The Cosmic Vibrations of God’s Consciousness

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The Cosmic Vibrations of God’s Consciousness

Nzambi, or Nsambia, the Kongo name for God, has many manifestations on Earth ( Ntoto).

Nzambi is a “Deus Otiosus”, Tubisia Nsambi. His manifestations are called Mpungus or Nkisis, Kongo equivalents of the Lukumi Orichas.

The first of them is Nzambiempungo, the force of God that inhabits everything. Nzambiempungo is syncretized with the Holy Ghost. He is the Kongo equivalent of the Yoruban Aché.

Nzambiempungo is the Spirit the rules matter. He is a cosmic foundation of the Bantu rules.

All the Ngangas are different aspects ( caminos) of this force.

The Kimbisa Order of the Saint Christ of the Good Journey, our lineage, recognizes the following Mpungus:

· Pandilanga Abasì, el Santo Cristo; He is represented in the Kongo cauldron by the Crucifix, which is charged in a special way by the Tatas of the Munanso with the Secrets (bilongos) of Infinity, according to the Bantu tradition of Kalunga , Nzambi, Mayimbe and Campo Finda.

· Tiembla Tierra, Mama Kengue or Kunankisa; He is syncretized with Jesus Christ ( Sacramento) or the oricha Obatala. His color is white, his animal the dove.

· Baluande Madre de Agua , la Virgen de Regla ; She is sycrentized with the Oricha Yemaya. She represents the Mysteries of the Ocean. Our Munanso developes her aspect called Kalunga Mariquilla, similar to the Yoruban Olokun. Her number is seven, her colors blue, white and crystal, her animals the duck and the female guinea hen.

· Lucero Mundo, el Niño de Atocha, Eleggua; He is the Path Opener who leads us to the Stars, the one who gives Paso Karyre, the Path of Wisdom. He is called Nkuyu or Simando by the Kongos. He lives in the crossroads and in the bush. His number is three, his colors red and black, his animals the rooster and the male goat, the rats.The Munanso Siete Rayos Nsasi Kongo Ndoki Malongo of the Kimbisa Rule owns as well the secrets of a special Nganga of Nkuyu called Nkita Bambam de Angola, Santo Antonio Kongo. The origins of this spirit are very ancient and are linked to the sect of Beatrice du Kongo, female chief of the Kitonis, the Kongo Antonians.

· Sarabanda, Saint Peter, Oggun; He is the owner of metals, his colors are green and black, his animals roosters, male goats and dogs. He is a major Mpungu.

· Watariamba, syncretized with Ochosi and Saint Sebastian; He is represented by an iron crossbow and lives inside Sarabanda’s cauldron. He is a hunter and a shaman.

· Siete Rayos, Nsasi, Santa Barabara, Chango; He is the god of Lightning, his colors are red and white, his animals are the ram and the rooster, or the black cat. He is the King of Palo religion.

· Brazo Fuerte, Aggayù Solà, Planta Firme, Saint Christopher; He is the Volcano god, its foundation is a secret of the Haitian paleros who made a pact with Kimbiseros.

· Centella Ndoki, Mariwanga, syncretized with Oya or Saint Therese of Jesus; She represnts whirlwind and storms. She lives at the gates of the cemeteries. Her number is nine, her colors are the seven colors of the rainbow plus black and white. Her animal is the black hen.

· Mama Chola, la Caridad del Cobre or Ochun; her metal is the gold copper, her number five; She rules over sweet waters. Her animal is the hen. She is the goddess of love.

· Kuballende, Saint Lazarus, Babalu Aye; His number is seventeen, He is the god of smallpox, and viral diseases that affect skin. Now He rules AIDS. His animals are goats, roosters and guinea hens.

· Mariguanda; She is the mother of all the Nkisis. Her numbers are seven, nine, fortyfour. She is a special Nganga of the Kimbiseros with Haitian tradition. She is prepared in a big turtle shell containing the secrets of all the other spirits.

· Guranfinda, Osain, or Saint Raymond unborn. He is the erbalist god, owner of the secrets of Nfinda, the forest. He does his magick with plants.

· Temporera, Viento Malo; He is the cyclon, he is a special Nganga of the Haitian Kimbiseros. He represents all the calamities.

· Lungambe, the Devil; He is also called Lukankazi or Kadiempembe. His followers are called Ndokis and He rules over dark and powerful spirits. He is feared and respected. He was the Kongo Kingdom’s God before Nzambi. He is represented by seven stars.
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