Iwa Pele/ Doing the right thing.

topic posted Mon, April 11, 2011 - 11:48 AM by  KingSovereign
In my spiritual life I came into an understanding and realization that I still believe and know to be true.

We often talk about doing the right thing, but what does doing the right thing mean. And furthermore what purpose does it serve?

The thing about doing the right thing, especially when doing it for a while , is that most of the time no one will ever give you a pat on the back, no gold star saying you did well. Most of the time no one will even know you did the right thing. The only thing you really get out of it is the knowledge of knowing you did it.

In stating that, I've found that in doing the right thing, the right thing is not to expect anything great or fantastic to come about from it, you should do it because it again, is the right thing to do.

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    Ogbo Ato Asure Iwori Wofun,

    And doing the right thing becuase it is the right thing to do is a big part of the pathway to transformation.

    And transformation is what it's all about . ;)

    Ire, Awo Fabukun
    • To me it's the realization of the divine within yourself as well as within you fellow brothers and sisters. When you realize that same divinity exists within them and you, it's hard to be mean to people. =)
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        I try to maintain the space that tells me that we are all from one source. If more people would maintain that sense that we are all from one source, and have all committed the same offenses towards one another as a global village, it would be exponentially easier to heal as a Global village.

        but as it says in Eji Ogbe ... "Bit by bit we eat the head of the rat"

        stay positive king.

        Its great to see it and feel the vibes as well.

        Ire, Awo Fabukun

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