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Its name comes from the Yoruba Olodumaré, which means (God who is our eternal destiny.)
Olodumare is the manifestation of all material and spiritual existence.
It is not in direct contact with the men, but through his otherwise Olorún (directly) or Olofin (indirectly).
Not seated, you are not offering, nor has necklaces.
The Yorubas represent him in a gourd with two halves, the upper states and the lower astral high land.
Every time you mention his name should touch the floor and kiss the dust trail of the fingers.
The Yorubas have no statues or altars to represent the God Olodumare.
Olodumare consider the Supreme Omnipotent Primordial, author of the destiny of every living thing, father of the Orishas and life.
Everyone can experience the presence of God in a different way, is why not have emblems or signs to represent.
In the Rule of Osha Ifa-Cuban Supreme Being is pure and thus is associated with white. In this way you can draw a circle with ashe, or efun (scale) and within the circle can be a symbol of eternity, or can spread water libation and the center place a kola nut or cotton wool.
This fact and is told Olodumare prayed.
Then other names used to describe the Supreme Being in the Yoruba religion. Eleda: This word means the Creator, its name indicates that the Supreme Being is responsible for all creation, as well as the very existence and the source of all things.
Alaayé: power is vital.
Long live the supreme being as conceived by the Yoruba is still alive and eternal. Never died.
For this the people said: "A ki Igbo Iku." (Never heard of the death of Olodumare). Elemií: The master of life.
Indicates that all living things owe their breathing to him.
When Elemií take the breath of a living being, the being dies.
Hence, looking at the future add a Yoruba approach.
"Bí Ëlémìí ko ba. GBA to, issue Yoo EYI èyìinì tabi." (If the winner does not take my life, I can do this or that).
Oni Olojo: The winner or control the day.
OLORUN Olorun is the second manifestation of the Yoruba Olodumare Òlórúnm, Owner Orun (heaven).
Olorun is the one that is in direct contact with men.
Through the sun, is offering to Olorun in ñangareo, realizing that the earth is going to make an ITA or the birth of a Iyawó.
Is the master of life, giving energy, sustenance in the earth life, the owner of the colors, light, air, force and effort.
It is always day or night but do not see and was greeted by standing facing the sun with raised arms outstretched and palms open.
Not received, or settle.
OLOFIN Olofin or Olofi is the third manifestation of Olodumare, the Yoruba Olofin (owner of the palace).
His palace is the sky and his royal court, the Orishas, Olofin is what is in indirect contact with men through the Orishas, it is he who directs and supervises their work.
Nothing can be achieved without mediation, lives far away and rarely descending to earth energy.
Olofin which is distributed to each Orisha Ashe (their relationship with the energies of nature) and has the secrets of creation.
Olofin allowed down to earth Orunla (Orunmila) as a prophet, you can use all the Orishas, but to prevent death used to Osun.
Ifa is received.
He who has established his foundation can do nothing without first serve you.
Your ashe and direct contact with men is reserved for very few priests.
Olofin Pataki: When the world was inhabited only by the Orishas and men created by Obbatalá, these traveling from Heaven to Earth without any hindrance.
One day a couple came to the palace of Olofin to ask the ashe of procreation, after much thought the maker agreed but on condition that the child
not beyond the limits of Laye, Earth.
The couple agreed.
Months after the child was born, which grew under the supervision of parents who tolerated all his misbehavior.
One day in hiding walked across the fields and came to the area of Orun, Heaven.
They mocked the Orishas, made all sorts of mischief, and lacked respect for those who scolded.
Olofin watching what was happening, took his stick and threw it so hard Orun laye was separated from the atmosphere that stretched between the two.
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