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Iyabo (child)
On the first day of the opening created the new Iyawo and orishas are placed
in his head, therefore received internally so that the Iyawó and
orishas are inextricably linked for life. On the second day, or Day
Middle the Iyawó is dressed in splendid silks and satins, which suggest the
now present in the royal throne to receive visitors who have come
indulge in the presence of the orisha and her new husband or wife. In the third
day, or Day of Ita, the new Iyawo learn what the future holds. One of the
time, the orishas that he or she has received speak to him giving her wise
advice. The Iyawó spends the rest of the week on the throne of orisha
resting and meditating about the new life that is only beginning.

For the rest of the year Iyawó kept in a state of protection is suitable for real spouse of the god or goddess. They should not allow anyone who has not been initiated to touch or take anything from their hands.

They can not leave before noon or after sundown, and can only wear clothes of the purest white. Can not wear makeup or any jewelry with the exception of the bracelets and necklaces they received during their initiation, and the first three months should eat sitting on a straw mat which denotes a sacred space in religion. They are also babies in their new life, so can not use a knife or fork to eat during that year or be in crowds or go to
marketplaces. They must not look in mirrors or portraits. Nothing should interfere with the fellowship of Iyawo with their orisha. He or she should always call them by name Iyawó and not by name and by the way, whenever they are called Iyawó cleaning and separating them is a bit of the old life which they abandoned at the time of initiation .

The Iyawó is pampered and indulged by santeros with which it comes into contact.
They are also carefully monitored because the Iyawo must be protected at all
coast and not be allowed to violate their sacred taboos. People
strangers or uninitiated often confused with Iyawos, believing
Iyawo about a person who was in limbo, something like being
between a "normal person" and a Santero, and not as the sacred character that
really are.

During the Iyaworaje or years during which the Iyawó follows his orisha, as the two get to know each other intimately, is forming the basis of life "Ghost" and understanding that are so innate a santero. An understanding based on a sacred communion that lasts for a lifetime ..... And more.

Rules of the saint in general.

1 - Yawo during his year is barred by rules of the following things holy.

a) During the first three months can not have their heads uncovered.

b) Do not eat at the table, alone on a mat on the floor.

c) Do not look in the mirror.

d) It can not be after 6:00 PM on the street.

e) You can not have sex until after 16 days of the saint.

f) No one will be allowed to kiss or kissing.

g) You can not take anything from the hand of one single floor.

h) must lie on the floor on a mat in front of all major santeros.

i) You must eat with your plate and spoon and drink from his glass.

j) Do not let it touch the head.

k) You can not roam or settle in groups or being in public places, where there
many people.

l) Beware of the sun and serene

m) To abide by its itamalé to the letter.

n) Comply with the visit to santeros who went to his holy with his yibbona.

o) Comply with the visit to their sponsors once a month.

p) may or may not attend touches, if it is presented in front of the drum.

q) Where will you be 3 months saint has to submit course, coconuts, candles and right
agreed upon by the godfather for the ceremony of the 3 months.

r) If it ebbometa Iyawo law is agreed by the sponsor.

s) After the ceremony, 3 months, which gives the Iyawo, table, mirror, it is removed (woman) handles shawl turban should be a holy woman (man) he takes his cap and in both cases the collars are removed and the Idde ocha (ilde). After this
ceremony, Iyawo is released from these attributes to the year and may
use in religious ceremonies within the handle only use
Obbatala to the year and 16 days. A Iyawo not throws another Iyawo even
more, or put money into the holy gourd of rights, this is for
after year, should know that although Santeria is a day higher in the holy
you should always pull.
2 - When the Iyawó will complete his year must submit course, coconuts, candles and holy right in front of their elders for their sponsors to attend his birthday, by the holy law of the head and praying to the holy coconut Yibbona belongs to, which charges a fee for this ceremony.
3 - After a year and stop being so Iyawo the Santero must continue to be guided by his lifetime itamalé.
4 - If the santero have to get marked by itamalé saints, should be his godfather's hand, not having the saint his godfather
then the hand of his yibbona and children if they can not Yemaya
Oya give is look someone in the house of a saint who can deliver.
5 - When a Santeria saints do or delivery for the first time, the rights of it belongs to the sponsor to deliver the holy, both the shell of it, in case of four feet, as if soup pen, if the sponsor is deceased must have a religious representative who can deliver.
6 - When the first anniversary of the saint, the holy law, the money raised at the plate belongs to the saint of the sponsor, with a bouquet of flowers to the throne and some fruits, just all this leads to another day of birthday.
7 - holy law of the sponsor must be notified of all the steps of Godson in the Regla de Ocha for the saint of his birthplace sponsor it can cover with its mantle. If not so holy sponsor and can not be made responsible for
8 - yibbona must also be notified of the steps the godson of which the sponsor is responsible for the yibbona, just obeys orders of sponsor who is responsible for guiding all life's godson.
9 - When does a holy santero first by the holy law belongs
yibboneo to the sponsor and the second on the yibbona.
10 - The best man always gives advice based on the teaching of the holy holy because it is actually
who guides the children of the holy word never in doubt, it can cost not to listen to death when a priest is not going to obey is better than not having the saint.
11 - As a rule of Ocha sponsors call a priest (Obba oriaté or when you have all the saints of the pantheon and ceremonies knows) he is in charge of passing through the shell of the holy word.
12 - Only oriaté or Obba have the authority to lead the ceremonies of the rule of ocha, are they who make holy consecrate and guide itamale ceremonies as Olokun adimú saints, warriors, saints and other washes.
13 - All you have to do with the rule of ocha belongs only to the Santeria and if necessary a Babalawo (Ifa priest) will guide the saint himself.
14 - It is mandatory when a godson Babalawo saint has CofA or Hand
Orula it is responsible for input to and kill ebbó the saint
godson if you have a knife, by which those rights are reserved for the same
be this way Orula your sponsor has the right to see the book
itamalé after 7 days Iyawo comes from the throne when they are carried
visit the Santeria Ifa and their sponsors.
15 - When a santero Iyawo or have problems with their sponsor itá separation or failures and can be reached by agreement to be separated from the holy person never passes to yibbona
occupy that place.
16 - The person is still separated from the higher is required to go to the holy feet twice a year, the birthday of the saint's godfather and guardian angel during these two days only you can not close the door house or the enemy.
17 - When someone stands in front of the saint to ask if it is accepted into the holy house and the letter of the coconut is not rectified Ocana, from the time the person has to find another sponsor.
18 - For a santero holy rules can prepare an initiate in necklaces, warriors and saints adimú Olokun and without stopping in front of the saint as the godson of foundation and so the person has time to get to know who will take as a sponsor Sponsors for the relationship and godson should be for life.
19 - By attending a religious person is not obliged to be the godson of the house and for that reason it should not be thought to be the best man you have every right
to decide who you want to make consecrations seriously for that reason if you
not ready to face these problems do not try to capture people and not
have religious delusions are godchildren who choose to sponsors and
is the saint who choose for their children.
20 - The Godfather in the house has an obligation to teach this law to the initiated so that later do not blame the other. Not to be this way for their own convenience will face the law of the house and to recognize their error otherwise the most to make decisions.
21 - If you do not want to go through this to take these people away from others, not show you their religion or its holy house.
22 - It is important to feed the holy sponsor at some point in the hand's own godson. If done with drum basis that the rule godson to touch his holy first have to touch the sponsor, is much better because this way the rule is complete.
23 - In cases where the house required to devote a son, four-legged animal
the guardian angel of the Godfather when he will touch base with the most
asked the saint to want for that drum. The saint may request a
four legs or no, in which case you only put the square is:
fruit, candy different allegorical to the holy food, candles and flowers.
24 - It only gives the room a saint to have started after ebbometa is always completed after three months although there are houses saint who gives after year.
25 - The first rights to a santero wins when he delivers the fourth saint
to kneel in front of the largest and the right to submit them. It
so blessed to remove the curse that has the money or megu Ofun (10)
sign of the snail. After that money is put on his holy and can be used with
religious purposes or owned since the saint shared with the children their wealth.
26 - Every year the santero can give to his holy feathers for birthday and if you want to ask your knees as saint
not always needed since the four legs can solve big problems
in the religious life of the saint can be reserved for when you want or
deemed necessary.
27 - No santero has no knife is authorized to kill the saint, for that reason those rights will be saved when oriaté or Obba.
28 - The killing of the holy people is no secret that no consecration can participate in helping to hold animals, cleaning and answering the edges.
29 - The Osain (in charge of erecting the holy herbs) do not necessarily have to be set but if you know holy well because the herbs used in the consecration only are
medicinal and aromatic fruit with no thorns are not poisonous
Only climbers or vines used in the ceremonies of San Lazaro (Babalu Aye)
30 - A person who brings the number 48 (irosoumbo) in lowering saint or views of the snail, to deliver a religious thing is not charged the right of the saint as this can lead to many religious problems. Even if the person does not know and you do not come to their attention the Holy and therefore knows it is going to charge you
31 - Within the Rule of Ocha not used or the saints or the dead to terrorize the people and achieve their purposes. This is a religion of faith and love. People
do what they feel and to love the holy life because when you enter does not exit anymore.
32 - The Saint and the spirit have the power to challenge the children and tell truths without offending, but it is a gift that only they have them, so the children never feel offended and always appreciate the advice.
33 - When a person has a body fluid, is the saint or the spirit never truly be fun because if the fluid is very bad you can pass, then you better follow to avoid problems.
34 - Within the rule is the phenomenon of consciousness, unconsciousness and semi unconsciousness. These three factors may be within the spirit, not holy, holy as he radiates without coming to the mess which is called, or it comes to which is called possession or mounted, from the moment the only one responsible for everything is the same saint in the ceremony being performed.
35 - When a santero dies, it makes Ituto ceremony where the Saints are determined to be the eggun and those who remain, only the saints are obara (6) that stay with the family stone in Oche (5) that stay with the family of blood.
36 - When is a saint of a santero eggun or family waiting for 9 days to cool and as the saint is given a
animal pen only after this ceremony you will be issued to the person,
who was this saint serves as the more because the owner dies but
saint not the only difference between this saint and one is that this only
working for yourself for no more than in any sense.
37 - When he dies more, you can touch base with the drums all the time I know that watching the eggun, to take him to the cemetery where you can also play and sing, which helps the spirit to rise and raise awareness of his death .
38 - Only two reasons for not going the holy head with a child, or was not fulfilled, or is to punish people who have been the cause of his death.
39 - It is compulsory to attend the funeral santero give alms santero which is used to cover funeral expenses and the 9 days and the people who need to refresh some saints who have run with them pay their separate ceremony at which agreed
Obba with that is in charge of leading the ceremonies and guide of all steps.
40 - If you have adornments or valuables in the Saints saved eggun 9 days and cool and was dealt to the godchildren always starting with the Obba and then high to low, just does not break into the Ituto necklaces with silver, coral, jet and other securities, nor is required to break soup that were not at the head of the dead.
41 - The most important ceremonies of Santeria at death are:

a) The Ituto.

b) 9 days.

c) The 3 months.

d) The year of death, that if more than 4 godchildren, you must do
honors. This ceremony consists of three days, the first to give a sheep to the
land, the second to give a drum to eggun and the third to give drum
eggun holy head but it's gone in the Ituto.
42 - When the sponsor dies is in mourning for 3 months when yibona dies
he mourns for 9 days and when he dies a godchild in mourning for 9 days.
43 - The mourning is not to do anything religious during that time with the saints of oneself should be kept home for that time and covered with scarves.
44 - When the sponsor dies should be removed from the hand of the holy eggun the godson of which is called the eggun tear away if other people have saints are received and shall die the same way.
45 - It is the duty of godson Iyawo even when you should jump in front of his sponsor every time you see it do not greet the Godfather really know is saluting the guardian angel of the Godfather.
46 - It is important to make clear that health is the saint and not the sponsor if the saint authorizes a person enshrined in the Rule of Ocha, being ill of any condition can do, only the saint has the authority to prohibit an child does not make it holy for his health and makes a point of snail called 5-5 (ochemeyi), but the ban is a holy meal with four legs or head in a downhill spiral for health holy person and bring him Osogbo, it is important to know that people who come to the holy ground is health
as the saint is what gives life.

It is equally wrong to believe that it is holy to the people who are well off to transmit it luck, brings ache for the person with the Africans only had their holy faith.
We must preserve the purity of our faith and love of neighbor
Santeria worship central creative force called Olodumare. From it comes all that exists, and everything returns to it. Olodumare expresses itself in the world created by Ashe.
Ashe is the life blood of cosmic power Olodumare to life, strength and justice. It is a divine power that many channels are more or less receptive. Ashe is the absolute basis of reality
Santeros We have a privilege and great responsibility
we must assume with conviction, a commitment that starts
a new life and we must be better every day with us and
the neighbor must guide their growth verses saints espiritualy
Help with their problems and needs and encourage them in their sorrows Encourage depressions and tired when they are killed

Urge to feed them with knowledge in the love of God, eggun, saints and to other people and ourselves
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