Starting Kali worship, Bhairava worship, etc.

topic posted Wed, January 21, 2009 - 1:37 PM by  Dylan
Ive been doing research on Hinduism and the aghoris for about a year now. But I'm lost. I feel a definite connection especially with Kali. I'm lost though. I feel that Aghora is right for me, I hate western occultism, where people evoke demons to get what they want. Why would they do that, you're doing giving them anything in return. I believe to get closer to the gods, you must prove yourself, and in that process you also become strong and fearless, this isn't any more apparent than within the Aghora sect.

I was just wondering, how can I get started? I live in America and I'm 17. I would go to India, but Ive only just begun to learn Hindi (I mean really just begun, i've only started recognizing the characters, I have a long way to go) and my place in society doesn't allow me to simply go off and do what I want.

So please, help me. I live in a wooded area, so fires and privacy are abundant. I could walk outside naked around the entire property and the only thing that would happen is I get numb feet and shrinkage :) (new england).

Ive read Aghora by svoboda and i have the other two books and am in the process of reading those. I was just interested in finding out sadhanas, pujas, mantras (with specific pronunciation), yantras, etc....any information is appreciated. I only joined recently and ive been reading all the topics, this is a great group, hope to enjoy being part of it.
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    Thu, January 29, 2009 - 1:10 AM
    Let's see what I can do to help you. First of all learn Hindi because one day in future you might go to India
    and will need it. Also if you need to pronounce your mantras right then you will need command on Hindi
    because that will lead you to a quicker understanding of Sanskrit and then you will be able to pronounce Sanskrit mantras.
    Generally when you start sadhnas, you need to start with smaller, easier sadhnas and then move on to the more
    difficult ones. This will test your discipline and drive. What I suggest is that before approaching Bhairava you
    approach Shiva with a general mantra (you can get these on the net or from a book or from a guru and I don't want to be
    one of those know-all who give mantras away) and decide on the number of repetitions, an decide on a place where
    you will recite and then every day at a decided time you go to that place and do your mantra repetition. Similarly for
    Kali, choose a form of hers which is softer and then get a general mantra and do the same as suggested before. it will
    help if you were to choose lesser/lower deities rather than higher deities. I mean approach the Devas before approaching Mahadeva
    Shiva. They are easier to influence. Similarly approach smaller yoginis and dakinis before approaching Mahakali. It can help if you
    were to approach it in the way i suggested. Rest is up to you. If you want to plan a pilgrimage to Varanasi in the future and meet Aghoris
    then let me know (if I am still around here) and I can maybe make it easier for you . All the best!
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      Thu, January 29, 2009 - 3:12 AM
      Thank you for your information, this helps me. I appreciate it. I'll keep at my Hindi learning, and I hope that by the time I'm 18 I can go to Varanasi.
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        Fri, February 27, 2009 - 6:49 AM
        Dear Dylan,

        It is not my place to get you started, but here are a few tips which i found very useful when i started (which again is recently)

        1. Language is not a constraint. You can take any of the english vowels and use it for the same effect. Inhale deeply and while exhaling make the sound (with your mouth) "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and observe the effect it has on you, feel the vibrations to understand how it relates to you. change it a little bit "Aaahhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhahhhhhhhhh", see how the other vowels, e,i,o,u relate to you. But this is just a starting point. You may want to try the "om" or "Aum", any hindu (not necessarily an Indian) can help you pronounce it. Of course you do know that the best way to repeat a mantra is sub-vocally or mentally. Be observant and you will eventually have a sign that you have got it right, for me it was a as if i have had a mouth freshner. But again these are just starting symptoms; there is a long way ahead.

        2. Many spiritual disciplines are as much internal as it is external. The external forms are there for various many reasons, but primarily to protect the one who is not qualified.

        3. God is not sitting somewhere high in the clouds with a stick in his hand to punish or to make you do something hard. There is nothing to prove, there is only scope to realize. If you are filled with compassion, love and peace, you don’t need to be strong and fearless. It is the absence of these traits that make a person weak minded.

        4. Select a day when you have very little social interaction and observe complete silence (internal and external). Just sit, do nothing for as long as possible, if you get distracted, start again. Practice it with patience, after a period of practice, the little voice from inside will speak. Start paying heed to it and slowly the beauty of life will unravel in front of you. At times you will be confused (and I still am) confused if it is my mind playing tricks on me or if it is the little voice. So be on the lookout to identify the source of input.

        5. Observe all your actions, don’t question, don’t rationalize, just observe, this helps a lot in improving your sense of perception.

        6. Pray to Kali to lead you to a guru, you definitely don’t need Hindi for that.

        To quote from Svoboda, “there are many spiritual paths, the path of the ant where one goes forward and backward but nevertheless progresses in small steps. The path of the monkey where one jumps from limb to limb and makes better and quicker progress than the ant. Then there is the path of the bird, which just leaps and takes off from the cliff and completes the journey in just one big flight. But remember an ant never falls, a monkey always has the tree limbs to help break his fall, but the bird has nothing to protect its fall if its wings fail. The path of the bird is the path of the Aghori”. It’s the path of no return, either you succeed or you are a deluded misfit.

        Till you get a guru, it is safest to follow the path of the ant.

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          Fri, February 27, 2009 - 7:49 AM
          Ah, thank you so much for your reply. I often go out in the woods to connect naturally with nature. Maybe next time I go instead of building a shelter, etc, I'll sit in silence. I often don't do that, I may sit in silence for a minute or two, but im either thinking of what im going to do next or talking to myself out loud.

          What you said about vowels and gurus made me think of a dream I had a while ago that I forgot about. I was at some kind of festival, and there was many tents set up, I was with my friends. I came to this one tent with an american girl sitting on a pillow I think. I somehow knew this was Kali. I started saying mantras I knew at the time, bowing my head, etc. but this made me realize that god can manifest in everything, even something I wouldn't consider holy, like a typical american girl.

          Thank you again,
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            Tue, March 10, 2009 - 12:31 PM
            Hi Dylan
            I saw yr message. I ve been in this line for 20 uears and nothing comes for free. Before you enter into anything please find a Guru who can get yu out of trouble. Believe me yu can get into a lot of trouble without a competent Guru.

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              Tue, March 10, 2009 - 10:49 PM

              Ramaswamy, I second your opinion about a Guru. I used to have pretty intense experiences with various deities that would distract my meditation. After I met my first Guru and I told him about this, he said "they will not bother you anymore, that's my promise to you". From that day back in 2001 I've had not a single bad experience, not even a bad dream!

              Every lesson that he taught me worked immediately; I could never explain it. For example, the very first pranayama practice he taught me was the Basti breath, and at first try waves of heat began emerging from my body which shocked some of his other students as they sat in front of me. When he instructed me on NadiShodhana pranayama, I did 30 minutes of it in the morning and ended up not eating food or sleeping for one week; he instructed that I take only one such breath each morning from then on. Like this, every practice I did was deeply accelerated and done safely.

              Regarding a Guru, he told me that one find's a Guru according to one's spiritual aspiration. One week before I met him, I woke up in the morning in my bed, opened my eyes, and there was a vibrant smiling blue face looking at me. It was as if the face was directly in front of me, and infinite distance away at the same time. I knew this was the highest form being I had ever encountered and it was smiling at me as if I was about to begin. Later that week I met my first Guru whom I spent the next years with training in Raja Yoga, Tantra, Kundalini, and the various practices of the many other sects like Naths, Aghoris, Bhairavis, etc, etc (there were I believe 22 of these sects he told me about).

              Since then, I never looked for any Guru. One Guru would lead or guide me to the other, and I would meet each in random places on coincidence. When I first met that first Guru he told me that in the future I would go into Native American practices, Tantra, and Sufi paths. He instructed me how to be with each of my future teacher, how to properly learn and respect each teacher. He was the foundation of my spiritual beginning.


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