –mother- and UR light. The hyroglphf TCHET is a cobra(the special keeper). Mer means love in Egyptian. MER-tu means what is loved. The arched serpant is the Egyptian symbol for bread. Mr.(mister)a word play on MIST(manna)(Mystic). In the Eluesinnian mysteries the liberated soul was called Mysta. The MIST Hyro is 3 interconnected lines arching downward raining like manna and is very simular to a pawnbrokers symbol which looks like 3 falling stars. All these are yes further examples of the tricepts or tristar.
    Many ancents are depited wearing a Shugurra helmet. MER(U)cury. Especially the gods from suMER(U). Especially the gods from suMER(U). Sitchin translated shugurra as ‘that which makes go far into the universe. SRG A(SUGAR)(Cigar) is a radio source belived to lie a the center of the universe(TULA) which was discovered in 1932. The theoretical White Hole gusher of cosmic energy. Jesus invited 3 men to the top of the mountain(NOB) where they saw his face shine like the sun and his clothes turn into white light(also Moses).Transfiguration. MT Tabor(Navel). the center of MT Meru. Moses and Elijah appear in a cloud(UFO?) Jonah was for 3 nights in the Navel of the whale(Jesus fish or wormhole virtical oval RU). For 3 days Jesus was in the heart of the earth MERU.
    Leviathan was the Whale that swallowed Jonah( begaining). This prefigured Jesus 3 day as well. Whale(Well..heathy..well ..water source). The arch is considered a water source. They were inside a wormhole. Thish always sybolizes somthing secret or hidden. Fish are the symbol of the central American Maize god. The meal of fish by Jesus meant the despensing of secret knowledge to his desciples. Leviathan(love tone). ARK (a rock or Iraq). The vetical oval is also the mouth of the serpant(wormhole). It is also the Mayan symbol for the milky WAY. Also depicted in the Chinese symbol for the eye. Mouth (MAAT..Mother..MATTER). The path of vibrating string held at 2 end is a oval( mouth or eye). A complete wave or oscilation, symbolised by one wavey line, is the unversal symbol of love. 8 is the # of Christ. Chinese symbol for fortune. The door. Two wavey lines interconnected. An hourglass.
    Clockwise spirals symbolize water, power, and energy. Counterclockwise spirals, The egyptian thread, ressembles a fetus. Chinese homecomming.
    John the Baptist batised in the river JORDAN. Derived from ERIDAN the anciant name for the Milky way. The Summerian Eridu(EA’s temple) where pure light reaches the heavens. At Jesus babtism a light descended on him and a white downward dove(illuminati symbol asscoiated with Columbia...the kinght of Columbus) descended on him.
    Many ancient art works depict Jesus opening the mouth of Leviathan(wormhole) with the cross(arrons Rod..the Meru pillar). The round table was sort of a worm hole. The zodiak is a wormhole. The bulls eye symbol is a wormhole. Many art works depict Jesus standing in front of a bulls eye or spiral. Saints are almost always seen with a holo ,that looks like a wormhole, or ufo above or behind them. (Beam me up Scotty). Many ancient art works show men beng swallowed and regergitated by a fish or snake(leviathan)and traveling though a vast labyrinth to the other end of the portal.
    Green man is considered the immortal king of TULA. He is seen with Green Gold vegitation spewing from his mouth(Cannabi..or Canobi). The represnts the life force language codes. The key to TULA. Jonah is a re-tooled form of EA the sumerian teacher of gardening(OANNES). He came to earth though a wormhole. The Mayas say the 2012(the serpants rope) is this woremhole.The Hopi believe a gardener(MASSU..Massiah..Massage) helps them find there way to the promise land. He is symbolized by a bulls eye. Massu(Moses)(the Arimaic Meshsha)(Greek Messias)all mean annointed. The letter G(masonic)is a spiral and also a 6. God, Gallexy Garden, Grow, Gate, Gold, Green ETC.. G can be seen on many ancient native art works especial Mayan. The Egyptian TAU (bread)(Tunnel) is the same as the neolithc meander tunnel. It means to CROSS the WAY. It suggest the gerdener lead the Hopi though a Tunnel(wormhole). The wormhole is known as LEV(LOVE)(Heart..Tula)(Leviathan ..Levites..Levitate)LA VIE(everlasting light)(LIVE)(AV..or V)(nAVel). N means 1. Latin for sheep is OVIS. NAVIS means ship. V symbolizes Leviathan. (the Vulcan peace sign). Ophis(serpant)(eye). Nous(another name of Jesus) in greek means wisdom. V(vessel) is the beak of the bird goddess Mediatrix. V(beak)(Velva)(vaulve) with 2 eyes(OVO)(OVAL). The OVO bird is associated with Jesus. This is seen in depictions of the shroud of Tourin The burial cloth(Sweat cloth)(Sveitaduk)Mautuall(ME-Tula)the face of Christ. The depictions are called the Mandylion. The Byzantines placed these Mandylion in locations in the church decoration symbolic of the sacrifice of the Eurcharist. Byzantine potrayals seem to suggest Jesus used the cathars bird language. Above all the portrayal have an almost subliminal V on the forehead above the eyebrows. This was done to connect Jesus to the bird goddess. Structually the V is the delta D which stands for Door. When combining the Delta with a Y we get the eye of the dragon symbol. This can be seen in the foreheads of pharoah dipiction. As well as a serpant (Cobra comander). The Phasee’s(Pharoah See’s) wore the scrolls on thier fore heads. Deut:6:8(thrid eye). the book of the dead depicts a ship sailing over the back of the serpant draggon(Apepi..or the hopi OPI). The serpant ship is and arch.
    The kings bread is called SEB(SAB or Saba..or Sabboth)
    Tennesee(Tenah...fig). TAN(TANTRA) in greek means to lay down(BOw). Fig leave coverd the nakedness of Adam amd Eve. Buddah was protected by BO(arch)the tree of enlightenment. The fig tree was also called PALA(palace). BO means serpant(BO-A..or BO-Ta)(Bo-tie)(BOAT). The fig a symbol for Mari.. Maris uterus is symbolised by a vertical oval.
    Mt Meru was said to be guarded by the serpant(Draco). Home of the star ThU(la)ban.. The northen pole star. Gnostics called this serpant HAWya and associated it with EVE. The mother of ALL Living. HAWA(instruct). EVES name in ARIBIC is HAYYAT. The pillar of Nashville is guarded ny the serpant maund.
    Sangraal(holy grail). Take away the G and you get SAN RAAL(royal blood) in old french. The song of the key of life. Noble blood gave one access to ARGO(the white ship). Blood comes from the middle english word Blowan(to bloom). The flowing rod. The Rod of Jesse (fire). The root of ESSEnes is Jesus. Tennesse means Den(house) of the ESSENES.
    Elijah and Enoch were lifted up to heaven in a whilewind(spiral). Mohammad was lifted on the back of Pegasus. When Jesus retuns is will establish his rign on MT Moriah(MERU). These events are belived to occur or have occured at the same place Mt. Meru.
    Nashiville(Nahash)(ONE great light)(the city of the great light). The Ashera.(groove) was a phalic object used in worship of Astarte. SAR was Egyptian for queen.(serpant). Another name for ASTARTE was PALAs-Athena. In Hebrew ATha means darting fire.Nashvilee is the home to a replica of Athena’a Parthenon(the temple of the virgin)built to commemorate Tennesse’s centenial.
    Language of the birds(bards...poets)
    BAitylos in greek means thunderstone(firestone)(the stone of Atlantis)(TULA). Latin BAe-TULUs.
    NimROD who ruled BAbel was identified as a mighty man(giant or Nephilim. Annunaki in Sumeria. Anikim in Deut. ANUK in Num. The hebrew word Gilor(glory) means tyrant. He lead the rebelion against Yaweh(summerian Enlil). The towwar was known as EteMENAki in honer of MURDUK the god of mars. Nirod belived the AXis of love stood in the middle of the garden of pardise. Nimrods name means( The Meru Rod). He is known as the hunter. Babel meant gate. Now is means confusion becouse God scattered the mighty men and made them to speak different languages. The word Towwr is the same as the french Tour which means Wheel(ring). Galector(conical hill or castle). The Egyptian for fortress was T-RA(TURA..or TERROR). Dura is where Nebechadnezzar constructed the 90ft image of Nimrod. The layer of the membrane systen protecting the spinal chord is called DURA matter. Nimrod was made into a mighty man by(in the book of Jasher) the skins of God(cloak of the illuminati)(elijah like mantle) made for Adam. Passed down from Enoch to Methusalah to Cush and landed in the hands of Nimrod. Summerian Gods are seen wearing these skin suits. Osius alos wears a skin suit.(Mesh like fish). Th druids knew of the suits and were taught of them by the bards(birds or peots)shamans or Olleves(olives). These suits would bring peace to any battle field. They were coats of many colers(birdlike) The Roman army feared them. Druid religion centered on the May pole they were the sons of MAY(MASONS). May means love. It it associated with MIN(minister)a conduit between man and God. Minisinger or Minstels were the devotees of Mary Magdalene. The May(the burning rod of Moses)became the Glastonberry Thorn the rod of KAduceus brought to england by Joseph of Arimathea after the crusifixion. Nimrods wife SeMIRAmis is said to have sprung from a fish. She is also called astarte or the Mediatrix or Mari. Summerian priest wore fish suits called Mitre. Her mother was Dorketo the fish goddes. Oannes means dove by the babylonians. Nirods wife was the daughter of EA( the God of the wormhole or the wormhole iteself). EA was called MaKAra in India(the sea monster..Leviathan)UR(light) for the Mandaen cosmology. The maker is called the word W(serpant) OR(light) D(Door). The door of light.
    Buddha in yoga at the foot of the BOhi tree(desire...KAMA) fear of death(MAra) and the attachment to earthly conscens (Dharma)
    The serpant is time itself. It is the great trunk or torso of the greeks. To be Apollo means to be one with the sun God. The celtic word for spirt is POELL(pollo...or rod)German Stube(tube).
    Saddam Hussein belived he could unite the arabs under Islam by recreating babylon. He uncoverd the text of Nebuchadnezzer. He begain to rebuild the Towwer.
    Many have known of the secrets of the illuminti. Many have tried and will continue to hold them under the secret cloaks. More will be revilled
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      what first jumped to the 'eye'( lol ) is that ALL sacred symbols have been misused !!!!!!
      and I feel that part of the task at hand is to Re-ConSacrate these in their original and pure meaning
      a cleansing is called for .. and I shall leave it at this for now

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