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This is what Greer had to say at a recent Exopolitics Conference:

"We have confirmation - and I'm not going to give the name yet because
we are trying to coax this guy out of the closet - but one of the senior
people in the SETI project, which is the Carl Sagan Search for
Extraterrestrial project, has confirmed to the Disclosure Project that
they have received multiple extraterrestrial signals," Greer said.

"but that now they are getting external human, probably NRO or NSA
jamming of those signals and they are getting very frustrated. "

Greer continued, "The question is why hasn't the SETI project, funded by
Paul Alan the co-founder of Microsoft, come forward with this
information? I'm a little uncomfortable even mentioning this, except for
the fact that the public needs to know that this effort, which has
received a great deal of mainstream media attention, has actually
confirmed to us from two inside sources that they have received
extraterrestrial signals and have confirmed them as being
extraterrestrial and that they have become increasing in frequency and

Dr. Steven Greer is head of the the Disclosure Project
<>, a non-profit organization with
almost now 500 former military, intelligence, and government employees
who go on record about their various experiences with aliens and alien

Since the National Press Conference of 2001, viewed by millions of
people across the globe, Steven Greer has been referred to as the
authority on the truth about extraterrestrials.

For Greer to come out and make a statement of this magnitude, something
is defiantly up. We will wait patiently to see whether or not these SETI
insiders take the stage and become whistle blowers for this monumental

Watch the video below of Dr. Steven Greer at the conference while he
discusses this new SETI situation.
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    Wed, July 5, 2006 - 8:55 PM
    I have an intuitive feeling that the above story is TRUE, and also that they made the statement that they made, to escape persecution by our government or the anti-light agenda..... **this could be preceeding First Contact*** Perhaps this is the ETs way of saying, "We are here...." I mean, who ISN'T going to listen to a highly respected scientist at SETI, right? I wonder, will more respected and prominent citizens help announce UFOs? I wonder, are all those videos of evidence "leaked" to Google more "positive plants"? My intuition says YES. I guess the ETs will come when they know everybody's ready. They are wise to not give out a specific contact date. Imagine how depressed we would all be if they announced they'd come on, say, July 20, which is my birthday--and then they didn't show up! Or perhaps they have been showing up ALL ALONG, but our media have suppressed it.
    Let's just assume that God is playing with a full deck of cards, and that the ETs are doing First Contact in the best possible of ways..... I think First Contact began some time ago, but they have to time everything in such a way that the highest good of ALL PEOPLE INVOLVED is upheld.... Isn't that how God manifests?
    Sometimes, the Lord and Lady save the best for last..... There could be very good reasons WHY.....

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