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Hi! My name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker for America.
I was guided from within to come to America and to serve here during the time of the Shift.
In starting my own Tribe Online Forum I especially want to gather some people of my original spiritual clan, the Avatars and Prophets of the Promethean Spirit. Our main characteristic is that we are passionate humanitarians and revolutionaries at heart - but weirdos of society. We each have a vision for making the world a better place. The time is now that we gather and roll up our sleeves and practice inspired action.
My two projects of contribution for the manifestation of the New World on Earth are:
1. The spreading of a new career as a "Lightworker for America"; see my book WHO WANTS TO BE A LIGHTWORKER

2. The initiation of an "Isle of Light"- model community and establishing of a new occupation as a New Community Builder.
I want to gather a group of five young people who want to start together with me an "Apprenticeship as a New Community Builder" for the spreading of self-sustaining DomeVillages and DomeTowns in higher located, rural areas. After three years Apprenticeship, we will have established a new profession as a certified entrepreneur "New Community Builder". Each New Community Builder will be empowered to start on his/her own a new DomeVillage Community, nearby, in another state, or country.
If this message calls you personally, please also visit my website and check out whether my energy feels comfortable to you.
Light & Love,
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