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This is from a letter I wrote during my recovery. It captures what happened to me in a snapshot.


Your description of how “I done got fucked up” in Mexico is pretty accurate.

I don’t remember much from the day of the accident. I remember stopping to take a dump. The place didn’t have TP, so I had to go out to the bike and get my emergency roll. If that wouldn’t of happened I’d still be OK. I almost got my self killed for want of wiping my ass.

There are about four things that happened that morning that would of put me out of harm’s way had they happened a little different. My buddies MC broke down and we spent almost an hour fixing it in the early morning dark, I also ended up waiting for him in the morning when we started off, and stopped and gawked at one of the leaders in the race who had done got himself killed.

As best as anyone can determine, by blinking or sneezing at the wrong moment. He was riding one of those Super Black Birds (cbr 1100) put out by Honda that is now the fastest production bike made. The road turned and simply enough, he didn’t. It wasn’t a sharp corner, just a gentile left. No skid marks or drop offs, he just went off into the desert and dumped it about fifty yards off the road and broke his neck. Giving actual meaning to the term break-neck-speed, that bike was capable of doing 160 or 170 out of the box. I’m sure that he was pushing the limits because he was in the lead when he crashed. He had done the race several times before always coming in a close second or third. The puzzling thing was that he wasn’t an inexperienced rider, he had raced AFM, AMA, and was part owner of Marin BMW.

What my buddy tells me is that as I was passing this rusty Chevy Love type truck the old Mexican dude took a left. No turnsignals or even brake lights. Apparently I tried to brake and swerve around him and didn’t make it, dumping the bike and going under the center of the truck. Somehow the bike went underneath and to the front and I went underneath and miraculously out the back between the tires. The differential hit me in the stomach, damaging my spleen and putting a little tear in my stomach.

My buddy got me to the clinic in Gurerro Negro. The town is about half way down the peninsula, its the place where all the gray whales go to mate. We were only a few miles outside of town. I spent the night there and got flown out to San Diego the next morning. The doctors told my parents that I would be out of the hospital in no more than 10 days. It was the fucking hospital that almost killed me and not the MC accident. I picked up a staph infection on the seventh day and my whole body just clusterfucked. I had a very nasty lung infection, it went systemic and my body started to shut down. In short, I am EXTREMELY FUCKING LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. God or whoever was definitely looking after me. Everybody I talk to who has any type of medical knowledge says that I shouldn’t be alive.

This is my third knee operation and it should be my last. When I was in the hospital they had me doped up on morphine which turned me into a screaming madman requiring me to be restrained most of the time. I was flopping around so much that I fucked up the two first knee operations. When I was doped up I was having all kind of hallucinations and would also tell my mother to fuck off. I don't remember anything from the time I was doped up, which is just as well. I have two and a half months missing from my life.

The good and the bad of this operation is that during this recovery I have my wits about me. My mind was a little out of tune until late February just after getting out of the hospital in San Diego. I’ve been in a brace for the past few weeks which makes it too uncomfortable to sit in a chair. My whole world for the past few weeks has been the bathroom and bedroom. I bought a laptop during a little vacation I had from the recovery process in SF. It has been a great outlet keeping my mind on this plane of reality

I don’t know what type of condition I’ll be in June. More than likely I’ll be able to get around on crutches and I don't know whether or not I’ll be here or in EssEff.
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    i remember hearing about this incident even though i didn't know you. miss julie was making pillows for your place on pennsylvania (?) so it would be more comfortable.

    that skidding under the truck scene worked really well in an old jackie chan movie i saw. or was it jet li? or no, it was bond, james bond.

    how many years ago? any problems now?

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