"Feeding on the Dead"

topic posted Thu, January 12, 2006 - 12:35 AM by  ஓ miahlikemaya
has anyone seen this documentary? or know how to download-get a copy?
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ஓ miahlikemaya
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    Thu, January 12, 2006 - 11:06 AM
    I haven't even heard anything about it - what is it supposed to involve?
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      Thu, January 12, 2006 - 12:40 PM
      here's a link

      "Director Sandeep Singh, who shut down his transport business to pursue filmmaking, said it took him more than three months to gain the trust of an Aghori sadhu and convince him to be filmed while performing a cannibalistic ritual.".....from this ^ site
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        Thu, January 12, 2006 - 1:08 PM
        ahh... yes anyone who finds this is hereby required to report back!
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          Thu, January 12, 2006 - 2:46 PM
          haven't seen it, but recently watched the national geographic documentary on Taboo about aghori's called "after death". It was pretty poorly done and showed the ritual in an almost sacreligious manner and a "gang" of aghoris. Here's the first clue... Aghori's (and any real sadhu for that matter) travel alone--not in a gang. Sadhana is between them their guru and the god and goddess. Not something to be shared and one-upmanshiped.
          As to the powers that might be obtained by performing a cannibalistic ritual--without the proper preparation and such you will likely get nothing or nowhere.
          I am hoping to see "living with the dead" a documentary done in the 60's (supposedly amazing) on Ram Nath who was talked about in the Aghora series soon. It apparently chronicals his sadhana for a month or so eating from a skull, etc. It is hard to find but many universities have it in their library or theology dept.
          It is a true shame that all the publicity done on Aghori's always focuses on someone eating a dead person. It is just one small ritual on a path of divine wisdom. From hanging out with aghori's the true path is one to love at all times is the path-- not eating gross stuff and shocking others. The shocking stuff is done often to get rid of other people that disturb the sadhana. I also had many experiences of witnessing their power and such, but the true aspect is the pure love. Which is why it is a super-tantra because it takes all things and maximizes them in order to strip the maya away from the form.
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            Mon, May 1, 2006 - 7:50 PM
            I just read the Feeding on the Dead article and the comment
            about the Aghori now displazing his magickal powers was clearly a relfecion of
            what type of people have filmed this
            I feel it is most innapropriate to make such comments after this Aghori trusted the man enough ti film him
            I feel that again, any tradition which does not show proof in a sece where the western mind can understand is, again being bastartised with an article as such
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              Re: "Feeding on the Dead"

              Wed, May 3, 2006 - 1:33 PM
              I just realized I made a typo

              I wanted to say in the previous post that the article mentioned that the aghori didnt display his powers
              I attempted to type not instead of now

              It myst be the european keyboard
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    Thu, April 27, 2006 - 5:10 PM
    I wonder why the fascination with wanting to see sadhus doing this - if you see it as a sacred ritual, then why the almost fetishistic desire to see a documentary film showing people doing it? it seem rather voyeuristic and almost pornographic in that sense.

    I can imagine what it looks like, people eating a dead body -- OK, so they perform a ritual before hand -- what secret mystrerious power do you all think will come from actually seeing it in a video ..

    i am not acusing anyone of anything untoward, just wondering what the big deal is with seeing this on film --

    BTW - i love the aghora 2- book also -- just great --
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      Thu, April 27, 2006 - 5:58 PM
      >>what secret mystrerious power do you all think will come from actually seeing it in a video ..

      personally, none. however, Aghora in general is certainly an interest of mine, and I find it fascinating - I enjoy watching films about subjects I am interested in. now to actually do the ritual myself, THAT would be quite an experience.

      most of us are so far removed from the lived experience of an Aghori's life that books and film are as close as many of us will get to experiencing these things directly. of course, meeting them in person is one of my own goals....
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      Tue, May 2, 2006 - 9:12 AM
      im not looking for videos of cannibalism... im interested mostly in the other parts of this sect. and pornographic? c'mon, they're naked, is that porno too? haha just kidding.
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        Re: "Feeding on the Dead"

        Tue, May 2, 2006 - 9:47 AM
        I think he meant pornographic in the sence of not approporiate, correct me if I am wrong

        doign these rituals your self

        perhaps you should go to India and see if they will initiate you

        mystic do not necessarily expose their powers for the sake of recognition form others

        these powers and rituals are sacred and will never be accesable to most people
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          Tue, May 2, 2006 - 9:31 PM
          no it's not for me. I've been initiated, and I'm sure I'm with the right teachings for me.
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            Tue, May 2, 2006 - 10:02 PM
            I believe she was speaking to me; and I get where she's going. Liberation shouldn't be a spectator sport. But we certainly learn about things through pursuing an interest in them in the ways that are available to us at certain times.
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              Mon, September 11, 2006 - 12:50 AM
              i am personally interested in the leader of the aghoris dattatreya.everywhere in maharashtra we see temples dedicated to see his true form is trying to see babaji in ranikhet after falling from a mountain to commt suicide.but if i get to see would be the wonders of wonders.not for power or shakti or yakshinis.but for reaching nirvikalpa samadhi very quickly.though those yakshinis are very good i mean my parents and grandparents used to tell stories about them.sometimes i visualize myself with them.but whats the use.what we will receive after that is not very propitious if vimalananda says that then we should probably follow him.though feeding on the dead and other stuff could be avoided to an extent actually the guru gives us special sadhanas to reach god-realisation.its only those hardcore naths and siddhas who are so god intensified will want to do these to reach him quickly nevertheless if ramakrishna paramahamsa and swami vivekananda have done this then anybody can with the advice of a proper guru.
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                Mon, September 11, 2006 - 12:54 AM
                if kriya yoga itself was a closely guarded secret by boganathar and agastyar siddhas then aghora is even more closely guarded.
                i heard once in a story that yogananda along with his friends were walking through calcuttas filthiest places.that place were garbage was dumped even dogs fear going there.the friend of yogananda said if yogananda could eat that stuff then he would also eat it.yogananda immediately stared at him and went to the garbage picked up slime and ate it without hesitation and not even showed any feelings or sensations.immediately he took some slime and made his friend eat it.for this he had to run and chase his friend to make him eat it.after the friend ate it he said he also never felt strain it was actually i beilieve the aghori's using their powers could make anything tasteless or harmless.
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                  Thu, October 26, 2006 - 12:04 AM
                  Feeding on dead is a ritual for going beyond the physical identity, to win over hatred and a secret alchemy too.
                  Aghora is the 'fourth state' in the Shavite Tantra-yoga, transcending illusion. The practice of the 64-84 samadhis is known as eating up the brain. Inwardly so, outwardly it demands heavy phosphorous contained food for the practice. Best is the human brain itself. But one has to find a cerebral-attacked dead, then it is the medicine. Then you pour one fourth of the proportion of honey, drops of your own blood taken from the upper part of your body and equal amount of alchohol specifically prepared from roots, and warm it up in your scull-bowl on the dhuni with Jatamamsi burning. With the anupana,mixture, add some bel leave juice and drink to not get lost in The Void; that you can come back and share your experiencial realization with others.
                  One who is not in the practce of The Void, whats the need to get self-hypnotised by posing a aghora feeding on the dead?

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