Pasteurized vs. unpasteurized Juices

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Here's a couple links I found...two perspectives to consider...

Processed vs. Natural Juices

This is a quick look at the differences between processed (canned or bottled) juices and fresh, natural juices that is made with your juice machine.

Processed Juices

Bottle juice is pasteurized and the nutrients are depleted.
Juices made from imported produce may carry traces of banned pesticides.
Juices from fruit concentrates do not contain the whole fruits and they may be nothing more than sugar water -- possibly made with chemicals in water from industrial sites.
Acids from juices can leech metal from cans, causing canned juice to spoil.
Wax and other chemicals found in juice containers can taint the juice.
Shrink-wrapped juice cartons come under high heat that depletes enzymes in juice.

Natural Juices

Natural juices contain all the vitamins, minerals, fluids, enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll (with no toxic additives) found in raw vegetables - thereby helping the body by:

Promoting growth and development
Assisting with digestion
Providing energy
Protecting against oxidation
Renewing cells
Enriching Blood

We always recommend juicing organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

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Pasteurized Juice

Pasteurized juice is safest because it has been heated hot enough and long enough to kill bacteria.

Pasteurization is the process of heating liquid or semi-liquid foods to a particular temperature for a designated period sufficient to destroy certain bacteria.

Pasteurized vs. unpasteurized

Pasteurization is the process of heating liquid or semi-liquid foods to a particular temperature for a designated period sufficient to destroy certain bacteria.

Unpasteurized juice (often called “fresh juice”) has not been through this process. Published reports indicate that over 95% of the juice consumed by Americans each year is pasteurized. However, because pasteurized and unpasteurized juice may look and taste the same, you may not know if the juice you buy and serve is pasteurized or not.

Risks associated with unpasteurized juice

Recent foodborne illness outbreaks associated with unpasteurized apple and orange juices have sickened hundreds, even proving fatal for a few. While all people are at risk for foodborne illness, some groups of individuals are at greater risk for developing more severe symptoms.

These "high-risk groups" include: young children, senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems.


My thoughts are that juicers are first one was a Krups, which was only $40, but the one I have now is an Omega 9000 and it was $249. Juicing takes a lot of time, you have to get the organic produce, wash it, spin it, cut it up, then clean everything etc...then even if you make a lot of it and seal it up in a glass mason jar with little air in there, the live enzymes are dead after 15 minutes or so, although you still get the vitamins and minerals. Juice places like Robeks or your food co-op can be expensive, as can the bottled stuff from Evolution or Harvest (which now is pasturized unfortunately.) But it's not always convenient to juice or to get fresh juice. But, I feel like with juice fasting, you have to go out of your way and endure the won't get the same benefits from drinking'll get a lot of sugar that will keep you going, but you'd be missing out on all the great stuff out there. I recommend that people figure out a way to save some money and maybe vacation time to do this. It's not easy. Fasting can and does take a lot out of you (literally.) Mentally, physically, emotionally it's a journey and a learning experience. It's a time to be introspective and to grow and to learn more about your body and how to listen to what it is telling to heal yourself, how to unveil what intuitive processes might be trying to break through. It's so much more than just losing a few pounds or kick-starting a healthy lifestyle. Please read as much as you can...there is no one way that is necessarily better than another...just find what works best for you, what makes sense to you and go from there. Don't forget to take everything with a grain of salt, and to have fun! Good Luck :D
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