Kava + Kratom cocktail

topic posted Thu, May 5, 2005 - 9:24 PM by  Gem E
I've found that Kratom has aphrodisiac properties at lower doses, but has a somewhat uncomfortable 'edgy, racy' feel at manageble doses. Tonight I tried mixing 3 tablespoons Fijian powdered kava root (Fijian has a euphoric kavalactone profile) with 1 flat teaspoon plain Kratom powder (regular strength, cheap) from IAS.

Added 1/2 glass of water and 1/2 pint milk (milkfat releases the kavalactones), plus some honey and vanilla extract for flavor, then whizzed it well in the blender for a few minutes. Tasted horrible, but this was a first attempt at the cocktail, and the kava numbs the mouth somewhat, tempering the (bloody horrible) kratom taste. Chased it with fresh water to help eliminate the aftertaste. Flavoring of this cocktail is obviously a work in progress ...

The two did work very well together. The kava certainly helped take the edge off the kratom, and the kratom was sexually stimulating as always at lower doses. Euphoria and relaxation from the Fijian, combined with sexual stimulation and energy 'boost' from the kratom.

Please be careful with the kratom dosage if you try it. Too much causes nausea, which certainly defeats the purpose! Smaller amounts of kratom avoid the deleterious effects entirely, though.

Just a first attempt, and the taste certainly needs work, but the results were very nice indeed. I'm still feeling great.

Has anyone else worked with the kava/kratom cocktail, or variations thereof? If not, it might be worth a shot.
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Gem E
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    Fri, May 6, 2005 - 12:05 AM
    Some concentrated fruit juice/s might improve the awful taste a bit - cranberry perhaps. Doubt if the stuff can ever actually taste *good* but slamming it down certainly produces some mighty pleasant glowy results afterward. Perhaps the taste can be masked somehow.
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    Fri, May 6, 2005 - 6:52 AM
    I know a lot about kava (highly reccomend Nuka Hiva Trading as the best source for pedigree, connoisseur quality Kava)

    but have yet to try Kratom. It's one of the most promising sounding ethnobotanical herbs that has "popped up" in the west in the past few years.

    the combination sounds perfect in theory, and glad you got a good effect from it.

    could you elaborate on the specific psychoactive / aphroodisiac effects you get from the Kratom herb alone? Does it increase energy, amplify tacticle sensations, amp up desire/drive ?
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      Sun, May 8, 2005 - 5:56 PM
      Kratom is the leaves of a tree Mitragyna speciosa which is indigenous to Thailand, but grows (often farmed) in various parts of SE Asia. Its main psychoactive compound is mitragynine (50% of total alkaloids) though paynanthine and and speciogynine are also present.

      Mitragynine effects are combination stimulant/depressant. At lower doses it tends to be more of a stimulant; at higher doses more of a depressant. Also regardless of dosage the early phases of an experience are more stimulating while the latter stages more opiate-like. Regardless, mitragynine has the very peculiar effect of being a combination stimulant/depressant. Pushes you two directions at once.

      Body load is fairly significant especially early on when stimulant properties are stronger. I find the stimulant effects to be somewhat uncomfortable. This is the reason that I like to combine fiji kava (mild relaxant/euphoric/empathogenic) with kratom, because the kava tones down the more visceral stimulant effects of the kratom, making for a more pleasant experience overall.

      For many or most people, kratom does have sexual stimulant properties. Prolonged, controllable sexual arousal lasting a couple of hours is a typical side bar of a lower kratom dose. I advocate lower kratom dosages (say 1 teaspoon leaf powder to start) because at higher dosages, negative effects (e.g. extreme nausea) become a real problem.

      I've made the k+k cocktail twice now, with great results. Simply whiz about 3 tablespoons powdered fijian kava root and one teaspoon kava powder in a blender with liquid and a bit of oil (e.g. olive) to augment kavalactone bioavalability. Still working on the taste. Last time, I used apple juice for the liquid, which masked the kratom taste and made the drink reasonably palatable. Kava has a rep for tasting bad, but I can assure you that kratom is several times worse, even such a small amount causes the blend to taste vile. Using apple juice instead of water makes a wonderful difference.

      The effects of the combo are wonderful in my experience. The fijian kava relaxes, adds its unique euphoric glow and empathogenic properties. The kratom is stimulating although tempered by the kava, and induces prolonged sexual desire with no adverse effects whatsoever on performance.

      Words of advice: watch the kratom dosage; lower doses can make for a great experience; higher doses have the opposite effect. Also: don't use this cocktail too often, I'd say once per week max. We build tolerance to both kratom and kava fairly rapidly, and as dosages are increased, the thrill starts to go away.

      <<could you elaborate on the specific psychoactive / aphroodisiac effects you get from the Kratom herb alone? Does it increase energy, amplify tacticle sensations, amp up desire/drive ?>>

      Absolutely. Not just the physical part of the equation (kratom), but the kava is a gentle relaxant and empathogen which brings lovers together in a 'melding' sort of way. Again I recommend fijian for its subtle euphoric effects, but any type kava should work.
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        Sun, May 8, 2005 - 6:01 PM
        I wrote:
        <<Simply whiz about 3 tablespoons powdered fijian kava root and one teaspoon kava powder in a blender >>

        Should have been 3tbs kava and 1tsp KRATOM. Those two k's can be a tad confusing at times.
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    Thu, December 20, 2012 - 8:57 AM
    I read your post and noticed that you mentioned edginess with higher doses. This is caused by taking too much. Also, I'm not a big Maeng Da fan. In small doses it's ok, but in high doses I get edgy and burnt out. I was introduced to Kratom at the office. We work ridiculous hours and all of us use Kratom and Kratom extracts for energy. I actually found that fusions are great for me. My all time favorite is Durga Fusion. We either toss and wash (Take a teaspoon of the powder and wash it down with whatever), or a small amount of coffee with sugar and cream and drink it fast. A lot of the guys in the office were wrapping the scoop of powder into a small piece of napkin and washing it down with a drink to avoid the flavor as well. I don't know if you've tried tinctures, but they're ok. The Tea's aren't too bad. It almost tastes like it's mixed with regular tea because the flavor is really mild. I just add a bit of honey and lemon juice and kind of like it, although it's not quite as strong as the toss and wash method. My personal favorite was a decently sweet apple juice or cider. It masks the flavor quite well.

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