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topic posted Sat, February 23, 2008 - 5:30 AM by  Jeremiah
Aloha All My Friends,
Several of you have commented about similarities between my Twin Flame Jody & I so we've been looking. Jody was showing Cheryl the similarities in Us, and Cheryl pointed out some new ones we hadn't noticed.

See my blog for photo

Zoom in on your copy if you need to.

Our eyes,
Our noses,
Our chins,

Our ears,
Our cheekbones,
The slope of our shoulders,
Our eyebrows (if mine weren't plucked they are just like yours)
The wrinkles around our eyes,
The wrinkle from our nose to our lips,
Our left arms are in almost the same position,
Our heads tilt slightly... interestingly toward each other,
Our left thumb and forefinger are almost identical in position,
Our energy

What do you see? And, what do you think of the theory that Twin Flames will look alike?

Much Love, Gobs of Laughter & Blessed Is,
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    I believe there are many similarities between twins, especially when you get together and are able to make those comparisons. I would really love to finally get together with mine to discover just what we have in common. You two do look alike! I can see it when I see you both together and even when I see a single picture of each of you and make those comparisons I'm able to see it. It's even better when the both of you are in the same picture together though. God bless you both!
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      I have yet to discover exactly how similar my twin and I are. We're not in physical contact as of yet but I know who he is and lifes experiences have made me more aware of him being a part of me! Crazy crazy things such as a near death experience (an almost fatal bleeding condition in October 1996) that has yet to go unexplained, then physical pain, body rushes and nausea which have also gone unexplained (and we're talking medically here). I thought I was going insane! It took several people including this tribe to help me understand that what was happening wasn't a trick of the mind, but it was a reality. My spiritual awakening happened sometime in 2003......probably early that year, but it came down hard on me like a tidal wave later that year, and I had nothing leading up to it to condition me prior to this happening. I was a wreck! For 4 months the entire right side of my body would hurt and it was a stiff throbbing type of hurt, and that would be accompanied by nausea and body rushes. I'd thought I was suffering hypertension! Went to the ER, had blood tests done, nothing wrong. It was maddening! Now I'm alright, which tells me he is too. I pray for him every night.

      Energy shifting had meditation have enabled me to see things more clearly and also have given me the ability to put everything into perspective.
      • My twin and I look very similar :) Our eyes our noses... But what I really find incredible, is how paralleled our lives have been! That's been important for me..

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          Heh heh heh....I denied how much my Twin looked like me until Ms. Aries-Scorpio did a collage of our photos, and I cried when I saw how much he looked like me. The smirk, the chin, facial expressions, our eyes not only have the same characteristics but the same glow....identicle grin dimples...the shape of our faces.

          We also have similiar lives, priest and in NYC...we both influence many around us, not because we're egotistical know it alls, but because we share our light, unconditionally, because we manifest the divine with every move we make....and people find that intriguing. Ooooohhhh what a pair we'll be!!!!!
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            Hee hee! Yeah you both look A LOT alike!! It's uncanny. I've shown pictures of my twin to soooo few people too. I'm protective of him.
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              Aaawwww that's the Scorpio speaking in you Ms. A~S heeee heeeee. My Twin is like that with me (scorp), extreeeeeemely protective.
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                Yeah! I know.....A friend told me I'm more like my moon sign than my sun. LOL! Scorpio is a very spiritual sign. I don't mind it.
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                  You have that naughty wit of a Scorpio too eheheheheheheheheh!!!! My moon sign is potent in me too (both the Twin and I, aries moon) oooohhh the sarcasm is never ending, playful sarcasm of course ; ).
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                    Yep! You definately have the Arian Sarcasm! LOL! You crack me up with it and you've got a very gregarious personality.
  • We like the same things, music, books, authors, poetry, philosophy, art. Same kind of humor. We see things alike, outlook on life, nature... Our houses look similar, same kind of things, same cosy mess. We do 'habitual' things in the same non-conventional way. We dress the same way. We study the same subjects...

    We look almost as opposites, but we have facial similarities.

    Love & Light !
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    I sense, the longer Jeremiah and I are around each other, connected energetically, sharing life in physical form, the more we will look alike. This is already a proven fact and I've seen it happen in my own son. He was born looking exactly like his father. At age 1, his father permanently stepped out of his life. By age 2, my son looked exactly like me with no similarities to his father.

    With Twin Flames, the similarities exist even before the two connect and become One. That picture of Us was taken shortly after we first met in physical form. Jeremiah and I did not see the similarities in each other until others pointed it out. We did notice the moment we first looked into each others eyes felt as though we were looking into our own Soul. Since then, we have become aware of many, many similarities in our way of thinking, teaching, working, playing, feeling, sensing, and expressing love.

    It will be fun to see how that changes, if it does, over time.

    I told Jeremiah I was drawing a line with growing into certain similarities, like getting a hairy chest, growing a beard... and other things. Hehehehe.
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      OH NO! Don't grow strange body hair! LOL!

      I haven't yet met my twin but have been told by several ppl we look very similar. I have heard the more the two look alike, the closer they are to reuniting.
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        AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ooohhhh Jody that's too funny!!!!!

        It's true though...I get creeped sometimes at the facial expressions he an I come up with lately ,we're mirroring each other for sure, and we're not quite there physically yet (embraced). Saying the same bout that one? I just found out today....I cut my hair a bit the other night, a few inches chopped...he did the same thing.
    • We did meet, then we ran, because we were not ready yet, but are in contact... I look more like him now, my body shape became more like his, I sense his expressions on my face... But he's growing more bodyhair while with me it gets less! Another balancing act!
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        Interesting! I've been noticing more a resemblance. Friends used to say "You resemble him!" and I never once noticed. Now I'm starting to see what they've seen.
  • I agree about the similarties thing...
    Hi i'm Jamie, i'm new to tribes, only really joined it becasue it has some of the most current and real life experiences with twinflames, when i'd google info. I recently met mine in march of 2007, he looks a lot like me, same eye shape, bone structure, hair part, about same height too. his and my picture are in my album if you'd like to see
    • Welcome to tribe and to our conversation on Twin Flames. The photos are great and I love the resemblance
      Blessed IS,
      • You mentioned that you and your twin started looking more alike after you met. I know this is the same thing that happened for me. the change was slight but I and my close friend noticed it, others just said there was something different about me. At first i figured it was my energy, but later i noticed something about my face had shifted and was still nearly the same but it looked in my opinon more femenine and elegant. He had the nicer face out of the two of us, and mine definetly shifted. We are both pretty much balancede with male/fem energy, but i'd say i was the more masculine energy of the two of us and he was the more femmenine energy, which is probably why he had more femmenine features than mine at the time.

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