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Here are a few clips I put together that Kerry supporters might be interested in. The first piece from says it all -- Kerry goes 3-and-0, but some pundits are ho-hum. Want to counteract this unfair spin? Send these clips around to your email lists, post them up and spread the news!


+ The media reaction: Ho-hum, just a Kerry sweep +
If Bush had won all three debates, would the pundits have been so reserved?

By Eric Boehlert,, 10. 13, 2004

It's hard to imagine that if an array of instant poll results spread over three debates and two weeks showed that John Kerry had failed to win a single survey, let alone a single debate, that Wednesday night's media spin would have been as humdrum as it was, when polls once again revealed Kerry had bested President Bush for the third time in as many tries. And Kerry did so with relative ease. According to the CNN/Gallup survey, 52 percent of voters thought Kerry won the third and final debate, compared to 39 percent who gave it to President Bush….

Despite the consistent polling results, most of the assembled television pundits Wednesday night considered the debate to be a draw and suggested it would, in the end, have little impact on Election Day. Again, it's hard to imagine that the media response would have been so reserved if it were Bush completing a debate sweep. Either the pundits are right to discount the importance of the debates and that the last two presidential face-offs really were draws, or voters have been sending a clear message over the last two weeks, one that's been falling on deaf ears inside the media's Beltway. We'll know the answer to that question in 20 days.

+ Early poll: Kerry clear winner in debate +

CNN, Thursday, October 14, 2004

TEMPE, Arizona (CNN) -- Sen. John Kerry appeared to gain more momentum heading toward November 2, easily beating President Bush in the third and final debate, a poll taken late Wednesday night suggests.

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup snap poll taken immediately after the presidential debate found that respondents gave a significant edge to Kerry over Bush, 52 percent to 39 percent.

+ Round 3: Bush Grins, Spins but Doesn't Win +

By Tom Shales, Washington Post
Thursday, October 14, 2004; Page C01

An essentially dignified and thoughtful performance by John Kerry, contrasted with an oddly giggly turn by George W. Bush, combined to give the last debate of the presidential campaign to the challenger last night, but very narrowly.

Bush seems to have been taken apart and put back together again after each debate, reassembled according to estimates of how he'd done. Last night it looked as though his handlers had told him to smile, smile, smile, especially when Kerry was trying to make points, points, points.

+ Bush Smiles, but Laughter Falls Short +

By ALESSANDRA STANLEY, New York Times, October 14, 2004

The president took all the criticism to heart.

He smiled brightly when he spoke and refrained from raising his voice. When he watched Senator John Kerry speak, George Bush was careful to keep his neck extended, chin up, and his frame still. He did not frown or smirk.

But at times, the strain of correcting the angry, defensive impression of the first two debates wore through. On a question about health care costs, he stopped midway through an antimedia joke - "In all due respect, I'm not so sure it's credible to quote leading news organizations about" - with the words, "oh, never mind." And then he laughed, a "heh heh heh" that was not echoed in the room.

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