`Muzak' branded ceiling mount speakers - Santa Clara

topic posted Tue, July 5, 2005 - 8:01 PM by  Marshall

There's a dumpster in the parking lot of a building just east and adjacent to `The Mercado' shopping center in Santa Clara near 101 & Great America that's full of Muzak branded ceiling mount speakers. They appear to be in great shape and are b/t 6-8" in diameter. I believe it says `Yahoo' on the side of the building and it's being renovated for new tenants. The dumpster itself is sitting in the southeast quadrant of the parking lot and is the kind that's as large as a shipping container.

This same dumpster turned up a bunch of perfectly good compact fluorescent bulbs a few days ago. Friggen gold mine!

Your friend in `garbage',

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SF Bay Area

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