Neptune in the 1st house

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I was wondering how many others have this. I have it conjunct the ascendant within 10 degrees.

Chronically disillusioned anyone? What kind of problems does it cause you?

Like or Dislike? Anyone else feel "invisible" to others because of this placement?
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  • I have it. It's conjunct my Mars. I totally get the invisible feeling, but with me its contradictory because I also have uranus in my first house and I also feel like I stand out at the same time :\ I don't feel very disillusioned, but I figure my Scorpio Moon is what helps with that. But I feel like it makes me lazy and physically sensitive. My eyes are sensitive to sun light, sensitive skin and scalp. I like the thought of people getting a type of mystical vibe/feeling from me but not a confused with who I am so they think I'm fake. I think its kinda annoying at times. Very day dreamy too. I think it gives my eyes a dreamy affect. Sometimes I don't really know what I want. Love/hate I guess.
  • I also have Neptune in the 1st house. It tends to lend a "glamour"....a kind of mystical my appearance. I seem to be a shapeshifter. The photos of me don't really look like me! Sometimes people will look at me and not see me at all. It makes me a good dancer, though, and I can truly get into the rhythm of things..........I am a Mystic.
    • About the photos. I know what you mean, some look different than how I look in the mirror! haha, I also figured that my awkward positions and faces (not intentional!) are because of my Uranus in there too. But they are conjunct, so I hope that my strangeness (and dancing!) comes off with a bit of charm/grace haha.
      • Thanks for all the cool responses guys! Wow! Glad I am not the only one!

        YES omg the photos!!! - I thought it was just me - but the person I see in the mirror is NOT the person who is in the pictures taken - esp. digital photos - bleech! I hate the digital photos - I always say "That isn't me. If that is what I really look like, than I am gonna kill myself."
        I like the me in the mirrors better. I do think the mirror are the correct image because photos are only 2D and they can't capture dreamy or foggy. I also have the dreamy, spaced out look in my eyes - my eyes look like blue glass but have a grey stormy shade to them too - which I read is common with Neptune is a last decan of 1st house.

        I am also very pale (that is ethnic though too). I am also get cold easily - my quote about myself is that "I get cold when it is 70 degrees out" hehe

        I actually have a Scorpio Rising - so my Neptune is 10 degree to that. So DarkFairy - it is kind of like that for me too - The Scorpio Rising is an ascendant that people notice (or are afraid of) but the Neptune creates the illusions. I also have my Moon in my 1st which is conjunct to that Neptune - My feelings are out there for everyone to see! Typical first house moon.
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    I really like all your posts! Can agree with most of it. :)

    Problems arise also. For example, my eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight, too. I also have had sleep disorders and natural phenomenons like hypnagogic hallucinations, sleep paralysis etc. very often.
    My skin is pale and I become more red than brown when I bath in sunshine.

    I have a kind of Deja-vĂș very often. They say to me: "Hello, this is reality. Catch yourself and just do what you're doing now", e.g. when I stand in front of a crowd.
    And I can't walk on a street without daydreaming.
    • I'm pale too so I burn easily :\ Its pretty much nothing or fried lobster eek

      "And I can't walk on a street without daydreaming."
      LOL I do things like that. I cannot tell you how many times I'll be trying to concentrate on something then BAM I'm gone then I suddenly snap out of it and go AH! not again and look at the clock then try again....but it happens again :\
      • I was just telling someone on an astro forum about this not too long ago. That I go outside and everything seems slighly "unreal" to me somehow - it seems like a dream to me. Like the Matrix or something - like I know there is something undernearth it all because something just seems "off" - I can't explain what it is but I just feel it - like I am not really " there" and I am half in and half out of something. My intuition tells me that part of it must be a dream.

        I daydream in the streets ALL the time. My mind is almost always somewhere else.

        Do you guys have a high intuition, sixth sense or any psychic ability?
    • Something else just thought of. Are you sensitive to temperatures too? I get clod easily as well as hot easily. I can't take the humidity, it makes me sick, and I shiver easily when its cold.
      • Sensitivity and daydreaming........."trancing out"..........both seem normal to me.

        A great book that helped me:

        Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century
        by John Jay Harper

        Another book:

        Secrets and Mysteries, The Glory and Pleasure of being a Woman
        by Denise Linn

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          I get dissed by children because I look so much spaced out!

          Yeah, I'm sensitive to temperature, too. The cold goes into my head and it aches and my fingers/hands/toes/feet are burning.

          Feeling a lot of inner confusion/fog the last weeks and right now. But there aren't any Neptune transits for me at the moment. D:
          • Thats interesting, I just realized how foggy I feel and even the past few days feel kinda blurry thinking back to them. Don't know why?
            • I think that we get that foggy feeling when we are not grounded into our helps to take a bath, or simply go swimming. Or lie on the earth and feel your energy "rooting" itself.

              Neptune overflows the boundaries, so sometimes we "slosh" in between dimensions.

              Here's a nice chart of the Dimensions:


              Many people with Neptune in the 1st house become "readers," "seers," or "psychics" or "mystics" because we often can access the other dimensions and bring back knowledge. But, in order to do this without harming ourselves, we need to GROUND ourselves, often, in our home dimensional reality (3D).

  • Do you feel this attracts stalkers?
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      I find it attracts intrigued people... Who often times have thoughts that I don't want to sense.
      Maybe you draw stalkers because of difficult Pluto-Aspects, e.g. Venus/Pluto?

      @Maggie: Grounding seems to be a good idea. I wasn't outdoor the last time, because of so much school work and tests I had to do.
      But I remember that when I was inspired by a fantastic new nature, animals, day & night etc in the holidays (it was a wonderful time there), I experienced increased psychic connections.

      Some of you may know this: You relax and let every thoughts in your head flow, without reflecting about those thoughts, until you are completely relaxed, maybe even in a meditative state.
      But do you know this: You were very active and later when you relaxed, your thoughts have been 1000 times faster and 1000 times more colorful? As if they were hallucinations. But I swear I didn't take drugs :P
      • I have one potential stalker, I have seen this said and was wondering if anyone has an experience with this.

        But I have a friend who have a pluto/venus opposition and she gets obsessed ex/bfs and stalkers like nothin.
      • >Some of you may know this: You relax and let every thoughts in your head flow,
        >without reflecting about those thoughts, until you are completely relaxed,
        <maybe even in a meditative state.
        Yes...I learned to do this as a young teenager. I had an abusive mother and would run away from her and into the woods near our house. I would sit there, under the trees, hidden and safe....and let my mind roll on and on. It was very soothing to me and I was finally able to relax.

        >But do you know this: You were very active and later when you relaxed,
        >your thoughts have been 1000 times faster and 1000 times more colorful?
        Yes....activity seems to clear my mind, too. And perhaps it is a kind of "channeling," too.
        • Yeah, you ever notice getting good ideas or thinking things you want to remember right before you fall asleep?
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            Right! I mean it like that.
            Before I go to sleep, pictures come into my mind that are so fantastic, alluring, and creative. And sometimes I try to draw these things into my dream diary. Most artists are inspired by their dreams or such things when they fall asleep.
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          >>But do you know this: You were very active and later when you relaxed,
          >>your thoughts have been 1000 times faster and 1000 times more colorful?

          >Yes....activity seems to clear my mind, too. And perhaps it is a kind of "channeling," too.

          As far as I remember, you have an Aries Moon, too, Maggie. :)
          Mine is in my 3rd House, so activity stimulates my brain into very fast thinking processes. Neptune in the 1st House makes these thoughts so colorful and fantasy-like.
          It's like this: One picture lasts maybe a millisecond and it it directly transforms into another picture, which only lasts a millisecond. I played Pokemon as a child and those creatures have been the first creative and fantasy-creatures I got to know. So the millisecond-lasting pictures in my head are something like those fantasy-creatures, but ones I have never seen so far. And the colors are often neonpink, babyblue and yellow. xD

          I don't think that we mean the same thing, and my fantasy-creatures surely aren't a kind of channeling.
          Whatever "channeling" means.
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    I think it causes me to fall from one delusion to another.
    I also think it's the source of my severe body dysmorphia.
    And that it contributes greatly to my social phobia.
    Too much sensitivity. An energy I don't handle well.
    ...Has led me down too many dangerous and destructive paths.
  • I agree with the picture concept, it amazes me how much i relate. I wish the world was full of a lot more fantasy as to practicality. My ascendant is Capricorn so I find a bit of push and pull to get things.
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      "I agree with the picture concept, it amazes me how much i relate. I wish the world was full of a lot more fantasy as to practicality. My ascendant is Capricorn so I find a bit of push and pull to get things."

      I see you like to dress up, Kerry. Seems fitting :P ~ I like your chart configuration, btw - really dig that combo.
      • Anyone else with Neptune in the 1st LOVE Halloween? It is my favorite holiday. I make a new costume (or modify an old one) every year. I love the escapism and fantasy that a costume represents - this year it was Poison Ivy. I had the best wig. Neptune rules Halloween. I think the Neptune types probably have the most creative, fantasy based costumes.
        • Posion Ivy huh, i must give you an A+

          "Neptune rules Halloween. I think the Neptune types probably have the most creative, fantasy based costumes."

          I couldn't agree with you more ;) Go US.
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    having Neptune in the first is kind of a mixed blessing for me.
    Already being a very sensitive person, it amps that up to insane oversensitivity to everything and everyone. I feel like a sponge because i soak up other people's emotions and vibes and can feel their feelings shift as if they were my own. it's draining and invasive most of the the time but the up side is that i can feel people out very easily and so i tend to know what i'm dealing with better some. It also makes me super empathetic which is a mixed blessing because i always feel so damn vulnerable.

    I totally get that invisible thing, sometimes i truly feel like a gohst, i can pass undetected easily if i want to. This alternates with feelin like everyone is staring at me ( as was said with also having uranus in the first). People ive never noticed often know my name or remember me from places, its odd.

    I find my boundaries with others are blurred and easily crossed in an emotional/ psychic (kinda) way. In that we seep under each other's skin. People often project onto me and see what they want me to be and not what i am, or i confuse them and they think i'm fake.

    Other than that i totally relate to the dreaminess, - i constantly daydream and take off in my own world ,i cant help it. I need to escape somehw , the world and all of its vibes etc is too much for me sometimes. I also noticed that this aspect makes me prone to easily falling into self destructive patterns and substance addictions. Has anyone else noticed that?

    Just my 2 cents - so like or dislike.... umm mixed blessing FOR SURE.

    Other than
    • Oceaneyes - everything you said - Yes, yes, and yes! Exactly the same for me - Feel like a ghost which is sometimes benefiting if I don't want to be noticed but than so self-conscious if I find people are staring - I try to write it off as either - they do not see me and are looking right through me at something else or they are jealous at my "otherworldly" looks. :) I feel that often people look at me and are not sure why I exist. How can something that strange exist? Something that seems so out of place in this world but also seems to move in and out of it so easily? They are mystified and jealous. I guess being like a ghost might be good practice for me later when I am actually am one!

      Funny yes people never remember my name - they always think it is something else - I, on the other hand, remember peoples names I haven't even met! Yes, a big sponge!! Oh how tiring it is!! I definate need lots of escape time. I HAVE to take off in order to handle the times I can't.

      Oh yes protection!! And gotten me into some pissy arguments - I am tired of people assuming they know who I am. grrr...

      Are you a HSP? (highly sensitive person) Sounds like you might be. Lots of people with Neptune in 1st have qualities of High Sensitivity. Moon in 1st will do that too.
      • I notice the constant stares myself and their quite uncomfortable. What are they actually thinking of me is far from who i am. I like being a mystery I feel safe knowing that everyone doesn't know every aspect about me. I also had old associates whom felt it was neccsary to save me from a guy that may potentially hurt me, because of personal issues. I also stood my ground and made it clear that Im aware of my dealings and I will get out when I'm ready. I never recalled asking for any of their advice or help to begin with; my thought are please mind and attend to your own affairs.
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        lol i know what you mean about people staring. at times, it gets a bit unnerving,especially when you feel like they are not seeing what you are but what they think you are which could be anything from the worst to be highest idealization. both of which have their circumstantial up and downsides.

        but as far as being an HSP, i feel like i would definetly qualify. but i guess it depends also on what you define as high sensitivity? in regards to being sensitive to my own emotions, to those of others, and their vibes and pretty much everything in between i'd say i am very HSP. it is draining, and more so draining trying to keep it from others. there are far too many people in this world who would mistake it for weakness (which it is far from being) and try to use it to their advantage.

  • I'm a '94 baby, with Uranus conjunct Neptune in the 1st, just fyi

    -We stand out but people aren't sure why, eyes linger on us (and I am usually curious about others, lingering on them, taking them in without intending to)
    -Eye contact with other people is sometimes intense
    -I feel like my consciousness is a cloud all around me, like I am not in my body
    -Weird unexplained skin conditions that come and go, mystifies doctors
    -Swim like a fish, love being underwater
    -Sensitive to sunlight to the point that it can make me tear up if I'm not ready for it to hit me
    -Sensitive to change in social/emotional atmospheres
    -Sincerely think that love can change people, and that treating people with deep empathy and love is the best thing I can do
    -Liar as a child. Lied like a rug. Still a hard habit to give up.
    -People project onto me, seeing reflections and distortions of the world around me and of themselves
    -We can sometimes be walking portals, or vortexes, to the grand unconscious
    -We "play pretend" long past our childhoods; something so close to our hearts that we probably would hate for others to know about it
    -I love being high; it opens the astral floodgates and chaos pours into me
    -Poetry, man

    I recommend, if you have this planetary position, that you try taking long showers in total darkness. Sounds scary, but it has becomes my favorite thing to do. Just....try, hahah

    Do we all look at ourselves the mirror all the time? Do we all like to hear ourselves sing? Do we all dance alone in our rooms and evoke strange and wonderful power? Do we all get intensely overwhelmed by beauty? I hope so.

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