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topic posted Mon, February 20, 2012 - 12:28 AM by  enursecarrie
I am making a trips again..The times and dates are below~
And if you wanting to meet with me while I am in your town,
Than please let me know as soon as you know for sure?

I am a professional E-Nurse and if are into the same thing im in to like
Klismaphilia,Sensual massage, therapeutic enemas, medical fetishes, Cath's,
Sounding, pr*state massage, toys, than we are friend all ready~

Dallas TX. Feb. 10th-12th at check out~
St. Louis February 24th-26th at check out~

Key words, probing,tens,electro,cath's,enema,medical,equipment,toys..etc..

reviews,pictures,videos..not a Dom..kind caring and understanding~
Thank you~

Nurse Carrie~
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Little Rock

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