Happy happy black friday every one.

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Boy we sure reaped in the sales, two 40 dollar shirts were 20 bucks a piece and I bought them for my dad, and he was so touched I'd spend money on him just cause I love him and wanted him to have the shirts, when I am so far in debt, he was teary eyed. I found a 120 dollar 1.1 cubic microwave for sale for 59.99 And a 40 dollar gorgeous shawl was on sale for 20, and I found a 600 thread count sateen cotton bed set for 34 dollars it was almost 200 normally, and then I got some other ones 200 thread count not soft an nice but great color pattern 69 dollars on sale for 24. And since I opened an account with Kohl's my 200 dollar purchase was only 179 and I got 30 dollar coupon to use in store even on sale items, so if the sheets fit my bed I'm going back to get more.

hancocks was practically giving away their fabric stuff that's normally 8 9 bucks a yard was 2 bucks a yard, and stuff that was normally 6 bucks a yard was also two bucks, but I didn't go to Hancocks, I was smart an stayed away. But I di d go to Wal*mart andI did buy a brothers sewing machine for my mom who was going to buy my nieces a mini toy sewing machine , but every one said it was a piece of junk so when we heard brothers sewing machine was on sale I got it and she's paying me back.
It's to bad none in my family* me particularly are in the market for a 3 karat diamond ring, Macy's has a 3 karate diamond ring 399 dollars when normally it'd be costing you 1,365 dollars, and that's not even before sales tax.
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    Sat, November 29, 2008 - 12:02 AM
    I bought my daddy two shirts too! I got him a Death Note shirt daddy loved it! He let me show him early since we won't get to be together for christmas anyway and his baby girl wanted him to see them so badly! He was so suprised!

    I bought a tan shawl reg. 50 sale 25 and it's sooooo comfy I feel all nice and fuzzy and warm!

    Oooh and I found these snuggly cute little toys at Clairs! I was walking by and I saw them near the door and I couldn't stand it they were soooooo cute I had to have one... I got this one!

    and I got a pair of purple Isotoner slippers!
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      Re: Happy happy black friday every one.

      Sat, November 29, 2008 - 10:39 AM
      I am really glad you found some great deals, the fuzzy clothing item sounds wonderful. I found my mom a gorgious shawl, and I am considering going an getting myself one too.

      I have two dads lol. My dad, is my biological dad, and Daddy is my ageplay dad hehehe. So if you don't see it spelled Daddy every one knows, that it's not the ageplay one hehehe.

      All though I did buy my ageplay daddy a gorgious blue shirt with a flirdelise* boyscout symble* and tan squares. He loved it too.

      Daddy shops mostly at the big and tall now, since he can find things in his size easily, unfortunatly the big and tall is way expensive so we buy when there's sales.

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