Virgo on the 4th House Cusp

topic posted Sat, August 28, 2010 - 8:13 PM by  berthe
i have no planets in my 4th house.....just virgo on the 4th house cusp.....

can anyone interpret this for me? thanks so much :-) my chart is in my profile pics.....

have a great weekend!

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    Re: Virgo on the 4th House Cusp

    Sat, August 28, 2010 - 10:39 PM
    Hi berthe,=-D

    I have virgo on my 4th house cusp like you, well, actually virgo and libra,but virgo is supposed to be my 4th house ruler.

    Anyway, I found this description.
    It looks like you have quite a bit of libra in your 4th house as well.
    It doesn't mean libra rules your 4th house ,but it has an influence on it.

    I think I'm a mix of the two descriptions. If I had my way, I would decorate my home in really artistic and create ways. I would love to put something like gesso on the walls and create large colored formations like spirals and such. Sorry, I'm getting carried away.
    I find that I tend to be kind of a minimalist though, I don't like alot of things are me. I don't like having alot of furniture and whatnot.

    Can you relate to these descriptions?

    Anyway, back to the description (here's the link too)

    W hen Virgo in The 4-th House
    The Virgo influence in the fourth house makes the native fussy and particular around his/her home. The native is more independent and constructive as to the duty assignments he/she will accept, since any and all obligations which he/she assumes must meet rigid standards of subjective perfection. Initially, his/her thinking is strongly influenced by home conditions and parental examples, which eventually give way to subjective inventory and better exploitation of the native's natural background and heritage.

    W hen Libra in The 4-th House
    The native usually comes from a happy and secure family background, which enables him/her to flower early in life. This is the pattern of the fortunate one who is born into life of beauty, security, happiness and comfort. This person's home is often the balancing point in his/her life. The native need to have his/her abode attractively decorated, and filled with congenial people.

    I hope this helps you.=-)

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      Sat, August 28, 2010 - 10:56 PM
      thanks so much, robin, for taking the time to look up info and the link :)

      i am not a perfectionist housekeeper....i like alot of pictures, art prints, cross stitch things....and i have lots of books on various shelves....i am fussy about those....i have my books in topical order lol :))))

      it is really late so i must go.....but i think you sound a bit more less cluttered than i am !!! lol :)))


      ps...have a happy sunday!
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    Re: Virgo on the 4th House Cusp

    Mon, August 30, 2010 - 9:45 AM
    I have a girlfriend with Virgo on the 4th, along with Saturn in Virgo. Sun and Moon in Pisces in the 10th opposite Saturn in Virgo in 4th.

    She's a messy housekeeper, more Pisces than Virgo. But, she's very reclusive and doesn't like "drop ins' and believes her home to be a santuary. Usually has a sink full of dishes, un-made beds, clothes on the floor, etc.

    Interestingly, her parents split up when she was a child (Sun/Moon opposite Saturn). It has affected her mannerisms in that she's very aloof until she gets to know a person.

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