Osa Otura

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Can someone please expound upon this?
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    Tue, September 3, 2013 - 4:19 PM
    Osa Tura..."speak the truth ..tell the facts..the one that tells the truth ..the divinites will support" latter part of odu story of Osa starts out..."Osa Tura says what is truth...I say what is truth..truth is the lord of heavens guiding the earth....etc". Important to speak the truth for those born with this odu. some themes:...Obatala traded his gold for silver. Do not eat plantains..Ibeji speak in this odu strongly.DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR OKU ORUN/ancestors. ..speaks of vd man gets due to adultery and or being promiscious. Odu has to do with fire, parrot feathers ..and birds....don't eat off broken plates....problems with stomache..urination....possible operation. Wtchraft thrown at u at should not be involved in Spiritualism.Oshun and Eshu will help u. Orisha speaking in this Odu...Obatala...Osanyin..Oshun, Olokun. Esu, Osun..babaluaye, Ancestors. daughter of Oshun will bring u luck. It is a big who is meant for Ifa born with this sign...will have many godchildren.
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      Wed, September 4, 2013 - 6:12 PM
      So how do I interpret this regarding my Eshu from IFA, when I received my warriors my path of Eshu was Eshu Koima Koima. I have search all over the world trying to find info on this Eshu but can't find a thing. All I was able to find out was this Eshu is born of OSA Otura. How would u understand the nature of this Eshu?
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        Wed, September 4, 2013 - 9:23 PM
        Yes..tha is the Eshu born of Osa Tura. This is something u need ot ask the person who gave u this Eshu ..or yur present Godfather. Off top of head I know nothing re: this Eshu..but there is much I need ot know re: many uncommon Eshus. Def ask the perosn who gave to you. I am sure the main reason you ask is re what it eats..many Eshus do not eat pigeons, u want to make sure what it eats..This is good opportunity for u to to research....if your godfather di not make for you..ask thier help in contacting some other elders on this matter who have good knowledge of various Esu . Good Luck

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