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alafia everyone
Does anyone know if you must have your bajada de Santo before putting up an Altar for your Santo that has has claimed your head in your reading? Or are you only allowed to have your boveda to your Eggun?

all respuestas and advice is greatly apprecieated! :O)

Maferefun Yemaya madre mia que siempre estes a mi lado ahora y siempre!
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  • hello Vanessa..the boveda is only for the eggun..but theres alot of espiritistas that dont even belaeve in the santeria..;-) so they dont go to no Bajada..they pray and put things to the saints anyways...they still give their respects the only way they know how to do it..lets say..if one works with saint Lasado?! they will get the statue and make a big alter for him..or even for ochun or yemaya..but it dont mean thats the orisha that clams the head..its the santo that has helped them in many forms for what ever reason..i dont see anything wrong with each is own..what works for u may not work for another..but my adive to u..if u already come from a house of santo..u have your to what they think u should do..when done from the heart ..theres no harm in it..but speak to your god parents and explain to them you have been feeling to put something up for a child of Chango..and if my heart tells me put something up really nice to elegua or oya..or yemaya..ill do it..but as a beginner..i would always run it through my god-parents..(smile)
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      Hi there!!
      I see thank you for clarfying this cc as I am still learning and taking in so much sooo I am a lil all over the place! lol
      so I did ask her after I posted this.. My Madrina told me to wait not to get so ahead of myself... I am just so excited and have this urge to have them in my home and have things for them already. Although I know they are already around even without my altar for them, I just feel the final touches are missing, ya know? But I think I will wait as my madrina said untill I get my collares and guerreros, so I come in with both feet grounded and dont half *ss anything... do not want them unhappy! Your response also clarified my question I havent even asked yet about having Altars for other Santos, like My Santa Marta :) But one small question... where is a good place to put her? on the floor or somewhere high? all my millions of questions huh... lol

      Thanks CC
      bendicione's mujer!
      • santo! sweetie...its ok to ask...theres nothing wrong with that..;-) im glad you spoke with your god mother..and in due time all will fall in place...and i do know what your going through..the a very good feeling with in that wants to do to its fullest to have all in its place..;-) but it will be will for santa marta...well depends..the reason i say that is..many other paths put her on the floor..but..if you dont follow those are paths..and its just spiritualy..espiritismo style..put up on a table untill she tells you diffrent.;-) dont worry..she is strong ether way(smile)and she will guide u ether way..just take baby steps with her everything else............good luck with that and many blessing.

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