Lilith in the 1st house

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Lilith in the 1st house
by D.G.Jay from Interpreting Lilith (1981)
<specifically concerning the Dark Moon Lilith ~ but applicable to all Lilith forms ~ mem>

in the 1st Lilith creates an inexhaustible drive for personal identity & a recognition this one feels strangely denied of.

From early on, this one experiences a nagging inner sense of personal denial when projecting himself along the usual day to day lines for mundane gratifications that are naturally subject to the approval or disapproval of others. He feels overlooked ~ unappreciated.

In youth, they feel greatly overshadowed by the personalities of others, inadequate or strangely different, resulting in deeply rooted feelings of inferiority ~ particularly about their personal appearance.

... they feel canceled out by others, particularly when projecting themselves for personal/emotional advantage or approval. Some may compensate for the frustration through a deliberately asserted independence, to draw attention to themselves. Usually it is the wrong kind of attention that they may finally attract, ending with just another frustration, or being disciplined rather than gratified.

There are some who may, on the other hand, simply draw into themselves, appearing mysterious or 'special', until they can find an outlet for self-expression through something they do rather than through themselves personally.

The intellectual or strongly positive types, have more natural ability to be detached, or at least to be more emotionally independent & thus flow more readily with Lilith in the 1st. There are also those among the subjective types who have Uranus strong enough in their charts to finally develop an "I don't care" attitude. They will lose themselves in a creative area or hobby, a mental, social, or technical interest, through which they discover personal satisfactions & eventually their broader identity through achievement. It could also come from simply learning to take a philosophic approach in personal matters.

Any one of these extroverted avenues seeds a less subjective & more detached approach to life in general that works well for the greater maturity of the personality. Self-projection this way, leaves him or her less subject to direct personal approval, but subject, rather, to approval for a special talent which Lilith then brightly focuses.

There is everything positive about Lilith on positive levels, thus in creative areas it is greatly furthering of talent & personal magnetism. Lilith's specialized energy is blocked from positive outlet only when negated within the emotional static of superficial desires becoming denying, frustrating or repressing.

Subjectivity, sentiment & emotionalism are Luna's domain, as Luna rules the emotional soul. It is Lilith that rules the intellectual soul & is anathema to human weakness.

When this one finally depersonalizes; in other words, becomes emotionally liberated from himself (forgets about himself), by viewing life through more objective eyes, strong confidence & a fascinating quality of true specialness arises. It makes this one difficult indeed to overlook.

As Lilith frustrates personality on selfish levels in exaggerates charisma within mental-creative interests, creating a disarming charm & noticeable attracting power.

Lilith elevates on objective levels.

It then brings to this kind of personality, an exuberance that is so automatically attention drawing as to appear flirtatious or coquettish, even though this is far from their intention.

A disarming curiosity is exuded over you as they eagerly seek to 'know' you.
Parallel this with Lilith in Ares.

They can be inspiring instructors & quite charismatic as leaders.
These are one of a kind people.
They are unique.
They are pathfinders.
At the very least you will not find an ordinary type with Lilith in the 1st house.
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    Tue, May 17, 2011 - 11:51 AM
    I like when this was written, and one of the most fascinating aspects to astrology is how all of it remains within the solar system, it's rare to have exterior stars subjected to personality tests, and really at the most gross level it's all very physical, very "rocky", every minor personality is a rock, instead of a nucleus, with disagree-ors circling as electrons, connecting to other nuclei. So there are gross levels of combination, and subtle levels, and largely those I just mentioned rarely if ever get used, because the focus is away from certain subjects, placed again on those which have less of a science-y feel. It's all just organization.

    I also see Lilith herself in some things written there, and really making the presumption that she is female doesn't work out at some levels "(forgets about himself)", so, as always, it's about how people aid others to see themselves in these circumstances and belief-structures, and how consciously the commands issue into others' minds.

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