How Cancers flirt/show interest

topic posted Tue, February 24, 2009 - 6:01 PM by  alex
Hello, all. I'm a little confused.

I'm a Virgo Sun/Scorpio Rising/Aries Moon who may be interested in a Cancer. Problem is, I like to really feel things out and be absolutely certain they could be interested before I try something and make a fool of myself.

Cancers are a little perplexing. I have strong feelings and my silly Arian moon tendencies make me impatient and just want to get on with it, but I'm still way too cautious. I need to know for sure. I think I may be getting a few signals but I don't want to mistake them for simple friendliness. There's like a huge wall around this person. And I don't have the gourd to break through it!

How do Cancers flirt? In what ways do they send out signals showing they might be interested? Never been with a Cancer. My grandma is a Cancer but she's a bit of a fruit loop - not very Cancer at all, weirdly. So I don't have anything to go on.

Thanks for any help to all you Cancers out there!
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    Tue, February 24, 2009 - 7:14 PM
    If the Cancer likes you, you'll have no problems. But, be open, because in my case, it is usually the girl, who has to make the first move. The Cancer reacts honestly, watch the non-verbal communication. If he/she is not hanging around much after you've been clear, I would gage that as a signal. When I really like someone, I usually can't make the first move because of the obviousness of my liking her. I feel stupid. My heart races. There's no decorum. I think for the Cancer, we really like a lot of people, but it's only a very few, who we actually get, and we'll wait for years until the "right" one comes along only to realize they saw they could take advantage of us. We are very superficial, attracted to beauty, eloquent words, and fine figures, total bitches, who make for turbulent endings. I can remember loving someone for ten years before I could move along, but it was just because there was another bitch to take her place. Each one, however has come back to me and said they realized what love was. Sadly, I think I choose them because I knew they wouldn't be able to maintain a relationship with me. I think a Cancer needs a lot of space, but only because the act of loving is so all-consuming for a Cancer that there's no room for anything else. A Cancer wants to be loved and the same way that he/she loves, and this is without falsification. If you think you like this person, please ask them. Ask them to be honest with you. This allows a Cancer to tell you everything they are thinking about you. Even if it isn't what you may have wanted to hear, you might find the story deeper and more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. Also, allow other occasions for the Cancer to continue. In fact, you should ask the question and then say, "Take all the time you need to answer. I don't expect you to have your thoughts formulated now. I want you to take your time in your reply." If they haven't been thinking about you, they might have a quick answer, but knowing you've been thinking about them, may start a fire in their heart. Either way, give the Cancer time. Cancers like to create beauty too, and they thrive on being able to communicate honestly and to be spoken to with honesty. Even though you may be thinking you are not certain about this Cancer, we are fairly simply to understand. We want to be with people we can ravage. Our mates are like food to us. We drink them in, savor their voices, live to share our hearts, and when someone is equal to us, the Cancer opens up and you have no idea what that is like. It is pure joy. It is the stuff of God's harmonious afterlife, where the power of love parts the sea, jettison's the frail human body against the pains of itself. Think of rapture. Think of a perspective that can cure the world's ills. Think of a healing force that defines the correct human purpose that many people know nothing about.
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    Wed, February 25, 2009 - 7:29 PM
    The things that will attract a cancer, more than anything, are being genuine and sincere. Water signs have this in common, especially scorpios and cancers. Your depth of feeling is only matched by your intensity, but scorpios always try to hide it, you feel too vulnerable. Cancers, we wear it on our sleeves, That can be intimidating to a scorpio, you won't want to trust it. You'll think it weak. Cancers are by nature confusing, especially to scorpios. But out of all signs, the one a scorpio can trust with their secrets, their heart, their life, it's a cancer.

    If you capture a cancer's attention, you'll know immediately. Your keen senses can't miss it. But also keep in mind that a cancer can read people just as well as you, and we know that scorpios can take a little coaxing. Resist your natural urge to run and hide. Take the chance of showing the real you. You won't regret it.
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    Thu, February 26, 2009 - 10:22 AM
    Hi, I'm a Cancer female, with Virgo rising and Scorpio Moon dating a Virgo Sun. Wow this is perfect timing to find this! It was interesting how my Virgo was interested in me when we first met. He is a bartender and I was a customer. We talked a lot during the evening, but I acted very cautiously. I could clearly tell he liked me because he kept closing the distance between us as the night went on. But during the course of the evening I was watching him as well (we are great observers of people). The more I saw, the more I liked. His work ethic, the way he treated his co-workers, customers. He's very genuine. When the time came for the bar to close, he mentioned that he was going to another bar to hang out. I immediately asked if he wanted company. That seemed to surprise him because I really didn't show that I was at all interested in him. He thought I was just being nice by talking to him.

    But since you say she has a big wall around her, ask her questions about her life, family, work. It will help her open up. Since both Cancer and Virgo are cautious anyway, this will let you know more about her and she will see that you are showing interest. Go for coffee. It's very difficult to break down our walls (we trust too early sometimes and wind up getting hurt). Just take it slow. I tend to rush my feelings and my Virgo broke up with me twice before I finally got the hint and slowed it down. Now we've been together since October and it's working out nicely.

    This is a nice pairing and once you both feel a bit more comfortable, things will go very nicely!
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      Thu, February 26, 2009 - 10:32 AM
      I just realized looking at your profile that you are a female. I made the assumption based on your name. I'm sure that this would work with a male Cancer (if that is who you are referring to) as well. Though I don't know a lot of male Cancers.
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        Re: How Cancers flirt/show interest

        Thu, February 26, 2009 - 10:42 AM
        I'm a virgo, and fell in love with a cancer... We worked together at the time, and would flirt over email. I had a boyfriend at the time (although, not a very good one!), which made me more attractive to that particular crab, as he had a lovely commitment problem. :-)

        I was a single mom, and he took his time to think about whether or not he even wanted to dive into that, which I thought was extremely responsible, he was that, at least! He thought for about a month, and I was very patient. As I said, I had a boyfriend, so I was a good friend to my cancer, we walked, we talked, we shared music, etc. Then, I decided to break up with my boyfriend, finally... and my cancer jumped on the opportunity. It was 6 months of bliss, I met his parents, sister, etc...

        Then, suddenly, he broke up with me, I think because things were too good. Now he's dating his ex, who is a scorpio. ;-) Aaaahhhh.... life is sweet.

        Then again, I am engaged to a scorpio, myself. The moral of the story is... I really don't know!?
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    Sun, March 22, 2009 - 2:10 AM
    For me it's subtle when I like someone, Cancers do fear
    rejection like many people in general. Subtle signals
    like a deep gaze, a smile, remembering everything they said
    and taking notice of their interests hehe. :)
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    Wed, February 17, 2010 - 8:00 PM
    I'm a cancer girl with the sweetest sagittarius boyfriend! However, recently this cancer guy decided to flirt with me and be a shameless flatterer. Then he tried to get in my pants. That's not going down. Now he's being manipulative and condescending. And I'm like two can play that game, biatch. *cracks knuckles* bring it on!

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