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The stone is broken suddenly, but not bleeding
What is prophesied to Janjasa
Who was the leader of a group of comrades in the sky (Egbe)
Janjasa was told to take care of their guild (Egbe)
When did as he said things started
sprout well again
He said: "the rock suddenly breaks but not bleeding
He was a leader of the comrades in the sky (in a previous life)
Travelers to the city of IPO
Travelers to the city of OFA
A EgbeOgba will be sacrificed (group Egbe)
When this deity is part of someone's family.

This deity is not well known in America and this is part of what I've collected over the years about it. To talk about the etymology of the word, and my little research "Egbe Orun" society of heaven or heaven or peers is also known as EgbeOgba. Orun Egbe is a collective name for many spiritual deities who are our comrades in the sky, each one of us has comrades in the sky we played like children in heaven before we were born on earth, it is believed that those who do not stay land in perpetuity as children remain in the sky. Their favorite meeting place is under banana plants and there must be brought to their offerings.

Each Egbe Orun selected individuals who were leaders of their comrades in the sky for frequent visits, these visits usually occur through dreams or nightmares, during which he says things Egbe Orun their leader, do hereby the person may in the future and analyzing the past and present. Orun Egbe is therefore a very spiritual, you can say that they are the spiritualists of the Yoruba religion. When doctors in the religion of the Yoruba say their "Egun" I have visited and told him something? In most cases, the connection is not necessarily a Egungun (ancestor) but if your Egbe Orun.

The Egbe Orun worship, and represents the collective Orun Egbe all human beings. His mother is Iyalode, whose home is gold, a city in northeastern Yoruba land. "Neither gold nor Iyalode." (Gold is home Iyalode). Orun Egbe is usually connected with surface waters and snakes. People began to Egbe Orun and who have dedicated their lives to his service, need not always guess the instruments has the gift of seeing the future and properly analyze the past and present. Is fed with small things they usually like kids, cakes, sweets, honey, sugar, biscuits and peanuts.

Egbe Orun (divine society). This partnership is very important and good for anyone who is a member of this society is a powerful, well before our mothers conceive us, each of us belong to this society while we were in orun, you can see that odus in osameji the ifa.
There are many types of Egbe Orisa Orun which is a collective, as Egungun say, is an ancestor group, is considered masculine while others are female.
Orun Egbe Yoruba is a word that can be translated to mean a group, you may be in the writings of DILOGUN as Ikorita Aragbansala (the junction between heaven and earth) Egbe Orisa Orun is also in the seventh odu the dinlogun called Odi, many people while he undertook the trip from heaven to earth, was accompanied by his Egbe Orun but achieved on earth secret drank water and did not remember, so the spirits began Orun Egbe worry, because some may make you sterile, unproductive and can make them a hard time to people, can cause insanity or producing occasionally death in children can be seriously affected and may die suddenly and so gives abiku syndrome: Children are believed to come to this earth and die prematurely, a child who dies young in an era reincarnated through the same mother.

The word refers to the spiritual cause behind a string of deaths among children in the same family. When this happens, and Ifa rituals can induce the spirit of the child to remain the ground until they become adults, there are many types of Egbe Orun, occasionally start as Egbe Orun priests, according to the different types of Egbe Orun take different foods and have various ways of feeding the places where you place your ebo. Mention any of the Egbe Orun: Egbe-Eleko in particular this is Egbe is leader in the sky, Egbe-Jagun, Egbe-Peregun, Egbe-Egbe the Iroko, Idi-Ogeda, Egbe-Balow, Egbe-Inu-Odo, Egbe - Iyalode of Alaragbo, Egbe-Saworo, Egbe-Oritameta. And so many more, when Egbe Orun is appeased assists in making much financial progress, the children of Egbe Orun are very intuitive by nature.

All have an equal in the sky we call it Orun Egbe Orisa and has as its connection to the sky is much stronger. There may be a theory that if he Orisa Egbe Orun are the companions of the sky and have as Orissa, we think they are the spirits that in the past began in Orissa.
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