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Aboru Aboye Abo Sise Ogbo Ato Asure Iworiwofun,

I wanted to give thanks to Ifa for guiding my hands to the tools of Ifa and as well for the blesing of communication with those who seek to connect with the wisdom of the ancestors and elders of our blessed Motherland and Specifically our spiritual home in Yorubaland.

So ...there are no stupid or silly questions here, there is no prejuidice or bias based on race, gender or sexual orientation here. We are all good and blessed persons who have come to the Earth with a purpose. It is an elder's job to assist in helping those who seek their guidance unfold the story which is their destiny.

Let us pray that our time on this earth leads to it being a better place than when we left it, and while were here, let's try and have some fun too !!!!!!!!!

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  • Abo ru , abo ye , abo sise.
    Mo fe bo!
    Mo juba Olodumare, Mo juba eshu, Mo juba orisa, Mo juba my ancestors, mo juba all of the wonderful teachers I've met in life and even on here, Mo juba every beautiful, positive, beneficent, loving energy of the universe. Ashe ashe ashe!

    Thank you for creating this group! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful posts!

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