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Necklaces publicly identify believers of Santeria.
The person receiving the initiation of the collars is the constant protection of the Orishas.
The number of beads given in a ceremony varies slightly but usually those who give are 5 that are: Elegua, Obatala,, Yemaya, Chango and Oshun.
The ceremony in which they delivered Elekes or necklaces, is very important.
First to prepare the collars are required elaborate ceremonies involving several priests and priestesses who ritually washing the beads one by one each of the Orishas in an infusion of water with sacred herbs called Omiero: the rope used for collars must be of cotton or some other absorbent material to absorb the blood of the sacrifice in order that each necklace is loaded with Ashe.
The person who will receive the necklace gets a bath ritual with sacred herbs, breaking the old clothes with scissors is wearing new, and putting new white clothes from head to toe, then perform a ceremony called Praying head stripped of many of the negative vibrations.
At that time yubon Godfather and placed one by one the collars on the neck of the Orishas began asking health, peace, estasbilidad and all things good for the person.
If for some reason one of the necklaces would break you should contact your sponsor or yubon also from time to time be cool necklaces.
Elekes ceremony by which the aleyo must pass.
This is a very important ceremony because it symbolizes the real entrance to the Rule of Osha.
In this ceremony, aleyo elekes receives 5, ie 5 chains that represent 5 of the most important Orishas religious system:
- Eleggua / Elegba / Eshu / Elegbara
- Obbatala
- Yemaya / Yemanja / Yemoja
- Oshun Guere
- Chango
The ceremony must be performed by the sponsor to have a mat in which the neophyte knelt and anger elekes receiving one on one to be picked up with his little finger as a sign of respect.
All Elekes must have "eaten" earlier, meaning that they must have sacrificed animals (not to mention as regards the aleyo no such knowledge).
The delivery process must always begin receiving Obbatala collar.
In some Iles (holy houses) the Eleggua eleke of delivery to receive Osha Ti Ayaeguns ceremony.
If the Orishas Alagbatori been determined for the individual, for the Olori eleke will last
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    Thank YOu Orumila - Very good post for those of us who dont know what will happen when we get our Collares :)
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      Orumila - I finally got them! I have my collares now! I dont think all the reading and blogging in the world can help me explain how I feel now! My ceremony was beautiful beyond words can explain. Orisa excepted me with open arms and made it very known they have been waiting for me!!! lol I feel so blessed, honored and just alive. I spoke so much of getting my collares and i finally have them! Just wanted to share :O)
      Maferefun Egun!!! Meferefun Orisa!!!

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