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Ok, so I have recently been accused of wanting to be a Libra, to which I say POSH! However, the Libra tribe just had a running thread about how great Libras are in bed, blah blah blah. So it got me thinking -- and yes, I'm going to jump on the copycat bandwagon and start it up in here...

So how are you in bed Leo? How do you communicate? What are your likes/dislikes? What do you appreciate in a lover? How do you consider yourself as a lover? And really, why are Leos the best? (I know ALL signs consider themselves the best, but lets be real here... :))

Oh! And if any Libras happen to have followed me in here, read and learn my friends, read and learn...
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  • we're the best in our own minds ... regardless of our style

    in the past i had to be more in control cuz well if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself hehe

    these days i consider myself a lazy lover although my partner might disagree .. i just love being with someone who knows how to ravish me ... the way a lioness should be uhh made love too ... i heart my toro :)

    *if it feels good .. why not*

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      <<we're the best in our own minds ... regardless of our style >>

      True. :)
      • I know Leos have been accused of being unimaginative in bed. I just think we don't need a dog and pony show to have a good time.
        I am a person of the senses. I like all over touch, nice smells, smooth clean sheets, warm skin. I like it real, honest, face to face (that part's negotiable heehee), holding nothing back.
        I don't have to be in control, but I do not tolerate head games (claws extending) and I'm prepared to be very appreciative. :)

        OOOh, how's that for too-much-information?
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          I like my back stroked- not petted, mind you, I'm not a tabby. I appreciate being adored and will reciprocate voraciously- but not too much going on at the same time; I like to focus more wholly on both the giving and the receiving. I've got a Taurus right now who is compliant as well as lusty.
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    I guess I should answer for myself then…

    I was thrown the assumption that Leos like to lay back and be pleasured, but it was news to me, though I guess it makes sense (*picturing a pack of lions lying around in the shade*).

    No lazy lion here. I like to be met and matched. I like to be challenged. I am not afraid to lead and then to be led. I like to engage the body’s entire landscape and experience the other’s response. I enjoy fearlessness and I appreciate a lover who is willing to push their own envelope – be it physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual (best when all elements are engaged) – as I am willing to push mine. For my part, I work best on equal ground, especially when there is genuine trust.
    • *Heeee... Heeeee Heee Heee....*

      I was so waiting for a thread like this.....

      HEY LIBRAS!!!!!.....:

      BTW... in regards to Libras in bed.... Been there a few times, done that.... Take it from a very sexual Capricorn,... No Libra I've ever been with in bed in the past could even compare with any of the Leo's (or Caps for that matter) that I've also been with in the past.....
      Leos have the fire... and we have the methods of redundancy....(uh, whatever that meant....)
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        Alright alright alright!
        Is everybody in? Is everybody IN? The ceremony's about to beginnn.....

        WooHoo Cap, you can stay. :)
        (*nice goat*) Glad you've had a Leo or two or three who doesn't fit the lazy lover profile... I was beginning to question my own sanity -- I always thought Leos would be more in for the hunt and the kill. Didn't realize we had this other rep...

        • Just a thought...

          Maybe Leos make the effort when they feel it is WORTH the effort... but, being Leo, if it doesn't seem worth the effort, they'll still lay back and say "fine, pleasure me..." rather than just forego it altogether.

          Leo doesn't work for what isn't worthy. But when something IS worth the effort, Leo will 'fight' to win, and be the best.

          Conversely, just because it isn't worth the effort, that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed. Especially if it is freely given anyway.

          Soooo... that 'lay back and enjoy' reputation could be coming from that.

          (And none of this is meant to imply the PERSON isn't worth the effort... it's more about 'mood'... whether there's enough energy, or time to do it right, or any number of things that could make a difference of whether it's 'worth' the effort.)
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            Ok, so maybe I should re-pose the question.

            When you LEOS are INTO it, what's the deal? How do you do what you do?
            • worthy? sex is important business
              every romp is worthwhile hehe

              ok i think male leos and female leos have a different style

              males are less likely to give up control

              while females although we can take control in a second
              rather be held by the nape of our neck and taken
              or please indulge us with that tongue all over our feline body

              i consider myself a sensual person when it comes to everything
              of romance, love, and sex .... that's why i am happy with my lover who appreciates tender and not so tender touch ;)
              while matching my pace when the claws come out ... this is silly :)

              • hrrrrrmmmmmmgrrrrrrgrrrrrr.....

                What a set-up, asking the Leos to talk about bed no less. I must say that *I* have never been accused of being a "lazy lover", whatever that means...

                As for comes and goes...taking turns and sharing can be fun...

                sensuality and touch are wonderful, and what cat doesn't love a thorough licking? Gotta love the tongue bath ;)
                • I honestly have never heard of Leo's being lazy lovers!
                  I was under the impression that we are all fiery and playful cats!

                  I personally go through stages of how I want to "play"(but that's my Gemini moon for ya). There are times when all I want is to be adorned and petted like the regal lioness I am...
                  But then there are times when I want to be as rough and playful as a lion cub!

                  I certainly do agree with .tina.- that we would "rather be held by the nape of our neck and taken!"
                  My neck and back are definately this cats favorite zones!
  • The worst sex I have had were from Libras. One even had no labido and would only have sex once in a blue moon. No fun in bed but exciting other wise.
    • Captain Erotica is a Leo

      Check out my tribe photo album and you can see how leo enegry can be made manifest in the erotic realms.

      ALL signs can and are good at erotic energy. It is not about one sign being good or bad...It is about the BLENDING of energies and how they mix between two (or more) people. Not to mention how it is impacted by the rising sign and moon sign and venus and mars of that persons chart.

      However, in general I think that LEO FIRE energy has such a nice creative warmth that when it is actualized it is among the best of the erotic energy expressions to be found in the zodiac.

      All that being said...I have had a DEARTH of Leo sex energy in my life. Almost NO leos. I have had a wild year in 2005 of having sex with almost every other sign in the zodiac except leo...
      SO if any leo ladies out there peep my profile and go "YUM" - drop me a line cuz it has been too long since I mixed leo fire and leo fire...

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        Well put!

        And good LORD -- Captain Erotica indeed! :)
        Hope you get some Leo action soon!
        • Sorry, gotta rain on the Leo parade. I'm a Scorpio, and obviously, we're the best in bed. Everybody knows that ;) Hehe, instigating a little rivalry here. My most recent lover was a Leo and he was a little boring. Good at his routine, but that's just it; routine. I had to manhandle him into some more exciting and kinky stuff. He was always up for the ride but left to his own devices, a little blah and lazy.
          • well this cat, doesn't like to lay down and be ridden, quite the contrary. I do enjoy being ridden but even then I've got a firm grip on the motion and manage to turn being on bottom into a commanding experience. I'm a lazy bastard, but not when it comes to coitus
            • I guess there's a fine line between exporing and using. I'm not here for your entertainment or for mine, for that matter.
              If we're going to have great sex, you're gonna have to love me and let me love you. Have all the guys run away yet? hahaha

              Seriously, if I catch the scent of a player, the libido switches to off and I'm done.
          • i have to say Dorothy that I have thought about this message a few times and it makes me laugh every time.
            i think it's great that you are scoping out the Leo tribe to see what we are up to.
            or maybe 'scorping' out the tribe is more verb introduced here special for sneaky spying Scorpios! ;)

            Leos are Lazy. Pillow Queens indeed.
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            Sorry to bust your bubble, but I had a Scrop boyfriend. It was the same position... when we did have it (once a month).

            And what is up with the withholding of compliments?
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    I generally communicate about my partner's desires because they are generally less adventerous than I am. (And some of those who are that adventerous aren't folks that I would play that way with).

    But I live by the motto "A true gentleman takes off his modesty with his clothes and does his whorish best." (Modified from RA Heinlein)
    • I know this post is old but a good one....
      I am a Sag (yes, I am spying too but for good cause, my man is a Leo) and out of all of the signs I have been with, Leo is by far the best in bed. I tend to be a little more experimental than he is initially, but he is always more than willing to try new things and goes with the flow. And the skills he has, they are refined. I don't mind that there is a repetoire of some good moves, I like the fact that he knows what he is doing and does it well. And the connectedness between us during sex is amazing...he loves to look at me in the eyes and really take some time.
      It's absolutely wonderful....thank you Leos!
    • I gotta bow down...that is a truly lovely statement, Uber. To be honest, the best lover
      I have had to date has been Taurus..never been with a Leo. I'm thinking that it's
      a good thing being with someone who likes to give service, because I know now from
      experience that I like to be serviced. If that makes me sound like a naughty kitty...oh well.
      As for Libras, never been with one, but I do know they can be very rude conversationalists.

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