opening of kundalini during love making

in the above picture you will see a couple in love making seen from the can see love making seens on the walls of tantra temples of khajuraho where a man is trying to massage a point on the spine of woman . if you massage this point on the spine during love making the kundalini opens .and a lot of energy strats moving. the love making change drastically. you will posses with this kundalini energy.some tantrics opens this kundalini even without love making by touching this point on spine or massaging the third eye. after opening this point your whole body will start viberating and dancing. this is a function of a master or tanric to open your kundalini so a seed can become opening of this kundalini the lover also realises her divinty. opening of others kundalini and taking to the person to doors of god is one of the noble job. other jobs is nothing incomparison to this job. helping others to realising their divinity and helping existance is a noble and divine work. thats why tantrics created temple of sex .sex is divine .its way to godliness.
in this way by opening to others kundalini you are helping mankind. because after opening this kundalini you become innocent ,harmonious ,celebrating .then you dont fight .you becomes loving to others. and humanity needs it. humanity needs tantra .its only hope. becuse it can change people. each and every person has to change then only this world will change.
posted by bodhisatva on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - link to this photo

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