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ACACIA : A decoction of the leaves and roots to combat the dizziness and fatigue.

HOLLY LAND: serves two bathrooms (x) the leaves and roots are boiled in water without a good cleanser for the liver and aid digestion. The crust cooked with dry leaves and fresh, served piping hot to sweat the fever.

Chicory, leaves and roots boiled in plain water if the stomach also serve for dropsy, bleeding and loose casings, is a diuretic.

Achot O Achola: the high leaf and root drunk with asthma often quiet and open the chest binge.

ARGASPANTO: the wise is great, the dressing for tumors that are taken, I mean when they turn on the head for the bathrooms boiled and unboiled.

Barberry (YAN): this serves to make bathrooms or used to work done with powder or linked with Granny and girl's blood, combat dropsy in cooking, with plain water is used for malaria (very upset. The root is used for gonorrhea.

AGUINALDO WHITE: to deprive of bad influences, baths and wash-downs. A decoction of the flowers used to contain the heart palpitations. With the flowers, leaves and roots are preparing a nutritious syrup for children. The boiled root is used to cure vaginal douching and vaginal discharge. A decoction of leaves and roots stem activates the delayed deliveries. The fresh leaves are applied taking care to renew on the sores to heal.

Alacrancillo: used to take baths in water decoctions common to quell any internal irritation and skin. The root with branches and leaves is used to shrink hemorrhoids.

BASIL Aniz: boiled or unboiled used for purification and waste against the evil eye. The decoction of its branches and roots are used for colic and gas pains.

Albahaquilla(basil savanna or transverse). Common water pushes or dried blood, fever and malaria.

COTTON: used for bathrooms and wash-downs, to spoil.

Almendrillo: with the scraping of the trunk, roots and leaves in cooking and for sitz baths, is for relaxation and (x) breaks.

ALMOND (egusi): The leaves are used to wash the head (elede freshening) and toilets and flush debris. V For vaginal washes part of the bark, roots and leaves, this can be used as cooling water for the body. The wise added to the oil extracted from the fruit and applied to the skin keep it smooth and fresh. The decoction of the bark in water are taken to combat the worm. The sticks are used to clean the teeth.

ALMOND OIL: used for lamps that are lit to Obatala. It is a good laxative, is given to newborns in the four compounds prepared to move them the belly gently until it satisfies the year.

ALTEA: the boiled root torque serve gargagas, intestinal and vaginal washings.

Anon: the leaves brews to soothe the nerves, bark and roots are taken after completion of the massage in the treatment of evil and padrejón mother, the seeds are roasted and ground with oil to combat parasites head (lice). Acidosis is used to treat the leaves in tea blending. Sístitis and serves for all diseases of the bladder.

O Bibijagua TREE CAMPAIGN: sap ove. It applies to shingles. The following applies in certain jobs. The scribbles of this plant are used to attract and bring people together who are separated for any reason.

Bayberry: boiled leaves and roots, in bathrooms neutralizes foot odor.

HORN TREE: well boiled root is given to daily drinking impotence. With its powder is prepared an amulet to restore virility. The leaves to wash the hair and give shine.

TREE OF LIFE: infusion for nerve pain.

AROMA WHITE: you can breathe the scent of flowers in a tissue to contain a runny nose and sneezing.

RICE: Wash with water kills witches. Used to clean the floors and doors. In decoctions for diarrhea, into flour for (x) and facial rash all to beautify the skin.

ARTEMISA O altamiza: To spoil, friction, bathrooms, the stem and branches in case of fever contagious with camphor, alcohol and incense to kill or with rosemary, canelilla coast, carquesa, marine sage and incense for rheumatism. A decoction drunk as ordinary water desinflama the appendix, is used in poultices, fights too (x) root juice with good wine is given to the heart

ARTEMISILLA: purification provides joy and shining his materales seeks moral and intellectual assets, a share plunder with leaves artemisilla joy.

Ateje MALE: clean sap stains the skin female to male and male to female.

ATIPONLA: in cooking as plain water is good for the urinary tract, for lustrations, cool head, for bathrooms, for good luck atiponla, current and basil basil.

SAFFRON: used for menstruation with honey, coconut 3 thumbnails, a liter of water should be drunk hot three times a day, serves the paralytic spasms and clubbed.

AZUSENA: flowers boiled for heart weakness, baths for good luck lily bell sanco cool white, rose water, orange blossom water.

Bayat, used to expel spirits.

EWE Osain:

BAYONET OR PEREGUN:.'s aphrodisiac tea and incense

BEJUCO PHILLIPS: Praying for sick people who are in dire economic conditions.

VIRGIN BEJUCO: Babalu Aye working with this vine, the vine is poured into the ear drops if there is tumor or infection.

BEJUCO BARE: the high is applied to smallpox in cooking bath serves the nursing of the disease that will disappear or be less visible holes and stains left by smallpox in the skin.

BLED: There are several types of amaranth, to strip or spray cool the root boiled to purify the body internally, the cooked leaves are used in poultices for tumors and infants, the pigweed called coal is the most medicinal of all, because it is very good for constipation or syphilis and prevents malignant tumors. Washdown white amaranth, indigo and breaks Saraguey.

BELL: dispossession for the house, bathing, the high for bronchitis, the root and bark for the effects of drunkenness, the flower is manufactured cigarettes for the drowning, roasted in the sun and wrapped in paper. The cooked leaves and made pastas are used for inflammation, irritated and painful hemorrhoids, to ward off the evil influences of a person or a house.

COCO: the water used for kidney and head to pray.

Cojata or calorie: fresh leaves for headache. In the navel prevents gases. A decoction of the root is a diuretic. In bathrooms used for luck and kill the bad guys with pinion jar and Artemis. With Basil serves to ward off evil spirits.

WHITE Coralillo: used for bathrooms and offal. In decoction used to cure or red dogged pintails, the high it bursts.

CHERIMOYA: applies when there is weakness in cooking, to combat diarrhea and pushes.

DIAMEL: leaves and flowers to bathrooms and offal, and the root decoction for whooping cough.

SCOURER: bath remains, to entangle and disentangle, as medicine against intestinal parasites and gonorrhea.

Asterbaths and waste.

FLOR DE MAYO: to wash the legs of the saint.

GALAN DAY: serves to strip the house.

Valet: For bathrooms, offal and bandages for the decoction of the root is obtained to have great flexibility in the feet and muscles (strength) is of great virtue for the nerves and stroke.

GUANA: the leaf decoction for colds, the root and boiled bark is used in poultice in case of gangrene, facial neuralgia quiet washing his face with it. For prostota in cooking, for inflammation.

GUANABILLA: decoction of leaves is applied to heart disease, root and bark to stimulate appetite.

Higuereta: the ground seed to flower on the way, fried in castor oil and covered with tacky is used in poultices to cure diphtheria, a sheet tight on the forehead served as needed to prevent heat stroke and headache.

FENNEL: Death is stick. Obatala working with this club to stop the action of witchcraft.

SMOKE: a stick that served for a feast is not derail (trabajos. is taken from the east side if the west for good and if bad. To spell especially used in a smoke that has Bereke (bones) of these spines defend all the bad eye.

JAZMIN OF THE EARTH: The juice of the flower is used for youth and tesura breasts.

JICANA: infusion to inhale the fumes healing of the root, bark and leaves to those with a polyp, or peeling carnazón or on the edge of the root.

LILY: the high vomit (Bilongo starts), is also preparing to pertussis.

MABO: to make remedies, milk or your milk, you destroy the skin calluses and cavities of the teeth.

PALO RAMON: for good.

MAUVE WHITE: the brews are refreshing, the leaves are few and root douche par purify the blood. It also serves to cool the head.

Virgin's mantle, to wash the hill or the relics of Orisha.

MARVEL: a decoction of the root is very upset, contains the dry pushes blood or bloody. The high burst external tumors. Repels mosquitoes.

WHITE PINE: juice cleans the vocal cords and the digestive tract (root juice and zest.


Ackee: cure madness and crazy, it has to get the seed is poisonous.

TAMARIND: sleep well, the segments under the bed or pillow. The fruit is highly digestible, serves as constipated.

Shamrock: water belongs to Yemaya. The water cure (x) and anemia.

TUA TUA O TUBA TUBA: A decoction of the branches and roots are used for bathing and waste, used in treatment of dropsy is purgative and emetic. Low swelling belly.

TUNA: to cure asthma, for all inflammations (scrubbing the skin of patients with almond oil, this oil is smeared and she covers her chest with them) (inflammation, the leaves are smeared with almond oil and adhere to the inflamed part. To ward off enemies, hangs a thorny branch of wild tuna behind the door.

WAND OF SAN JOSE: for offal and supplications.

Vicar or PURÍSIMA white and purple, for the freshness of the eyes, the root is used for fever.

Yagruma: used in cooking for a cold or asthma, macao shell, brown sugar, honey Castile and violet leaves. A decoction of the leaves with vines hubi, cuajaní, big shoes, fig, Cordoba, Santa straw, orange, Sandoval and brown sugar and rosemary.

Ivy: amaro to work with dry, shaken shaken, for me, Jobo, valerian, and pretty tame, loose blue silk thread and punch, two bottles of essence love, tuna and a cup, that is to unite. Water for cooking as common for children with whooping cough, to stop bleeding, the root with alcohol, for rheumatic infections.

MILKY GRASS-applied to disinfect wounds, put on the cross, also contains blood

EWE OF Elegba

Cordgrass, served boiled for bathing the skin.

Delphinium: it introduces a bit of the crust in the cavities of the die and relieve pain. With the consumption of cured leaves eyes to the cock-fighting cocks.

O Gambute GABULERA: He gets to Elegba for witchcraft.

Guajaca: used in cooking, crop, used for boils and cracks on the tongue. For piles, is prepared with lard.

GUAVA: If a string or tape measure we hiladillo hernia of an ox, (manungua) and introduced into a crack in the trunk (musitoto) of a hangover, when the cleft closes, disappears hernia. He scrawls a Elegba put 7.

Guayabillo: Hand sap, Callon, cracked and sore. For the soothing hands.

CIMARRON GUIRO: bath sheets. The bark and root in a tea to purify the liver, kidneys and bladder. Fruit juice in the treatment of gangrenous ulcers (gangrene does appear to put poultice, which eats guira gangrene). For venereal guira rotting leaves, squeeze it, you made oil, a teaspoon of saffron and is given as a purgative.

MAZTUERZO: perfume with crazy women to men or vice versa. To cure colds, the root is boiled, strained and given to drink three times a day. It is refreshing, lowers blood sugar and heal the kidneys and liver. Breakage, if not old seeds and cow's milk, seeds are poured into a glass and taken where they are milked for milk drops into the cup with seed and drunk by the cow for 9 days early the same time.


MOUSE EYE: to defeat any opponent's business.

BOTIJA GEAR: the bark is scraped and boiled with marshmallow root, applied in poultices for inflammation.

CAT TAIL: tie.


BELLY SCRATCH: Remove curse

SNUFF: juice of the root and flower. In cooking to cure the shock (of leaves)

GUT Juti: that Elegguá Wars.

TAIL OF MOUSE OR ALACRAN: For (x), the crushed leaves are mixed into a paste with pigeon droppings, castile soap and pumpkin guts.

EWE Elegguá

BEJUCO PRIETO: the high cure ringworm.

BEJUCO Finch: for work.

Wabbit: for work.

Cabilla OF SAVANNAH: the sap for dog bites, poisonous spines kneeling insect bites, with the following tizana prepares to purify the blood.

O COPILINO COPULI: Sumo for herpes, the buds and tender leaves for the bathroom with the remains, for chest pains are decoctions of the root, the flowers in decoction for nervousness, dizziness and insomnia.

CARRASPITA: to do damage, blindness or severe itching occurs desperate.

CHAMISCO: burned dried leaves are removed and relieve shortness of breath, rheumatism and hemorranas.

CIMARRON BROOM: to ward off the dead branches will be hung behind the door.

Espenilla: produces bitter.

Crawled: to make afoche to salt and disturbing.

MIJE: for good.

CLUB DIABLO: to do work.

PALO TORSO: to twist fate.

PENDEJERA: root infusion is used for diseases of the kidney and urethra, eases pain, purifies the blood and prevents impotence.

PIMPINICHE: in afoche, sore skin.

PINI PINI: It is a shrub, is bad.

MILKY GEAR: as an antidote to a sand filter, boil three leaves, black seed sprocket and a drink on an empty stomach in the absence of leaves try to take pieces of segments.

BE: to make work.

Viper: for bad.

BUSH WHITE: for work.


Abrojobaths for inflammation.

ANABILLO: offal, there is to be taken by spoonfuls to expel the placenta.

Abrojo LAND: juice ensures weaken the hair roots, to rid them of their unusual mustache, asthma, eye wash poultice is used to grow crooked drums.

ACANA: grains are cured with the leaves, bark and roots containing boiled diarrhea, disinfect wounds, Recinos reduced to dust and sucked contain nosebleeds.

AVOCADO: For lung spasm

AGUINALDO PURPLE: flowers with branches and roots boiled quiet pertussis.

Basil, served on the stomach in brews.

ALGARROBO: in decoction of the leaves and lemongrass zazafran is good for coughs, wisely drops strengthens the brain.

ARAB STONE: working the roots at the foot of Oggún.

HORN TREE: the leaves to wash the hair and give shine. Well boiled root is given to daily drinking impotence.

BEJUCO BOROCOCO: in cooking used to relieve insomnia.

BEJUCO GARANCE: the brews of this whole plant is used for impotence.

BEJUCO GUAC: this is used as an abortifacient. The roots of the vines are coupled with spiny amaranth, the two roots are boiled and everything is cast, you cast 5 cts, honey, oti, Awad (roasted or burnt) is filled and covered, when all this ferment and shoot the cover, this means you are ready. Take a cup at bedtime and the other to rise, is very bitter, put it in oti and it's always at home for rheumatism. For the disorder three cups a day. For sores and insect bites, harmful to him (x), the pushes are bloodshot and bile powder is ingested to counteract damage.

BEJUCO Finch: to do work.

SAN PEDRO BEJUCO: exerts protective action.

CABIMER: to strip and to strengthen nursing from a serious illness.

Cripple: the sap is made an ointment sedative to relieve heartburn and prevent burn blisters.

Okra: the branches are used to praying for a child ask to be born.

SHRIMP: boiling bath served seating on low back pain, kidney, hips and belly hot flashes.

SANTA SANTA CANE or fescue, in Cook served for bronchial catarrh and suspension menstruum. In douche to cure leucorrhoea. The root is prepared liquor that warms the stomach and bronchi, blood pressure.

CARBONERO: boiled leaves are used for bathing. For the high applied bunions on them.

CAOBALLA: root for amulets and safeguards for those who suffer from sleepwalking or nightmares distressing. For the neurotic that are on the verge of madness. The leaves to strip crazy in the soothing baths.

Cardosanto: milk applies to cold sores in the moisture or sweat, impede wound healing. Seed infusion for colic and fever. In crisipela restroom and diseases of the skin, scales, herpes. Boiled flowers used to the cold and the stems to the urinary tract. The high for wounds. Remove thrush and warts.

CARDON: with its sap is erased tattoos. Cardon milk blind. Eyes are cured by washing the lint from the root of the inside of the tuna boiled.

COYUMBO: you need to know (x).

COMECA: the boiled root and bark used for baths, they strengthen the feet and legs.

CUABARI or environments: for nerves.

CURUMAGUEY: for bad.

BEANS: used to make amulets to the police:

Rook: used for evil spirits do not go.

Guayabillo: the sap is used for hands calloused, cracked hands cramp.

HORSE guisaso: cooking served in the kidneys also cures ulcers and is also beneficial for tuberculosis.

Jagüey: cure hernias and swollen hands also heal.

JEJIBRE: to induce menstruation and relieve their pain, for the choking and stomach.

Jiquí: witchcraft kills.

JOCUMA: in tea is used to treat leprosy, Canchila and hernia.

MABO: with milk destroys the skin calluses and cavities of the teeth.

Majagua: flowers in cooking or in syrups cure bronchitis, asthma and colds. Flowers alcohol cure rheumatic and muscular pains. The root and bark dissolve internal tumors, and the strips are attached to the wrists and ankles dislocated.

MANIPOLON: to make objects, amulets.

PALO BITTER: the bark is used for holy work and rankle. The bark, root and leaves are used to make a potion witchcraft. It is used in decoction for stomach aches. Presenting himself as the common water cure the vice of drunkenness (quiet).

PALO PUMP: only good for bad jobs (kills).

PALO NAIL: to drink and drive witchcraft.

PALO GUITAR: for deafness in decoctions of leaves and roots.

PALO BROKEN BONES: broken bones.

CHINA PEPPER: with most of the root and leaves are made with brandy. Echo dust grains are used for seasoning stomach cleansing the liver and kidneys. Clean witchcraft.

PEPPER MALAQUETA O PRIETA, with powdered grains are used for blood circulation. The feet are cold.

PEPPER JACK: whole plant is used for works of virility and impotence.

MILKY GEAR: for love.

BANKRUPTCY AX: leaves, roots and bark in decoction are used to expel gas. The crushed leaves are used as a purgative.

DAY TEN: The purple flowers open at ten o'clock. For mixed ague root and flower lagrimonia and is used in typhoid fever.

YERBA MORA: in cooking is used for angina and ills of the throat, sores and also to combat dandruff of the scalp, soothes nerves and rashes.

YuA YuA: for work.

YUCCA: grated cassava, okra, ash, water and blood are used to kill the worst witchcraft.

BUSH: For the ovaries, the root, club indigo, salt, nutmeg and fig, all boiled.

BUSH WHITE: work to entangle.

PALO RAMON: for good.

BASIL CIMARRON: the consumption of the root and leaves are heated pure and applied where it appears the chigger.

EWE OF Oshosi

ALBABAQUILLA: in plain water is used for dry or bloodshot pushes against fever and malaria.

BEJUCO PARTRIDGE: serves to damage, disengaging and enmity.

O CAGUASO CAGUATE: used to burn and water where there are contagious diseases.

CAMEJOTE: is burned and the ashes thrown into boiling water for moisture cure (x)

Cordgrass, served boiled for footbaths.

ESPANILLO: espalse be sprayed, this causes discomfort, rivalries, etc..

INCENSE OR GUINEA COAST: used to remove a person who is imprisoned.

SNUFF: to cure the shock.

GRASS BARALE: With his ashes mature fruits.


DAGUILLA: its leaves protect against the sun's rays, removes heat from the head.

Oshun EWE

ALAMBRILLA: look at the wells.

AMBER: used in cooking to get the fever and chest colds.

AMOR SECO: used in cooking for pushing and cramping, also mixed with the stick well boiled and hot box is taken not to throw up blood. Finely crushed leaves are used to rub the skin when there is itching and irritation.

Aniz: in cooking is used for all stomach aches, poor digestion, to expel the gases, hypochondriasis, hysteria weeping and fatigue.

INDIGO: in decoction is used to destroy tumors, for epilepsy. A decoction of the leaves and roots are used for gonorrhea, are taken as common water decoction of the root.

ANAB: boil the root branches and leaves, to breathe the bathroom to combat the flu in its beginning, sore throat and muscle.

BEAUTIFUL TREE: to attract and succeed in business, and loves the game.

HORN TREE: the leaves to wash the hair and give shine. Well boiled root is given to daily drinking impotence.

YELLOW OR SMELLS AROMA: the seed is dust. Throwing a stick into the ground just as the Guatao any party.

ABEYANO DE COSTA: the root along with other herbs to make up a purifying tizana bad blood. The leaves are applied to the soles of the feet against the cold.

BEJUCO CAREY: the leaves are burned to relieve choking, sick of be breathing smoke.

CONCHITA O JAINTO vines: is laxative and purgative after boiling in the sun and serene take fasting.

BEJUCO Pendola: tizana served in the liver and even work together.

SWEET: cooking the heart increases the milk of ewes. Boiled and bathrooms avoid grains. Milk or other foods rich strengthens the brain and blood.

WITCH: for the cure of the besieged, used to induce vomiting.

Calaguala: in cooking used to treat colic, rheumatism, bad shots and missed period. Take baths fasting and skin. Tizana serves as syphilis.

MOUNT CINNAMON: to curb diarrhea, colds, vomiting and bloody in syrup to sweeten work, tie, etc.

SWEET canvas: used burned and pulverized for laxation in crush.

CAREY: to war. It in the Omiero.

CASCABELILLO: for baths against scabies and itching without a rash.

CIMARRON JEALOUS: to gargle, throat affections.

COLOMA O CAJATO: in Matanzas the owner is Oshun, fresh leaves are used for headache, placed at the umbilicus prevents gases.

Coralillo WHITE: In brews served for pintails dogged or red. The most the dissolved or bursts.

WELL CULANDRILLO: preparing a syrup to cure bronchitis. The concoctions for colds. The sap for Sarroca teeth. For liver and kidney and bowel. Rogar head flower water, Omi or Omi omo (fern river) Pinagrillo and cotton.

CHAYOTE: syrup used for pneumonia, kidney, bladder, helps expel gas or stones.

ESPIGUELIS: bath and offal, to join.

SPINACH: to refresh Oshun.

ESTRAN PINK: Bath & offal.

PUFFIN O CARECILLO MOUNT: Oshun, works for inflammation of the liver and there are spots on the skin caused by the malfunction of this organ, in cooking, in plain water (works the wrong way, whistles).

FRESH: good for the kidneys, for wash-downs for the house.

GIRAZOL: softens topical tumors, is cooking for douches.

GRENGUERE: is food for them.

CURRANT: decoction of the root and leaves the digestive system clean and enteritis.

YELLOW MACAW: astral purifications, with the decoction of the flowers, roots, branches and leaves, for inflammation and friction for rheumatic pain.


GUAMA DE COSTA: It grows along rivers. The chief of the leaves, taking care not to get in the eyes softens the skin and cure pimples.

MENUDA SHEET: for infant colic.

JABONCILLO: the sap to clean ivory objects. On sticks to clean and whiten teeth.

YELLOW JIA: omiero to wash the bones of animals used in amulets and relics.

LETTUCE: to clean the house with parsley, cinnamon, eggs, water and honey florida.

O LAGAN LAGAN AURA: They call vine, but there are vines and grass (vulture) grows between the stones and gives a grain and purple as a grape used in concoctions to tie. For debris and cleaning with the gores is swept so bad witch tell boil, others call it a face. Mixed with alcohol is good for rheumatism, burns a bit, water, cooking is the cure diarrhea in children.

RIO LINEN: to put to Oshun.

LLANTEN CIMMARRÓN: On cooking for the liver and kidneys, the high for the scabs of the gums, a heated sheet is placed over a swollen belly well smeared with palm oil.

LLANTEN: the high relieves toothache.

MALVATEbaths to strip and purify, in cooking for shampoo, hair malagazo.

MALVIRA: medicinal wash to cure headache and excessive granulation seborrhea.

MANGO: Like all the Orishas. A concoction of mango male shrinks hemorrhoids. The crushed seed in alcohol is a disinfectant.

MARAÑON: a belt of green seeds continuously since hemorrhoids cure, you have to tease out the seeds slowly.

CHAMOMILE: in cooking is for the stomach to the intestines, strengthens the hair root, lifts the body.

Cantaloupe, for offerings to Oshun.

MIJE: to prepare amulets.

MYRTLE OR WALL: sedative bath when the sun-exposed skin irritated and dry.

ORANGE: with the crushed leaves were corrected relieve hoarseness and bronchitis, a decoction of the flowers used to when children suffer acidosis. A decoction of the scraped bark is used for good digestion. With orange oil and salt cure indigestion, for hiccups, an infusion of orange for the gale that forms in the stomach and irritation, gently massage ointment sip orange blossom and drink cooking.

SOUR ORANGE: for erysipelas, cut the leaves three days straight, short, crosses himself and prays a creed.

OROSUN LAND: This plant is spreading like the grass was good and similar but large leaves and sweet as their brews for the stomach and asthma was not put sugar. Used to washdowns, receipts, etc.

PALO MULATO: as good as bad, bad influences in stripping baths, dispel witchcraft brews. In brews invigorates the body.

SHOE OF THE QUEEN (PCWP) (PAPITO) is used in bathrooms, to shed, used for cooking.

MOUNT PARALEJO: Burned visa cap (bad).

PILGRIM: to spoil.

Parsley, for santiguar, bathrooms offal. To start witchcraft stomach for 7 days and fasting with zacu zacu, rosemary flower and raw milk, in the absence of milk is used dry wine or vinegar, castile, if it is not the root, put in the consumption of leaves, thus is crushed in a mortar.

CONE ROOM OR TRIM: to unite, to maintain health.

Pomarrosa (MATA BRUJO) sap is used to correct inhaled the stench of the nose. The result is amusing to treat gonorrhea, with white flowers diabetes.

Pring BEAUTIFUL: the afoche root and leaves used to charm. The smell itchy.

ROSAS: 5 yellow roses, quicksilver, honey and cinnamon are used to attract in bathrooms. 5 yellow roses, parsley, paramilitary, basil, 5 different essences and honey are used to bring money in bathrooms.

PALO JULIE (BEEF BLOOD OR MAIDS): jug for flows and redo ladies.

YELLOW VANILLA: to feed the charms of Oshun.

VANILLA PINK: to feed the charms of Oshun. Which are intended for men.

VETIVER: root in rubbing alcohol used for neuralgia and rheumatism.

CAYMAN Yerva: for gonorrhea.

LUISA Yerva: in cooking for stomach pains, colic and discomfort caused by nerve disorders.

GRASS MARABEDI: to spoil, wash-downs.

YERBA MULATA: in cooking for colitis and dysentery.

GRASS MOUSE OR ALACRAN: for (x) the crushed leaves with pigeon droppings and stomach PUMPKIN.

Obba EWE

HAZEL DE COSTA: root with other herbs to make up a tizana purifying the blood.

MAHOGANY: The decoction of the bark is used only for the purge. Flowers and most of the leaves to contain blood from the wounds.

CASTANO: a decoction of the root is used for bathing and water taken as common when you are tired.

PLUM: for good.

Yemaya EWE

Nightshade: the cooking is good for angina and other ailments of the throat, to wash wounds and combat dandruff of the scalp. Calms the nerves and rashes.

CAYMAN HERB: Cures hemorranas contains blood in the urine.

GOOD GRASS: Crush with rum applies rebels wounds (burns a lot) the second is passing the pain plaster. Cut the cringe.

WITCH GRASS: For clamping.

VIOLET: flowers and leaves all the pain subside.

PURSLANE: couple cool the Orisha. It is used in washing and cleaning.

VERBENA: in cooking is for the liver, can serve as the high throw, the sap with olive oil used for hair care.

Sargassum, are sea grapes ito, salt, is the sugar for stunted children and scrupulous, heals wounds and rashes.

SABINA: the cooking of the wood used to cure syphilis. A decoction of the shoots used for the suspension of menses. The seed oil stimulates hair growth, prevents baldness in time.

SANILA: purifying the liver, kidneys and bladder. Is asthmatic. In hot water serves two douches and for cases of gonorrhea and vaginal discharge.

ROMERO: to give birth. Branches to spoil. Rubbing alcohol for rheumatism and headaches. The high blackens the hair and is also used for bronchitis.

RESEDA: used in cooking for intestinal flu and wash your hair.

PALO Berraco: to cure syphilis. In tizanas is used for venereal diseases.

PALO GERING O TEKENER Teke: in AFOSH for marriage.

PALO COCHIN: the leaves are used for cleaning. The bark and root boiled purify and enrich the blood. A decoction of the root water Comú for colitis.

WATER MELON: The decoction of the root and leaves is used to refresh the eyes and relieve irritation and fatigue.

KILLS BLACK: the vine baracoa for jobs.

MANGROVE: the high leaf in decoction is used for rheumatism, decoction root purifies the blood.

MALANGA: water strengthens the brain stem.

Majagua: the root and bark dissolve internal tumors, the strips are attached to the ankles and wrists dislocated, removed cramps. The flower decoction is used for bronchitis, asthma and colds, flowers alcohol relieve rheumatic and muscular pains. With consumption of watercress is used for tuberculosis.

MAGUEY: stick bad.

LINO DE MAR: To make amends, and reassure Yemaya.

LETTUCE: for flushing and cooling.

RUSH MARINO: reduced to powder used for ulcers.

JAGUA: cure blindness. With the high is blurred view of the witches.

Lucentio BEACH: The branches serve to shed wetting them with seawater.

Guasima: the cooking of the crust cools the blood. To wash your head is to bad milk and milk cure. Loose as the okra slime. With shredded leaves to the door tied with ciguaraya, cockroach, and guanine. The grains of the feet and legs and ulcers with slug, burning and itching that occurs wow.

GUAMA Foul: to pray.

GUANO DE COSTA: in cooking for the affections of the tracks pee. The high leaf taking care not to fall into the eyes softens the skin and beads.

GRENGUERE: meal of the Orishas.

GERECIANA LAND: hot cooking served in the stomach. Crushed in rubbing alcohol.

FRESH: tile. Beneficial to the kidneys.

CHICHANA: to bad

Cachote: syrup used for pneumonia. In decoction for kidney and bladder. Help the stones pass.

CILANTRO: the juice is abortive and infusion regulates the menses. The root in the root poultices to recede, mauve and tough, is used in case of bleeding.

ROACH: in cooking for internal irritation, colitis, causing menstruation. The leaves boiled with a little sugar, kidney stones. It also destroys the keys to the leaves.

MOUNT OPALILLO: boiled leaves are used for inhalation, air staggering for headaches pounded root is used.

COME FACE: the root and bark boiled in water used for the feet and legs. For people who fall (baños.

CAJUMBO: Look at three in the morning.

Please charge: to spoil and cleanings. The sap is abortion, crushed root is used. Collect the menses and causes.

Canvas: the cooking of any part of the plant used to bath seats.

CANACO: whole plant infusion is used to cleanse the kidneys and bladder.

SHRIMP: In decoctions used for sitz baths, pain in the waist, kidneys, hips and belly hot flash.

CAMAGUIRA: the lungs, injury or weakness and pleurisy. Prepare a syrup with the root and leaves, heals and relieves TB (x)

Caisimón: the promotion of the leaves is used for erysipelas, inflammation of the breakage of boils and belly. The leaves applied to the belly warm and original Epo lower inflammation caused by orchitis. The root decoction is used for gonorrhea. To cure Canchila caused by witchcraft or evil eye curse.

UBI BEJUCO(broad leaves) to wash the nato (parts or attributes of these Orishas) is used as an abortifacient. Disinfect the bladder juice.

UBI BEJUCO: (From 5 sheets) are poured into the sap oozing ears. Or in case of deafness caused by wax buildup. In praising the ears even cooking and to cure colds and flu.

BEJUCO TURTLE: When sprouted measles, decoction of the roots will dry quickly and avoids the complication of convalescence. A decoction of a handful taken by ordinary water is used for chronic chest conditions.

BEJUCO PARRA: used for the stomach, leaves for cooking and food of the Orishas.

BEJUCO JAÑATEO: The sap stops bleeding from wounds, chewing on sprigs stops producing sperm pyorrhea. Whitens teeth. Dropsy, gonorrhea. (It is the vine and the vine pig soap).

BEJUCO CRAB: to bleeding.

CORRALES vines: in baking to harden the gums, is held in the mouth as long as possible. The high for rubbing.

INDIGO: the cooking is for all the pains of the belly, for poor digestion, especially for passing gas. Also for hypochondriasis (the hysterical attacks watery) and fatigue parrandera people.

ALBAHA RESIDENCE: used for cooking stomach.

SWEET PEPPER: strengthens bones, fried food for the Orishas. It's good to chew when teeth hurt. In decoction for gargling when angina or feel discomfort in the throat.

MOUNT Copalillo: Medicare. The leaves boiled for inhalation when suffering an appalling air. The crushed root is drawn in and calms the nervous headache. Infusion for stomach pains (must be of the mountain without the garden).


CONCHITA O JAINTO vines, is a laxative or purgative, after boiling sun sets and the night watchman and taken fasting.

BEJUCO GUARA: in decoctions are taken for escarlinata in gargles for singers and speakers.

DAIRY BEJUCO: applies the high on infested wounds and bites of poisonous insects.

BEJUCO FIGHTER: The high is applied to smallpox. Your name (chapareo) in decoction is used to bathe the convalescents of the disease. Will disappear or be less visible holes and stains left by smallpox in the skin.

BEJUCO PARTRIDGE: bath, disengage and enmity.

BEJUCO Finch: for bad.


SWEET: Osain eats. The cooking of the heart increases the milk of women who breastfeed their children. Boiled and avoids baths grains and spots on the skin and gives shine and smoothness, the high milk or other foods, strengthens bone and enriches the blood.

Jiba: (horrified witch) to get this plant must be paid. A decoction of the root low fever fever. To remove the gall to take it as plain water. In tizana used for syphilis and other venereal diseases. For the lungs, tuberculosis, etc. dissolves tumors and to promote internal and external. Is abortive.


BEAUTIFUL TREE: to attract.

BARI: for praying and offal.

CAPE AX: its leaves used in teas for anemia, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. The baths of boiled leaves and dissolve purify all evil.

Caimitillo: the fruit reduces inflammation of the glands. A decoction of the root and leaves in bathrooms fight obesity.

CAIMITO: to do works of justice. Is healing, it is the green of the leaves is placed over a wound and makes it ooze, upside down on the bleeding wound contains immediately. A decoction of the bark used for diarrhea and blood loss.

PLUM: for ebbó: the segments.

CIMARRON COMBUSTERA: the crust to dust causes vomiting.

Coralillo PINK: the cooking of the entire plant, including flowers revived after a binge.

Framboyán: it's good for rheumatism, crushed ginger and brandy, infusions and simultaneously take in cooking.

FRUIT BOMB: for cleansing of the head to the madness. If madness comes from syphilis or some spirit, extracted the juice from the fruit and preparing a beverage, scratching and mixing it with the heart jalapa on alternate days and fasting are given 7 doses, then three times a day, a cook Strong dry leaves.

Papaya MALE: for flank pain, boil a stalk about a meter long and three days of each month are very hot bath seats. Drinking, in addition, brews and heal the pain, mixed with coconut milk and a tablespoon taken fasting, is used against intestinal parasites, milk fruit and leaves are used to the madness.

Gerami: offal bath. Luck. For the nerves and the heart, tied with Melissa Cook. The strongest is red. For ovarian disorders take daily with dry wine.

GRANADA: to black hair. With the infusion site fleet has wizard and kill him, the virtue of cooking together with a laxative castor oil, expels worms and worms.

GUARO: the bark and the root boiled in frictions and calms the nerves down the swelling.

BRAVO OR NAIL JUCARO: smoke strengthens and revives.

MARVEL: a decoction of the root is very upset, contains the dry and bloodshot pushes. The whole plant juice bursts external tumors (does not allow mosquitoes).

MIL FLORES: stripping baths frees us from bad dreams.

Ironwood: this stick is taken out of proportion Oya (Oya battle).

PISCUALA: the seed is used for parasites and the infusion of flowers and leaves to bathe his legs following the return of long walks.

BANKRUPTCY AX: leaves, roots and bark in decoction are used to expel gas. The juice of crushed leaves is a laxative.

HORSE BLOW: only bad.


SENSITIVE OR SHAMEFUL: offal, purifications, with her work the sensitivity of any individual.

ROSE FRENCH, strengthens bones and brain. It is made with a syrup used to the cold.

AGUINALDO PURPLE: flowers boiled with branches and roots quiet pertussis.

Shang EWE

ACANA: grains are cured by bathing with leaves, bark and roots boiled, also cure skin diseases, disinfects wounds. The resin reduced to powder and snorted contains a nosebleed. A decoction of the leaves taken several times a day has diarrhea.

AVOCADO: Oya is purple. Bud with the cooking gases are expelled produces fruit and cough. The purple is used to induce menses. Is abortive. In douche (white flowers). Crushed and boiled the seed is used to erase wrinkles on the face. In decoction for loose teeth.

ALAMO: bath and wash-downs.

CAMPHOR: the buds are boiled with the root lustral bath. The leaves and branches stuck in rubbing alcohol is used in rheumatism, muscle aches, bruises and shock. Used for uterine fire, to reassure you put on your party packs alcohol and camphor root.

ALGARROBO: a decoction of the leaves with saffron and lemon grass is good for cough, strengthens the brain. With powdered resin treated wounds, shredded leaves reduce the hernia.

ALMASIGO: A decoction of young shoots intestinal cold. The root bark and buds are used in cases of diarrhea. The resin is applied in patches on wounds made by nails, rusty cans or anything. To remove the air gets a patch behind the ear. For cold brews to take them at bedtime and also put under the pillow.

COLORADO ARAB: the crushed leaves were spread on the house where they want to harm a family (afoche), to form this fight.

BARI: for praying and offal.

BEJUCO CAREY: the leaves are burned to relieve choking, sick of be breathing smoke.

BEJUCO COLORADO: for chest tightness and dry cough (cooking).

BEJUCO TURLUGA: when measles has broken out decoction of the roots will dry quickly. A decoction of a handful taken by ordinary water is used for chronic chest conditions.

BIJA: Used in supplications to Sango. Bija and not saffron.

CABIMER: to strip and to strengthen nursing from a serious illness. A cabin chicha eliminates bad blood there.

Tassels: to bolster the convalescents of severe disease. To provide good luck in love, business and games. (Supplications) to prepare inshe Osain.

TRUNK: the sap is made an ointment sedative to relieve heartburn and prevent burn blisters.

Okra: the branches are used to praying for a child ask to be born.

Camagua: decoctions of leaves and roots to treat constipation.

CANDELILLA: it serves only to make powders Hexes (to conflict) is blown.

Canutillo: The target of Obatala and Yemaya, Shango the purple. The white wash for the eyes. Purple for bathrooms, for offal and good luck.

CANE CHORUS: whole plant infusion to cleanse the kidneys and bladder.

SUGAR CANE: to sweeten.

MAHOGANY: The decoction of the bark is used only for the purge. Flowers and most of the leaves to contain blood from the wounds. Cut a piece of the west side and another side emerging, three flowers of the dead and three drops of oil stick, bat well and are given in case of pneumonia three cups a day.

CARAMBOLI: the leaves are applied to mumps. The root and bark decoction to dissolve tumors and purify the blood.

CEDRO: cooking the leaves and resin syrup, for haemoptysis and bad cold. As an abortifacient, the root with real palm and sweetened with ONI. The juice of the female cedar seed (PASI) calm the ardor of infectious bites. The root, bark and leaves, purify and enrich the blood. This is reinforced tizana parsley root and purge and cure women and irregularities flow of menses. In times of epidemic gets a piece of cedar in drinking water. The female is for man and the male to female.

CIMARRON COMBUSTERA: afoche crust made as an emetic.

CORDOVA: offal and bathrooms, the leaves in cooking: for asthma, coughs and hemoptysis, whooping cough and cough of measles. With the root syrup is prepared for the airways.

Corojo: to clean the iron, inkinis, pots, etc.

CUABARI or environments: for nerves. In tea to invigorate the nervous system.

CUPID THE ONE: is the name given to this flower, although at one o'clock of the day close your eyes and falls asleep. Bath serves offal.

Framboyán: it's good for rheumatism, crushed ginger and brandy, infusions and simultaneously take in cooking.

BEANS: used to make amulets to the police:

GERANIUM: bath and offal. In cooking linked to Melissa, for the nerves and heart. The strongest is the Red Pupa. For ovarian disorders take daily with dry wine.

GRANADA: to black hair. With the infusion site fleet has wizard and kill him, the virtue of cooking together with a laxative castor oil, expels worms and worms.

PASSION: to make sticks.

GRENGUERE: it is food for the Oris is similar to okra.

RED MACAW: lustral purifications with the decoction of the flowers, roots, branches and leaves, for inflammation, in frictions, rheumatic pains and yellow macaw is Oshun EWE

GUANO WHITE: root boiled in fasting as a purgative.

GUANO PRIETO: next to the trunk are placed offerings of food and ebbo of Sango.

JOCUMA: in tea is used to treat leprosy, Canchila and hernia.

JUCARO BRAVO: smoke strengthens and revives.

JURABAINCA JURUBANA O: brujo kills Nganga.

LAUREL: hot body with leaves.

MAMEY: the seed to disease. The seed for ulcerative cooked in cream for hair loss.

MARAÑON: a belt of green seeds continuously since hemorrhoids cure, you have to tease out the seeds slowly.

Miraguano: seed oil stops hair loss.

DOOR: the seed is prepared and Fache and cross lache.

PALO BITTER: the bark is used for holy work and rankle. The bark, root and leaves are used to make a potion witchcraft. It is used in decoction for stomach aches. Presenting himself as the common water cure the vice of drunkenness (quiet).

PALO PUMP: only good for bad jobs (kills).

PALO BRONCO: for poles.

PALO KNIGHT: prevents hair loss, and to regulate menstruation. Stems for poultices.

PALO CACHIMBA: protects you from electrical shock.

PALO BOX: Washdown offal, kills witchcraft. Decoctions of the bark contain hemorrhage or serves as an emetic. Regulates the period in arrears as plain water. Combat tuberculosis. Deleted toothache with a sip of juice.

PALO COCHIN: the leaves are used for cleaning. The bark and root boiled purify and enrich the blood. A decoction of the root common water colitis.

PALO GICOTEA: for backup.

PALO ROMPRES BONES, has died hard.

PARADISE: for bathing and cleaning. The leaves are placed on the chest to cure or protect an ailing heart. Soothes designs, tachycardia, renew when dry. The buds on brews relieve push. The crushed seed and alcohol, to kill the lice.

PINE: The decoction of the root to treat pyorrhea and shampoo makes hair grow.

BOTIJA GEAR: the bark is scraped and boiled with marshmallow root, applied in poultice for inflammation of a sick member. To wash the doors, house, etc. when there is witchcraft. If there is witchcraft in the stomach to eat 3 seeds. Three does not cause discomfort, 2 can be fatal.

PISCUALA: the seed is used for parasites and the infusion of flowers and leaves to bathe his legs following the return of long walks.

PITOHAYA: the brews of the flower to a principle of cancer.

CUBA Platanillobaths and jobs. In brews root purifies the blood, fight the flow and gonorrhea, to prevent the cancer process.

BANANA: Master the winds, the Indian is less to feed. The sap of the apple is the salvation of tuberculosis. This water plantain is effective for stomach ulcers and jaundice.

PONOSI: leaves in bath brews offal and eczema and swelling of the legs and feet.

Okra: plaster to cure with the navel, constipation, asthma and damage or warlock that cast the witches.

BREAKING Saraguey: offal bath.

RUE: with her fried with oil, ear, and brews for evil.

Siguarayabaths, wash-downs. The resin taken in small doses it safely evacuate witchcraft has been ingested.

TIBISI: powder is blowing.

TOMATO: juice for constipation, drops for toothache. The result strengthens the blood, enriches the blood and strengthens the view.

TRANSVERSE: for work.

VAGABUEY: to work with the juice:

YABA: with the dust shell heals the scale, and with the cooking of the little steps it intestines. Powders and papers are poisonous to blind.

YAREY: the crust to dust mixed with the blood of insects or animals that feed on green leaves.

YAYA: invigorating, clean. Its leaves to clean the blood. The bark flakes and heals the wounds of the legs and feet that have walked on witchcraft. Leaves


Turtle GRASS: to work.

Sarsaparilla: purifies the blood, cure rheumatism, syphilis, nerves. If swallowed burning root when drowning, relieved.


ALABAHACA MONDONGUERA: hervida para despojos. El zumo para la urticaria cuando comenzó a aparecer.


ARCEDIANA O ACEDIANA: Unas gotas del zumo diluido en agua calma los nervios, son venenosas.


CAGADIÑA DE GALLINA: para mandar mensajes maléficos

HICACO: en cocimiento para la disentería.

HOJA MENUDA: para los cólicos infantiles.

MAMONCILLO: en cocimiento para fomentos que se aplican a las gangrenas (le sacan el calor). Con la savia, la fruta y la raíz, se prepara un licor digestivo de sabor agradable, eficaz para la úlcera del estómago. Para las afecciones hepáticas.

MANAJU: es purgante y la savia extrae las espinas que penetran profundamente en la piel.

MIERDA DE GALLINA: para despojar, para purificar la sangre descompuesta. Las raíces de la mata no del palo, se hierve con un poco de aguardiente de caña y se toma por la mañana y al acostarse.

PEGA PEGA: las hojas y raíces para unir matrimonios o relaciones rotas.

RABO DE GATO: para amarrar en el embarazo.

ZAPOTE: para trabajos. Las hojas machacadas y mezcladas con ceniza mata la brujería. En cocimientos las hojas secas para el insomnio y recuperar fuerzas perdidas. El polvo de la resina contiene la hemorragia. Si el período es abundante coger la sombra del árbol.

TOMATE: el zumo para el estreñimiento, gotas para el dolor de muela. El fruto fortalece la sangre, enriquece la sangre y fortalece la vista.


AJONJOLÍ: la semilla en cocimientos para aliviar a los asmáticos. Fortalece el corazón. La semilla echa polvo y bebida con café en afrodisíaca. Las mujeres cuando están paridas, aumentan su leche.

ARBOL DEL CEBO: la raíz y las ramas para las fricciones en las coyunturas de los tullidos.

ATEJE MACHO: la savia limpia las manchas de la piel hembra para macho y macho para hembra.

BAJUCO AUGARILLO: bebida en cocimiento y baños de asiento reduce las hemorroides.

BEJUCO LOMBRIZ: cura la ictericia, hervido y tomado como agua común. La infusión en ayuna seguido de un purgante de palmacristi para expulsar las lombrices.

CAGUAIRAN: la savia alivia el dolor de los callos sangrientos.

CAISIMON: el fomento de las hojas sirve para la erisipela, la irritación de las quebraduras de los forúnculos y del vientre. Las hojas tibias aplicadas al vientre con epo y ori bajan la inflamación producida por la orquitis. El cocimiento de la raíz sirve para la otitis y la gonorrea. Para curar las canchilas producidas por la brujería, mal de ojos o maldición.

CAÑA BRAVA: la raíz en cocimiento calma el asma o el ahogo, cuando se siente en la boca sabor a sangre de lo contrario no debe tomarse. También se aplica su infusión en inyecciones vaginales. Buena para la artritis y purificar la sangre y hace crecer el pelo en lavados de cabeza.

CANAMAZO O CAÑAMAZO AMARGO: cocimientos para baños de asiento.

CEBOLLETA: para rogaciones en caso de lepra. Alivia las comezones de los lazarinos.

CENIZO: importante para trabajos de santería.

COPAIBA O COPALBA: Con la resina, las hojas, la raíz y la corteza se curan las enfermedades secretas e infecciosas, las cura Babalú Aye. La resina desinfecta, absorbe el mal y cicatriza.

ESCOBA AMARGA: con tres raíces en cocimientos, café corta la fiebre. Toda la planta en infusión contra el paludismo. Revienta tumores y granos en cataplasmas. Y en polvos trabajados como una pasta cura la tiña. La zarza los eccemas y todas las ñañaras de los pies.

GANDUL: en cocimiento para la gripe. En baños alivia la picazón de la sarna.

GUOCUSI: cura las llagas. La resina para la sífilis, la corteza para las babas. Las hojas para los intestinos, las rasquiñas y el reumatismo.

LUCIENSO: para despojos y baños. En cocimiento, regula el período y calma el dolor de estómago. Aspirando aclara la mente, despeja y aleja las malas influencias.

JIA BRAVA: es maléfico.

MANI: se hierve toda la planta para las hemorroides.

MILLO: para que la epidemia o la enfermedad no penetre en la casa, se tiene siempre clavado detrás de la puerta.

ORTIGUILLA: hervida como agua común no pica y limpia la sangre de impurezas. En cocimiento y mezclada con canutillo y rabo de zorra cura la impotencia, se toma en ayunas, al mediodía y por la noche.

PICA PICA: para trabajos.

RETAMA O PETAMA: en cocimientos para bajar la fiebre.

SABELECCIÓN O MAZTUERZO: las hojas en la cabeza para conservar la memoria.

SABICÚ: espaciar las cenizas de su madera en la casa de un enfermo infeccioso evita el contagio.

SALVIA: el cocimiento de las hojas o una simple hoja aplicada a la cabeza calma los dolores también sirve para lavar el cabello. Cuando se tiene catarro el bao de la infusión calma los dolores musculares.

SALVIA MORADA: para friccionas la coyuntura de inválidos y torcidos. Untado en la raíz del pelo quita la caspa.

HIERBA DE GUINEA: en cocimientos por agua común después que bota la erupción del sarampión, las viruelas o chineas. Con la salvia se limpia la piel.


AJI AGUETA: El sumo de la raíz y las hojas purifican la sangre y los riñones, tomarse en cucharadas o disuelto en la sopa o cualquier alimento durante las comidas. Si el sumo de la raíz y las hojas se agrega al del fruto se obtiene un fortificante de los tejidos testiculares.

AJI DE CHINA: el sumo de la fruta es excelente para aclarar la vista, una sola gota en cada ojo dos veces a la semana. El jugo de la raíz y hojas combate la lombriz solitaria.

ARTEMISA O ALTAMIZA: Para despojos, fricciones, baños, la raíz y las ramas en caso de fiebre contagiosas con alcanfor, alcohol e incienso de mata o con romero, canelilla de costa, carquesa, salvia marina e incienso para combatir el reumatismo. El cocimiento bebido como agua común desinflama el apéndice, se emplea en cataplasmas, combate también (x) el jugo de la raíz con buen vino se le da a los cardiacos.

ATEJE AMARILLO. Los cocimientos de la raíz y las hojas sirven para bañar las piernas cuando se padecen de calambres. La raíz sola en infusiones para la hidropesía. La pulpa se emplea para cataplasmas que revientan los tumores.

ATEJE COMUN: las hojas y las raíces para combatir en inhalaciones el aire pasmoso. La raíz en infusión, para suprimir las flores blancas.

ATEJE HEMBRE: para quitar las manchas y magulladuras de la piel de los

ATEJE HERMOSO: el sumo de las hojas y del tallo desvanece las manchas de la piel ocasionadas por quemaduras, hace también desaparecer las cicatrices superficiales.

AVELLANO DE COSTA: la raíz junto con otras hierva compone una tizana depurativa para la mala sangre. Las hojas se aplican en las plantas de los pies contra la frialdad.

BEJUCO DE CUBA: hervido totalmente y bien filtrado cura las infecciones internas de la nariz (se utiliza una jeringuilla).

BEJUCO ZARZUELA: con la raíz y las hojas se amarran a las mujeres embarazadas.

CAJUELA: con la savia se fabrica un ungüento sedativo para aliviar el ardor de las quemaduras y evitar las ampollas.

COCULLO: la salvia alivia los dolores de espalda.

CHICHARRON DE MONTE: para disecar, café y chocolate.

GUIRA CIMARRONA: las hojas para baños. La corteza y la raíz en infusión para purificar el hígado, los riñones y la vejiga. El jugo del fruto en el tratamiento de las úlceras gangrenadas (si aparece la gangrena ponerle fomentos, que la guira se come la gangrena). Para enfermedades venéreas se deja pudrir la guira, la exprime, se le hecha aceite, una cucharadita de azafre y se le da como purgante

HUEVO DE GALLO. El palo y el camaleón sirven para enfermar y matar. El cocimiento devuelve el vigor, la virilidad, la naturaleza caída del hombre y la leche contiene la sangre.

PALO BRONCO: para bastones.

PALO JICOTEA: para resguardo.

PUIBARBO Y RUIBARBO: para la bilis y los trastornos intestinales y hepáticos.

TABACO: jugo de la raíz y flor. En cocimiento para curar el pasmo (de las hojas)


ACEITUNILLO: las hojas en cocimientos para lavar la cabeza. Con la raíz para amuletos.

AGUINALDO MORADO: las flores hervidas con ramas y raíces calma la tos ferina.

ALMENDRO: las hojas para lavar la cabeza (refrescar Eleda) y en despojos, baños y baldeos. Para suerte.

ALMOREJO: en cocimientos las hojas y la raíz sirven para regulas la menstruación.

ALTEA: la raíz hervida sirve par gárgaras, lavados intestinales y vaginales.

ARABO. Se hierve la raíz con las hojas y ramas, se respira el vaho para combatir la gripe en su comienzo.

ARABO COLORADO: las hojas machacadas se esparcen en la casa donde se desee perjudicar una familia (afoche), esto para formar pelea.

ARARA: el cocimiento de las hojas baja la fiebre. En cigarro fumando evita el mareo.

ARCEDIANO O ACEDIANO: Pulverizado en amuleto facilita la palabra y estimula el valor. Unas gotas del sumo diluido en agua calma los nervios, tomado con exageración tienen fatales consecuencias.

ASTRONOMIA: para baños de despojos, con la raíz para resguardos marítimos.

BASTON DE SAN FRANCISCO: Con las hojas en cocimientos regula la presión arterial. Con las flores hervidas se prepara un agua que cura los herpes. Las hojas en tizanas para el paludismo, colitis y anemia.

COPEY: con el jugo y la resina en emplasto se extrae el mal humor de ulceras y llagas y la cicatriza. La raíz, las hojas y la corteza hervida se utilizan en fomentos. La semilla es venenosa y sirve para dañar.
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