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Snail Oggún

Many people receive the snail Oggún and do not know that or because they are given.

The Oggún snail comes to making Oggún Ita and talking to the person through his Diloggún, but this requires animal feed 4 legs because otherwise you can not do itá.

Today many snail santeros Oggún delivered without the animal feed and only four-legged animals give feathers and therefore is not the ITA, but if you then deliver Diloggún Oggun if this is not going to talk and then you have to pay the Oba or Italero to feed him the 4-legged animal and can thus make the ITA, there is no point because you double spending.

In some houses holy snail Oggún delivered when received knife and this is logical given that the knife belongs to Oggún.

Some people also fill the cauldron of Oggún sticks to the extent that it is not known if or Zarabanda Oggún here must be clear that owns Oggún metals, the owner of the machete to open the roads, the owner of the etc line.

When told they have to receive snail Oggún required to feed him a four-legged animal that is made Oggún itá and then was worth the expense.
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