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Obba is an Orisha and represents the repressed love and sacrifice for the being one loves, suffering and symbolizes fidelity.
Is related to the lakes and ponds.
Along with Oya and Yewa live in cemeteries and represent a reckless warrior.
She, unlike Yewá living inside the coffin, holds the tombs.
Obba is the Orisha of the river that bears his name, from the land Takua, although his cult spread through the land of Oyo and Tapa. Its name comes from Obba Yorùbá (OBE soup - Oba: King), literally "The king's soup." Not received as Orisha protect their children makes them to pray Obba Oshun, Orisha of adimú as is received in time for his character and emotionally unstable recluse.
His otá are 9 clear and flat shape similar to the shape of an ear.

Obba Tools:

Its receptacle is a bowl of pink color with flowers slab. His attributes are wooden anvil, knife, sword, a hand of snails, shield, two keys (one in your soup and another at Oshun), face, steering wheel or gear, books, armor, two twisted handles, ear, this copper. Elekes their accounts are made with 8 roses, 1negra, 8 purple, 1 black, 8 yellow and 1 black.
Offerings to Obba

Raw yam offering you, animals to be immolated crude palm oil spread with grapes, plum, husks, palm oil, etc. He immolated goat mutton, chicken, guinea fowl and pigeon. Its coast Ewe are hazel, grape creek, mahogany, caobilla, chestnut, plum and ebony caponera.
Obba power objects:

Five gold bracelets Oshun.

Costumes Obba:

Obba wears pink or purple dress and her head covered with a handkerchief of the same color.
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