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"a", as "a" in father, or short as "a" in rival
"e", as "a" in hate, or short as "e" in met
"i", as "i" in pique, or short as "i" in pit
"o", as "o" in note, approaching "aw" as in law
"u", as "oo" in fool, or short as "u" in pull
"v", as "u" in lung, nasalized

Cherokee Syllabary Pronunciation Key:

The Cherokee alphabet is written in the syllabary form. A syllabary is an alphabet in which each letter in a word stands for a whole syllable (such as "ga" ) instead of a single letter (such as "g"). With the exception of the letter "s," Cherokee is a complete syllabary.

Almost all Cherokee syllables end in a vowel. When using the syllabary, Cherokee words can almost always be spelled as they are pronounced. Spelling sometimes varies when using English letters to interpret the syllables.

The Cherokee language uses the following English consonants: d g h k l m n q s t w

The following English consonants do not exist in the Cherokee language: b f p r* t v x z.

*The Eastern or lower dialect which is now extinct used a rolling "r", which took the place of the "l" of the other dialects. (*Note - I'm Eastern Band Cherokee)

A beginning speaker should try keep the lips still, mouth slightly opened, pressing the tongue against the lower teeth.

Syllables beginning with "g" except (ga) are pronounced almost as in English, but approaching to (k).

Syllables beginning with "d" are pronounced almost as in English, but approaching to (t); do, du , dv are sounded as to, tu, tv in some words.

Syllables written with (ti) except (tla) sometimes vary to "di". The syllables "do, du, dv " are sometimes sounded "to, tu, tv."

The syllables qua, que, qui, quo, quu, quv are pronounced with a "kw" sound before each vowel.

The syllables dla, tla, tle, tli, tlo, tlu, tlv are pronounced by touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth and bringing it down as the syllables are spoken. The syllables written with "tl" except "tla" sometimes are pronounced "dl".

The syllabes tsa, tse, tsi, tso, tsu, tsv are pronounced a little differently depending upon the dialect. In Western Cherokee the syllables are usually pronounced as the "j" in jaw. Remember to try to keep the tongue at the bottom of the mouth, touching the bottom teeth and the "j" sound becomes softer.

At times, Cherokee syllables have unvoiced or silent vowels. At times the silent vowel may be indicated with an apostrophe as in the number seven, "ga l' quo gi" - or indicated by brackets "ga (li) quo gi." When this happens the consonant in that syllable is pronounced with the preceding syllable, "gal quo gi."

Here are some examples:


How are you?


Alihelisdi!-- Ganag'ati Lowe'di Alahusgi' Translation: (Enjoy!-- Dr. Loretta Standley)

aaron e-ya-ni

abdomen u-s-quo-li-i

abe e-qui

ablaze a-da-we-la-gi-s-gv

able ye-li-quo-i-ya-dv-ne-di

abnormal ka-li-ni-ge-sv-na

aboard i-nv

abode ga-ne-lv

abolish di-yo-hi-s-di

about gv-wa-du-wi-dv

above ga-lv-la-di-dla

above ga-lv-la-ti

abraham e-qua-ha-mi

abram e-qua-ha--mi

abridge a-s-qua-lv-do-di

abscess ga-wo-s-gv-i

absent ne-do-hv-na

absolute u-do-hi-yu-hi-ha

absorb a-ka-yo-do-di

abstinence a-su-la-go-hi-s-di

abundant gv-wa-lo-sv-s-di

abuse u-yo-i-gv-ne-di

accelerate ga-tsa-nu-la-hi-s-di

accent i-gv-ne-di-ka-ne-hi-s-di

accept di-da-ni-lv

accept da-da-ni-lv-ga

accident u-da-se-ga-tse-di

accomodate a-li-s-de-lv-di

accompany a-s-ta-qua-dv-s-di

accomplish a-s-qua-di-s-di

account gv-ni-ge-sv-i-gv-ne-di

account gu-ni-ge-sv--i-gu-ni-di

accrue u-da-ne-quo-tse-di

accumulate ka-ne-gwo-ga

accumulate ga-sv-da-s-di

accurate ka-li-di-do-la-gi

accuse gu-hi-s-di-ha

accuse a-da-du-hi-s-do-di

accused a-gu-i-s-di

accustomed o-gi-sa-di

ache e-hi-s-dv

ache u-we-hi-s-da-ne-ha

achieve e-li-ni-gv-ne-dv

acid tsu-nu-tso-s-ta

acknowledge go-li-ni-gv-ne-dv

acorn gu-le

acquaintance go-li-gi

acquainted di-na-do-li-ga

acquit di-da-yo-hi-s-di

acquire o-tse-li-i-gv-ne-dv

acre su-tli-lo-dv

across di-ga-na-di-wi-s-sv-i

act i-ya-dv-ne-lv

act i-ya-dv-ne-di

acted nu-dv-ne-lv

active gv-hna-ga-li-s-di

actor a-dv-ne-li-s-gi

actress a-dv-ne-li-s-gi

actual u-do-hi-yu-sv

adam a-da-wi

adapted ye-li-di-do-la-gi-i-gv-ne-lv

add ga-tli-so-di

added ga-tli-sa-nv-hi

addict u-ga-na-si-s-gi

addition ga-tli-so-di-yi

address na-na ge-sv wa-se-s-di

addressee wa-tsi-nv-ne-lv-tsu-ne-s-di

adjacent u-da-no-tlv-i

adjourn di-ni-ye-li-sv

adjourned du-ni-ye-li-sv

adjust o-s-dv i-gv-ne-dv

adjusting o-s-dv-na-nv-ne-ha

adjustment o-s-dv-na-nv-ne-hv

admire ga-lv-quo-do-di

admit go-hi-yu-ta-nv

admitted u-wo-hi-yu-ta-nv

adopt a-tlo-ya-s-do-di

adorable u-li-lo-hi

adore a-da-la-du-di

adult u-ta-nv

adulterer a-da-hy-o-ne-ni

adultery a-da-hy-o-ne-di

adultry u-de-li-dv-dv-di-nv-si-di

advalorem i-ga-ti-ha-tsu-gv-wa (lo)-di

advanced a-da-sa-la-do-di

advantage a-tla-nv-da-di-s-gv

adventure a-ne-(lv)-do-di

advertise de-ga-no-tsa-lv-s-ga

advertisement de-ga-no-tsa-lv

advise a-da-de-yo-di

advocate ga-ni-la-di-s-di

adze de-ga-nu-da-s-ti

affair na-na-dv-ne-hv

affection di-da-da-ni-lv-i-s-di

affectionate tsu-da-da-ni-lv-tsa

affidavit a-se-li-ta-nv

afford ya-li i-yu-dv-ni

afire u-tsi-s-tlv-i

aflame a-da-we-la-gi-s-gv

afloat u-yo-lu-ha

afraid da-s-ka-s-ti

afraid a-s-ga-s-di

afraid a-s-ga-ha

after u-lo-so-nv

after o-ni

afternoon sv-hi-ye-yi-di-tlv

afterwards o-ni-u-wa-ga-di-di-sv

again si-quu

again ta-li-ne

again si-wu

against a-tlu-do-di

against di-ga-te-le-gi

against u-tlv-wv-la

against di-ga-ti-le-gi

age i-yu-de-ti-yv-da

aged a-ga-yv-li

aged a-ge-v-li

agent a-tsi-nv-si-da-s-di

agitate ga-nv-qua-e-ha

agitate a-yo-tla-di-s-di

ago i-yu-tsi-ge-sv

agony a-gi-tli-yi

agony a-gi-li-yo-gv

agravate a-da-de-ya-do-di

agree go-hi-yv-da-ne-ha

agree i-su a-ye-lv-di

agreeable tsu-da-da-ni-lu-v-tsa-di

agreed du-da-ni-lv-tsv

agreement da-da-he-tse-lv

agriculture di-ga-lo-go-di

ahead i-gv-yi-di-tlv

aid a-li-s-de-lv-do-di

aid a-da-s-de-lv-di

aim a-li-s-de-nu-do-di

aim a-li-so-s-dv

air u-no-le

airplane tsi-yu

airplane tsi-yu ga-no-hi-li-do-hi

ajar u-s-di a-s-du-i-da

alarm a-s-du-i-da

alcohol a-ma' a-su-yv-di wi-s-gi

alert gv-ni-ga-(li)-s-di

algebra di-se-s-di u-gv-wa-li

alias nu-da-le du-do-i

alighted tsu-le-gi-la-nu-na-yi

alike u-tlo-yi

alimony a-ga-gu-ye-he-di-tsu-ga-le-nv-da

alive gv-hna

alive gv-no-dv

all ni-ga-da

all o-wa-sa

all ni-ga'-dv

all ni-ga'-da

alligator tsu-la-s-gi

allot a-ya-do-s-di

allow a-(li)-s-go-(lv)-do-di

ally a-li-(go)-di

almanac nv-dv-di-se-s-di

almost na-v-ni-ge-s-di

aloft ga-lv-la-di-tlv

alone u-wa-sa

alone u-wa-sv

aloud a-s-da-ya u-no-yv-gv

alphabet di-ga-lo-qua-s-do

already ga-yu-la

also na-s-gi

also na-s-quu

also na-s-quo

also nu

alter ga-ne-tli-yv-s-di

alternate a-da-ne-tli-yv-s-di-ha

altogether ni-ga-dv

always ni-go-hi-lv-i

always ni-go-hi-lv-i

amateur a-le-ni-s-gi

amaze a-s-qua-ni-go-hi-s-di

amazed a-s-qua-ni-go-s-ga

ambassador ga-nu-se-da

ambulance tsu-ni-tlv-go-i-di-ga-lv-do-di

ambush di-s-ka-lu-na-gi

ambush a-ha-lu-na

ambush a-ha-lu-di

amen e-me-nv

amen na-s-gi-wu-wi-ni-ga-(li)-s-da

amend go-tlv-hi-so-di

America a-me-li-ga

amiable u-li-lo-hi

ammunition di-s-da-yo-s-do-di

among nu-na-dv-nv

amount i-ga-i-ge-sv

ample ye-li-quo i-ga-i

amplify a-ta-no-hi-s-ti-di

amuse a-s-qua-ni-go-hi-s-di

amusement a-s-qua-ni-go-su-di

ancestor tsu-ni-ga-yv-li-i-yv-(li)-s-ta-nv

ancient a-ga-yv-li-ge

ancient ka-i-e-le

ancient hi-lv-hi-yu-i

and ni-hi-nah-v

and u-le-nu

and a-le

and ni-hi-na

angel di-ka-no-wa-di-do-hi

angel a-da-we-hi

angels a-ni-da-we-hi

anger a-ta-li-wo-hi-s-di

anger ka-na-lv-i-s-di

angle da-s-da-nv-nv--du-lu-tsv

angry o-gi-ni-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry u-hna-lv-ha

angry u-ni-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry o-gi-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry i-tsi-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry u-hna-lv-:(ga)

angry s-di-hna-lv'-(ga)

angry i-gi-hna-lv'-(ga)
angry tsa-na-lv'-(ga)

animal ga-na-tla-i

animals e-hna-i e-v

ankle u-tsi-qua-lv-dv-i

ankle u-(tsa)-s-qua-la-dv

anniversary u-de-ti-yi-s-gv

announce de-ga-no-tsa-tlv-s-ga

announce de-ga-no-tsa-lv-nv

announced du-no-tsa-lv-nv

announcement di-ga-no-tsa-nu-di

annoyance a-da-tso-se-di-s-gi

annual a-yo-s-do-di

another nu-da-le

another so-i

answer ga-wo-hi-li-yv-dv

ant tso-su-da-li

ant do-sv-da-li

antagonize a-da-de-do-di

antelope a-wi-yu-s-ti

anthem a-li-he-li-s-di di-ga-no-gi-s-di

anticipate u-du-gi e-li-s-di

anticipated u-du-gi e-li-s-sv

anticipating u-du-gi e-i-s-gv-i

anticipation u-du-gi o-ye-(lv)-sv

antique u-we-ti go-tlv-nv

antler tsu-lu-nu-hi

antler u-s

antlers a-wi-tsu-yo-ni

anvil go-tlv-(nv)-di-a-tlo-di

anvil a-so-di ta-lu-gi-s-gi u-li-gi

anxiety o-we-li-hi-s-di-s-gv

anxious u--we-li-hi-a

anxious o-wa-nv-gv

any ni-ga-(li)-s-di-s-gv-quo

any i-nu-s-di

anybody na-ni-v-quo

anyhow i-gv-ni-si-s-di s-gv-yi-ni-ga-(li)-s-di

anyone na-ni-v-quo

anyone yi-ni-ga-li-s-di-ha-quu--gi-lo

anything ni-ga-nv-quo

anyway yi-ni-ga-(la)-s-di-quo

anywhere ni-gv-quo

anywhere yi-ni-ga-li-s-di-ha-quu--i-lv-tlv-i

apart tsu-ga-le-nv-da

apart i-yu-da-li

apartment de-ka-nv-su-lv

apiece a-ni-si-yv-wi-ha-i

apologize go-hi-yu-do-di-do-hi

apostle a-da-s-da-wa-di-do-hi

apparel di-nu-wo-s-di

appeal a-ta-yo-s-di

appealed a-ta-yo-lv-hi

appear ga-na-nu-go-tsv

appeared u-na-nu-go-hi-s-di

appearing ga-na-nu-go-tsv

appears ga-nu-go-ga

appetite o-yo-si-s-gv

applaud di-si-dv-ni-s-di

apple sv-ga-ta

apple sv

application a-ta-yo-s-do-di

applied i-gv-(na)-ta-nv-hi

apply i-gv-(na)-do-di

appointment di-su-ye-dv

Apportioner u-ne-la-nv-hi

appraise di-gv-wa-(lo)-do-di

appraisers di-ni-gv-wa-(lo)-di-s-gi

appreciate a-da-li-he-li-tse-di

appreciated u-da-li-he-li-tse-di

appreciating a-na-da-li-he-li-tse-hv

apprehend a-da-ni-ti

apprentice a-de-(lo)-qua-s-gi

approach a-da-lu-tse-di

approval go-hi-yu-ta-dv

approve go-hi-yu-do-di

approved go-hi-yu-do-di

apricot da-lo-ni-ge--a-da-dv-s-gi

apricot da-lo-ni-ge a-da-dv-s-gi

april ka-wo-ni

April tsi-lo-ni

apron a-tse-sa-do

apron ga-tlo-a u-a

apron a-tle-sa-do

area e-s-ga-ni

area i-gv-na-de-na

argue a-ti-yo-hi-ha

argument di-go-si-so-di

argument a-ti-yo-s-di

arguments da-no-si-si

arise di-le-di

arise a-di-di

arithmetic di-se-s-di

Arkansas yo-wa-ne-gv

arm ka-no-ge-ni

arm hi-no-ge-:ni

arm tsi-no-ge-:na

arms di-ka-no-ge-:ni

army a-ni--yo--wi-s-gi

arose du-le-nv

arouse a-ye-s-do-di

arrest ga-ni-yi-ha

arrest a-da-ni-(yi)-di

arrival u-lu-hi-s-di

arrive ga-lu-ga

arrived a-ni-lu-ga

arrived ga-lu-ga

arrives ga-lu-hi-s-di-yi

arrives ga-lu

arriving ga-lu-hi-s-di-i nu-li-s-dv

arrogant u-da-lv-quo-di

arrow di-ga-da-tlv-da

arrow da-ka-le-da-ti

arrow gu-ni

arrow ga-tli-da

arrow shaft ga-nu-s-ta da-ka-le-da-ti

arrowheads di-a-ga-da-tlv-da tsu-s-go

art di-tle-lo-s-do-di

art di-tli-lo-s-do-di

artery tsu-wo-du-no-hi

artichoke gv-ge

artificial di-tli-lo-s-ta-nv

artist di-tli-lo-s-di-s-gi

artist di-tle-lo-s-ta-nv-s-gi

ascend a-gi-lo-hi-s-di-yi

ascend a-li-sa-la-di-a

ash do-s-du

ashamed a-na-de-ho-s-di

ashes ga-s-du

ask a-dv-dv-hv-s-ga

ask a-da-dv-(do)-di

asked a-da-dv-di

asking ga-da-dv-dv-hv-s-ga

asking a-da-dv-dv-hv-s-ga

asleep ga-li-ha

assault di-da-(ga)-ti-lv-s-di

assemble a-da-tli-so-di

assembly da-ni-la-wi-v

assert ka-ne-hi-s-di-yi

assigned da-tsi-yo-hi-s-se-lv

assignment di-da-yo-hi-s-se-lv

assist a-da-s-de-(lv)-di

assistant a-(li)-s-de-li-s-gi

assisting a-(li)-s-de-li-s-gv

associate u-na-li-go-hi

assortment di-su-ye-dv

assume i-ye-li-s-di

assumed ne-li-sv

astound a-s-qua-ni-go-hi-s-di

astray u-le-nah-i-yv-s-ti

asylum tsu-ni-lv-no-ti-s-gi-u-ni-yv-s-ti

at na-na-i

at na-nah-i

ate tsi-ga

ate a-ga

athirst u-ta-de-gi-s-gv

athlete di-ne-lo-hv-s-gi

attach a-tlo-ya-s-do-di

attach ga-sa-ne-na-dv-s-ga

attached a-tlo-ya-s-ta-nv

attack di-(ga)-ti-lv-s-di

attack di-gi-ti-lv-s-di

attempt a-ne-(lv)-do-di

attempt a-ni-lv-do-di

attempted a-ne-(lv)-ta-nv

attempting a-ne-(lv)-ti-yi

attended a-quo-do-lv

attended u-ne-do-lv

attention a-(ga)-se-s-do-di

Attention! ka

attitude nu-s-dv o-da-(nv)-dv

attorney di-ti-yo-hi-hi

attorneys di-(na)-ti-yo-hi-hi

attractive u-li-lo-hi

auburn da-lo-ni-ge i-yu-s-di

auction a-ye-li a-ni-(na)-de-gv

audience u-(na)-dv-da-gv-ne

auditor o-s-da i-di-gv-ne

august ga-lo-ni

aunt e-lo-gi

aunt u-lo-gi

aunt a-lu-tsi

author go-we-li--go-we-li-s-gi

author go-we-li go-we-li-s-gi

authorities du-na-la-si-dv

authority da-la-si-dv

authorize a-da-na-tse-di

authorized a-tsi-ne-tse-lv

automatic u-wa-sv--a-na-gi-s-gi

automatic u-wa-sv a-na-gi-s-gi

automobile o-da-mo-qui-li

automobile o-da-mo-qui

Autumn u-la-go-hv-s-di

available ye-li-a-wa-dv-di

avenge a-tle-a-s-di-yi

avenue ga-la-nv-dv

avenues de-ga-la-nv-dv

aviator ga-no-hi-li-do-hi

avoid di-da-nv-di-s-do-di

avoided du-na-da-nv-di-s-ta-nv

avoided du-da-nv-di-s-ta-nv

awake a-ye-gi

awake u-ye-tsv-i

awake u-ni-ye-tsv-i

aware ge-ya-do-hv-s-di

away u-tsa-ti-na

awful u-lo-sv-s-ta-nv

awhile na-tle-gv-quo

awkward u-tso-s-da-ne-hi

awl de-ta-la-s-ti

ax u-dv-na ga-lu-ya-s-ti

ax ga-lu-ya-s-ti a-gi-ya

ax ga-lu-ya-s-ti u-s-di

ax ga-lu-ya-s-ti

axe ga-lu-ya-s-di

baby u-s-di

baby deer a-wa-ni-ta

back ga-so-hi

backwards a-si-ni

bacon ha-wa-ya--u-ka-yo-sv

bad u-yo-i

bad u-s-ga a-s

Bad Spirit s-gi-na

Bad Spirits a-ni-s-gi-na

badge a-ka-ne-s-di

badger u-gu-na

bag de-ga-lo-di

bag ga-nv-dv-i

bait ga-?di

bake ga-du-hv-s-ga

balance u-ti-yv-hi

bald mountain top u-da wa-gv-ta

ball a-la-s-ga-lo-di

ball a-ne-tsa

ball gu-na

ball a-ne-tsa u-na-s

ball a-ne-tsa ta-ga-lo-de

ballground a-ne-tsa ga-da

band di-ni-tse-lu-hi-s-gi

baneberry u-da-i

bank a-de-lv--di-di

bank a-ma-yi

baptist di-da-wo-s-gi

baptize ga-wo-a

barbed tsu-tsa-yo-s-di

barber di-da-s-do-ye-s-gi

barber di-ta-s-ta-ye-s-gi

barely u-se-ga-tsv-i

bark tsu-wa-lu-ka

bark da-su-wi-s-ga

barrel sv-do-ni

base a-le-nv-di-s-gv

bashful u-de-ho-sa-ti

basin a-tle-s-do-li

basket ta-lu'-tsi

basket ta-lu-tsa

baskets di-ta-lu'-tsi

bass u-no-ga

bat tlo-me-ha

bat tla-ma-ha

bath a-da-wo-s-gv

bathe a-da-wo-a

batter a-su-ge-di

battery a-na-ga-li-s-gi

bead a-de-la

beads di-a-de-la

bean do-ya

beans du-ya

bear yo-nv

bear yo-na

bear grass sa-i-qua-yi

bear meat yo-na ha-wi-ya

beard a-ha-nu-la-hu

beat a-tlo-s-ga

beautiful u-wo-du-hi

beaver do-ya

beaver da-yi

beaver do-yi

beaver dam da-yi-hv-s-gi

because i-gv-ni-si-s-gi

bed a-tsi-s-ta

bed ga-ni-tli

bed bug ga-lu-i-s-di

bedstead ga-ni-tla-di-s-di

bee wa-du-li-si

bee wa-du-li-si

bee ga-s-go-ya

beef wa-ga-ha-wi-ya

beewax wa-du-le-si ga-lu

before u-da-lu-lv

before i-gv-yi-di-tlv

begin a-da-le-ni-ha

behavior na-dv-ne-hv-i

behind o-ni-di-tlv

behind o-ni-di-dla

belch u-wa-gu-le-ga

belief u-wo-hi-yu-sv

bell a-ha-lu-ni

bell ha-lv-ni

bell u-ha-lv-ni

beloved a-gi-ga-u

below e-la-di

belt a-da-tlo-s-di

bench ga-nv-hi-dv ga-s-gi-lo

bend a-tli-qui-dv-s-ga

bent u-tsa-s-qui-di

berry u-da-ta-nv-hi

beside u-li-di-tlv

best wo-:sv

best wi-do-:sv

best o-hi-s-ti

best of all a-s

better da-tse-tla

between a-ye-li

bewitch ga-ne-gu-di-a

Bible go-we-li u-ha-ge-dv

big u'-ta-na'

big e-qua

Big Dipper yo-na-e

bigger u-ta-ni-di

binoculars di-ga-do-di

birch tree da-lo-ne-ga a-da

bird tsi-s-qua

bird tsi-s

birth u-de-nv

birthday u-de-ti-yi-s-gv-i

bit u-s-ga-lo-tsv

bite a-s-ga-la

bite a-da-s-ka-lu-tsi

bitter tsu-na-tsa-ya-s-ti

bitter u-yv-s-di

black gv-nah-ge

black gv-ne-ga

black gv-na-ge-i

black bear gv-ni-ge-yo-na

black drink gv-ne-ga a-da-ta-s-ti

black fox i-na-li

black snake gu-le-ga

black snake u-ka-su-hi

blackberry ga-nu-ga-la

blackberry ka-nu-ga

blackberry ka-nu-ga-li

blackbird gv-ne-ga tsi-s

black-eyed susan a-wi-a-ka-ta

black-eyed susan a-wi-a

blacksnake ga-le-gi

blanket tsu-s-qua-nv-ni

blanket u-ne-gv-ha-i

blanket u-na-gu-hu

blind di-ge-wi

blinding tsu-ga-do-yv-i-s-di

blink da-ga-ta-na-nah-s-di

blood gi-ga

blood gi-ga-ha-i

blood gi-gv

blood brother da-ni-ta-ga
blood taker gi-ga-da-ne-gi-s-gi

bloody fellow yv-wi-gi-ga

Bloody Ground go-na-da gi-ga-ha-i

Bloody Man a-s-ga-ya-gi-ga

bloody mouth gi-ga-tsu-ha-li

bloom a-tsi-lv--s-ga

blouse a-ti-tli-di

blouse a-ge-yv ga-du-i u-nu-wo-gi

blow a-da-dv-na-s-di

blowgun darts gi-tsi

blue sa-go-ni-ge

blue sa

blue sa-ha-ni

bluebird tsa-quo'-la-de

bluebird tsa-quo-la-da-gi

bluejay tla-i-?ga

bluejay tla'

bluejay dla-yi-ga

bluff ga-lo-na-s-di--ha

board sv-da-lu-ga

boat tsi-yu

bobcat gv-he

body a-ye-lv

body tsi-ye-lv-i

boil du-s-di

boiling a-li-tlv-s-gi

bolt u-di-qua-lv-de-yi-da

bone go-la

bone da-lu

book go-we-li

book go

boot gv-wa-li-yo-s-di

borrow a-do-li-s-ga

borrowed a-ga-ta-li-s-ta

borrowed a-do-li-da

both i-tsu-la

bottle gu-gu

bounce a-da-de-ga

bouncing ka-s-ti

bow ga-tso-di

bow ga-li-tsa-di

bow ga-li-tsa-di

bow ga-lo-tsa-di

bow and arrows ga-tso-di a-le go-ni

bow and arrows ga-tso-di a-le gu-ni

bow string ga-tso-di da-di

bowl di-wa-li

box ga-ne-sa-i

box ka-ne-sa-i

boy u-wa-gi-a

boy a-tsu-tsa

boyfriend u-na-li-go-di

boys a-ni-tsu-tsa

brag a-tlv-qui-s-ga

braid a-s-de-yo-ha

brain u-nv-tsi-da

brake ga-nv-tlo-s-di

branch u-s-di ge-yv-qua

branch u-s-di u-wa-ni-ga-lv

branch s-te-wa-yi

branch u-wa-ni-ga-lv

brass v-tsa-i-yi

brass tsa-yi

brass tsu-yi

brave u-le-tsu-ya-s-ti

brave tsu-li-tsv-ya-s-di

bray a-s-do-a

brayer a-s-do-s-gi-i

bread ga-du

break a-ga-la-s-ga

breast ga-nv-di-i

breath ka-wo-la-de-s-gv

breath v-li-ta

breech clout ga-do-la ya

breeder di-nu-s-gi

briar ka-nu-ga

briar ka-nu-tsu

briar bush ka-nu-gu-la

brick di-dv-da-nv-hi

bridge a-sv-tlv-i

bridge a-sv-tsi

Brier Place ka-nu-gu-la-yi

bright tsu-lv-sa-da

bright u-tsi-s-ta-lu gi-s-gi

broken u-yo-tsv-hi

broom gv-no--sa-s-di

broom gv-no-sa-s-di

brother u-do

brother di-na-da-nv-tli

brother di-ga-ne-li

brother da-ni-ta-ga

brother v-gi-ni-li

brothers e-da-di-tlu-nu-tsi

brothers tsv

Brothers di-gi-ne-li

brothers di-na-da-nv-tli

Brothers v-gi-ne-li

brown wa-di-ga-i

brown wu-di-ge

brown wo-di-ge

brush ga-nu-go-nv-do-di

buck ga-la-gi-na

bucket ta-lu-gi-s-gi go-yi-nu-s-di a-ma

bucket a-ma--gu-gi-s-do-di

buffalo yv-su

buffalo ya-ni-sa

bug di-ga-na-wa-li

bug tsi-go-ya

bugleweed a-ni-wa-ni'-s

building a-ne-s-ge-ha

building a-da-ne-lv

bull tsu-ka-nv-s-di-na

bull tsu-ka-na-s-ta-ti

bullet gu-ni

bullet ga-ni

bullet gu-na

bullfrog ka'

bullfrog ka-nu-nu

Bullhead u-s

burden a-s

burn ga-le-yv-sv

burn a-tsi-la

burst u-tsa-lu-ti-di

bury ga-ni-si-ha

bush u-wa-i-tlv-i

business di-ga-lv-wi-s-da-ni-di

but a-se-no

but a-le

butter go-tlv-nv-i

butter go-tlv

butterbeans tsu-ya--no-qua

butterfly ka-ma-ma

butternut go-hi

buttocks ti

button ga-du-di

buy u-wa-s-ga

buzzard su-li

by na-v-i

cabbage s-que-wi

cabbage u-s-ge-wi

cairn da-ga

cake u-ga-na-s-dv

camera di-da-tli-lo-s-do-di

camp su-s-ti-yi

campfire a-tsi-la su-s-ti-yi

candle u-ka-na-wi a-tsv-s-do-di

candy ka-li-se-tsi

cane i-he-ya

cane a-da-la-nv-s-ti

cane u-da-la-nu-s-ti

cannibals yv-wi-gi-s-gi

canoe tsi-yu

canvas a-go-li-ye-i-do-s-di

cap u-gv-tsa-di a-li-s-que-ta-wv

captive u-hu-tsi

captive catcher da-hu-di-gi-s-gi

card a-qua-ni-yo-s-di

cardinal do-tsu

care a-ga-se-s-do-di

carraige u-s-di--da-qua-le-lu

cat we-sa

Catawba Indians a-ni-ta

catch-fly ga-ni-da-wa-s-gi

caterpillar s-go-ya a-ne-s-gi-lv-v-s-gi

catfish tsu

catgut di-s-ta-i'-yi

cattail a-s-ti-s-lu-s-gi

cause ni-gv-ni-si-s-gv

cave u-s-ta-ga-la-yi

cedar a-tsi-na

center a-ye-li

centipede tsu-ga-no-tsi

central a-ye-li

ceremonial mound ga-u-wa-tlu-ne-hi

certain u-do-hi-yu

chain a-na-da-de-sv-da

chair ga-s-gi-na

chance u-dla-nv-da-de-hv

change ga-ne-tli-yv-s-di

chapter a-ya-do-lv-i

charcoal gi-na-s-gi

cheap u-s-di--tsu-gu-wa-lo-di

cheese u-nv-di--ga-du-nv

Cherokee tsa-la-gi-yi

Cherokee tsi-tsa-la-gi

Cherokee tsa-la-gi

Cherokee Indians a-ni-tsa-la-gi

cherry ta-ya

cherry gi-ta-ya

chest ga-ne-tsi

chestnut ti-li

chestnut u-ti-ti

chestnut bread di-s

chickadee tsi-gi-li-li

Chickamauga tsi-ka-ma-gi

Chickasaw Indians a-ni-tsi-ka-su

Chickasawa Indians a-ni-tsi

chicken tsa-ta-ga

chicken tsu-ta-gu

Chief du-we-u-we wa-ni-da-tsi

Chief v-ga-nu-we-u-we

Chief a-s-ga-ya yv-wi yv-wi

Chief da-na-wa-ga-we-u-we-e

Chief u-gv-wi-yu-hi

child a-yu-le

child a-yo-tli

child v-gi-ni-si

child tsv-gi-li-si

children di-ni a-yu-le

children di-ni-yo-tli

children tsu-gi-ni-si

children tsv-gi-li-si

chimney a-hu-tsa-wa-la-gv-i

chin a-ni--ha-yu-ge-ni

chipmunk gi-yu-ga

chipmunk gi-u-ga

Choctaw Indians a-ni-tsa-ta

chosen ga-su-ye-u

chosen a-su-ye-ta

chosen su-ye-ta

Chota i-tsa-ti

Christmas u-na-de-ti-yi-s-gv-i

Chunky tsv-ge

Chunky tsv-ga-yv-yi

Chunky ga-ta-ya-s-ti

Chunky yard tsv-ge-yi

church da-ni-la-wi-ga

church di-ga-la-wi-i-s-di

church tsu-ni-la-wi-s-di

circle ga-sa-qua-lv

Citico si-ti

Clans u-ga-ya

Clara tla-qua

clay ga-da-qua-li

clay ga-da-qua-la

clean u-da-nv-ga-lv-da

clear yi-ga

climb lu-hi

climber gu-le-ga

climbing tsi-li-hu

clock wa-tsi

close a-s-du-di

closed ge-wi

closed tsv-gu-li-s-ge-wi

cloth a-na-wo
cloth a-nu-wo

cloud u-lo-gi-dv

cloud u-lo-gi-lv

clouds u-ni-tsi-la

coal tsi-no-s-ga

coat ga-sa-le-na

coat ga-se-le-na

coffee go-we

cold u

cold u-yv-dla

cold u-yv-tsa

collar u-na-ya-tlv-di

color di-ka-no-di

colt a-gi-na so-qui-li

comb a-li-ta-wo-s-di

come e-he-na

come nu'-la

come de-ha-na

comet a-tsi-la-tlv-da-tsi

comfort nu-tso-se-dv-na

commitee a-ka-mi-ti

common tsu-tsa-ta-quu

company u-na-da-tlu-gi

comparison u-tlo-yi--na-gv-ne-hv

compass a-la-ni a-ga-da-di

competition a-da-go--nv-do-di-yi

complete ka-li-wo-hi

complete u-du-lu-la

computer e-li-s

conceived ne-ha

condition nu-s-di-da-nv

conjuror da-du-ne-s-gi

conjuror di-da

connection di-li-go-ta-nv-hi

conscious a-de-lo-ho-s-gi

constipation tsv-de-ge-wi

container a-tli-s-do-di

control a-ge-ta-di-s-di

cook a-da-s-da-yv-hv

cook a-da-s-ta-yu-hu-s

cook a-da-s-da-yv-hv-s-gi

cooked u-wa-nu-su-hi

cooking gu-ne-s-ti

cool u-ne-sv-yv-tli

coon gv-li

copper tsi-yi

copper a-tsi-yi

copperhead wu-di-ge a-s

copy da-tli-lo-s-ta-nv

cord u-ni-qua-te-na--a-s-di

corn ga-ha-we-si-ta

corn se-lu-gu-we-sa

corn se-lu

corn gruel ka-nah-e'-na

corn meal se-lu-e-si

corn meal pudding u-ga-na-s-ta

corn tassel u-tsi-tsa-ta

cornbread tsa-lu-ga

corner u-nv-si-yv-i

cotton u-tsi-lv

cougar tlv-da-tsi

cough u-si-wa-s-gv

council a-na-s-ga

Council House a-na-s-ka-yi

country a-ni-tsa-la-gi-ga-do-hi

country do-yi-di-tlv-ga-du-hv

cousins gu-s-di i-da-da-dv

cove u-ge-da-li-yv-i

cover gu-tlv-di

cow wa-ga

cow wa-ka

cow wa-ga

coward u-s-gi-a-nu

cow-itch ga-ne-da

coyote wa-ya

crack u-tla-nv-dv

cracked u-ne-s-tla

crane ga-nu-tsi-ta-li

crawfish tsi-s-ka-gi-li

crawfish tsi-s

crayfish go-dv-nv

crazy nu-da

crazy u-na-s-ti-s-gi

cream du-da-tlv-da

cream u-da-tlv-di

cream u-da-tlv

creation di-ne-tla-na

credit a-da-du-di

creek a-ma a-wa-ya

creek ni-la-dv-yi

creek u-s-di--u-we-yv

Creek Indians a-ni-gu-sa

Creeks a-ni-ka-wi-ta

cricket ta-la

cricket ta-la-du

crime a-s-ga-nv-tsv

cross a-s-ga-si-ti

crossing place a-sa

cruel u-yo--i-ya-da-dv-ni-hi

crush ga-ta-we-du-na

cry a-tlo-ya-s-di

cucumber ga-ga-ma

cup a-gu-gi-s-di

cup ga-nu-hi-lo-di

current a-li-yi-sv--ka-no-he-di

curtain a-ya-do-la-dv-di

curve a-da-yo-hv

cushion a-s-gi-lu-di

cut a-ye-la-s-di

daisy u-wa-du-ga-da

damage u-yo-tsv-hi

dance tsa-la-tsi-s-gi

dance u-li-s-gi-s-gu

dance u-li-s-gi-ta

dance ground de-tsa-nv-li

dancing a-na-u-li-s-gi-s

dancing ga-li-s-gi-da-hu

dancing ga-li-s-gi-a

danger ga-ni-yo-gi

dangerous u-s-ga-se-ti

dark u-le-se-gi

dark u-li-si-gi

Darkening Land wu-de-li-gu-hi

daughter u-we-tsi

daughter u-we-tsi-a-ge-yv

daughter s-te-si

day i-ga

day e-ga

daylight e-ga-gu-ti

dead u-yo-hu-sv

dead du-ha-sa-ta

deadwood e-ta-wa

deaf tsu-ne-la

dear gv-lv-quo-di

death u-e-wa-tsu

death o-yo-hu-sa a-tsi-la

death a-yo-hu-hi-s-di

death o-yo-hu-sa

debt a-da-du-gi

debt tsv-da-li-ta

December v-s-gi-ga

December v'-s-gi-yi

decision tsu-du-go-ta-nv

deep a-s-dv-gi

deer a-wi

deer caller a-wi

Deer Clan a-ni-ka-wi

Deer Clan a-ni-a-wi

deer skin a-wi-ga-na-gi

Deerhead Cove a-wi'-s'

degree i-ga-i--i-ga-ti

delicate wa-ni-ge

depending v-li-s-ga-s-do-di-s-gv

design a-tse-lv--i-gv-ni-di

desire u-du-la-di

desk di-go-we-lo-di

destruction u-yo-tsv-hi

detail nu-s-di-da-nv-i

development du-da-la--wa-dv-hv

devil tsv-s-gi-no

dew a-ma-ga-i

dewberries ha-se-nu-da

dewberry u-da-si-nu-da

dictionary di-de-tlo-qua-s-do-di

die o-yo-hu-si
different nu-da-le-hna-v

dipper di-ta-ti

direction wi-du-yu-go-dv

dirt ga-da

dirty ga-da-na-i

dirty ga-da-ha-i

discovery go-lu-wa-dv-di

discussion ka-no-he-lv-di

disease v-yu-gi

disgust o-si-nv-ye-lv-s-gv-na

dishes di-te-li-do

distance na-nah-i-yv-i

distant ge-i

distribution di-di-ga-le-yv

do nah-dv-ga

doctor ga-na-ga-ti

dog gi-li

dog gi-li-ni-ta

dog gi-tli

dog gi-li u-s-di

dogwood tree ga-na-si-ta

doll a-ne-lo-di

doll a-na-lo-di

dolls da-ne-lo-ha-s

domesticated u-lv-i-ta

domesticated gu-nu-tlu-ni

donkey di-ga-li-nv'-hi-dv

donkey di-ga-li-ya-nv-hi-dv

donkeys di-ni-ga-li-nv'-hi-dv

doodle bug ya-hu-li

door a-s-du-di

doubt u-tla-si-dv

dove wo-:ya

down e-la-di

down stream ge-i

dragonfly wa-da-du-ga

drain a-tli-yv-s-di

drawer a-sa-hi-s-di

dream a-s-gi-ti-s-di

dream a-s-gi

dreamed a-s-gi-da-sv-hi

dreams tsa-gi

dress a-sa-no

dress a-sa-ni

drill de-ta-le-s-ti

drill a-ta-le-s-ti

drink a-di-ta-s-di

drink a-da-ta-s-ti

driving a-yi-li-sv

drop go-ha-s-gv

drown gu-ni-s-ka

drum a-hu-li

dry u-ka-yo-di

duck ka-we-nu

dust goo-s-du-ha

dweller e-hi

eagle a-wa-hi-li

eagle we-ha-li

Eagle Killer a-wa-hi-li-di-hi

eagle screams a-wa-hi-li ge-lu-hv-s-ga

ear gu-le

ear ga-le-ni

ear ring da-gu-le-a-du

early l-lv-yi

early i-gv-yi-i

early i-gv-yi

earth e-lo-hi

earth e-la

earth e-lo

earthworm u-tsi-:ya

earthworm u-ni-tsi-:ya

east ka-lv-gv

east di-ga-lv-gv-yi

East nv-da-yi

eating bowl u-ta-li-da-de

edge a-s-dv-i

edge si-a-s

educational tsu-na-de-lo-qua-s-di

eel tlv-de-ga

effect i-gu-li-s-do-di

egg u-we-tsi

eggs tsu-we-tsi

egret tsi-s-qua-yi

eight tsa-ne-la

eighteen ne-la-du

eighth tsu-ne-li-ne

eighth tsu-ne-li-ne-i

elastic di-da-ne-s-gi
elbow a-gi-yu-s-ge-ni

Elder Brother u-da-ni du-tlu-nu-tsi

elderberry go-ga-sa-ga

electric a-na-ga-li-s-gi

elephant ka-ma-ma

elephant ka-ma-ma u-ta-nu

eleven sa-du-i

elk a-wi-e

elk a-wi e-qua

elm da-wa-gu-la

e-mail i-me-lv

end u-li-s-dv

enemy da-na-da-s-ka-gi

enemy country u-ga-do-hi

engine a-tsi-lv--a-ni-gi-s-gi

english yo-ne-ga

enjoy a-li-he-li-s-di

enough e-li-quv

equal i-di-ga-di

error ga-li-da-s-dv

even i-tsu-la-ha

event ni-ga-li-s-ta-ni-do-hv

ever i-yu-quo

every na-ga-v-i

everyone ni-ga'-da-wu

example yi-da-tli-lo-s-ta-nv

exchange ga-ne-tli-yv-s-di

expansion u-du-no-hi-s-ta-s-ka

experience u-ga-do-hv-sv

eye a-ga-do-li

eye ka-ta

eyes di-ka-ta

face u-ka-dv

fact ya-dv-na--u-do-hi-yv

fairies yv-wi tsv-di

fairies a-ma-yi-ne-hi

fairies nv-ne-hi

fairy yi-ne-hi

faith go-hi-yh-di

faith go-hi-yu-di

Fall u-la-ga-ha-s-ti

fall nu-gi

fall u-lo-sv-gi

falling gu-ga-la-s

falling off a-da-te-li

false ga-io-nu-ne-dv

family tsi-da-na-lu

family si-da-ne-lv-hi

far i-nv-hi-yu

farm ga-lo-ge-sv

fast i-nah-i-yu

fast ga-tsa-nu-li

fast ya-lu-a

fast ga-ya-nu-la

fastened tsu-ga-nv-yi

fat ka-le-tsa-hi-di

fat ga-li-tso-hi-da

father do-da

father a-gi-do-da

father ga-do-da

father a-da-do-da

fault ya-da-s-ka-gi

fear u-na-ye-hi-s-di

fear a-s-ka-i

feather u-gi-da-li

feather u-lu-nu-hi

feather tsu-gi da-wa-li

feather tsu-gi gu-li

feather headdress ge-da-la-s

feathers tsu-lu-nu-hi

February ka-ga-li

feeble u-da-ni-la

feeling a-sv-na-s-di-yi

fell down ga-nu-gi

fell down tsi-nu-gi

female a-gi-si

female a-ge-yv

fern yo-na tse-s

fertile u-dv-hi-s-di

field ka-la-ge-si

field ga-ge-si

field la-ge-si

field tla-ge-si

field tlo-ge-si

fifteen s-gi-ga-du

fifth hi-s-gi-ne-i

fifth hi-s-gi-ne

fight a-la-s-di

fighting a-tsi-la-hu

fighting eagle u-wo-hi-la-tli-ti-gv

finger ga-ye-sa-dv

fire a-tsi-la

fire a-tsi-la ga-lv-ka-we-ti-yu

fire ga-ta

fire a-tsi-lv

fire a-ya-ta-s

fire a-tsv-s-ta-ti

Fire Carrier a-tsi-la-di-ye-ga

fire maker a-tsi sv-ti

fire water a-mo a-tsi-la

fire water a-ma a-tsi-la

fireplace ga-do-di-yi

fireplace a-tsi-la-yi

first i-gv-yi-i

first i-gv-yi

fish a-tsa-di

fish u-tsu-ti

fish da

fish u-gv-s-ti-li

fish net de-sa-di

fish trap u-ga-yv

fisherman a-su-hi-s

fishing a-su-hu-s-ka

five hi-s-gi
fixed o-s-dv--nu-wa-ne-lv

flag ga-da-ti

flame a-da-we-la-gi-s-gv

flat u-wa-na-de-s-gi

flat a-ya-te-ni

flats di-ya-te-ni

flax a-ta-le-ta

flea tsa-su-ga

flea ka-se-he-la

flea tsu-ga

flea bane a-tsi-la-sv-ti

flesh eater u-que-da-li'-gi-s-di

flight u-la-wi-dv-da

flint da-wi-s-ga-la

flint ta-wi-s-ka lv-ti

floor a-ya-te-no-hi

floor a-ya-di-tla-hu

flower a-tsi-la-s

flower a-tsi-lu-s-gi

flower tsi-la

flowers a-ni-a-tsi-la-s

fly dv-ga

fog u-ka-ha-da

fold ga-que-nv-di

food a-li-s-da-yv-di

food a-gi-s-ti

foods u-ni-gi-s-ti

foolish u-lv-da-le-s-gi

foolish person a-ga-la-yv-wi

foot tsu-na

foot u-la-si-de-na

footlog a-sv-tli

footlog a-sv-tlv-yi

footprints u-tsu-ni

footprints u-tsu-la si-nv-yi

force ga-sa-do-ya-s-di

ford a-sa-tsv-yi

forest tsa-lu-yi

forever i-go-hi-dv

forgotten tsa-wo-ne-su-ga

fork yv-gi

forked di-gu-ni

forked tongue di-gv-tsu-gi

form u-do-tlv-sv

fort a-ni-ya-s-ka nv-a-yu-da

forward i-gv-yi-di-tlv

four nv-gi

fourteen ni-ga-du

fourth nv-gi-ne

fourth nv-gi-ne-i

fowl tsu-da-la-na-da

fox i-na-li

fox tsu-la

fox sparrow wa-::

fox squirrel sa-lo-li wo-di

frame ga-lv-do-di

free a-se-quu-i

frequent i-yu-da-li

Friday tsu-nv-gi-lo-s-di

friend u-na-li-i

friend o'-gi-na'-li

friend u-gi-ne-li

friend a-gi-ne-li-i

friend gi-ne-li

friend hi-gi-ne-li-i

friends tsv-gi-ne-li

friends di-gi-ne-li

frog wa-la-si

frog wa-lo-s

frog wa-la-di

frog da-li

frog wa-lo-si

frog du-s

from a-ni-gi-s-di--ni-dv-le-nv-da

front i-gv-yi-di-tlv

frosted a-ya

fruit u-da-ta-nv-a-gi-s-di

full ka-li

future u-wa-gu-di-di-sv

gall a-ta-tsu

gallon so-tlvi-lo-dv

game a-la-s-ka-le-ha

game e-na-ga-ya-hi

garden a-du-s-gi

garden a-wi-sv-sv

garter a-na-tla-s-ti

garters di-na-tla-s-ti

gauntlet a-ye-tli

gem nv-ya--o-sa-ni

general ni-ga-v

gensing a-ta-li-gu-li

gensing yv-wi u-s-di

get he-tsi

get hi-gi

get out ta-yi

ghost a-s-gi-na

ghost a-ni-tsa-s-gi-li

Ghost Land tsu-s-gi-na'-i

ghosts a-ni-s-gi-na

girl a-ge-yu-tsa

girl a-gi-u-s-di

give a-da-ne-di

glass a-do-ge-di

glove a-li-ye-su-lo

glue di-ka-nv-wo-di

gnat a-na-do-ga

go ha-ni-gi

go he-ga

go hi-la-hi

go ge-ga

go a-ne-ga

goat u-ga-so-tsa-ne-dv

goat a-wi-a-ha-lu-na

gobbler ka-na-tsi

God u-ne-la-nv-hi

goes e-ga

goiter ga-ta-tsi

goiter du-le-tsi

gold a-de-lv--a-lo-ni-ge

gold da-lo-ne-ga

Good o-si-yu

Good ga-si-yu

Good o-s-da-dv

Good a-si-yu

Good o-s-da

Good Spirits o-s-da a-da-ne-di

goodbye de-na-da-go-hv-yu

goodbye de-da-da-go-hv-yu

goose sa-sa

goose da-gu-la
gooseberry a-ya-lo-i-s-gi

gorget a-hi

gourd ga-na-se-ti

gourd ga-lu-na

government a-ye-li--u-do-tlv-sv

grain u-dv-sv-u-ga-ta

grandchild so-ga-i-ni-si

grandchild u-ni-si

grandchild v-gi-li-si

grandfather e-ni-si

grandfather a-gi-du-da

grandmother a-li-si

grandmother e-ni-si

grandmother e-li-si

grape te-lv-la-di

grapes ta-lv-la-ti

grapes u-na-su-ga

grass gu-na-s

grass ka-ne-s-ga

grasshopper tso-le-tsu

gravy da-su-s-di

gravy a-su-s

gray u-ne-ga e-u-s-ti

gray u-s-go-lv--sa-go-ni-ge

grease ka-i

grease go-i

great e-qua

Great Spirit u-ne-qua

green i-tse-hi

green i-tse-i-yu-s-di

green i-tse

grinning u-tse-s-ti

grip ga-ni-yv-di

ground ga-da-wa-hi

ground ga-da

groundhog a-ga-na

groundhog o-ga-na

groundhog sausage a-ga-na-s-ta-ta

group u-na-da-tli-sa-hv

grove lv-yi

growing up ga-ta-su-ni

grown u-ta-nu

growth u-dv-si-di-sv

grubs tsv'-s-go'-yi

grubs s-go-yi

guide a-da-se-he-de

gun ga-lo

gun ga-lo-que

gun u-nu-da-na

gun sheath a-yv-du-la-di

hackberry ga-nu-s-ta

hair u-s-di-ye-gv

hair gi-tlu

Hair & horse! gi-tlu a-le tsa

hair pins gi-lu-s-ti

hammer ga-nv-qua-lo-s-di

hammer ga-ne

hand u-so-ye-ni

hand u-wa-yi

hand width a-wa-hi-lu

handle gu-wa-da-di

hands di-wa-yi

hanging ga-dv-i

hanging gu-ta

happy ga-li-e-li-ga

happy ha-li-he-li-ga

happy a-na-li-he-li-ga

happy a-li-he-li-ga

happy a-li-he-li-s-di

Happy New Year a-li-he-li-s-di i-tse u-de-ti-yv-sa-di-sv-i

hard a-s-ti-yi-hu

hard a-s-da-ya

harmony nv-wa-do-hi-ya-dv

harmony to you

hat a-li-s-que-do-wo

hat u-s

hatchet ga-lu-ya-s-ti

da-na-wa ga-lu-ya-s-ti

hate ga-na-qua-ti-s-di

have u-ha

hawk ta-wa-di u-s-di

hawk ta-wo-di

hawk ta-wa-di

hawk ta-wo-di u-s-di

hawk tla-nu-wa

hazelnut yu-gi-dv

he s

he a-tsv-ya-i

he nah-i

head a-s-ga-li

head u-s-ka-la

headman u-ga-we-u-we

healthy do-hi

healthy nu-wa-do-hi-ya-dv

hearing a-dv-gi-s-gv

heart a-do-nv-do-di

heart a-do-nv-do

heart a-da-nv-do

heat u-ga-na-wu

heaven ga-lv'-la-ti

heavy ga-ge-de-u

hello o-si-yo

hello si-yo

hello si-yu

hello a-si-yu

help a-li-s-de-lv-di

here ha-ya-ni

here a-ha-ni

heron tsi

hickory wa-ni

hickory log wa-ni a-da

hickory log wa-ni a-ta

Hicks, Charles
tsa-li u-s-ga-si

hide a-di-s-gah-lv-s-ga

hide gv-s-gah-lv-s-ga

hide gv-s-ga-la-di-a

hide gv-s-gal-lv-s-ga

hide u-di-s-gah-la

hide & seek da-na
high ga-lv-la-di

high ga-lv-la-ti

hip ga-que-li

history ka-no-he-s-gi

hoe ga-la-ga-di

hog si

hog si-qua

hold ti-di-ne-ya

hold fast s-ti-yi-ne-ya

holding ga-ne-ha

hole a-ta-le-sv

hollow u-sv-do-ni

home o-we-nv-sv

home ge-tsa-di

home tsu-we-nv-sv-i

home di-tse-nv-sv

home tsu-ne-nv-sv-i

home di-que-nv-sv

home di-que-nv-sv-i

home tsu-ne-nv-sv

home di-tse-nv-sv-i

home tsu-we-nv-sv

home e-hu

home ga-la-tsa-di

hominy ka-nu-tsi

hominy a-mu-tsi

hominy ka-na-ta-lu-hi

hominy a-ma-ge-i

honest do-na-te-u

honey wa-du-le-si

honey wa-du-li-si

honored ga-lv-ka-we-ti-yu

honored ga-lv

hook su-di

hope u-du-gi--gv-di

horn tsu-lu-nu-hi

horn u-yo-na

hornet s-qua-du-li

hornet se-wi-ha

horse so-qui-li

horsefly da-ma-ga

hospital tsu-ni-tlv-gi--u-na-ni-tlv-di

hot u-di-tle-ga

hot u-de-le-ga

hot house a-si

hounddog gi

hour su-tlv-lo-dv

house ge-tsa-di

house ga-la-ta-sa-di

house ga-li-tso-de

how gu-do-i

howl ge-lu-hv-s-ga

huckleberry ka-wa-ya

huckleberry gu-wa

human yv-wi

hummingbird wa-le-lu

humor u-wo-tlv-di

hungry a-ga-ya-si-ha

hungry u-yo-si

hungry ga-ya-si-ha

hunter ka-na-ti

hunting grounds ka-na-ti-yi

hunting shirt ka-na-ga-su-la-nu

hurry nu'-la

husband u-ya-hi

I a-ya

I climb tsi-la-hi

ice u-ne-s-da-la

ice u-na-s-ta-lv

icy u-ne-s-da-la

idea a-da-nv-te-di

ill u-da-ni-la

important u-li-s-ge-dv

impulse u-li-s-do-ti-gu-go-do-di

incomplete a-du-lu-la

increase ka-ne-quo-gi

Indian yv-wi

Indian yv-wu

Indian a-yv-wi-ya

Indians a-ni-yv-wu

Indians a-ni-yv-wi

industry di-ga-lv-wi-s-da-ne-di

ink ga-ne-hi-di--go-we-lo-di
insane u-na-s-ti-s-gi

insane nu-da

insect tsa-ga-ya

insect tsv-s-go-yi

insects a-ni-s-ka-yi

instrument go-hu-s-di--gv-ta-ni-da-s-di

insurance gu-da-lv-do

interest u-ne-quo-tsv

Internet ka-na-ne-s

invent go-lu--wa-dv-di

iron ta-lu-gi-s-gi

Iroquois Indians a-ni-nv-da-we-gi

island a-ma-ye-li

island a-ma-ye-li

island a-mo-ye-li

it s

ivory u-ne-gv--go-la

January du-no-lv-ta-ni

jar di-wa-li

jar v-ti-ya

jaw a-yu-ge-ni

jay tla-gv-ga

jay tle

jay tle-gu

jelly tse-li

Jesus tsi-sa

jewel nv-ya-o-sa-ni
join a-de-la-di-si-di

journey v-i-sv-i

judge di-gu-go-di-s-gi

juice ga-ne-hv

July gu-ye-quo-:ni

jump da-li-ta-de-gv

June de-ha-lu-yi

June da-tsa-lu-ni

junebug ta-gu

justice du-yu

katydid tsi

keen sighted u

keen sighted a-ka-te-na

keep hi-ne-yu

keep i-he-s-di

Kentucky go-na-da gi-ga-ha-i

kernels du-lu-s-ti

kettle tsu-la-s-gi

key s-di-i-s-di

key s

kick a-da-yv-te-s-di

kidney tsu-da-li

kill tsi-i-hu

kill a-tsi-di-hi

killer di-hi

killer ti-hi

kind u-da-nv-di

kingfisher tsu-lu
kiss s-qua-nu-s-ta

kiss a-da-ta-we-do-di

knee ka-ni-gi-ni

kneeling de-tsi-na

knife ha-ya-la-s-ti

knife gv-hi-ya-la-s-ti

knife ha-ye-la-s-di

knot da-ka-ne-hv

know a-no

know u-na-ta

know ho

know tsa

know go-li

know a-qua

knowledge v-ga-ta-hv-i

knows u

knows go

lack da-ga-si

lady a-ge-lv

lake u-na-de-li-i

lake v-da-li

land ga-da-wa-hi

land ga-do-hi

language ga-wo-ni-hi-s-di

last o-ni

late o-ni-yi-yu

laugh a-ya-u-tse-tsi-ti

laugh u-ye-tsa-s-gv

laugh u-tse-tsi-ti

law da-ka-na-li-wa-dv-s-di

lawyer di-ti-yo-hi-hi

lead ga-ni

lead gu-na

leader u-la-gu

leaf u-ga-lo-tsa

leaf u-ga-lo-gv

lean u-la-tsa-di-u

leaning ga-lu

learning a-na-de--lo-qua-s-gv

leather ga-no-tsi

leather a-no-tlu-s

leaves u-ta-lo-tsa

leech tla-nu-si

left a-ga-s-ga-ni

leg ga-nv-s-ge-ni

legging de-la-su-la

lend a-ta-li-s-ta

lending a-ya-ta-li-s-ta

lesson go

let i-li-s-go---lv-ta-nv

let's adjourn di-di-ye-li-hi

let's adjourn di-ni-ye-li-hi

let's begin i-da-le

let's begin ni-da-le-na

let's go i-ne-na

letter gi-lo-ni-da-yu-nv-nv--go-wi-li

letter go

letter go

letters de-go

level u-wa-na-de-s-gi

library go-wi-li--de-ga-nv-di-go-li-ye-di

lice ti-:na

lichen u-tsa-le-ta

lie go-he-ga

lie a-tsi-s-ka-la

lie u-tsi-s

life ga-no-du

lift a-sa-la-do-di

Light a-tsv-s-dv

Light e-ga-hi

Light a-tsv-s-dv

lightening a-na-ga-li-a

Lightening a-s-ga-ya gi-ga-ge-i

like na-s-gi-ya-i

like i-yu-s-ti
limit a-se-lv-hi

line a-s-da-nv-nv

linen a-nu-wo--u-ne-gv

lion tlv-da-tsi

lip tsa-na-ga-la

liquid tsi-ne-gi ya-gu-li

liquid ga-na

list do-go-wa-lv

listen s-ge

litter a-ni da

little u-s-di

little u-s-ti

Little Deer a-wi-u-s-di

liver u-we-la

livestock ga-nah-la-?i

living a-le-ni-do-hv

lizard di-ga-ha-li

lizard du-we-ga

lock da-ga-si

locust v-le

locust gu-le-a-tsi

locust, locusts u-le

locust, locusts v-le

log a-si-ta

lonely u-hi-sa-ti

lonesome na-tsi-ya

long ga-nv-hi-da

long gv-hi-ta

long ago e-li

long ago hi-la-hi-yu

long ago go-hi-gi

Long Hair Society a-ni-gi-tlu-gv-a-hi-ta

Long Island a-ma ye-li-gv-hi-ta

long winded gv-li-ta

look ha-ga-ta

look ni

look da-ka-ta

looking da-ka-na

looking de-tsi-ka-na

Lookout Mountain ta-li-de-na-da-ga-nu

loose di-yo-sv-hi

lose tsa-gu-hi

loss u-yo-hv-se-lv

lost a-gi-ya-tsu-a-li

lost u-le-nah-i-da

loud a-s-da-ya

louse ti-:na

Love gv-ge-yu-i

Love a-da-ga-u-e

Love tsi-lv-quo-di

Love a-da-ge-yu-di

Love tsi

lover a-si-u-le e-hu

Loves u-ga-u-hi-u

low ga-lv-a-de-u

low e-la-di

low a-la-de-u

lung tsu-we-la

machine go-tlv-nv-do-di

make o-tlv-na

make ga-tlv-s-ka

male a-s-ga-ya

male ga-la-gi-na

mama e-tsi

man a-s-ga-yv

man a-s-ga-ya

manager a-da-nv-te-li-do-hi

many u-tsu-ti

map e-lo-hi--da-tli-lo-s-ta-nv

maple gu-la-se-tsi

March a-nv-:yi

March u-nu-la-hi

mare a-gi-si

mark u-do-we-lv

market u-ni-na-di-nv-di

married u-da-li

married de-ge-ga-tsv-s-ta-nv

married u-da-la

marry tsa-ya

martin tlu-tlu

mass ga-tli-sa-nv--u-go-di-di

Master of Life ga-no-du

match a-tsi-lv--go-tlv-di

material wu-du-lv-dv-gv-do-di

material ga-tsv-ti

may a-na-s-gv-ti

May a-(nv)-(i)-s-gv'-ti

May pop u-wa-ga-hi

Mayapple u-ni-s

me a-ya

meadow lark na

meal a-li-s-da-yv-di

measure a-tli-lo-s-di

meat ha-wi-ya

medal a-hi

medical ga-no-tlv-gi-nv-wo-ti

medicine nv-wo-ti

medicine nv-wo-ti

medicine nv-wa-ti

meeting da-na

meeting di-tlo-hi-s-di-yi

memory a-nv-da-di-s-di

men a-ni-a-s-ga-ya

Merry Christmas da-ni-s-ta-yo-hi-hv

metal a-na-ag-li-s-gi--ga-ni-yi-s-gi

middle a-ye-tli

middle a-ye-li

military a-ni-ya-wi-s-gi

milk u-nv-di

milk u-nv-ti

Milky Way gi-li-di-ne-hv-yi

mill u-s

mill di-s-ta-s-ti

mind o-da-nv-dv

mine a-qua-tse-li

mink go-sv-gi

mink sv-gi

minute i-ya-ta-wo-s-ta-nv

mirror da-se-ti

mischevious tsu-ne-gu-he-yu

mischevious u-ne-gu-tsa

mischevious a-gi-ne-gu-tsa

mischief gu-he-yu

mist ka-no-u-lu-di
misting ka-nu-yo-li-di-a

mistletoe u-da-li

mistletoe u-da-la

mixed ga-tli-sa-nv

mixed u-su-ye

moccasin tsu-la-wa

moccasin u-la-su-la

mockingbird s-ka-da-gi-s-gi

mockingbird hu-hu

mole u-tlv

mole do-ni-:qua

Monday u-na-do-da-quo-nv-i

money a-de-la

money a-de-la da-lo-ne-ga

money a-di-la da-lo-ne-ga

money a-di-la

monkey a-da-le-s-gi-yi-s-gi

monkey a-da-le-s-gi-yi'-s-gi

moon sv-no-yi-e-hi-nv-do

more si-wu

morning su-na-le-i

morning su-na-li

morning dove gu-le di-s-go

mortar ga-no-na

mortar ka-no-na

mortar u-s

mosquito do-sabr>

mosquito tso-si

moss a-lu

moth wa-so-la

mother a-lu-li

mother e-tsi

mother u-tsi

mother u-ne-tsi

mother a-le-u-tsi

mother u-ni-tsi

mother a-gi-tsi-(hi-s)

motion a-sa--la-do-di

mound ga-u-wa-tlv-yi

mountain o-da-lv

mountain a-ta-lv-yi

mountian a-ta-li

mountian a-ta-la

mouse tsi-s-de-tsi

mouse tsi-s-te-tsi

mouth a-ho-li

mouth a-ha-li

move a-da-nv-s-di

much u-tsa-ti

mud ga-da-ne

mud dauber di-gu

muddy water ga-da-na a-ma

Mulberry Place gu-wa-hi

mulberry tree gu-wa

mullein tsa-lu-yu-s-ti

muscadine ta-lv-la-di

muscle u-que-da-lv

mush ka-nah-e-na

mush a-ni-s-ta

mush in balls u-s-wa-li

mushroom di-wa-li

mushroom u-wa-se

music da-ka-no-gi-dv

muskrat se-la-gi-s-qua

mussel da-gu-na

Mussel Shoals da-gu-na-yi

nail yu-gi

naked tsv-ya-ti-ga

naked u-ya-ti-ga

name du-do-v


narrow a-ya-do-li

Nashville, Tennessee da-gu-na-we-la-hi

Natchey Town na-tsi-yi

nation a-ye-li--u-do-tlv-sv

natural ni-gv-wa-s-dv

near na-v-i

near nu-la-ti

necessary na-s-gi--i-yu-li-s-do-di

neck a-gi-la-ge-ni

need u-du-la-di

needle yv-gi

needle u-tsu

negative ha-le-nu

nerve o-da-na-dv

nest u-ne-s-gi-lv-sv

nest ka-ne-s-da

net ga-ya-lu-di

net da-su-du-di

new i-tse

New York nv-ya-gi

news de-tse-i

night sv-a-yi

night sv-no-yi

nightingale s-qua-le'-wa-li'
Nikwasi ni-qua-si

nine so-ne

nine so-ne-la

nineteen so-ne-la-du

ninth so-ne-li-ne

ninth so-ne-li-ne-i

no tla

no, not so tla-hv

no, not so v-tla

no, not so tla

noise u-no-yv-gv

noon i-ga

noon nv-da-ye-li

normal nu-lo-sv-s-dv-na

north u-yv-tlv-i

north u

nose ga-ya-so-li

nose ka-ya-sa

not na-s-gi

note a-da-do-gv--di-ka-no-li

November nv-da-de'-wa

November nu-da-de-qua

now na-quu

number se-s-di

number a-se-s-di

numbers di-se-s-di

nut tsa-hi

nut u-da-ta-nv

nuthatch tsu-le-na

oak a-ta-ya

oak tsu-s-ga

oar ga-ga-wa-s-ti

observation nu-s-dv--di-ka-no-di

ocean a-me-quo-hi

Ocoee u-wa-ga-hi-yi

October du-ni-nv-:di

off u-tsa-ti-na

offer a-s-go-lv-do-di

office di-ga-lv-wi-s-da-ne-di

oil go-i

Oklahoma o-ga-la-ho-mi

old a-ga-yv-li

old a-ga-u-na-li

old e-ti

old tobacco tsa-lu a-ga-yv-li

old woman a-ga-we-la

on na-nah

one sa-quu-i

one sa-wu

one so-qua

onion sv-gi

only u-wa-sv

only na-s-gi

open a-s-du-i-da
operation a-tsi-ye-lo-hv

opinion no-li-s-gv-i

opossum si-qua--u-tse-tsa-s-di

opossum si

opposite a-hna-di-tlv

or a-le

orange a-da-lo-ni-ge

order a-da-nv-s-di

organization u-na-do-tlv-hi

ornament a-tsa-no-do

Osage Indians a-ni-sa-si

other so-i

otter tsi-ya

Otter Place tsi-ya-hi

ouch a-yo

out ga-nv-go-i

oven di-ga-du-di

over de-li

over ga-wo-hi-lu-do-di

owl u-gu-gu

owl tsi-gi-li

owl wa-hu-hu

owner u-tse-li-i

ox ga-na-li

oyster da-gv-na

pack a-s

page u-ka-dv-i

pain e-hi-s-dv

paint ga-lo-ne-di

paint wo-di

Paint Clan a-ni-wo-di

painting mixing bowl wa-di-ga-lo-da-di

panther tlv-da-tsi

papa e-do-da

paper go-we-li

paper go

parallel du-tso-ta-wa-ti

parcel ga-que-nv-hi

parched ga-ha-wi-si-ta

parched gu-we-su-he

part i-ga-dv

partridge moccasin

pass hi-nv-si

pass de-s-ge-di-si

pass hi-v-si

pass hi-ne-v-si

pass de-s

pass e-la-di-u ga-ka-du-i

pass ga-hi-ne-v-si

pass hi-ka-si

pass ga-hi-v-si

pass ti-di-si

pass di-ga-hi-nv-si

pass ga-hi-ka-si

pass de-s-gi-ne-hv-si

pass de-s-gi-nv-si

pass hi-di-si

passive ni

past tense ge-se-i

paste ga-ya-lv-di

path nv-ne-hi

paw u-wa-yi

pay u-gi-s-ta-ti

payment di-gu-yv-di

peace nv-wa-do-hi-ya-dv

peaceful do-hi

peaceful do-hi

peach qua-nv

peanut du-ya--a-ni-la-di-s-gi

pear di-ga-dv-di

pearl da-gv-na

pecan so-hi--a-ni-nv-hi-da

pen ga-ne-he--gv-di-di-go-wi-lo-di

pencil di-go-we-lo-di

penis wa'-do-li

penis wa'-do

people a-ni-yo-ne-ga

people a-ni-u-ne-ga

people a-ni-yv-wi-ya

people a-ni-gv-ne-ga-i

people a-ni-yv-wu-yu

perch a-tsu-la

persimmon tsa-la-lu-i

persimmon sa-li

person yv-wi-ya

person a-si-yv-di

pheasant tla-na-ti-tsi

pheasant tlv-di-s-ti

Phoenix tsu-le-hi-sa-nv-hi

phone di-li-no-he-di

physical nu-li-ni-gv-gv

picture di-tli-la-s-ta-nu-hi

picture di-tli-lo-s-ta-nv

pie ge-li-s-gi

pig a-dv-si-qua

pigeon wo-yi

pigeon place wa-yi

pin u-s-qua-i

Pine Log na-sv-tli

Pine Log na-tsi-a-sv-tlv-yi

pine tree no-tsi

pine tree na-tsi

pipe ga-nv-na-wa

place na-nah-i

Place of Spirits s

plane ga-no-hi-li-do

plant ga-go-ti

plant a-we-s

planting a-we-s
Planting Month a-we-s

plants u-ni-ye-gv

plate a-te-li-do

play di-ne-lo-di

pleasant ye-li-u-s-ta

please u-do-hi-yu-i

please u-le-ha-le-s-ti

pleased u-le-ha-le-s

pleasure a-li-he-li-tsi-do-s-di

plow ga-da-lu-go-di

plugged u

plum qua-nu-na-s-di

pocket a-dla-wa-dv

point go-s-da-yi

poison a-da-hi-hi

poison ivy u-lv-ta

polish ga-lo-ni-di

political do-gi-ya-dv-u-gv-wa-li

poor u-le-sa-da-i

poor u-yo-i-yu-dv-nah-di-gi

Poplar tree tsi-yu

Poplar tree da-lo-ne-ga u-tsi-la-hv

porcupine tsu-tsa-ya-s-ti u-ne

porter a-do-ne-lv--tsi-na-tla-i

position na-nah-go-do-gv

possible i-gv-yi

possible ye-li-quu

possible i-gv-yi-i

possum si-qua--u-tse-tsa-s-di

post ge-dv-i

pot v-ti-ya

pot tsu-la-s

pot u-ta-nu-tsu-la-s

pot ga-da-ga-gv

pot tsu-la-s-gi

Pot in Water v-ti-gu-yi

pot make v-ti-ya di-ga-lu-s

pot scrapings u-tsa-le-ta

potato nu-na

potato like nu-na-yu-s-ti

potatoes nu

potatoes nu-na

potsherds du-la-s

pottery di-wa-li

pouch da-ga-tli

pounding te-s-ta-s

pounding mill u-s

powder da-we-la-gi-s

powder da-we-l-agi-s-gi

powder horn da-we-la gi-s

power u-la-ni-gv-gv

powerful u

pregnant ta-lu-li

present e-do-a

pretty u-wa-du-hi

pretty u-wo-du-hi

price tsu-gv-wa-lo-di

principal ya

print ga-le-ya-dv

prison di-da-s-du-di

prisoner a-hu-tsi

private u-tse-li-da

probable ye-li-quu

process a-yi-lv-s-di

produce a-du-hi-s-do-di

profit go-tlv-ta-nv

property tsu-gv-wa-lo-di-ni-gv-hna-nv

prose ka-li-no-da-do-la-gv-na

protest di-ga-ti-lv-s-di

public yv-wi-u-ne-da-s-di

pull ga-nasa-ne-s-gv

pump ga-sa-do-ya-s-gi

pumpkin i-ya

pumpkin like i-ya-i-u-sa-ti

pumpkin pie i-ya ge-li-s-gi

punch de-ta-la-s-ti

punishment o-s-dv-di-s-di

punk ta-wa-li

pupil di-de-lo-qua-s-gi

purple gi-ge-s-di

purpose u-ye-lv-dv-i

push ga-sa-do-yo-s-di

put wa-di-yi

quail gu

quail gu-que

quality i-ga-o-si

quarrelsome tsa-ti-yo-si-di

quarrelsome a-ti-yo-s-di

quartermaster e-ti-su

queen bee u-la-gu

question a-dv-dv-hv-s-gi

quick u-li-s-da
quiet a-ye-ga-li

quit tle-s-ti

quite da-ga-sa-s-ti

quite u-sa-wa-hi a-tsa-wa-li-hu

quite e-la-wi-i

quiver de-ka-la-da s-do-di

quiver of arrows de-ka-la-da tsa-yu-hi

rabbit tsi-s

rabbit tsi-s-du

raccoon gv-li

race ta

race course v-ta

radio ga-wo-hi-s-gi

rafters da-s

rail so-ya-s-di

rain a-ga-s

rain a-ga-s-gv

rain a-ni-ga-na-ti-s

rain a-ga-na

raining a-ga-s-ka

range a-s-da-nv-nv

rasberry sv-di-wa-li

rat tsi-s-ta-tsi

rat tsi-s-di-tsi

rate da-gv-wa-lo-dv

rattle ga-na-se-ti

rattlesnake u-tso-na-di

rattlesnake u-tsa-na-ti

Rattlesnake Springs a-mo-ga-da u-tsa-na-ti

Rattlesnake's Master ga-ni-da-wa-s-gi

raven go-la-nv

raven ka-lo-na

raven ka-la-nu

raven go-la-nv

Raven Mocker ka-lo-na a-ye-li-s

raw a-go-s-ti

reading da-go-li-ye-s-gv

ready a-dv-nv-i-s-ta-no-nv

Really? do'

receipt ka-no-hv-s-gi--a-gi-sv

record go-we-lv

red gi-ga-ge-i

red a-gi-ga-ge

red gi-ga-ge

red bird ta-tsu-wa

red bird do-tsu-wa

red bug ga-ga

Red Clay e-la-wa-di-yi

Red Man a-s-ga-ya gi-ga-ge-i

regret tla-quu-a-ye-lv-di

regular u-tlo-yi-ha

relations dv-na-da-du-da-lv

religion di-ne-lv-do-di

remove a-hv-s-di

rent a-do-li-s-di

representation di-ga-la-wi-gi

request i-ya-da-we-se-di
resident e-hi

respect go-hi-yu-hi

responsible u-na-du-da-lv

rest a-tsa-we-lo-lv-s-di-di

rest ha-da-we-so-lu-s-da

rest a-yi-a-wa

Resurrected One tsu-la-hi-sa-nv-hi

revenge tsu-sa-si

reward a-sa-s-dv

rib ga-nula-tsi

rice di-li-gu

rich u-we-nah-i

ridge tsa-le-gi

right du-yu-go-dv

ring u-ne-s-ta-gu

ring a-li-ye-su-s-ta-wo

river e-qua-ni

river u-we-yv

River yv-wi gv-nah-i-ta

road nv-no-hi

roast gv-ta-s

roasting ear tsa-lu-yi

robbing tsi-na sa-hv-s

robbing sa-hv-s

robin ga-s-qua-gu

robin tsi-quo-quo

rock nv-ya

rock nv-yu

rod ga-nv-hi-d--ta-lu-gi-s-gi

roll a-yo-dv-hi

roof ga-tso-ta

room ka-nv-su-lv

rooster a-tsv-ya

rooster a-ni-tsv-ya

root u-na-s-de-tlv

rope s-de-yi-dv

rose tsi-s

rosin a-dla

rot u-go-sv

rough u-so-nv

round ga-sa-qua-lv

row a-da-nv-nv

rows du-da-nv

rub ga-nv-li-ye-di

rule a-s-da-wo-dv-s-do-di

run di-s-qua-lv-do-di

run a-tsv-s-ti

runner da-tsi-da-hi

Running Water a-ma-ga-yv-hi

Running Water a-mo-ga-yv-hi

sacred e-ti-ka-i-e-le

Sacred Fire a-tsi-la ga-lv-ka-we-ti-yu

sad u-we-do-li-s-di

sad na-le-he le-gu-nu

saddle ga-ya--hu-lo

sadness e-e-e

sail a-i-sv

salary a-da-tla-s-gv

sale ni-ga-na-ge-gv-na

salt ma-ma

salt a-ma

salt lick ga-da-u-ni-gi-s-ti-yi

same a-yv-s-ti

same u-tio-yi

sand na-yu

sand no-yi

sand no-ya

Sand Mountain o-da-lv-?i no-ya

sassafras ga-nu-s-ta-gi

sassafras ka-na-s-da-tsi

Saturday un-a-do-da-qui-de-na

saucer ha-wi-na-di-tlv--a-tlo-di

sausage ha-wa-ya--a-s-do-v-hi

saw u-go-hv-gi

say ga-di-a

say ha-di-a

say a-na-di-a

say hi-ne-gi

say ni-di-di-wa

says a-di-a

scale di-ga-dv-di

scalp u-s-ka-ni-gi-li

scalping u-s-ka-ni-gi-ga-lu-da

scarlet u-s-go-s-da-gi-ga-ge

scent ga-lu-nu-s-ti

school di-de-lo-qua-s-di

science a-ga-do-hv-s-di

scissors di-la-s-do-ya-di

scissors ta-li-ta-ya-s-ti

scolar di-de-lo-qua-s-gi

scorpion tsi-s-dv-na a-da-tsv-i-s-gi

Scotsman s-ka-tsi

scout a-ga-te-no

scouts a-ni-ga-te-no

scraper ga-tsu-wa-s-ta-di

scratch ka-nu-ka

scratcher nu-gu-la

scratcher ka-nu-ka-s

scratcher ka-nu-ga

scream ge-lu-hv-s-ga

screw u-di-qua-lv-de-ya-di

sea a-me-quo-hi

seat ga-di

second ta-li-ni

second ta-li-ne

second ta-li-ne-i

secret u-de-li-da

secretary di-go-we-li-s-gi

see a-go-wa-dv

see he-go-wa-ta

see he-go-wa-ka-ta

seed u-ga-ta

Seeker of Truth du-yu-go-dv a-yo-s-di

selection a-su-ye-s-di

self o-wa-sv

send a-da-nv-s-di

Seneca Indians a-ni-se-ni

sense u-da-nv-te-di

separate tsu-de-le-nah-i

September du-li-:s-di

serene do-hi

serious u-tlv-yo-li-s-di

servant a-tsi-na-tla-i

seven ga-li-quo-gi

Seven Clan Society u-ga-ya

seventeen ga-li-qua-du

seventh ga-li-quo-gi-ne-i

seventh ga-li-quo-gi-ne

sew ga-ye-wi-s-gv

sewing ye-wi-ya

sewing tsi-wi-ya

shade da-wa-di-s-gv

shade u-da-wa-di-s-gv

shadow u-di-yv-li

shake a-de-lv-di-yi

shame a-de-ho-hi-s-di

sharp ga-s-ta-yi

sharp u-tlv-ta

sharp u-do-tlv-sv-i

shed ga-hu-ta-yi

sheep u-no-de-:(na)

sheep u-ni-no-de-:(na)

sheep a-wi u-no-de-na

shelf da-ya-ta-na-lv-ti

shelf a-ya-ta-na-li

shell u-ya-s-ga

shell da-gu-na

shell u-ya-s-ka

ship tsi-yu

shirt ha-wi-ni--a-nu-wo

shoals u-s-ta-la-na-li

shock u-s-ga-s-da-ne-lv

shoe a-la-su-lo

shoot na-da-a-s-ti-ya-li

short tsu-s-qua-li

short u-s-ka-li

short s-qua-la-i

shot a-da-s-ti-ya-li

shoulder ga-nv-wo-i

shout ga-ta-hi-yu

shout ta-hi-yu

shut a-s-du-di

sick u-tlv-gi

side a-s-qua-ge-ni

sign go-we-lo-di

silk si-li-gi

silver u-tsi-s-ta-lu-:gi-s-gi

silver de-lv-ne-gv

silver a-de-lv-u-ne-gv

simple nu-tso-s-dv-na

sin a-s-ga-ni

sinew u-wa-du-na

sinker a-li-tsi

sister u-lv

sit down tsa-la-di

Sitico u-tsu-ti-qua-yi

sitting wa-la-tla

six su-da

six su-da-li

sixteen da-lu-du

sixth su-da-li-ne

sixth su-da-li-ne-i

size nu-gv-i

skin ga-ne-ga

skinning da-ga-ne-ga la-do-di

skirt a-sa-no

skunk di-la

skunk di-?li

sky ga-lu-na-di

slanting gu-la-ga-lu

sleep a-hu-lu

sleep ga-lv-di

sleep e-ga-si-nu

sleep hi-lu-nu

sleeping tsi-li-hu

sleet ne-wa-di

sleeting ga-ne-so-s-ga

slip di-da-nv-di-s-do-di

slope a-lu-du-ka-ti

slow u-s-ga-no-la

slowly u-s-ga-no

slowly lu-s-ga-no-li

small u-s-di

smallpox u-nu-da

smalls tsv-s-di

smash a-yo-s-do-di

smell ga-wa-sv-gv

smilax du-nu-s

smile u-ge-tsa-s-gv

smile u-tse-tsi

smoke tsu-ga-sv-s-di

smoke tsu-s-di

smoke tsu-na-lu-gi

smoking ga-gi-s

smoky du-tsu-s-du

Smoky Mountains tsa

smooth u-wa-na-de-s-gi

smooth ta-wi-s-ka

snake da-li
snake u-tsa-na-ti

snake i-na-dv

snake wa-di-ge-a-s-ka-li

snake wu-di-ge-i-s-k

snake ka-ne

snake i-na-du

snake u

snake sa

snake button root u-na-s-te-tsi-s-ti-ya

sneeze du-yv-s-do-yv

snipe da-s

snow u-na-tsi

snow v-tsi

snowing gv-tsi-ha

snuff tso-la--wa-ni-ge

soap o-la

society u-na-do-tlv-hi

sock a-li-yo

soft wa-ni-ge-i

soft u-wa''

soldier a-yo-s-gi

soldier a-ya-s-ti-gi

solid a-ka-li-wo-hi

some i-ga-du

son u-we-tsi

song da-ga-no-ge-da

song ka-no-gi-s-di

soon na-tla-gu

soon after a-ni-qua

sorcerer di-da''

sore u-ta-s-ti

sort di-su-ye-s-di

soul a-da-na-ta

soul a-do-nv-do

sound u-no-yv-gv

soup u-ga-ma

sour u-ga-si-ta

sour corn mash ka-nah-e-na

sour corn mash ka-nah-e-ni

south u-ga-la-ya-i

south u-ga-no-wv

south tsu-ga-na-wv

space u-dla-nv-dv

spade go-de-s-di

Spaniard s

Spaniards a-ni-s

sparrow tsi-s-qua-ya

speak slowly u-s-ga-no

speaking ga-wo-ni-ha

spear da-tli-de

spear da-da-s-do-di

special u-tse-li-dv

speech wa-ni-hu

spider ka-na-ne-s-gi

spiders a-ni-ka-na-ne-s

spirit a-da-nv-do

spirit a-do-nv-do

split u-ne-s-tli

spoil tsi-a-s-ti-hu

spoil a-s-ti-hu

spoiler a-ya-s-ta

spoon a-di-do-di

spring a-ma

spring a-ma--ga-nu-go-gv

spruce tree nu-na

square nv-gi--tsu-nv-si-ya

squash s-qua-si

squash wa-tsi-gu

squaw a-yv-wi-ya-a-ge-yv

squirrel sa-lo-li

squirrel gi-u-ga

squirrel te-wa

squirrel sa-la-li

stage go-wo-ni-s-di-a-yo-da-dla-v

stamp ga-ya-lv-di

stand do-ga

star no-qui-si

stars a-ni-no-qui-si

start a-ni--gi-s-di

state ka-no-he-

statement ka-no-he-lv-hi

station u-le-we-s-di

steam a-tsi-lv-ga-sa-do-yo-s-di

steel a-tsi-lu-ta-lu-gi-s-gi

stem gu-ha-la-hi

stem u-w-ni-ga-lv

stem da-ga-lo-s-ti

step a-la-s-gv-da

stick ga-na-s-da

stick da-ga-lo-s-ti

sticker u-ni-s-ta-lv-s-ti

sticky ga-ya-lv-gi

stiff ga-ne-ta-ya

still do-i

stitch go-ye-wi-sv

stockings a-ni-ge-yv--tsu-ni-li-yo

stomach u-s-quo-li

stomach u-s

stone nv-ya

stone nv-yu

stop ha-le'

stop ha-le-wi-s-ta

store u-s'

store a-da-na-nv

storehouse a-da-na-nu-hi

storm u-nu-la

story ka-ne-he-lv-s-gi

straight ga-tsi-ni-s-ta

straight ga-tsi-no-s-du

strange a-se-gi

strawberries a-nv

strawberry a-nv

strayed u-la-yu-tsi

stream s-te-wa-ya

stream tsa-gi

stream ge-i

street ga-la-nv-dv

stretch di-da-ne-s-do-di

strike ka-ya-ne-ga

strong u-la-ni-gi-da

strong u-hu-s-ti

strong believer a-du-la-di'

strong of heart u

strong willed du-la-di-nu-li-ni-gv-gv

stuffing a-su-ya-na

stuffing a-su-ya-na-i

stump tsu-na-lu-ga

substance di-ka-no-di

succotash i-ya-tsu-ya-di-su-yi--se-lu

succotash se-lu-du-ya-na-de-la-hu-ni

such ya-dv-nah

sudden u-la-ni-gi-da

sugar gu-li-se-tsi

sugar ka-li-se-tsi

Sugar Town gu-li-se-tsi-yi

suggestion ka-ni-i-s-ta-nv

sumac ga-lo

summer go

summer go-ge-yi

sun nv-do-i-ga-e-hi

sun nv-da-e-ge-hi

Sun Spirit u-ne-la-nv-hi

Sunday u-na-do-da-qua-s-gv-i

sunny u-da-ha-li

sunny side u-da-ha-li-yi

sunrise de-ga-lv-yi

sunset u-di-ga-lv-yi

support a-li-s-de-lv-di

surprise a-s-qua-ni-go-his-di

surprise i-i-i

swallow tso-de

swallow u-tsi-ka

swamp e-ga-te-ga-wi

swan sa-:sa

sweat a-li-a-lu

sweat batch a-li-a-lu u-ta-wa-s-ti

sweatlodge a'-si

sweet a-ga-na-s-ti

sweet gum tree tsi-la-lu

sweet potatoes nu na-ni-nv-hi

sweetheart tsu-na-da-da-tlu-gi

swim yu-ni

swim a-da-wo-s-di

sycamore gu-tsu-ne-gv

sycamore tsu-wa-tsu-ne-ga

Sycamore Shoals wa-ta-u-ga

system i-ya-dv-ne-li-da-s-di

table ga-s-gi-lo

tabu tsi-ga-ti-ga

tadpole te-?ga

tail ga-ni-da-dv

tail u-ta-na

take a-gi-s-di

talk ga-wo-ni-s-gv

talker ga-wo-ni-ha

talking wo-ni

talking, he or she is ga-wo-ni

talking, I am tsi-wo-ni

tall i-nv-i-ga-ti

tame u-lu-ni-ta

tanning u-tsa-da-we

tassel u-tsi-tsa-lu

taste nu-s-du--a-gi-s-di

taste a-na-tlu-di-i

tax a-ye-li--a-gu-yv-di

tea u-ga-lo-ga go-tlv-ta-nv

tea u-ga-lo-gv

teacher di-de-yo-hv-s-gi

teaching da-de-yo-hv-s-gv

teepee a-ni-gv-wi-ya--u-ni-la-tso-dv

teeth de-ga-nv-do-gv

telephone di-li-no-he-di

telequaw te-le-qua

telescope a-ka-ta-ti

ten s-go-hi

ten s-go

tendency wi-du-yv-go-dv

Tennessee te-na-si

Tennessee River e-qua-ni-ma-ya

tent ga-li-tso-da-di

tenth s-go-hi-ne

tenth s-go-hi-ne-i

terrible u-s-ga-se-ti-yu

terripin da-ga-si

test a-ga-dv-di

Texas nv-da-gi

than gv-na-wo-s-gv

Thanksgiving u-li-he-li-s-di

Thanksgiving u-na-li-he-li-s-di-yo-u wa-do

that na-s-gi

that na

the hi-a

then na-hi-yu-i

theory go-lu-wa-dv-di

there ha-hna

there yi

thick u-ha-ge-dv

thin sa-gi-i

thing i-yu-s-di

third tso-i-ne-i

third tso-i-ne

thirsty da-s-ti-he

thirteen tso-ga-du

this hiya

this hi-a

this go-hi

thong ga-no-tsi

thorn a-ta-di-u-s-ti

thorny da-s-ti-yu-s-ti

though di-gv-wa-lo-sv

thought ne-li-sv

thread a-s-ti

thread a-s-di

three tso-i

three tso-i

throat a-yv-tse-ni

through ka-li-i

throwing hawk u-da-gu ga-lo-ya-s-ti

thumb u-du-ni-hi--ya-s-da

thunder a-yv-da-qua-lo-s-gi

thunder a-yv-da-qua-lo-s-gv

thunder u-na-la-s-gi

thursday nv-gi-ne-i-ga

tick gu-ga-i

ticket a-yv-s-do-di

tight a-s-da-ya

till gi-la

time a-le-ye-su

time a-li-yi-li-sv
tin s-gu-o

tip u-s

tire a-dla--a-tlv-di

tired da-gi-a-wu-ga

tired gi-a-wu-ga

tired tsu-ya-we-tsv-hi

titmouse u-tsu-tsi

toad te-?ga

toad wa-lo-si

toadstool du-wa-lu

tobacco tso-la

tobacco tsa-lu

today ko-hi-i-ga

toe ka-na-sa-dv

together i-tsu-la

tomorrow su-na-la-yi

tomorrow su-na-le

tongue ga-nu-ga tsu-lo-tso-tsi

tongue ga-nu-ga

tongue ga-nv-go

tonight ko-hi-u-sv

tooth ga-nv-do-gv

top ga-du-i

topknot u-tsa-hi

tornado u-no-le

torture a-da-gi-lu-di

touch a-sv-na-s-di

tough a-s

town ga-du-hv

tracker a-ga-te-no

trackers a-ni-ga-te-no

tracks u-ta-si-nv-yi

trade da-na-li-s-ka

trade di-da-ne-tli-yv-e-di

trader da-na-ti-s-gi

trail nu-nah-i

trail nv-ne-hi

Trail of Tears nv-na-da-u-la-tsv-yi

trailing ga-la-nu-ni

train di-ga-tsa-nu-la

transparent u-lv-su-ti

transportation a-ni--gi-s-do-di

trash gu-a-sa-ta

travel e-do-li-do-hv

tray a-tla-nv-da-di

treasurer a-de-la-ga-ya

tree tsa-li-gu

tree tlu-gv

tribe a-ni-la-s-da-lv

trick gv-wa-da-li-da-s-di

trouble u-tso-a-se-di

trousers di-su-lo

trout tsu-na-ga

truck ga-na-sa-ne-s-do-di

true do-e-u

true u-do-hi-yu

try ah-ne-li-ta

tuber u-lv

Tuesday ta-li-ne-i-ga

tulip poplar tree

turkey ka-la-gv-na

turkey ka-la-gi-sa

turkey gv

turkey gv-na

turn a-ga-ta-hv-s-di

turnip da-quo-sa-nv

turnip du-ka-su-ni

turtle sa-li-gu-gi

turtle u-li-na-wi

turtle u-la-na-wa

turtledove gu-le-di-s-ka-nah-i

Tuscarora Indians a-ni-s-ka-la-li

twelve ta-li-du-i

twelve ta-li-du

twenty ta-li-s-go-hi

twilight u-sv-hi-yi

twin di-ni-la-wi

twist a-s-de-ya-s-di

twist u-gv-tsu-s-ti

two ta-li

two ta

Uchee Indians a-ni-u-tsi

ugly a-s-ga-si-ti

ugly u-ne-gi

umbrella a-da-wa-dv-i-s-di

uncle a-du-tsi

uncle e-du-tsi
under ha-wi-na-di-tlv

unfinished u-tlu-li

unit sa-quu-ha

unlucky u-du-wa-le-gu

use gv-do-di

valley u-ge-da-li-yv

value tsu-gv-wa-lo-di

verse u-da-tlv-gv

very u-do-hi-yu
view di-ka-no-di-i

violent gv-ni-ga-la-s-di--ga-ho-ye-gi

voice ka-ne-gv-u-no-yv-gv

wage a-da-tlo-s-gi

wagon da-qua-le-lu

wahoo tree tsu-wa-do-na

waiting a-ga-ti-yv

walk a-i-sv

walking stick u-da-o-la-nu-s-ti

wall a-so-yv

walnut se-di

walnut tsa-de

walnut hominy ka-nu-tsi

walnut oil tsa-de-ka-i

walnut oil se-di-ka-i

want u-na-du'-li

want tsa-du'-li

want tsa-du'-li-a

want u-du'-li-a

want u-na-du'-li-a

want u-du'-li

war da-na-wa

war da-nu-wa

war chief nu-gu-we-u-sv

war club a-ta-si

war hawk da-na-wa a-hi-ga-lu-s-ti

war paint wo-di

war path da-na-wa-nv-ne-hi

war path da-na-wa-nu-ne-hi

war pole a-ta-de-da-wa-s-do-di

war stick a-da-s

warm u-ga-na-wa

warm de-la-ka

warrior da-nu-wa--a-na-li-hi

warrior a-ya-s-ti-gi

was ge-se-i

wash a-di-wa-s-ti

wash a-gv-s-quo-s-di

wasp ka-(na)-(tsi)-s-de-tsi

wasp ka-na-tsi-s-de-tsi

waste a-tse-wi-s-gv

watch a-ka-lu-ga

watch wa-tsi

water a-ma

water ma-ma'

water beetle da-yu-ni-si

water cress gu-la-hi

water dog tsu-wa

water jar v-ti-ya

water lily a-ma-ye-du-hi

water mocassin u'-ga'

Water Spirits yv-wi a-ma-yi-ne-hi

waterfall a-ma-s-ka-ga-hi

watermelon gv-gi-s-di

wave da-s-tli-ne-ga

wax a-dla

way ga-lo-hi-s-di

wealth na-gu-se

weasel tsi-s-ga-tsi da-lo-ni

weasel tsi-s-ga-tsi-de-lo-hi

weaver tsu-o-la

web site ka-na-ne-s-ga u-si-li-de-wi-sv nu-s-da

Wednesday tso-li-ne-i-ga

week su-na-do-da-qua-s-di

weep de-tlo-ya-s-ti

weight nu-da-ge-sv

welcome tsi-lu-gi

welcome u-li-he-li-s-di

well ka

west wu-de-li-gv
west u-di-li-gv-yi

West u-sv-hi-yi

wet ga-du-li-da

wet a-ma

what ga-do

what hv-?

wheat u-tsa-le-s-di

wheel ga-qlua-do-di

when hi-la-yu-i

where ha-tlu

where ga-tsu

where ha-tlv

which? ga-do

whip ga-wa-s-dv-ni-s-di

whisker a-ha-nu-lv-sv

whiskey wi-s-gi

whiskey a-ma a-tsi-la

whistle a-ye-la-li-do-hi

white u-ne-gv

white u-ne-ga

white yo-ne-ga

who ga-go

who? ka-ga

why ga-do-no

wide a-ya-te-na

wife a-da-li-i

wife u-s-da-yv-hv-s-gi

wild ga-ya-da-hi

wild i-na-ge-hi

wildcat gv-hi

will wi-li

willow de-le-ga-li-s

wind u-nu-le

wind ga-no-lv-v-s-gv

window tso-la-nv

winds nv-gi-tsv-le

wine gi-ga-ge--a-di-ta-s-di

winter go-la

winter ka-la

wire u-ya-nv-hi

wise a-ga-ta-hna-i

wise a-ga-ta-na-i

witch tsi-gi-li

with gv-do-di

with the hands u-wa'-yi gu-ti

wizard a-dv-ne-li-s-gi

wolf wa-ya

woman a-gi-ya

woman a-ge-yv

wood a-da

wood a-ta

woodpecker gu-gu-tsa

woodpecker ta-la-la

wool u-wa-nv

wool u-wa-nu-ta-la-la

wooly u-nu-du-na

word ka-ne-tsv

work di-ga-lv-wi-s-da-ne-di

worm u-se-ya

worm s-go-yi

worm ga-s-ka-ya

worm tsv-s-go'-yi

worn out u-wa-ta

wound a-tsi-so-nv-nv

wound a-sa-nu-da-i

wounded a-sa-nu-nu

wren a-li-ta-ma

wren tse-ni'

writing a-no-wi-li-s-gv

wrong ga-li-da-s-ta-nv-hi

yam u-la-dv-hi

year su-de-ti-yv-da

year u-da-ti-ya-hu

yell ge-lu-hv-s-ga

yellow da-lo-ni-ge

yellow da-lo-ne-ga

yellow da-lo-ni-ge

yellow hammer u-ni-ga-da

yellow jacket di-s-ka-i

yellow jacket tsa-s-ga-ya

yellow money a-de-la da-lo-ne-ga
yes v-s-ka-ga

yes v-v

yes a-se-hi

yesterday u-sa-hi

yesterday u-sv-hi

you ne-hi

you ni-hi

young a-wa-ni-ta

young ni-ta

young a-yo-li

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