Steampunk Dildo??

topic posted Mon, May 4, 2009 - 7:19 PM by  Steamboat Ed
It was inevitable I suppose... ;-)
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Steamboat Ed
SF Bay Area
  • I was asked about suppling a boiler for this ,but I had never seen it. From a practical standpoint it would be useless. It will get hot as hell, it will leak scalding hot water and steam when running, and the turbine won't provide any vibration unless it has some sort of balance issue.
    If it is run on air it will get really cold.
    • Hey Kimrick go for it! I'd donate my boiler but it's in a boat right now and it'd take some real plumbing to make it reach. I 'spect we won't get to see this widget at Maker Faire so bring a camera, eh? :-)
  • Unsu...
 repeat myself, "Visions of riveted bimetal vibrators leaking steam in jets play across my sensorium."

    Sas : )

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