Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Leo (July 23- August 22)

Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

This should be one of your very favorite months of the year, dear Leo. Mars is in your sign, giving you outstanding get-up-and-go. Suddenly you feel there is nothing you can't accomplish, and you're right about that. You've waited two years for this cosmic advantage, and now that you have it, push it for all it is worth. You will have seven weeks to schedule meetings and present your proposals and dreams to others. You won't take "no" for an answer, nor should you! Your passion for what you desire will be irresistible!

While you probably won't get every single thing you want, you will be able to boast an extremely high success rate. You are in the process of beginning a brilliant new two-year cycle, so rest assured, the actions you take now will have weight and purpose.

While there will be no doubt about who's boss -- you will be, you would do best by being a benevolent ruler rather than one with an iron hand. You will be very anxious to get things moving, but in your enthusiasm you could get carried away -- barking orders at just about everyone (not only your staff) will give the impression that you are a tyrant. You have a big heart, so let it show.

While having Mars in your first house is a big plus, you have three planets holed up in your twelfth house, too, suggesting that some pieces of your plan still aren't in place. There still appear to be confidential talks going on, or details that need to be polished.

Try to move projects along so that you can unveil everything once the Sun moves into Leo, by July 22. The reason? Mercury will retrograde from August 9 to September 2, so next month will NOT be the time to launch new projects or to sign contracts. Even though Mercury won't retrograde until August 9, you will feel delays and slowdowns as early as the last week in July.

Mercury will retrograde in your financial solar second house of earned income and money matters, so checks due to you in August could run very late. Stay on top of all accounts receivable in July to get a jump on your financial situation next month.

A big work project will be your main focus as the month takes off. A full moon in your sixth house on July 2 suggests that you and your coworkers (or if you are the boss, your employees) will be working hard. Yet there will be some crosscurrents. Saturn will swipe close to the Sun, lowering your energy. In fact, you could run yourself so low that you get a bad cold or other illness.

The day when the world will press down on you hardest and you will have the least energy will be July 8, plus or minus one day. Try to keep your schedule light. Your father may not be feeling well on or near this date, so you may want to check in with him to make sure he's okay.

The new moon in Cancer on July 17 will bring confidential talks. You may interview for a job, consult a doctor over a recent test or procedure, or see a professional therapist for a problem that has been troubling you.

By mid-to-late July, everyone around you will seem to suffer a little in one way or another and it will seem that everyone needs your help. It is very possible someone you know will be confined -- in a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center, or even in prison (the latter is highly unlikely, but you never know) -- and will need your support.

This new moon will make you more contemplative, dear Leo. The period of time closer to your birthday, which in astrology marks the start of a new solar cycle, is considered a very important moment of the year. You need to prepare for your new cycle if you want to get the most out of it. Happily, this new moon will ask you to rid yourself of obligations, habits or associations that are toxic for your physical or mental health.

More positively, this July 17 new moon will also bring an opportunity to set new goals and to find ways to make your life happier and more productive. View July as your fasting month (metaphysically, not literally) when you will meditate about what truly matters to you. The whirl of life can be quite distracting, but in the quietude that this new moon will bring for the second half of the month, you will be able to get back to basics. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the lovely influence of another aspect mid-month: Neptune and Venus will flirt, a lovely omen for romantic closeness.

Financially, you may hear wonderful news on July 2 or 5, thanks to Jupiter's meeting with your ruler the Sun -- you may even find the sky's the limit! You will have the knack for making money, and lots of it. You may hear of a raise or someone may give you a gift. If you are self-employed, you may reel in a new piece of business, a whopper!

From its position in Leo, Mars will give you fantastic razzmatazz, just wait and see. You'll be a dating magnet! If you already have a steady, feelings will reach an emotional high at the full moon on July 31. A good relationship will become simply great, but one that's been going south for a while could finally fizzle and fade away. If the latter should happen, don't shed a tear. With the star power YOU have now, you won't be alone for very long!

A very close, possibly romantic relationship will come to watershed moment at the full moon, July 31. If you feel ready to commit to your partner, this would be an auspicious time to exchange rings and promises.

However, if there are areas that need more work in the relationship, you will know about them, for those subjects will come to the surface quite forcefully at this time. Be careful if you and your partner aren't getting along -- things won't necessarily be what they seem at this point because the moon's orbit will be so close to Neptune. (Neptune is notorious for bringing in a soft fog that obscures details. So with a Neptune aspect like this one, you will really have to make an effort to look closely.)

This moon will be in Aquarius, a sign that is willing to forgo individuality for the good of the others. This is an alien concept to Leo -- you feel uniqueness should never be transmuted into something else. Yet Aquarius is a sign that will make its own rules if society doesn't have them for any given situation. This may be on the agenda for discussion within four days of July 31. Aquarius is also the sign of friendship, so the question comes up, is this platonic, or is it love? Your best date nights of the month will include:

July 4 and July 5 (a long weekend in the USA), thanks to the cheery conversation between Jupiter (luck and the Sun (your ruler).

On Saturday, July 17, Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, will be beautifully aligned and the moon will be in Leo. You'll not only be in the mood for love, but want to be pampered, too. Enjoy the day!

On Friday, July 24, the moon will be in Libra and will send kisses to Neptune, planet of pure romance.

On Sunday, July 25, Pluto, the transformation planet positioned in your house of true love, will send Mars-in-Leo a high-five. This will be a sexy, stimulating day. Your charisma will work overtime!

On Tuesday, July 27, Venus and Mars will again be in a beautiful angle to one another, and the moon will glide in Sagittarius, the natural ruler of your solar fifth house. Lovely!

And on Saturday, July 31, you'll have the full moon, as discussed above. A wild card day!

Your best part of the month will begin when the Sun moves into Leo on July 22. Happy birthday, dear Leo!


With Mars in Leo, your energy and natural charisma will soar, and you will attract all kinds of opportunity and luck. Even though you won't have a chance to travel, you seem content to concentrate on work and leisure pastimes near home base.

The new moon on July 17 will usher in a new work assignment-one you like, but that will require much more concentration and detail than you are accustomed to. No matter-you will dive in. If you do a good job, you will be in line for a major promotion in late October.

Sometime during the month your health might need attention, due to a meeting of Saturn to the Sun. If you notice you are more rundown than usual, or that you seem to be more sensitive to the slightest criticism, it could be a matter of fatigue. Start giving your body the serious nutrition it needs and try to get more sleep -- a good approach to take all month.

A relationship could reach the pressure-cooker stage at month's end, but be aware that you may each be arguing about different issues. Get on the same page and everything will seem easier.

Not all Leos will have a difficult time near July 31. This full moon will reveal underlying truths of your relationship, and you may well be pleased with what you find. If it is time to bring the relationship to a new level, you will be able to do that now.

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