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moderated - created 07/09/08
This is a tribe for those interested in Ageplay to hook up. You must be a REAL LIFE ADULT! 18+ ONLY! NOBODY GETS IN WITH NO INFO IN THEIR PROFILE!!!
Whether you are a Big seeking a little or vice versa, please join, feel free to introduce yourself, let us know what you are looking for in a Big or Little.
(please be VERY careful about disclosing personal information including contact info with those you meet here! This is the internet for heaven's sake, and none of our members are prescreened!)

I created this tribe because there is obviously a need for a place to meet other ageplayers. All personal ad type posts should be posted here to be read by others who are looking for a relationship of some kind.
Since many ageplayers do not associate hooking-up with their ageplay, we like to keep that stuff separate. Those who are looking to hook-up... THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT!!!
If anyone who finds this tribe would like to participate in regular conversation with other ageplayers about more than just meeting the Mommy/Daddy/Big or AB/lg/Lil of your dreams, please let me know and I can direct you to one of the other wonderful fun tribes!

Have Fun and Good Luck!!!
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