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Oriki by Oya, Orisha of Diaspora FERTILITY: CANDELARIA SOVEREIGN OF ALL THE DEADPrayer to Our Lady of Candelaria

Virgen de la Candelaria,

the most beautiful brunette

which holds out his robe,

from the top of the sand.

Querida Virgen de la Candelaria, we met and,

with you more and more

bring our devotion and love without equal.

Face it, our mother, let us consider

your strengths and teach us to imitate them, to find

the reason for our life and love unparalleled.

Seem to us to you every day,

to please the Lord, as you did already

and live well, in Peace

and Joy, so we get to win

the fruits of your love, like pollen sprinkled here and there

to share with you the joy natural

if your children forever, with the permission celestial

and glory, which bless our earthly life.


Virgen de la Candelaria,

the most beautiful brunette,

which holds out his hand,

infinity to the shore.

(With this prayer is necessary to light a candle to the saint, and you can add oil esoteric, depending on the miracle that we want to grant the goddess.)

Oriki by Oya

Orun Mesam Iya! Yekuajey Yansa!

Mother of Nine Oruns, where are you?

Help us through the waters of Oshun and Yemaya

Give us faith in your soul and sends a spiral

our life, which is diaspora lethal

supported by your winds and the north star

but we, your children, we run aground

on earth that you donated, we saved despite

of blood without spirit, that myth secular

to a people who breathe both asphyxia

the elements of his death existential

that has shut down rivers and into the water elemental

with our own line of natural people

wanting to be in the air, which kite astral

fear and received only epigonal,

three generations, which together are overstretched

what a shame, as they are lost

shifting land, for the craziest desire

of puppets without mysticism, like kings without threshold

that paved the rites of the earthly man,

cheated at home, for ancient history,

that have been minted, but may matter

their ancestors, which corroborate

century lies and fallacy of a clan,

that closes the locks of our freedom,

to invent a pleasant unreality

closed on itself, like a wind front

attacking from the back to all those who are

taking fresh air, that you yourself give us,

not knowing that in there in the middle of evil,

fear makes you want to give up hunger,

closing the mind without a lot of will,

while others are turned off by not yelling,

just because a few have the power

life wasting everyone else

put up with the story, who has never ever

that the following are fed up to start

his praise of a sphinx, which must not exceed

yours or a little wind or the whirlwind bold

Your blood insurgent, saying: Enough!

You who are everywhere, let Oya,

break with the liturgy of these deaths, ranging

falling over themselves, by themselves as they are,

of such colossal outrage nauseating,

so that one day your children, greedy in diaspora,

close the eternal eye, which looks to undermine,

returning to their land provisional light,

it takes the air right and single oxygen

of a nation that begins its final destination

like a child opening its troops sidereal

with angels who are the natural channel,

to live the good that others do,

as eternal rainbow, plotting the water in peace.

You who alerts us to another threshold,

dissipating with your winds the darkest sea

for you we encourage you to arrive

spores dating back to happiness

when water was free to find

a pollen of hope that could exceed

death sentence that we live beyond

an island in time to reconsider ...

Give us back through the thirst

death in those doors that will not

anywhere, but to kill

our most creative freedom.

Help us, your diaspora is lethal

Candelaria de Cuba, warrior Oya,

you we can carry and transport.

Let 'history so fast

that your avatar twist doom

and go with you half of evil

adding wills to reconcile

or clutching your iruke from the capital,

beings that breathe, while you can castrate

the old whirlwind of clan dictatorship

drowned by your spirit and egguns of an evil,

was done well by dint of never chasten

the lies of Cronos, who wanted to climb

the fate of a people, but the dedication

your way to a real mystique,

about it today and it will decapitate,

Miskito doors in your (his) arsenal,

for your rainbow open sea in two

born between water and a new flamboyant.


Queen of the wind of death,
santa has 9 stripes on her face
and 9 skirts of all colors,
woman who has power to make all the eddies
as high as in the low,
and that brings death and takes all the bad,
we want you to receive the greeting of heart.

Know that all your children the respect,
especially when you're serious
and talks with her in heaven spark
We all knelt and crossed themselves
when we hear his word
to ask you to protect and extend the lives of everyone.
I say thanks in the name of all the children of the earth.

Afefeniku Ayaba or Orisha,
or re Wayu table table ati Berry
Asho wiwo or gbogbo obimrin iri,
ashe or Funsho gbogbo afeyika or anything,
Bawo Gaseke atypical Nisal Muwa iku,
na Bawo gbogbo Buruku a mule,
awafe you oki Gban iwo or Ninjin okan,
Yulo beru gbogbo nigbati iwo omo wa wuwu,
soro you re tomorrow tomorrow kuelu Lejun orun,
Kunle gbogbo ati awa na na sure,
wi re re fun nigbatigbo you gbogbo ati na no,
na wa if gbogbo modukue or not na sa Oruka Laiyan.


Oya Ayegüe ayilodá ABINIA yaguá
Ogui dimule obitiko. Chokotó Obiní
talí kuen kuen kuen. Oya, Oya
Yamuso. Ago.
Oma Orire Yansa Lelu
Oya Cayé cáfieddeno
Ayi ayi Oya gives me Omí mo
CUE CUE entities Oyé Orunla sa me
jei jékua talembe me what yans,
Jen ABIBI Iyansa Iku no dodo. Ago.


Iya yegbe Oya heard orun table

oke lelebi Afefe Ayaba iku

loya gbogbo oninrin

oga oga my gbogbo my anus

orisha or abaya egun

ewa oyu oyansan oyeri

iya my obinrin Geku

or fun you olugba kiukuo

or wa nitosi Olofi

niku Ayaba moducue.


Our Lady of Candelaria, is one of the oldest appellations of the Virgin Mary . Her feast is celebrated throughout the Catholic Church, on February 2 and the festival takes place on August 15 , but there are many sites in the Americas, as the city of Puno, Peru, near Lake Titicaca, whose feast day in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Candelaria, begins Jan. 31 and ends on February 10, in the context of different activities to commemorate their appearance in the realm of men.

The image is venerated in the Canary Islands, especially in Tenerife (rather than their appearance), which is popularly known as La Morenita. As the patroness of the Canary Islands, is also one of the seven patron of the Autonomous Communities of Spain. His image is in the chapel of the Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria, in the municipality of Candelaria, in Tenerife.

Certainly, this has been consecrated virgin that holy cities in America, such as

Medellin and Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), or Mayaguez (Puerto Rico). His worship and worship is deeply rooted in Peru, the Andean altiplano and other nations in the Americas. Also, is worshiped in places with a large colony of canaries , which is often used to represent the Canary Islands.

One source for the Fiesta de La Candelaria

Initially, the feast of Candlemas, or the light, had its origin in the East, with the name "Meeting", then spread to the West in the sixth century, reaching to be held in Rome, with a penitential character.

His feast is celebrated on schedule or Catholic saints, Feb. 2, in memory of the passage of the Presentation of the Infant Jesusin the Temple of Jerusalem (Lk 2, 22-39) and purification of the Virgin Mary, after birth, to fulfill the requirement of the Old Testament Law (Law12, 1-8).

The party is known and celebrated by various names: the Presentation of the Lord, the Purification of Mary, the Feast of Light and the feast of Candlemas. All these names express the meaning of the holiday itself: Christ, the Light of the world, is presented by his mother in the Temple, and comes to enlighten everyone as a candle or candles, from which he derived the name " Candelaria. "

After the appearance of the Virgin in the Canaries, and iconographic identification, based on Biblical event, the party began to be celebrated with a special Marian, in 1497, when the conqueror of Tenerife, Alonso Fernandez de Lugoheld the first Festival Las Candelas (and as Our Lady of La Candelaria), which in turn coincided with the Feast of the Purification.

Religious syncretism

Since the advent of black African to America, Oya is syncretic with the Virgen de la Candelaria, whose feast is celebrated on February 2, when the Catholic Church traditionally commemorates the purification ceremony, by a procession with candles, which concludes with a visit to the cemetery. It has also been syncretized with St. Teresa of Avila, for his strength in every company that made the virgin.


Oya Orisha is considered major, warrior and master of the lightning, a pledge of strong winds and caretaker of the cemetery. It is the most warlike goddess of women orishas, closely related to death (Iku).

Violent and impetuous. In difficult situations, which presents man, and fight so fiercely as they did. Owns the eddies and hurricanes. It is alleged that she was a woman of Shango, the god of thunder, and escorted him forever in their campaigns. To war, is accompanied by an army of spirits (egguns), and fights with lightning and two swords.

Or Yansa Oya, Orisha of the river Niger, born of Yemaya, and one of the three wives of Shango.

Mesam Iyá Orun: "Mother of the nine Oruns."

Orishas is another important on this earth. It is the sovereign of the winds, the storm, death, the whirlwind and the gates of the cemetery. Controls the eguns, ie the evil spirits that cause physical and psychological disturbances in the people they subjugate. Have dominion over the unwelcome spirits. Load ebó (offering or animal sacrifice made an Orisha) in the cross of the cemeteries.

When incorporated in their children, they dance with one hand on the waist and the other extended, fingers half-opened to simulate varying winds and storms when the leaves waving coconut palms, and calls for Iruka ( horse tail) that are often placed on his head.


Oya and winds help sustain the world after the waters of Oshun and Yemaya have given life, meaning and purpose to our existence. Oya winds carry the pollen from different plants, one to another place in the universe. Oya is also element we breathe, for it provides the air with the right amount of oxygen to stay alive and functioning.

Without air and smother us perish. No life form on this planet that can survive without air or fish. The plant life, especially marine algae provide oxygen for life at sea. As can be seen, Oya is everywhere.


Oya was married to Oggún, but falling in love with Chang, kidnap left by the god of thunder, which produced the enmity between the two orishas. It is said that one day Chang was captured by their riots, during a party, being locked in a cell with seven turns of the key. Seeing that her lover did not come, Chango Oya glimpsed in his cell. And so with a song, the powerful Orisha moved the winds and dropped a flaming sky broke the prison bars. Oya appeared in the sky, amid a swirl, and rescued Chango. Since then Chango Oya respected.

According to legend, he deceived Obba Nani, another wife of Shango, getting it cut off an ear.

Mom - Oya Ferekún, La Virgen de la Candelaria, the owner of Centella. Inseparable and faithful concubine Chango, it follows her everywhere and fight beside him in every race.

Obinidóddo Oya, is the right arm of Shango, he fights at his side with two swords.

Oya is also the "bad wind", the whirlwind, the waterspout or windsock devastating.

Was the wife of Oggún, who took it Chango in revenge.

Crown is holy, and good-looking boloya. It can also be double, violent and hurtful.

Owner of the cemetery, lives in your door or nearby. Obba always meets and Yewa. Along with Elegguá, Obatala Orula and dominates the four winds.

As can be seen, Oya is a fierce warrior who rides to war with Shango (shares the lightning and fire upon him), and was, on one occasion, the wife of Oggún, so that is also exchanged with the tools orisha.


Talk on the Osa (9) and their saying goes "your best friend is your worst enemy." In Obi, speaks and Okana Oyekun. In Nkob speaks for Mariwanga (10.13 and 14).


Their number is 9, which gives the title of Yansa, or "Mother of Nine", with which it governs the Egun (dead).

She represents the lapse or ligation between the living and death. She, in itself, is death and the air we breathe. It is She who seeks us and take us to heaven, when we no longer exist on this earth. Orisha is a very important, because sooner or later we all have to get where she is




Wine (primary color) and all of the iris, less black. It is also known for the colors "Carmelites", brown or chestnut, flower designs and nine different colors.


Bí Oya, Oya Funk, Dumitru Oya, Oya Mimu, Obinídodo Oya, Oya Ayawá, Odó Oya - Oya, Yansa Orirí, Oya Cover.

Koso was also reigns, and has a sister Ayao, she is a virgin and not seated.


Yekuajey Yansa!


The Iruka (cane or whip black ponytail, brown beaded, striped blue and white on the handle, with black and gray in the rest), the spark, the cemetery and burial, a skirt that is made handkerchiefs hanging out of nine colors, the rainbow, and in general the fruit of ocher, specifically the eggplant. The air and wind storms. The reincarnation of ancestors. The lack of memory. Is called with shocking sound seeds found within the sheath Flamboyán. Mariwó; band colors of the rainbow, seven-colored ribbons and a rattle at the tip.


Nine-point crown, which fell nine pieces: hoe, pick, Ochosi ray, scythe, club, hoe, rake, ax. Has nine copper bracelets.


Matip scarlet and brown, with black and white stripes. Other accounts lilac with yellow stripes. In some, 9 black and white beads, up to 9 groups.


Skirts that are made with bunches of dried palm leaves, on the day the seat. These are decorated with fringe mariwó. In addition, a skirt that is made with tissues of nine colors, which is mobile. It also uses a floral chintz coat and a colorful ribbon around the head.


He can not eat mutton, or palm oil. Eat white rice cakes with eggplant and black-eyed peas. Caimito, caimitillo, croton plants, tamarind. Abarán (small dumpling bean or red bean, shell wrapped in banana leaves) and a well-cooked beans or black beans with chorizo, pig noses and ears.


Chivas, pigeon, guinea hen (all black).


- Yerba Garro - guasimilla - Baria - Mazorquilla - Cassava - Plum.

- Palo Box - Cabo de hacha - Heart of a dove - cockroach


Painted porcelain tureen with nine colors (except black).


People are authoritarian, powerful, violent, sensual temperament, jealous and faithful.


Protects patients from electrical shock or strong air currents.

Oya to plunder with Lucky


Geranium leaves

Break leaves Zaragüey

Wonder Sheets

Jasmine Essence

Orange Essence

Oya soap for luck


Boil leaves in water to a embullición. Cooking off and let cool.

Transfer the contents into a plastic container and add the essence.

Take Oya Soap and lather well with him, and asking that luck comes into his path.

Negative everything away, so that good luck and fortune go together, so come have a thriving.

Become a prayer that is printed on the soap.

And then take the contents of dispossession and écheselo from the neck down, asking exactly what you want, without forgetting to reject the evil that lurks.

When finished, please light clothes, never dark.


You can make the bath for a period of 7 days. You can add enough water to contents while preparing the cooking with herbs, so that you can extract more liquid and serve for the week completa.Igualmente, if you want to light a candle orisha can do, either red or the goddess named Oya.

Oya / Yansa: To open a successful business

It is clear and evident when we decided to open a business we do with all the enthusiasm in the world. We look for the sector and are less crowded, one in which the market is less cornered and more in need of highly competent

We try to envision what type of item or items for our expertise, we are better prepared to develop. We seek the most appropriate location, the appropriate local, more efficient employees, advertising more attractive and more competitive prices in the market.
On paper and in theory, will win who, besides offering or an initial capital and financial reserves to sustain the early stages, so that if you act and focuses his professional activities as described in the preceding paragraph is intended succeed. But this does not always reach the right speed, or in a timely manner.
If we wish to promote the stars and the orishas promote our business firmament respectfully ask Oya powerful aid, while we make the following ritual.


1 piece of gold paper.
1 pen.
Gold and silver filings.
Purple thread.
1 small coconut matting or fabric, in the absence of brown felt. 18 Brown-headed pins.
9 white candles and wooden matches. Coconut essence.


Write in the gold paper to open our business request, asking for prosperity and not forgetting to write down on paper our full name, address where you want to install it and give it a name and what kind of business deal. The more specific and clear is our request, the better the results.
After writing as described in the paper, smeared with honey, sprinkled with gold and silver filings.

Then, tie it all together with the purple thread, and then we close with nine knots, such that the successive turns of wire in the package covers as much as possible, so that filing for leaks of any kind.

Will coco mat or felt before the image that represents the figure of Oya, the Candelaria or Our Lady of Carmen, nailing the parchment package wrapping and sealing the thread wraps with purple, with nine needles.

Next, will surround the image with the new candles yoked, from the wick to the base, with essence of coconut, and the cross, an inch from its base, with each of the other nine needles brown head. We light candles for nine consecutive days, for thirty minutes while Oya ask our desire that after this short time we will see fulfilled.
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    Thank you Baba Orumila for this very comprehensive lesson. So much is embedded here about my favorite Mother. These are truly wonderful resources.

      Sun, December 12, 2010 - 4:05 AM
      I stopped by this morning to re-read the prayer of Oya but spent most of my time focusing on your teaching of the historical and syncretic reasoning of Oya. Well, it is so interesting that I have been looking at the Hebraic connection between Chanukkah (25 Kislev) and Christmas (25 December). Also, my newest study is the idea that Yerusalem is really in South America based on an awesome research by Horace Butler whose book, When Rocks Cry Out, speaks of the Sacred Cities you named above. So many love Mary and it appears that America is named in her many incredible revelations come forth each day. Modupe.

      With that said, I never connected Oya having nine children to being a virgin in any way, so how is this?

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        With that said, I never connected Oya having nine children to being a virgin in any way, so how is this?


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