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topic posted Mon, August 2, 2004 - 8:35 PM by  Nick
There is a local myth that somewhere in Long Beach there is an entrance to an "underground city" that was built in the 50's during the beginning of the cold war. Does anyone know about this?
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Los Angeles
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    Mon, August 2, 2004 - 8:56 PM
    Well, there's the underground military base in San Pedro...

    Pretty extensive tunnels too, you can actually sneak in and
    go exploring.
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      Re: Underground City

      Mon, August 2, 2004 - 9:05 PM
      oh man we so need to have tours and admission fees.

      we'd be rich.
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        Tue, August 3, 2004 - 3:20 PM
        I heard about the underground base. How do you get in there?
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          Tue, August 3, 2004 - 11:33 PM
          Angels Gate Recreation Center
          3601 South Gaffey Street
          San Pedro, CA

          There is a parking lot across Gaffey St.
          Walk into the park...up and around.
          You'll find the way in near the following GPS coordinates:
          N 33° 42.773 W 118° 17.601

          Otherwise, nose around and you'll find it. I'm sure you're not
          "supposed" to be in there, but it is open nonetheless.

          Be sure to bring is very dark.

          Pics of our adventure in Fort MacArthur

          The image "graffitipan.jpg" shows you the way in. Look for this, it is not hard to miss.

          Also be sure to check out the nearby military museum

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            Re: Underground City

            Wed, August 4, 2004 - 10:11 AM
            Wow, coordinates and everything! Thanks, Mikey! By the way, is it illegal to go there or what? I wouldn't want to get in trouble.
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              Thu, August 5, 2004 - 10:31 PM
              Well...the park is open to the public, as is the museum.

              The underground tunnels...those are a different story.
              I saw no signs posted saying "No Trespassing."
              However, I am sure you'd get in trouble if you actually got
              caught in there. At the very most, you might get told to leave
              I doubt you'd get into serious trouble.

              We spent a good amount of time there during the day and had no
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                Re: Underground City

                Thu, August 12, 2004 - 9:07 AM
                OK, so yesterday a friend and I drove all the way to San Pedro. I printed Mikey's information and was so excited. We stopped and parked at that Korean parking lot/park. It was absolutely beautiful there! I had no idea. There is also a parking lot/park over the bluff/hillside. We snooped around and saw the military silos and the museum, but could NOT find the entrance!!! We were literally on top of the underground tunnels, but couldn't find the entrance, and I have no idea how to follow the coordinates! I was so disappointed. :(

                On a sidenote, the area is absolutely stunning with the ocean view and the park. It looks like Malibu. I recommend everyone go there.

                Crestfallen in Long Beach.
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    Re: Underground City

    Tue, August 31, 2004 - 8:31 AM
    People might also be referring to the tunnel from downtown - around Pine street - to the beach. It was full of arcades, shops, restaurants, etc. but has been closed for many years now. I think the entrance would have been somewhere near the Renaissance hotel on the corner of Pine and Ocean. I'm pretty sure you can't get in that way. I'm not sure exactly where it would come out on the other side of Ocean or if you can get in there from that side either.
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      Tue, August 31, 2004 - 10:48 AM
      Nick what you are reffering to is the fall out shelters and tunnel systems etc under the long beach airport area. I have not thought about that in a long time, but I believe it was back in ww2 days that They built pretty extensive subsystems for people to go into if the cold war all of a sudden became hot. .

      In san pedro there is sunken city. But that was from one the major earthquakes.
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    Fri, April 6, 2012 - 5:44 AM
    I think there is an underground city in long beach. The door is located near Pine hill, going tward the pike, across the street from the convention center, where the parking lot is, you'll see the door.
    The local Myth was that is was built during the war for the Navy when they were stationed the Long Beach back in the day and they used it for emergencies and went to safety in San Pedro.
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      Wed, May 16, 2012 - 3:51 PM
      Is that the part of the city that is underwater? I thought there was a story of part of Long Beach under water and you can see some of the old buildings...?

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