Be an Aghori.

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Be an Aghori.

stop sleeping and eating
smoke cannabis / hashish non-stop
meditate continuously......

.....sever all ties with friends, family, and society
give up all attachments and desires
be still.


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    Re: Be an Aghori.

    Sat, December 13, 2008 - 4:37 PM
    what if one already practices the above mentioned? (^^)

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      Re: Be an Aghori.

      Sat, December 13, 2008 - 4:49 PM
      then you are well on your way to reaching, my friend, if you haven't already.


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        Re: Be an Aghori.

        Sat, December 13, 2008 - 4:54 PM
        and what about you?


        • Re: Be an Aghori.

          Tue, December 16, 2008 - 12:17 AM
          lol! are u kidding me? pls dont make a joke out of this path. ur describing how to be a junkie.

          thank u
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            Re: Be an Aghori.

            Tue, December 16, 2008 - 1:37 AM
            oh shut up u brainwashed desi.
            i know exactly what i'm doing.
            since when is a religious cannabis-smoker considered a junkie?!
            since when is cannabis comparable to drugs that so-called "junkies" abuse?
            are you insinuating that cannabis is in any way as dirty, dangerous, impure, and bad for you as heroin, crack, or PCP?
            because that is what it sounds like you are saying, whether or not you actually think that...
            you sound like a self-righteous moralist....there is nothing spiritual about that.
            and you are judging my path...which Lord Shiva showed me....judging is highly un-spiritual, and you are
            insulting Shiva himself by insulting His most noble and advanced path, and trust me, you do NOT
            want to be on Shiva's Shit-list.
            don't tell me you're in the deepak chopra fan-club.
            This is not a fucking joke, Abhi, pull your head out of your ass and wake up. GROW up.

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              Re: Be an Aghori.

              Tue, December 16, 2008 - 1:57 AM
              You've been programmed to believe that Ganja is bad, just like many Indians in today's society, those who have no understanding of themselves or the magnificent culture they come from.
              Smoking hashish / cannabis in conjunction with perpetual meditation is the principle practice of Aghoris, many sadhus of all different walks, yogis, tantrikas, fakirs, etc. and all sorts of mystics.
              "ancient cannabis use is confirmed within the Vedas (Sama Veda ,Rig Veda, and Atharva Veda)"

              "During the Hindu festival of Holi, people consume a drink called bhang which contains cannabis flowers"

              "Charas (hashish), is smoked by many Shaivite devotees and cannabis itself is seen as a gift ("prasad" or offering, not a poison like ethyl-alcohol) of Shiva to aid in sadhana. Many of the wandering ascetics in India known as sadhus smoke charas out of a clay chillum."
              Connection of Ganja with the worship of Shiva.

              435. It is chiefly in connection with the worship of Shiva, the Mahadeva or great god of the Hindu trinity, that the hemp plant, and more especially perhaps ganja, is associated. The hemp plant is popularly believed to have been a great favourite of Shiva, and there is a great deal of evidence before the Commission to show that the drug in some form or other is now extensively used in the exercise of the religious practices connected with this form of worship. Reference to the almost universal use of hemp drugs by fakirs, jogis, sanyasis, and ascetics of all classes, and more particularly of those devoted to the worship of Shiva, will be found in the paragraphs of this report dealing with the classes of the people who consume the drugs. These religious ascetics, who are regarded with great veneration by the people at large, believe that the hemp plant is a special attribute of the god Shiva, and this belief is largely shared by the people. Hence the many fond epithets ascribing to ganja the significance of a divine pro-party, and the common practice of invoking the deity in terms of adoration before placing the chillum or pipe of ganja to the lips. There is evidence to show that on almost all occasions of the worship of this god, the hemp drugs in some form or other are used by certain classes of the people it is established by the evidence of Mahamabopadhya Mahesa Chandra Nyayaratna and of other witnesses that siddhi is offered to the image of Shiva at Benares, Baidynath, Tarakeswar, and elsewhere. At the Shivratri festival, and on almost all occasions before the on which this worship is practised, there is abundant evidence Commission which shows not only that ganja is offered to the god and consumed by these classes of the worshippers, but that these customs are so intimately connected with their worship that they may be considered to form in some sense an integral part of it
              "There is a passage quoted from Rudrayanmal Danakand and Karmakaud in the report on the use of hemp drugs in the Baroda State, which also shows that the worship of the bhang plant is enjoined in the Shastras. It is thus stated: "THE GOD SHIVA SAYS TO PARVATI -- "Oh, goddess Parvati, hear the benefits derived from bhang. The worship of bhang raises one to my position. In Bhabishya Puran it is stated that "on the 13th moon of Chaitra (March and April) one who wishes to see the number of his sons and grandsons increased must worship Kama (Cupid) in the hemp plant, etc."
              This is not a fucking joke, Abhi, pull your head out of your ass and wake up. GROW up.

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                Tue, December 16, 2008 - 4:10 AM
                my friend i have one word of advice for you

                go spend a few years in a smashaan and then lecture people on how to be an Aghori.
                like i said
                • Re: Be an Aghori.

                  Tue, December 16, 2008 - 4:21 AM

                  thanks alot for the good laugh :)

                  i never said cannabis is 'dirty dangerous or impure'

                  in fact i quite enjoy charas and ganja myself

                  lol and man get ur head outta ur ass, ur the one 'insulting' Shivji by claiming and saying the aghori path is easy as 1.2.3
                  it is not so. do you live in a smashaan? do you cover urself with the ashes of the cremated? i dont think so.

                  so before judging what am saying, maybe you shud try and understand why i am saying that?
                  dont be so narrow minded man
                  and damn, u really got worked up over one post! hahah! that really shows how 'peaceful' and 'meditative' you are, taking Shivji's name and everything? take it easy man, this is forum for discussion

                  and plz dont lecture me by quoting passages from our Holy texts. i have written a published research paper on the use of psychoactives in Indic and Tantric schools of the Sanatan Dharma, which talks about not only cannabis, but soma as well.

                  and from your post, it is clear that your worship the drug itself. maybe smoke a joint or two and then read through this again? maybe? no? yes? open your mind brodda!

                  BHOLENATH SAB KE SATH!
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                    Re: Be an Aghori.

                    Tue, December 16, 2008 - 7:35 AM

                    u said i was teaching people how to be a junkie or something because of the weed references, that much is obvious.

                    I don't equate, even HEAVY ganja/ charas/ bhang ABUSE (if there is such a thing) as bordering on resembling a junkie.

                    you may not have called ganja dirty dangerous or impure but you pretty much called me a junkie and said what i was doing is advocating substance abuse, which is outright SLANDER, and YOU expect me not to reply with venom?

                    lol bro it is you who EYE should thank!! you are giving me many good laughs right now.

                    And FYI, I NEVER ONCE said that Aghori path is EASY. It is in fact the HARDEST path there possibly is.
                    Do you know what hunger is? Do you know what its like to not eat for months at a time?
                    how about fatigue? Ever gone a year without sleep?
                    Cannabis is called Siddhi because it gives you exactly that: the ultimate siddhi, constant communion with Shiv.
                    What could be better? In that communion no food or sleep is necessary, and the strength of one's focus
                    transforms into dhyan ====> eventually Samadhi.



                    ALSO, not all aghoris sit naked at smashans and eat brains from skulls.
                    You are perpetuating an old myth at best by saying so, and lying about OUR culture at worst.
                    But i don't think you're a liar, no, u seem like a good guy and an honest person thats the only reason i even bother with this reply.
                    Likewise i appreciate u take time to write to me!
                    anyway, that being said....
                    • Re: Be an Aghori.

                      Tue, December 16, 2008 - 11:25 PM
                      Baba, problem is that alot of people in this day and age use and abuse the fact that cannabis is a part of Hindu culture, and use it as an excuse to indulge in these substances. I have seen alot of these types, and it really gets on my nerves. I am not saying you are one of them, from ur messages, you are far from it, but i am saying that people tend to misinterpret such things on a regular basis. They think if they buy a chillum and have charas they automatically become sadhus and sadhvis. that is why i responded to ur initial message in that manner. people becomes advocates of promoting the smoking aspects, that the true essence gets lost!!

                      and i did not say all aghoris sit naked at smashaans and eat 'brains from skulls'. I used an extreme example to emphasize my point, which is that the path involves alot alot more than smoking ganja and being 'meditative' [which in fact is easy :) , and hence you implied it through your post] FYI, that is not an old myth. it is very much part of the initiation processes for the Aghor path. Not all do it, but a handful of them still subject themselves to harsh conditions. Where in India do you live? I would suggest a trip to Varanasi, if you havent been there already, and visit the Baba Kinaram Ashram [hardly 10 mins drive from Assi ghat] Not all the Aghor babas there live in smashaans and 'eat brains from skulls' as you eloquently put it. But majority of them have had initiations of shav sadhana and living out in the wild. and please, i would not 'lie' about our culture, i am merely relating to you what i have seen and discussed with many people in many high places.


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