Orgasm as a Mystical Experience

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Recently I came upon a passage in “Further Along the Road less Traveled,” (which I have not read all the way through)… but this chapter sparked my curiosity… the chapter is titled “Orgasm as a Mystical Experience.”

Basically it explains that Abram Maslow, through research he conducted involving people who he identified as “self actualized” (study Maslow Theory of Hierarchy for more of an explanation), he came to the conclusion/understanding that people who reach this level share some commonalities… one being that they “routinely experienced orgasm as a spiritual experience, mystical even.”

He goes on to compare the mystical experience of orgasm to ego death which he states is a “necessary part of the spiritual journey.” The French refer to orgasm as “la petite mort” which is interpreted as “the little death.” The author states that in order to reach the highest spiritual climax possible, through intercourse naturally there has to be a deep spiritual connection between the lovers. Once we reach that “brief peak point of little death” we loose some sense of physical reality no longer completely physically grounded, a loss of ego, self, separateness… ego death. For you Dead Heads think steal your face.

The author (M. Scott Peck) quotes a Swami as saying… “At the moment of mutual climax, each as individuals has no more significance to the other than the gates of heaven for the one within.” And Joseph Campbell is quoted as well, “When one has lost oneself in the rapture of love, the partner is of no more importance than the portals of the temple through which one has passed to the alter.”

He has a lot to say about the notions of and illusions of “romantic love” as well, which once I’ve digested, I will attempt to regurgitate and share with you all. I just was very taken with this passage and felt compelled to share… and maybe get some feedback about this topic.
Blessings to all
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    In my opinion, I think the whole sex act is a mystical experience... not just the orgasm part. (I find it funny that all the experts you quoted are men and I wonder if that is why they are so focused on the "end result"... so to speak. *grin*) I have had visions numerous times while in the throes of foreplay, as well as orgasm. It has only happened with one partner... my husband... so I do think there is a necessity for a deep connection between the two lovers. However, just because I have only experienced it in a monogamous relationship does not, in my opinion, mean that one can not experience a mystical experience during a one night stand. I think it all depends on the perceptions and boundries set forth by the individuals.

    I have often thought that sex is one of those transitory experiences that allows one to cross over from one sense of reality to another. Birth, death, sex... I really do think they are some of the most primal acts for human-kind and, as such, give us access to stuff that we normally "tune out" or "block out." I have been fascinated with the shamanic aspects of sex for about a year now. I have done some research but not a ton. I first stumbled onto this idea when I read the "It Sleeps in Me" fiction book series by Kathleen O'Neal Gear. In it, she describes a healing sex ritual called the "andacwander" which was recorded by a Jesuit when he viewed it when visiting the Huron tribe. Using sex in healing... at first I was like WOW! Then I thought, "of course!" Hearing about this ritual, helped me to make sense of my visions, which had been happening on and off for over thirteen years. Sex as a portal, a gateway to the Otherworld, which could be harnessed for divination, healing... whatever. Mind-blowing, really!

    You can find the first book of the series "It Sleeps in Me" on Amazon.
    Another book I've looked at on Amazon is: "Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil" by Jenny Wade I haven't read it yet but I thought it looked fascinating!

    Thanks for the cool topic!

    Blessings ~ Michelle Skye
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    Mon, August 11, 2008 - 10:12 AM
    I love this topic. I am finding it interesting that the quotes are from men, who, in my experience usually have the shortest orgasms. The little deaths, the peek into the window or portal of infinite bliss.
    As a tantric yogini I've done quite a bit of pleasure research as well as spiritual research. In the pleasure research area, I have found that orgasm can be extended indefinitely, for women, and so that portal could be open at will...until whenever.
    Orgasm as a Mystical Experience...well, women were burned at the stake for it. Our power to create, to conjure, to manifest and become one with our Divinity is, in my experience, why Goddess was so revered once upon a time, and women made in the likeness of Her were so naturally respected.
    It is absolutely both mystical and physical...and in women, those two places meet and are a sacred portal for any and all whom we wish to bless with that experience.
    That's my piece...
    Juicy Blessings,
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      Re: Orgasm as a Mystical Experience

      Mon, August 11, 2008 - 8:53 PM
      Thank you both for your responses....
      this is exactly the kind of feedback I was hopeing for....
      and now I have more reserch to do...
      and some ideas of where to find more information on this topic...

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