Twin Flames – Romance or Mirror?

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Twin Flames – Romance or Mirror?

Our Twin Flames are actually our very Best Mirrors! When we merge with our Twin Twin Flames we actually merge with all of their bodies, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric or the I Am. This means you get to embrace all they have not embraced and they get the chance to embrace all you have not embraced. This is Deep Service to Source rather than a romantic idyll for life!!!! We've written about this numerous times in various forms.

The experience of coming together as Twin Rays is not always an unqualified success from the perspective of some I know. They came together in great passion, moved in together and then came the hard work of going into a caving experience to merge on all levels with each other and All That IS. Unfortunately quite a few reached a point where they did not embrace the stuff their Soul called up to be embraced and broke up or they thought their Soul's desire from them to go out on their path of Service alone for a time was a failure on their part or that Twin Flames was hogwash. If they do the personal work and complete what their Soul desires from the joint healing process, then both can move on easily. Each will need to honor where the other is, which can be a very fine line to walk.

Some even miss the guidance that an aperiodic physical separation was part of their Twin Flame plan. They will then be releasing attachments. These can look like moving very rapidly through all the phases losing someone like grief, anger, blaming, questioning, fearing, cursing and jealousy only to discover that the only one you can complete with was you and you are the only one who has permission to make yourself whole.

As you can see this route to wholeness is about learning to embrace your own Divinity or the God within at One with All That Is.

Given that, I ask the readers to again look at the question posed last month, "What Would God Do?" The access to being very clear that you are "listening" to your I AM Self or GodSelf is the work of releasing all attachments to people, relationships, things and beliefs and embracing what ever arises, including the shadows or pain. A fear that arises for many is that you won't recognize your self on the other side of the deepest work of embracing and giving everything which arises permission to BE. The change can be so great that it's like your darker side is plastered over your face for a time. I absolutely can tell you that on the other side there is so much joy and bliss even in the times of separation and grief. It is all worth everything which has arisen.

As I wrote last month, I will write about these lessons in my various newsletters and perhaps a few books. If you want to follow this please send me your personal email with an indication of you desire to be on my various newsletter lists. There are several series of newsletters being created over the next few months. You will receive a notice to accept being added to the new newsletters list for each of the newsletter series

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