Driving completely nude with no clothes at all

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I once drove completely naked from Aberdeen, Scotland to Gloucestershire in England, a distance of over 500 miles. I was completely nude and had no clothes with me in the car, I got into my car nude when I left and got out nude at my destination. I got stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway and a car next to me had 4 girls inside, as we moved slowly along side by side, I could see they were looking at me and laughing..............eventually one of the girls wound a window down and shouted accross to me asking if i was naked......I answered yes.

They started shouting and cheering and whistling, so I pushed my hips up and gave them a quick look.....I was shaking at this point and getting very aroused........this lasted for an hour and during the whole time they were looking inside my I slowly masturbated.....when I cum they give a big cheer and wolf whistles.

It was truly memorable
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    Re: Driving completely nude with no clothes at all

    Wed, October 25, 2006 - 10:42 PM
    I did this one morning, but a very short distance. I lived only about 1/2 mile from the ocean, so when I woke up (nude, of course) it was still dark so I snuck out to my car in front of the little apartment complex, drove over the bridge to the beach and parked along the beach road. There were a surprising number of cars and people out that early. I waited a minute, then hopped out and ran about 30 feet up to an opening in the beach wall to check the waves. A man walking out from the sand with a cup of coffee in his hand paused briefly to double check what he was looking at, then walked past me back to his car.

    I stood there a moment looking at the ocean, then ran back to my car and drove back home. I had nothing at all in the car to use to cover up if I needed to. Very exhilarating!

    It would have been even more exhilarating a few days later when my car crapped out on me a few blocks from home! Good thing it waited a few days to die, but it was simple to repair. I was clothed then.
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      Re: Driving completely nude with no clothes at all

      Thu, October 26, 2006 - 12:17 AM
      the original post was mine and shortly after that my car did crap out on the motorway with me stark naked and no clothes...........
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        Sun, November 22, 2009 - 1:47 PM
        I am a truck driver and I love to drive nude. One night late , about 2:00am, I was driving my rig nude on a two lane state highway when an un marked police officer decided to give me a random check. I was compleatly nude. He jumped up on the running board, unusual, they generlay just stand on the ground. Any how he looked directly at my crotch, then at me asking , where are your clothes ?

        The answer I gave , and the rest of the story will come later. As this is a true story and the final outcome turned out to be in my favor.
        Untill I wright again, just use your imagination !
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    Wed, November 25, 2009 - 1:08 PM
    I too have driven in my car buck nekkid and my ex-wife as well. We use to find a baby sitter and go from New Orleans, Louisiana along I-10 to Pensecola Florida and generally at night but my wife always enjoyed putting on a good show for truckers by turning one the interior ceiling light and flashing them. One time we did it both nude and got pulled over by a motorcycle cop along Gulf Shores, Alabama. He actually started laughing so hard he was crying. After he stopped laughing and regained his composure, my ex spread her legs and offered to give him a really great fuck. He handcuffed to the back bench seat of our mini van while he poked her good in the front passenger seat in the reclining position. They had a blast. When he was finished, he apologized for handcuffing me. I wasn't even slightly uspset and gave him our phone number the next time he came to Nawlins. He did a few times later that year, and no handcuffs. But she had a nice pair of boobicles that most men enjoyed seeing and playing with. After our divorce she destroyed al lthe photos.
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    Sun, December 6, 2009 - 8:44 AM
    I've done this many times, only got pulled over once. Slipped into my shorts before the cop came up and he told me I'd been reported by cell phone as driving nude. "Guess somebody doesn't like you," he said and let me go with a warning about my speed.

    Many other times I've driven near/after dark about 350 across Arkansas (from Texarkana, TX to Hayti, MO) with my clothes in the back. Put them on to fuel up and then got on my naked way to Illinois.

    Lots of times along the Lake Michigan shoreline, too. A couple of times I put my clothes in the back and drove from Grand Rapids, MI to Nordhouse Dunes (about 115 miles), parked the car, hiked 2 miles to the beach and spent a long weekend there, then hiked back to the car and drove to Manistee where I dressed and had my first meal in days before returning to town.
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    Re: Driving completely nude with no clothes at all

    Thu, December 17, 2009 - 11:41 PM

    I once drove naked with my girlfriend in the car. Actually she drove. We were coming from a bar. I got undressed and sat in the passenger seat. There was a car of women that noticed me and drove up beside us for a while looking in. I was a little nervous but I liked it. My girlfriend seemed kind of neutral when she stated matter-of-factly they were looking at me. Maybe she thought I was crazy and was just being politely silent about her thoughts, maybe she was intrigued, or maybe she just liked having a naked man in her car. I don't know. Anyway, we had hot sex when we got home.
  • I used to drive naked every chance I got. Several times I drove completely naked from Dallas to Panama City Florida. I got stopped the last time though, and haven't since. I was lucky, I saw the trooper, and put my shorts on right away. He couldn't do anything because he didn't see me naked. He was grinning the whole time we talked. I wonder if he would have let me go even if I hadn't gotten my shorts on.
  • once drove a rented moving van from Las Vegas NV to Denver CO. Also used to drive home from the nudist resort in my pickup all the time. Once took a nude mountain drive in a little two-seater convertible with the top down. My wife, in the passenger seat, was amused but didn't participate. She's a bit conservative.
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    Re: Driving completely nude with no clothes at all

    Thu, January 26, 2012 - 1:02 PM
    I have driven totally naked many times. Once I drove from Dulles airport to Frederick, MD. A trip just over 40 miles. The first part was on a toll road so I waited until I got through the toll booth before I got naked. I parked along the side of the highway, got naked and locked my clothes in the trunk of the rental car. Several cars passed by me as I did is. It was great fun driving while naked. A couple of times I needed to take a piss so I just stopiped on the side of the road, got out and did it it the glare of my headlights. It felt great to drive with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand stocking my cock and playing with my balls. When I got to my destination I pulled into the hotel parking lot, got out of the car to get my clothes out of the trunk to get dressed so I could check in. That was just the beginning of a fun, naked week in and around the hotel.
  • I drove from Newcastle to Liverpool once. Totally naked. It was a lovely summers day. I was driving a convertible with the top down. Fortunately I didn't get stopped as I had no way of covering up. With my clothes being in the boot. Felt amazing to be free and feel the wind and sun on my skin. Pulled in to my parents drive. Put the roof back and let myself into the house.
  • I woke up on a hot August night, walked out the front door barefoot and stark naked with only my car keys and drove to the lake 20 miles away. Went and sat at the lake and felt the cool breeze, laid back on a picnic table and almost fell asleep. That would have been an interesting story waking up to see daylight, 20 miles from home stark naked. On the way home I passed two cops...then I started thinking what I would do if the car broke down or I had a flat...whatever I did wouldve had to be done naked. Part of me wishes i would have been stranded naked...
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    Sat, September 15, 2012 - 12:24 PM
    Just got back from a two week vacation and the first time i did a 400 miles trip naked! It was a blast.
    Got on the road before sun rise it was warm so left my shorts on the seat next to me for cover up just in case and no shirt .Driving down the road i got on the two lane interstate I 80. Not manny people on the road yet some truckers i got bold and left my shorts on the seat as i past them as i was jerking off Could not beleave how hot i got or the rush it gave me. Now the sun is up and warm on my skin. My dick has been hard over an hour balls are tight and i!m leaking pre-cum ready to cum ,now there some more cars and trucks on the road and were comming to a work site we get into one lane and slow down .Now i!m thinking this would be a good time to release my balls of there load when the braks light of the car in front of me come on we are now craling along.Now i let go of my dick and look to see whats up beside me.Up ahead is a flag man waving us on,i reach for my shorts and there gone i look on the floor not there look in the back seat and floor not there now i start to panic i have nothing to cover myself with and he turns the sign for me to stop.My mind is raceing what do i do i`m still hard and it will not go down a good brease will have me cumming.
    as i come to a stop he walks up to my car now he has a little smile on his face he know i`m naked i try to cover but i can`t hide my hard wet dick, now that smile turns into a shiteating grin as he see my hard on he leans down on the suv door and said are we haveing fun and with that reaches in, pushing his hand between my legs to my ass and puts a finger in my ass i feel my hole hold his finger as he pulls out slides his palm up my balls to my dick and gripes me hard rubs his fingers over my wet head ,now he looks me in the eye and said if there were time he would pull me out of the suv and fuck my naked ass for all to see (this just makes hotter) and ask how close i am to cumming. but one look at my face and he knows i`m ready, his hand is now pulling on my dick up and down over and over my balls go super tight he slide his finger back into my ass i get up to help him and start comming i never cam so hard and long as then.Cum was all over me the truck and my new friend. He pulls his finger out of my ass and runs his fingers in the cum still comming out of my dick and sucks it off. A voice is saying let them go Bo and the sing turn to slow and he waves us on .I drive down the road a few more miles to the rest stop i don`t care who see me naked i am shaking so mush i need a rest i find my shorts that had slid down next to the door puy them on and go for coffie, i get back to the truck and go over what just happen, just got caught naked,had a finger up my ass and got jerk off by a man.Now my dick is hard agan so i take off my shorts get back into the truck drive the rest of the way home naked and hard.Oh he gave me his number i might call.

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