Mantra for AGHOR SIDDHI..

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During the eclipse on Oct.2nd/3rd. reciting the following Aghor Mantra will give it's Siddhi. I shall try to make it as simple in English ( the pronunciation included). Should be recited RHYTHMICALLY. Sit on any asana ALWAYS esp. Red if possible.

"aum hrong aghore ghore hungm,
ghortare hungm; (tare pronounced not as in 'tearing tare...but as ta-re)
aum hreengm kleengm, sarvatah sarvaange,
namaste rudra roope hungm."

To be recited at least 108 times....
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    Sun, September 25, 2005 - 4:34 PM
    Sounds interesting,
    but what is the siddih of that mantra? Every mantra has a specific purpose, or that which its chanted for...what(whom) is this one for?
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      Re: Mantra for AGHOR SIDDHI..

      Wed, November 30, 2005 - 10:45 AM
      I'd be interested in what the siddih was as well. On a side note, don't know if it's here nor there, but a good friend of mine pointed out that it's similar to the Aghora Bhairavi mantra.
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    Re: Mantra for AGHOR SIDDHI..

    Wed, November 30, 2005 - 11:50 AM
    Are you sure the second bija is hrom? I have it as haum...

    Om Haum Aghore Ghore Hum Ghortare Hum;
    Om Hrim Shrim Sarvatah Sarwange Namaste Rudra Rupe Hum.

    Also, unless I'm mistaken, I believe this is a mantra for blessing rudraksha...

    Peace, Freedom & Happiness,

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      Re: Mantra for AGHOR SIDDHI..

      Thu, December 1, 2005 - 5:04 PM
      form what I have heard
      the mantra is givne by a teacher and its not suppose to be shown or spoken outloud in front of anyone.
      othervise the powers of the mantra are dissapated.
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        Thu, December 1, 2005 - 5:58 PM
        i agree. for a good dose of shaktipat, these methods should be given by a great siddha during initiation... it's extremely western to just think you can start these practices without the guru. these are vehicles, and you must have a "license" and proper instruction before driving...IMHO...i could be wrong but, this is my experience. Im open to hear your experiences tho.
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          Re: Mantra for AGHOR SIDDHI..

          Thu, December 1, 2005 - 6:45 PM
          Well, I'd qualify that by saying that is is extremely western to think that you can get siddhi from a mantra without much work. Anyone can start a mantra from scratch - if they have the commitment and endurance to do millions of them to get siddhi. What getting the mantra from a guru does is seed the process, so that one can succeed with much less effort....
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    Sun, December 4, 2005 - 11:58 AM
    reciting a mantra for 2 days or less will probably have limited success, just as taking any type of medicine or herbs for 2 days will have limited success. Mantras specifically use sound (when done audibly) to harmonize and clear the etheric-air passages of the aura (bioluminesence field) or when repeted silently to specifically clear and balance the etheric/mental passages of the body. There might be some truth to some siddhi bestowed by that particular mantra but it would likely take much longer than 2 days, mantras have a cumulative effect. Rythm is effect in mantra recitation for sure, as well as mental concentration. Many cases of possession and memory loss and many other imbalances can be healed thru mantra. add in some sound healing and thick vibrations and the effect is amplified...boom
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      Sun, January 15, 2006 - 5:31 PM
      technically u are correct dude... theoretically it is possible to gain mantra siddhi with just one recitation... u see mantra japa is the initial catalyst used to trigger the morphological as well as ethereal synapses within the human system.. this energy flow and resonance can be termed where the invoked diety resides within u... or more correctly, awakens within you...

      japa takes u to ajapa to anahata and eventually adwaita...
      ie at really advanced stages, mantras become obselete...

      guru is very important as the utkilana is given for mantras especially if the guru is a divya guru...

      anyways mantra japa by the millions etc is designed to beat the human ego into submission to the will of the divine so that when mind body and spirit are attuned in a state of equilibrium ie anniruddha, then the one perfect recitation takes place and the rest is like eating lemon pie lol...
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        Sun, January 15, 2006 - 7:08 PM
        and technically you are correct also, if the body has been prepared by japa, etc. then say you recieve a mantra from a true guru, then you could recieve all that power in one fell swoop, but these types of experiences are typically experienced these days very often to my knowledge.
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    Thu, September 29, 2011 - 9:20 AM

    कृपया मेरी जिज्ञासा शांत करने में मेरी मदद करें, मुझे किसी भी अलोकिक शक्ति/जीव का प्रत्यक्ष दर्शन, वार्तालाप करने की बहोत इच्षा है, मैंने आसारामजी बापूजी के Magazine Rishi Prasad में एक Article पड़ा था उस्समे हनुमानजी की एक ७ दिन की साधना बताई गयी थी जिस्समे सातवे दिन पे हनुमाज्जी प्रगट होकर दर्शन देते है, पर मेरा ब्रह्मचर्य बहोत ही ज्यादा कमजोर है मानो है ही नहीं इस्सिलिये में वह साधना नहीं कर सकता, करूंगा भी तो शायद सफल नहीं होउंगा और हनुमानजी का तेज भी बहोत ज्यादा है इस्सिलिये यह साधना करके उन्हें प्रगट करने में डर भी लगता है

    हनुमानजी उच्च कोटि के देवता है, दुसरे जो थोड़ी lower-level के देवी-देवता है जैसे यक्ष, गंदार्व, शिव के गण, हनुमाजी के गण, उनकी साधना तो सात दिन से कम समय में हो सकती है और जल्द ही दर्शन वार्तालाप भी हो सकता है, आप से यह जानना था ऐसे किसी यक्ष, गंदार्व का मंत्र अवं साधना हो जो २-३ दिन या कम समय में प्रगट हो सकें और दर्शन, वार्तालाप हो सके | मेरा ब्रह्मचर्य बहोत ही जयादा कमजोर है मानो है ही नहीं इस्सिलिये लम्बी साधना और उच्च कोटि के देवताओ की साधना नहीं कर पाटा हूँ

    कृपया मेरी मदद कीजिये, या मेरी मदद कौन कर सकता है वोह बताइए please

    Thanks and regards,

    "Vashishtji said to Lord Rama: He Ramji! Jo Manush Janam paakar bhi aatm padd paane kaa yatn nahi karte ve bade dukh ko prapt hote hai"


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