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santeriaOlokum is one of the deities, most dangerous and complicated is the Yoruba religion.

It takes more than the same Olofi ceremonies.

Ceremonies as installation and consecration ceremonies for the deities that have implied with him. This Orisha, to consecrate, eat eggun and Chango.

Even. Upon receipt is given a Omolorun Eya, a special burden and hand Ikines Chango.

The awo you're riding, it is very important and mandatory, is made kobborí ebbó and every day.

The spirits who represent the majority of Olokum are three: Sommú Gaga, Akar, and EFE.

These are in the same order, life, death, and balance.

This implies Ocha with Him, various deities more than make up as such.

We can say that Okuma is a Ocha Agganá compound, and Okuma Agganá word applies to a part of it or all of Ocha.

As additional deities, we find:

Okuma Agganá:is called and the doll that is planted in the calabash which is at the bottom loaded and ceremoniolokumado. This Agbor has a face looking up at it is given the name of Somu Gaga, and one face down, called Akar Okono.

ERA: is the human-shaped head, wood or cedar Akana, which carries the same wood carved crown of your head that goes up. Indeed, the crown is a snake wrapped around his head.

This is provided with a slot for charging.

Olokum then has his family, ie Ochas of its current, such as the following:

1 º. Elussú: This is the sand of the sea.
2 º. Aye Shaluga: These are the shells.
3 º. Ikokó: This is the taro leaf, which is represented by a Ozuna.
4 º. Olos: This is the goddess and the lakes.
5 º. Osara: This is the goddess of underground lakes.
6 º. BoromúGod from the currents.
7 º. Borosia: God of marine tornadoes. This and the previous are twins and get together and Odduduwa.
8 º. Yembo: Orisha of calm in the sea.

Olokum also had a grandson who was her guardian.

This is depicted in a hung Guirito living it, and this is called Eki Olokum
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