In the Slave Market

public - created 06/26/07
Discuss and explore the fantasy surrounding middle eastern slave markets and all that pertains
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dom seeking slaves  topic
Kidnap me  topic
Crossdresser bottom negative for positive top m...  photo flag
own me  photo flag
Limitless object for sadistic master  topic
Any master need a live in boy for a week?  topic
sadist/owner  topic
Chubby Limitless Object  topic
Boston College Slut Boy  topic
Searching for a Master after school in Vegas  topic
hello  topic
Filthy Pig Boy seeking Sadistic Master/Owner/Pimp  topic
Born Slave ready to fulfill my slave life  topic
personal slave wanter  topic
slave auction.jpg  photo flag
Programmable slave for SUPERIORS  topic
German Master wanted 60+  topic
slave uk  topic
slave for Master and his boy  topic
Seeking PIMP/Coach/Trainer  topic
Gay White Submissive Bottom Prostitute  photo flag
seeking german master over 60 years old  topic
seek master seek extreme kink master/s  topic
another caged  photo flag
Desert?  photo flag

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