Marriage in the African Traditional Religion....

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Okay, so it is safe to say that the African spirituality system involves family and is really big on unity. What would be your choices of marriage and raising family in your belief system?

Would you one raise your children to know and practice and study what you practice or would you wait until they were of age(like a communion age) and let them decided their own path...if any?

Would you marry a person who opposed your belief system and choose the "ignorance is bliss road" if they dont see it what you do then they can live with if attitude? Or what if the person african belief system was different and the deities they served and you served had to kept apart in the same house? How would that work?

Would you marry someone who had more knowledge than you or less knowledge?
Would they be any fear of the person betraying you or harming you spiritually?
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Obatala's Daughter!
  • these question are eyebrow raising questions Not to get on a white black thing but...

    I have had white sister ask me these questions before!

    I think that due to our culture & history of being a mixed already we just understand that love does not know these things!

    I understand for some these might be some real questions that well let you love guide you!

    Damn if you gotta worry if someone might do something to you well then maybe you might need to think about not being with them at all let alone whether or not it is ok to marry them. if anyone is married to someone & gets hurt & seeks to hurt them just remember it always comes back!

    you cannot religion or belief systems stand in the way of Love Example I was born raised Muslim i converted to Hinduism, then Buddhism. I have practice Wicca now for almost 13 yrs now. I have been Researching and getting Reading African Traditional Religions since High School.

    I married an Israeli Jew who wild is that but he is also wiccan, he also into Chaos magic (dark magic) well we did not divorce because of our beliefs clashing well we divorced cause he was a cheating Dog LOL... He cheated well cause he could not keep it in his pants.

    Well what we strive to teach our children is to BE!! What is most important Just DO! Above all I want them to Be better than me so I want them to follow there Hearts...I make sure that Chakra stays wide open. Teaching the the importance of Meditions, Astral Travel & Spiritual Communication which ever path they choose may they be blessed!!!

    I understand your questions but these are truly matters Of Your Heart & communicate these things with the spirit. Also consult any matters of Love with Ochun she will be more than happy to offer her advise.